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Mario Kart: Super Circuit (GBA) Cheats

Mario Kart: Super Circuit cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Mario Kart: Super Circuit cheat codes.

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Mario Kart Super Circuit Cheats

Special Cup circuit
To unlock the Special Cup circuit, win a gold cup in all races

Super Mario Kart tracks
On each cup in GP mode win with an "A" or better ranking. Then, at the cup selection screen press L or R to access the Super Mario Kart tracks.


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3-star rank quick-tip
If you collect a lot of coins (30 or more) for all the courses in a cup, your chances of getting a rank of 3-stars will be greater. But remeber, getting in 1st place for EVERY lap factors in a lot too!
Bowser's Castle 3 Shortcut
First select the Star Cup and choose Bowser's Castle 3. Then once the race starts drive until you get to the section of the course that has all the little jumps to get to one platform to the next. Then before you reach the last jump use your mushroom and QUICKLY turn sharply to the left. You SHOULD have hopped over the wall and skipped a big section of the course. This shortcut should bump you up to 2nd or 1st place in a race and save you about 6 seconds in a time trial.
Extra Speed Boost
When you have a Mushroom Turbo boost Power up and you are about to go on a Spring Ramp, Use you're Turbo Boost power up, If you use it JUST BEFORE you go on the ramp/spring You can go much further and faster. This works on just about every course with a spring/boost on it, but I don't think it is very effective on massive red and yellow ramps...
Fast Item
Once you have an Item and it is scrolling to decide which one you get press ''L'' a few times and the scrolling will stop so you get the Item twice as fast!
get a boost at long turns
hold r just before the turn and keep holding it. Just as you come out of the turn straighten up while holding r. This only works on long or U turns.
Out-run red and blue shells
If you want to out-run red or blue shells, choose Toad because he is fast. So when your racing, just keep going your same speed and you will see the red or blue shell come up behind you but it will not hit you unless you slow down or drive off the course onto grass,sand, etc. If you continue to drive normally, the deployed red or blue shell will give up and just sit in one spot until someone else drives by it, then it will home in on them and hit them.
Player Select Tricks
On the Player Select screen, press L to make the rotating image of the character you put the cursor on shoot a green shell straight ahead. You can also press R to make that character jump. Do this as many times as you please, it's just a little trick to try if you want.
Power Sliding
As in Mario Kart 64, you are able to power slide in this game as well! To perform a power slide, press and hold R to hop while holding Left or Right. When you land, you'll slide in the direction you were holding. After about 2 seconds, let go of the R button and stop sliding. When you drive straight, you'll be given a boost, which is the result of a power slide. It may take a little bit of practice to pull it off, but it helps when trying to get around hairpin turns, or if you want to cut a couple seconds off your time when racing in Time Trial mode.
Recover before Spinning Out
When you run straight into a Banana or another hazard, you'll notice your kart goes off balance before spinning out totally. To get back on balance before spinning out, release the acceleration and press the brakes (you must do this before you actually spin out, or else it'll be worthless). If you did it correctly, you'll see a music note appear above your character's head, showing you pulled it off successfully.
Ribbon Road Shortcut
Just before the 1st jump turn right to try to hit the extra boost before the jump. Then jump while boosting and turn right and land on the striped platform (to the right). and Hit the breaks to get control of yourself. If done correctly your lap will be about 7 seconds shorter.
SNES Levels
A great addition to this game is that you can unlock the great Classic levels from the SNES Mario Kart game. To do this, you have to get 100 coins or more by the end of each circuit you play. Then when playing a circuit, press L or R on the Cup circuits you want and you will flip around to the levels in the SNES game for that cup. No need to search for the SNES game anymore.
Turbo Boost after Lakitu Retrieval
If you fall off the track or get stuck underwater for more than a couple moments, Lakitu comes to pull you out and place you on the track again. When he picks you up, wait until just before you touch the track again, then press the acceleration and you'll get a turbo boost if you timed it correctly.
Turbo Boost at Start of Game
To get a turbo boost to give you a head start in the race, do not press/hold the acceleration button before the race. Wait until just before the final light appears, then hold down the accelerator If you time it correctly, you'll be shot ahead, giving you a quick start!
SNES Tracks in Time Trial - Unlock the SNES tracks in 150cc class first
Special Cup - Beat the Mushroom, Flower, Thunder, and Star Cups in first place on the difficulty setting you want
Special Cup in Time Trial - Beat the Mushroom, Flower, Thunder, and Star Cups in first place on 150cc
3rd Night Background on Title Screen - Beat 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc Cups with *** ranking
SNES Tracks in Grand Prix - Beat any cup/class in 1st place, then replay cup and collect 100 Coins.


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Infinite powerful items?
To somewhat "torchure" all the other CPU's, just simply sit at an item box (so you repeatedly recieve lots of items) and press the (L) button rapidly to deploy the items. So when everyone else ends up passing you leaving you in 8th place, you will recieve lots of powerful items that can be deployed quickly because the item boxes reappear quickly. So as a result, you will have a mad destruction of items!!!

Try it out and enjoy! ;D
Koopa Beach 1 shortcut
In Koopa Beach 1 in the Extra Lightining Cup there is a glitch where there is a way to make the game think you completed a whole lap when you actually didn't. Course times of under 1 minute are possible with this.

NOTE: At step 2 if you drive too far out Lakitu will drop you off away from the finish line and instead put you somewhere else and you will have to start over!

First, drive until you get to the first space of water breaking up the road.

Second, turn SHARPLY to the right and drive under water and then go straight ahead close to where the deep water & the shallow water (you can drive on) meet.

Third, make SURE that you drive past the finish line while your still under water and quikly turn around so that you are facing it.

Fourth, wait where you are until lakitu picks you up or you drive out of the water yourself.

Last, you then need to drive across the finish line (obviously) then you have completed your 1st lap. Continue doing this until all 5 laps have been completed and you finish!


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A little bit of fun
When you are picking your character press the L and R buttons and you will bounce and throw shells.
Alternate title screens
Get gold cups on every standard cup on every speed setting for a dusk title screen. Get triple star rankings on every standard cup on every speed setting for a night time title screen.
Avoid Spin Outs
Brake while accelerating immediately as you hit a bananna, or anything else that will send your kart into a slide.
Erase Saved Game Data - Hold L + R + B + Start (when turning on GBA)
Mario Kart Super Circuit Cheats
when The Light comes down and the first light comes on press up+down+then A (hold a)
retro tracks
To obtain retro tracks, just get as many coins as you can during the race. if you get a hundred or more, you will earn that track's counterpart.