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Jet Set Radio (GBA) Cheats

Jet Set Radio cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Getting Secret Characters
Pro. K- Beat Game and Save. You Might need earplugs the way he keeps shouting "JET GRIND RADIO!!" everytime he jumps.

Love Shockers- Get Jets on all Shibuya-Cho Missions(this includes Jet Crush, Grafitti, and Technique.).
Poison Jam-Get Jets on all Kogane-Cho Missions( once again, this includes Jet Tech, Crush, and Grafittis
Noise Tanks-Get Jets on all Benten-Cho Missions(I think you get the idea)
Jet Crush Times
These are the minimum times you have to have left on the Jet Crush Missions to get Jets.

Shibuya-15 sec

Benten-15 sec

Kogane-I'm guessing 30 sec cause I get times like 25 and 26 and get Nitros.
Poison Jam
To play as Poison Jam you must successfully complete with a Jet rank the Kogane-Cho levels.