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The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (GBA) Cheats

The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Getting More Items & Gems
Playing the game more realistically has its rewards. It may be harder, but if you do this, you are much more likely to get items and gems off of the enemies you kill. For example, if you play as Legolas and shoot arrows as fast as you can(which is impossible in real life), then your enemies won't drop nearly as many items or gems as they should. The way that you should shoot arrows is like this: Only shoot as many arrows in a certain period of time as you think would be possible. A good way to do this is to hold 'B' down for most of your shots(when your bow starts to sparkle)... So hold 'B' down and shoot, hold 'B' down and shoot, hold 'B' down and shoot and keep only using those "B shots" to kill your enemies, and they should drop gems and items more frequently. This technique work quite well for me, as it should for you. You Should do this for other characters too. But with Frodo, you can attack as fast as you want because his "B attack" isn't very accurate. But if you think you can do it, give it a try.
Good items
To get good items just fight the bosses over and over and over. Once you reach a boss kill it take the items save the game quit the game then get back into the game to refight the boss and then you can get more items. Look out for the red once because those are the once that can do the best stuff. if you want to get good items from the normal enemys then just use frodo and put every skill point that you get on rummage untill it wont go any higher and then you will get the best items from the bosses. you cant go through the game with 20 skill points on rummage without finding a red item. look out for the stuf that is worth lots of gold. A really good item is 'Horn of boromir' witch is a red item and it is only worth 100 gems but you dont want to sell it becouse it give you 10% more experience
kill guys SUPA easy
With Legolas, select your overdraw attack. Hold B until the stars show up. Then, press and hold A, while still holding B, let go of B, and your Overdraw will keep on charging. You can walk around, too. And when you find some guys, just press A, and *bing!* instant death to all who oppose you! This is great for when you're fighting Uruk Hai, especially those red dudes.
Live Forever
Once you beat the game, keep on playing with that person and it becomes easier because you can keep your armor and weapons.
Ringwraths Battling
If you are playing with Aragorn and you like fighting Ringwraths then do not put 20 skill points on Numenorean Blood because then you will never get any corruption no matter how many birds you let get away. You also get some of the best items from them if you play with Frodo and you kill them if you have rummage. Eowyn is the best because she has just about the same thing as rummage and numenorean blood.


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better items
go to a forge that has high prices for the adventurer's bargain(that means they have better items). save the game in that level, then buy as many items as you can. If you don't get anything good, turn it off without saving. repeat this process until you get something good
duplicate weapons
equipment needed:
2 GBA's
1 Link cable
2 LOTR: TTT game cartridges
a weapon u wish to duplicate

turn on both systems and go to multiplayer. select a character and then just go anywhere. press start on both screens, then select the item that you want to duplicate and trade it to the other person. the person who recieves the item saves his/her file, but the person who traded it doesn't. when you go back into the files, they both will have the item
Duplicating items
you need a link cable, two game cartriges, and two gameboy advances. hook the link cable up to them and select mult. player. select a character and a place. then, the person who has the item desired to be duplicated trades it to the other person. the person who recieves it is the only one who saves the game. the person who traded it doesn't. when you resume with the characters, both of them will have that item.
Unlock Gimil in Multiplayer
To unlock Gimli in Multiplayer beat the game with any two characters, any difficulty, then in multiplayer select an empty slot and choose Gimli as your character.
Unlock the Misty Mountains in Multiplayer
To unlock the third level, Misty Mountains, in Multiplayer collect all *8* artifacts found in the game.