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Command codes

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Have 9000 Studs
On the pause screen press down,down,down up,L,R,left,right


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Shame for the game

Ok people!! here's the deal the game is really easy. First hate to disappoint everyone that there's not much to unlock, Unlike the original trilogy you get TONS!!! and I mean TONS!!! of cool characters.

unlockable characters:

Star wars I-III:
Jar Jar
Darth Maul
Jango fett
Clone trooper
Darth Vader
Tusken Raider

That's the only characters for the free play.
Shame right? For the vader lovers vader is weak for the game and you won't
battle him so don't expect. If you want a good character to play for the free play I suggest use Dooku. Dooku has the lightning skill that won't fail to wow you.

Anyways, I'll give some cheats I hooked up to unlock some hidden characters and helps. Yoda gives this at the game so it's not that special bot it would help.

on pause menu

Down, Down, Down, Down, L, right, down, right, L
For repair bot

Start, start, down, left, right, down, left, right
For blue gangun

Start, start, down, down, down, down, down, down
For general greivious

Start, start, up, up, up, up, up, up
For the red R4-P17

Start, start, up, down, up, down, up, down
For a black (or blue) R2-D2

Start, start, down, up, down, up, down, up
For the orange robot on a hoversled

Alrite heres some color changing light saber cheats.
To activate cheats pause the game and enter the cheats you want.

Black light saber:
Blue light saber:
Green light saber:
Purple light saber:
Red light saber:

Trust me at this. You won't like using greivious he has no skill at all.
All that mechanical reptile has 4 light sabers. Stupid.

I'd give you a hint for the geonosian factory rescue level at episode II.

You would be using R2-D2 here. There would be a stairway from your platform. "DON'T GO DOWN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE KILLED". From there, hover to the next platform until you reach the one with K-3P0. Talk to him and he will give you the ability to fly high. Don't try it in other platforms only there. After your up high you will see I think 3 ganguns. Kill them first then you will see anakin at the bridge where there are the welding machines. Before you go to him there will be a control panel press the R button to use it. Anakin will be free. Go to him and you can use him again.

I had trouble there I kept going down the stairs.

PS dudes hope that would help and befor I forget

Must Be On

Have 50'000 Funds

Vader is 15,000 thousands
Dooku is 12,000 thousands


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Cut scenes
pause the game and press: down, up, R, L, R, R, R, down, down, up, down, down, select. You will see all of the frames in the three films
Genosian Mosquito Warrior

You can fly around and you have a gun.

All you have to do is beat Episode 2. Yoda
will say "Use it on the Pause Screen you must."
Get a repair Bot
On the pause screen press Down-down-down-down-L-Right-Down-Right l.
Golden R2-D2
You can get a golden r2d2 by pressing: start-start-up-up-up-up-up-up (I think it's 6 ups. it could be 5)
Lightsaber color change
On the pause menu push these buttons. L L R start and your lightsaber will turn black. Or press R R L start and your lightsaber will turn yellow
Music Cheats
These are some cheats which change your music during gameplay.

Down Down Down Down L R Up Up Up Up
Down Down Down Down R L Up Up Up Up
Right Right Right Right L R Left Left Left Left
Right Right Right Right R L Left Left Left Left
Left Left Left Left L R Right Right Right Right
Left Left Left Left R L Right Right Right Right
Up Up Up Up L R Down Down Down Down
Up Up Up Up R L Down Down Down Down
Play as General Grievous
Press Start for the pause screen and press Start, Start, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down
Various Codes
Here are all the codes that I have tested. You can put these in at any point in the game, even if Yoda has not given you the cheat.

Sheep Mode - L R L Down Up R R Right Left Right Right Select

Random Yoda Saying - Down L R Select

Free Repair Bot - Down Down Down Down L Right Down Right L

Free Speed Powerup - Right Right Down Up Right L

Play as Droideka - Start Start Down Right Left Down Right Left

Play as Repair Droid - Start Start Up UP UP Down Down Down

Play as Blue Gungan - Start Start Down Left Right Down Left Right

Play as C-3P0 - Start Start Left Down Right Up Right Right (Note: 3P0 has no weapons or abilities)

Play as a Battle Droid on a Hoversled - Start Start Up Down Up Down Up Down

Play as General Grevous - Start Start Down Down Down Down Down Down

Play as Geonosian - Start Start Right Down Right Down Left Up

Play as R2-D2 - Start Start Up Up Up Up Up Up

Play as RP-14 - Start Start Up Down Up Down Up Down

Powerful Blasters - Down Down Left Right Down L

Change color of Saber, Blaster shots, Energy Balls, etc.
- Black - L L R Start
- Blue - R R R Start
- Green - R L R Start
- Purple - L R L Start
- Red - L R R Start
- Yellow - R R L Start