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The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (GBA) Cheats

The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Easy way to finish flight from Moria.
If you chose your main hero as Aragorn then the first thing you should get is curse of the dead. This attacks 1-5 enemies (+1 per level) on Aragorn's flank.

In Flight from moria move Aragorn far south and use curse of the dead whenever possible. This is a very fast way to wipe out goblins leaving the cave troll and the orc cheif to fight. Usually when I do it this way I can wipe out all the enemies before reinforcements come (turn 13).
Elven Dream Team
If you really want to do some damage to enemy unit, use Elrond, Haldir, and Legolas. These three are the perfect team. With Elrond and Haldir having Keen Eyes, this makes the just as good as Legolas. When you use them both at the same time, fully maxed out, all three of them get a plus 6 range. This also give all three ao them Sharpshooter Ability.Legolas already has a range of 9, and this just makes it so much better. Surround them with other Elven warriors, and look out. I sure would not want to be on the Evil side when these three come out together.
Evil Dream Team
My Evil Dream Team is The Mouth of Sauron, Shagrat, and Gorbag. These three can rreally do some damage. All three of them have Rage, and The Mouth has Eye of Sauron, which means trouble for enemy leaders. The Mouth can come in to battle and make enemy units run after being attacked thanks to Strength of Mordor. If all three are in striking distance of an enemy Hero, and if you have the command points to boot, these three can take them out in out with one attack each, exspecially if you have all three use Rage and The Mouth use both Strength of Mordor and Eye of Sauron. Shagrat and Gorbag are both war machines. They can get into battle easily, and out if need be. Overall these three are the perfect men to use on the Evil Side.
lots of experience for the good side
This is a tip if you need a lot of xp:
1)Go to Mission From Rivendell
2)Choose you heroes (use a powerhouse for right and an archer or Eowyn for left)
3)let the elven archers hurt your enemies and finish them off with your heroes to get double xp(Elven Swordsmen can kill them in 1 strike so its a risk)
4)Let your main hero go to the bridge and try to kill everything
5)Get 16-28 points (depends on how many orcs you hero kills)
6)Buy some upgrades
Love hard challenges?
set the difficulty to grueling and play and be ready for a challenge!
Misc. Unlockables
-Skip Comat Option
Finish the game

-Sauron Comes
Finish the game (Sauron Mode)

-Rohan Outpost
Link with another GBA

Finish the game (Evil & hard difficulty)

-Last Alliance
Finish the game (Evil)

Finish the game (Good & hard difficulty)

-Balin's Tomb
Finish the game (Good)

-Gap of Rohan
Finish the game

-The Board is Set
Beat The Game On Grueling Difficulty
Receive more EXP
Change the game difficulty to Gruelling and chose Sauron mode. Every time you kill an enemy you should receive double the EXP.


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Legolas wall walk
on Forth Eorlingas select legolas in the far right hero position.
when you move you can move up the blocked wall and you can shoot al you like t the enemy. But they cant shoot you!
The Eye!
Start Screen: L, L, A, R, R, Select. It will give you a movie of the Eye.