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The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King (GBA) Cheats

The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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I tried this as eowyn. Stokc up on kingsfoil herbs (both kind) make sure you can do around 30 or more damage and if you can, also use a shield I used a tower shield (35% shield block) and I raised the ability thing that lets you upgrade your use with shields. Attack the Witch King and don't move and ignore everything else unless you really have to attack the other guys. If you get lucky and the Witch King doesn't use the really powerful thing that goes across the ground you can just keep attacking him and healing when needed.
A way to kill golum
Golum has v. high armour so its hard to kill him close to, I found it easier to do it like this:

N.B: It's useful if you have the sacred heart rune, and you need knife toss (as high level as poss.)

When golum approaches you circle around him and throw a knife at him. he will be stunned for a short time, when he becomes un-stunned throw another, etc. making sure you stay away from him (if you get the timing right golum doesn't get a chance to move). This is where sacred heart rune comes in useful (as it ups spirit regen). When Golum is on 0 health every time you hit him he gets knocked back; keep on knocking him back until he falls over the edge and dies.
Amon-Sul-Weathertop, Strategy
This bonus level is unlocked by collecting all the artifacts.

in this, you have to defeat a few nazgul, only a few. its possible to actually complete this on level 1, and in doing so, going up to level 4ish.

in the middle of the map, there is a big fire. the nazgul will follow you wherever you go, lead each one into/through the firefor about 3-5 secs, and it will be destroyed.

Alternatively, if you are gandalf, 2 maxxed out lightstrikes will kill one(on easy, it will take 2 or 3 more on hard/grueling)
Beat Saruman
There Is A Different Way To Beat Him Then The One Above Saruman Will Throw Fire At You Dodge It And Hit Him ONCE Repeat Untill He Is Beaton
Better Items
If you play the game in Grueling difficulty you should be able to get better items. The stronger the enemies are the better items you should get.
bonus levels help
if you go into a bonus level like the moria halls you can get good items such as a narsil (i found one) and a some runes at the end. and if your player in the regular levels needs extra kingsfoil leaves or ent water just find a shrine or ranger hallow buy the leaves/water and save and youll have them for regular levels
Bonus Maps and Artifacts
Moria: I find this the most useful map, great experience, great loot. I got this map when i beat Legolas, the first character i beat. I've heard you get it after beating one character.
Weathertop: Collect all 8 artifacts(see below) Cautions: Ringwraiths, lots of them!
Helms Deep: I got this after beating Legolas a second time, but I've also heard that you get it after defeating 2,000 monsters

Fangorn: Beat all of the characters

The Witch Kings crown: (Eowyn) Eowyn finds this after defeating thw witchking
Saruman's Palantir: (Gandalf) When fighting saruman, go up to the top and open the chests. One of them contains the palantir.
Shelob's Stinger: (Frodo)Found by sam on after defeating shelob.
Feather of Gwahir: (Gandalf)On the area which leads to both beacons, go up the path(this is before lighting the beacons, or after lighting one, bad memory here) and kill a few orcs, go back to where you started and a giant eagle will swoop down and you'll find his feather. You may have to try this a couple times.
There and back Again: (Legolas,Gimli,Aragorn) In the first part of Anduin, after returning the woman's brother, run down to near the start and past the woman, who says something about needing a place to hide. It will black out a bit as if changing zones and then go back with the woman by the shed who gives you an item and opens the door. Go through the shed to the boy who will tell you about his lost book. Go to the right of that little area and break open the barrels. There and Back Again should be inside on of them.
Deagols Skull: (Frodo) On the slopes of Mt. Doom run up the the top left corner onto the platform where one of the flag orcs is standing. Open the chest and run down to the start and run all the way to your right. Smeagol will be standing there by a chest. Open the chest and pick up the item Deagol's Skull.
Lock of Galadriel: (Aragorn,Legolas,Gimli) In Ithilien North, go towards the end and run up to the tree with a bunch of butterflies in it. The butterflies will fly up to the top right corner of the screen, where Galadriel's lock will appear.
Simbelmyne: (Eowyn) I can't recall the name of the zone, but i think it's the one with pippin starting out talking about the river. Run down to the little enclosure withthe orcs and the shrine and on what appears to be an dead rohirrim's body, this little white flower short appear.
I hope this is useful!
easy way to beat Gollum
when you are fighting gollum at the far end of the cliff there will be a pile of rocks lure gollum in to the rocks throw knives or just slash him eventually he will die and you will win the game
End Boss
When fighting the end boss, go to the place where he comes. Then go to the wall after killing all the goblin's and keep hitting him from there if you don't have any Ent water and/or a lot Kings Foil Herbs.

However, if you do and you're a high level. The best tactic is to go up to him and repeatedly attack. It's best if you don't stop and continue continiously until he dies.
Get fast experience, more money, & a rune!
You have to be playing as Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli to do this.

On the first Ithilian level, there is a waterfall at the top of the map. When you go behind it, your direction arrow will turn red. Walk straight up and you will come into a secret area.

Smash all the the barrels to find money and kings foil herbs, then talk to the man in armor in front of the house. He will then give you a rune; pick it up if you dont have it.

You can also sell unwanted items at the forge in the top right. Then go outside too the waterfall. A troll will attack from the left. Kill him and pick up the item he drops. Then go back inside the waterfall and repeat this as many times as you like.

Note: You can only get 1 rune from this.
How to beat Saruman
make sure you have enough herbs then you have the spell that makes a shield and a long range spell so once you make it to the place where you fight Saruman then if your player speaks after that you activate the shield at once then keep doging his shots when he stops shooting use the fire bolt at him
note: if you use your weapon when his life is half he'll make a shield of his own and you con only dothis as Gandalf
How to defeat most bosses
Go to Shelob's Side and slash there until she dies.The place where you slash her must not be to near to her sting and not to near to her face.(Watch out, Shelob can do poison and has a special attack to slow you down)

I recommend playing as Legolas since this boss is more on melee combat.Start first by closing the gates on the right and on the left after that both gates will automaticly open.Now kill all the orc pikesmen guarding the Haradrim Archers (watch out,the archers can do poison). Then the Mouth of Sauron will advance towards you, attack him until he dies. Then go to the right gate to meet your allies.

This won't be much of a problem if you're Legolas. Just charge your arrows and shoot him till he dies,Aragorn and Gimli will help you defeat this boss.

At first, just activate your lightning beam and shield skills. Then go and attack Saruman until he activates his shield at this point just attack him eith your lightning beam till his shield wears off.Now Saruman will escape.Try to not step on Saruman's blue traps and avois Saruman's fire ball attack.

When palying as Sam, go to the Shrine and buy all the Kingsfoil herbs then go to a place where the are two chests, hide bahind one and the orc captain will go there and just turn around and around. At that time keep on slashing him from behind the chest he will die eventualy.

Now this is the hardest one. When Gollum wears the ring and goes to you keep on slashing him till you knockback him. Repeat this till you make him fall oven the edge.

P.S - I have never defeated Gollum but i think this is the only way to kill him.I don't know about the othar bosses but can someone please submit a cheat about the other bosses.

increase damage
you must first get a shield and a two handed weopen and equip one of them then equip the other keep swapping them like ths and you will notice your damage goes up to as high as you like!

it wears off when you enter a new area but you can do it as many times as you like
just hide
if your out of kingsfoil leaves and ent water and your up against a tough enemy (like a double sword orc or ring wraith) just hide behind a ledge or tree and slash away most of the time they wont be able to hit you and you can kill them without dying or getting really injured
killing the green orcs easily
play gemli and learn the skill that throws axes and use it om the green orcs and they will die about one or two hits
legolas super atack
to get legolas to perform his super atack, hold down the b button untill blue circuls apear at his feet, relese the b button and the arrow will shoot, and hit the enemy around 5 times, the arrow will go through as many enemies as it touches untill it leaves the screen.(sometimes the arrow will hit an enemy and shoot of in another direction)
legolas upgrades
here is what to max:
accuracy, galadriel's blessing, rangemaster, fleet of foot (your choice but personally i maxed it), archer of mirkwood.

Spread fire (depends and it also makes it easier to kill the witch king pumps 'im full 'o arrows)
this is all i ever use, i find mirkwood is too weak and the other stuff is pretty bad for attacking, so if you like defence raise the other stuff a little.

remember this is for legolas only
Level Up Fast
Play as Legolas and finish the game. You will unlock Helm's Deep and Moria map. Now play as any other charather. Keep on bringing them to Moria to fight all the orcs. I did this trick and i leveled up a lot of times.

P.S-Go only when your level is more then 9 at least.And you attack power must be at least more than 30.
More Experience
Okay, I did this millions of times and I got up a very great level. First go to a place and beat a level then before you exit save then play the level over and over you will get lots of experience!!
Play Bonus Map
You may finish the game with Legolas, Eowyn and Frodo and then you chouse bonus maps and you can play Helm's Deep (Hornburg), and Moria (Dwarf Halls).
make sure you collect runes that are found throughout many maps of your characters lvl. you can find these in some bonus maps and all *rune forges*. these will help and be in effect no mannter what so u will want to carve these runes to get good stuff.....and just a another tip you might not want to use the morgal runes because they have corruptin which = badness
here is a list of all the runes:

Dwarf Rune I - Dwarfmetal +1 Melee Armor
Dwarf Rune II - Sharpness +1 Damage
Dwarf Rune III - The Forge +5 Critical Hit Damage
Dwarf Rune IV - Mountain +5 HP per slain foe
Elf Rune I - Orc Foe +2 damage to Orcs
Elf Rune II - Nimblefoot +10% dodge
Elf Rune III - Sacred Heart +2 Spirit regen
Elf Rune IV - Meditative Stand still to heal oneself
Man Rune I - White City +2 Missile Armor
Man Rune II - Nature +10 HP per herb, food health doubles
Man Rune III - Might of Man +1 damage, +15 HP
Man Rune IV - Rune of Fire +3 fire armor, Flaming, Fireburst
Morgul Rune I - Orc Doom-King +4 damage to Orcs, Corrupt. -50% corruption resistance
Morgul Rune II - Dire Fear 30% Knockback, Corrupt. -60% corruption resistance
Morgul Rune III - Blackness +5 all stats, Corrupt. -70% corruption resistance
the mighty spoon
its possible to get the weapon spoon in the game. it does 1-3 impaling damage 30 critical and is worth 8 gems
Where To Find Most Artifacts
There & Back Again

Shelob's Stinger

Saruman's Palantiri

Galadriel's Lock

Symbeliem ( A Flower)*
*Does someone know the real name of this artifact?

Witchking's Crown

P.S- There are more artifacts that i still have'nt found yet, but i think one of them is Gwaihir's Feather.
Where To Find Most Artifacts Re-edited
There & Back Again
When playing as Aragorn,Gimli or Legolas when you reach the havens of Umbar (after finishing the White Mountains) go save an old lady by killing the cosair pirates and a cosair captain. The, she will bring you to a hut which was locked up sometime ago. Go inside the hut and you will reach another area. There will be a lad there who said he lost his book. Smash up every of the barrels and you will find this artifact.

Shelob's Stinger
When playing as Frodo, you will eventually be attacked by Shelob and will be knock-out. From this point, you will play as Sam. Defeat Shelob and you will find this artifact of Frodo.

When playing as Eowyn, you will reach a place where you will team up with Merry for a short while. Go search this place for this artifact.It looks like a flower.

Saruman's Palantiri
When playing as Gandalf, you will reach to a point where you have to battle Saruman. Search the place for chests open up the chests and in one of them you will find his palantir.

Witchking's Crown
When playing as Eowyn, you will reach a point where you have to fight the Witchking. Kill this boss and you will get his crown from where he fell.

Galadriel's Lock**
When playing the path of the king, you will reach a map (after the battle of Pellennor Fields) where you will face a lot of orcs and trolls. Search this whole map and you will find this artifact

Deagol's Skull**
When playing as Frodo, you will reach to a map called THE SLOPES OF MOUNT DOOM, when you will have to kill an orc flag-bearer. SEarch this whole place until you see Gollum sitting near a chest. Open the chest and you will find this artifact. Gollum will talk to you and run away.

Gwaihir's Feather***
When playing as Gandalf, play this path of the wizard and search every place you could find for this artifact.

**-Beat the game two times with this charather
***-I'm not sure how many time you have to defeat this game but i think it's most likely the second time.


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Strange Health Pools!
Okay, so here's how it works. On Eowen, when you're with Aragorn and the load of soldiers, you go into the cave. There is a lever. Flip it and then go towards the beginning until you reach the health pool and spirit pool. Kill all the orcs and then run into the health pool(NOT SURE ABOUT SPIRIT POOL). Once it refills, you can see that it goes away momentarily. That way, when running constantly into it, you end up getting stuck in it. It is possible to get out. It works on Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and possibly Gandalf too. On Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas, when at the Anduin River, where there are a lot of bridges, there's a health pool that does the same thing. Strange, huh?

Easter eggs

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Moria Hidden room
On the bonus map moria, open all the chests. On the last level where you fight the Cave Troll, there is a hidden door that you can go through.

Straight from the entrance go up, until the wall comes out to the left (before the stairs which go up to the health pool).

On the horizontal part of this wall go down. You should be in the black part of the level, outside of the wall. If you follow it left and up, there should be a door you go through. If you didn't get all the chests then instead there are rocks blocking your way.

Through this door, and further into this room there are 4 chests, a bunch of squirrels everywhere and the word "Neversoft" written in dwarven like runes on the top of the wall.

Good luck finding it!


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defeat the three bosses.
on the last level with gandalf the first boss is three tough axe throwers all you need to do is to get up close and smack them one the next boss is two small cave trolls (i recomend lots of kingsfoil leaves) do the same as you did with the axe throwers the last boss you have to defeat with gandalf is a ringwrith(nusgul) is easy all you have to do is to go in and come out with a few slashs in between and becarful for the ringwriths blade it does poison efect
Dupe Items
With the charactor that you have the item you want to duplicate and save it under 2 different files. With the second file put the item in the Rangers Hollow and save only for the second file. Then go under the first file and go to the Rangers Hollow and You have 2 of the item you wanted to duplicate.
Duplicating items
equipment needed:
2 GBA's
1 Link cable
2 lord of the rings: the return of the king game cartridges
a weapon u wish to duplicate

turn on both systems and go to multiplayer. select a character and then just go anywhere. press start on both screens, then select the item that you want to duplicate and trade it to the other person. the person who recieves the item saves his/her file, but the person who traded it doesn't. when you go back into the files, they both will have the item
Gwaihirs feather
Ok. I read a few cheats and some of you didn't excactly know how to get this artefact but i know!!!. This is what you do: with gandalf go to the level where you have to light the beacons (the crossroads with a beacon on the right and the left) do ONE of the beacons and come back to the cross roads. go to the place where you first started the crossroads level and gwaihir should fly away leaving a feather
How to Defeat a Ringwraith
When you're playing as Gandalf, you have the hardest game ahead of you. At the very end of the last level, you have to defeat about 4-8 axe-wielding orcs. I would suggest using the lightbeam power, and shooting it at the orcs continually. After you've defeated the orcs, two trolls will come in. They will both hammer at you. There's a 50% chance that one of the trolls will whack the other one and kill it. After this has happened, use your lightbeam to shoot the other troll. Do this continually until the troll is dead. Then a Ringwraith will come in. This is the easy part. Just shoot the Ringwraith with the lightbeam. It took me about two hits to kill him the first time.
How to Defeat Gollum
As Frodo, this level is very simple. Throughout the game, you must boost your knifethrow power all the way up. When you get to Gollum, just repeatedly throw knives at him until you've drained his health. Then continually throw knives at Gollum until he falls into the lava.
How to Defeat Saruman
When you first enter the room where Saruman is, he and Gandalf will talk. Immediately when they are done, use the shield power that allows you to have a shield. After you've done this, go up to Saruman. Make sure to avoid his fire and blue zap balls. Use your lightbeam and fire it at Saruman continuously. You should drain his health rapidly that way.
How to Defeat Shelob
As Sam, all you need for this level is as much Kingsfoil as you can hold.

Run up to Shelob. Stand right in front of her mouth. Slash her continually with no pauses, even if she bites you or fires webs at you. If your health gets low, use the Kingsfoil. Keep slashing her front until she's dead. If she turns, follow her, even if you have to slash her stinger or side.
How to Defeat the Mouth of Sauron
I will try my best to describe how to defeat the Mouth of Sauron (MOS) with Aragorn, Legolas or Gimli.


With Aragorn, I found it easiest to use the power that allows you to summon the dead to kill off the Mouth's shield minions, and then use the knife throw power and defeat the mouth's poison archers. After you have done this, he should come after you. Hide behind a bush and use the swordthrow power at him until he gets too close. Then run to the side of the bush opposite the mouth and do the same thing, until you have killed the mouth.


I found that with Gimli, use his axe throw power and throw axes at the mouth's shield minions, until you've defeated them. Then, use axe throw to defeat the posion archers. After you've done this, the mouth will come after you. Hide behind the nearest bush, and use the axe throw to throw axes at the mouth. Do this until he gets too close to you. Then run to the side of the bush opposite the mouth. Do this until you've defeated him.


Hide behind a bush and shoot at the shield minions. You might want to use the power that allows Gwahir to attack one of the badguys to defeat the shield minions. After you've defeated the shield guys, shoot out the poison archers. Then the mouth will come after you. Run to the nearest bush and hide behind it. Shoot at the mouth until he gets too close to you. Then go to the side of the bush opposite the mouth. Repeat this until you've defeated him.
How to Defeat the Witchking
As Eowyn, I have found it very difficult to defeat the Witchking. I myself have only done it two or three times. Here is one way to defeat him.

Defeat the Witchking's fell beast, and then the Witchking will dismount. Run away from him. Keep running and he will chase you. Go to the top of the screen. The Witchking will follow you. There is about a 1/20 chance that the game will glitch at that point, and the Witchking will get stuck, and will start running around in circles. At this point, he will not even be able to hurt you, and you can just run up to him and slash him until he is defeated.

(It helps if you have the power that makes you able to run really fast.)
Infinite Damage
Pause the game and equip a two-handed weapon. Now equip a shield, which automatically un-equips the weapon. Re-equip the weapon. Do this a couple times and then go check out your damage! Each time you equip the weapon, its damage rating will be added to your total damage. This will remain in effect for the rest of the map.
Play as Sam without a gamecube
Play as Frodo until you make it to Shelob. You fight Shelob as Sam and if you save there you can use Sam in multiplayer and bonus maps.
Secret Room
Playing as Frodo, when you reach the level called "Shelob's Lair:Lair" there is a secret room with a ranger hollow, chest and forge. When you're heading in Shelob's direction, watch Gollum around the middle of the 3 paths to take. There should be a butterfly near some webs. Go to the butterfly and you should enter a secret room. Some people have found uniqe items in this room. Good luck with the rest of the game!!
Unlock Smeagol
To play as Smeagol on Multiplayer or Bonus Maps first you must beat the game with 2 ore more characters.