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Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (GBA) Cheats

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Kirby & The Amazing Mirror cheat codes.


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A painful power
This isn't really a tip, it's just something funny. Whenever you get hit, if you look at the bottom-left corner, for a brief moment, instead of saying normal( or whatever) it says "OUCH".
Boss Trouble
If you are having trouble beating the bosses to get the mirror shards, call in the Kirby clones to help you! They can also hurt and distract the boss so you don't have to do as much work!
Calling All Kirbys
When calling your Kirby clones, look at the portal that they come through and maybe you'll get a little present like a 1-up or some food to improve your stamina!
Different Kirby Colors
Collect the cans of spray paint throughout the game to change Kirby's color.
Easy Way To Beat Mega Titan
Instead of pushing Mega Titan to the electric thingy, you better use beam kirby instead of pushing him. I think you can use spark kirby too, but I think it won't be easy.
Fighter tip
when you have fighter ability you can press up and B to do an upper cut, you can do this while moving in the air and not falling, you can hurt enemies while moving in the air!
Friend Power
Before entering a Boss's room, call together your friends, and together you can defeat the boss. This also works when entering the final mirror.
Friend Power Forever!!
Kirby help
Alot of times when you are stuck on a puzzle, you can call the other Kirbys to help out. Most of the time if it's a puzzle that you can't complete yourself, they will automaticly go were they are needed. They can help you in battles as well. If you need a power that one of them has, you can call them and get them to follow you untill that one gets hurt, then suck up the power.
Kirby Kisses
when u call your kirby clones walk up to them and the will give u a kiss that gives u health so if ur about to die call the kirby clones and the will give u kisses that will bring u back to full health
Move Big Blocks
The big stone blocks can be moved by sucking with all the kirbys at once, or by jumping and using down b with the master sword.
Nova Blast Boost
You can add a kick to the nova blast move that's offered to Kirby while in Fighting mode, but be aware that this can only be done when he has only one bar of vitality left. When this is done, a level 3 blast can instantly be fired with the touch of a button without charging.
Power Tips
Tip for Missile:
It's like the air version of wheel. Press B to turn into a miniature nuke and fly around. It might not be as fast as wheel, but it has better handling. Beware though, if you crash into walls or into enemies, you will blow up (you'll keep your ability though). When you're a missile, you're vulnerable from the back, so be careful when you turn. You can press B while flying mid-air to explode. You can ride as a missile underwater, too, just as long as you don't hit anything. Missile is one of the fewer abilities that can hit through metal blocks. Another weakness of missile is that when you blow up, you will free-fall for a few seconds and cannot fly.
Sword Combo Final Cutter
The player must first be on the ground with a open space in front of them. From there, they use the Floor Stab (down + B) and quickly hit up + B. Instead of using the Upward Stab it proceeds to perform the Final Cutter with increased power.
Tips in using powers
Tip for wheel: you can ride on water and can skip over small holes. Unlike the previous Kirby games, you can jump while using wheel by pressing A, which gives you a little bit of air. The weakness of wheel is that when you turn, you're vulnerable to attacks. If you turn while riding on water or on spikes, you will either sink or get damaged. Jump in the air and turn mid-air for less painful results. Press B to stop wheel anytime.
Wheel isn't affected by Peppermint Palace ice, so it's good for quick and easy travel.
Treasure Chests
As you advance through the game, you will see many treasure chests. There are big ones, and small ones.

Big Ones - Usually contain a map, or more life.

Small Ones - Usually contain a 1-up, more health, or a color.

To open them up simply stand in front of them, and press up.
unbeaten legendary move yet
first,get the tornado ability, then just use the attack button, whats so good when your moving your almost 100% invincible dark metaknight doesent stand a chance but dark mind is a problem
Why you should press all Big Red Buttons in the Game
If you press press all Big Red Buttons in the Game you'll unlock a mirror portal that takes you to a place with all the abilities in the Game!!!!!(Except Master, Crash, Chef, and Magic)


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All Mirror Worlds
Rainbow Road
Moonlight Mansion
Cabbage Cavern
Musturd Mountain
Carrot Castle
Peppermint Palace
Radish Runs
Candy Constellations
Boss Endurance
Beat normal mode with 100% and you will get the sub-game Boss Endurance
Boss rush mode
Complete The game with 100% rating. You will then get this option in one of the sub-menus.
Kirby wave ride
This may already be known, but I couldn't find it anywhere. At the end of the wave ride (before the other kirbys finish) you can press R and watch other kirbys finish. Press R again to see a different kirby. This also works on multiplayer.
Meta Knights sword
Beat Dark Meta Knight, 4 Dark Minds, and Master Dark Mind twice. then it shoud show a ending, at the end of that it will show Meta Knight Throing his sword down.