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Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town cheat codes.

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Golden Lumber, The Townspeople Jealousy Discovery!
In winter, the mayor asks you a favor.Bringing him the correct item, you can be rewarded with "Golden Lumber",which never breaks.
The Mayor Warns You The Lumbers' Consquences:
If you use it outside,The town will think your Bragging.Keep it inside for a bit.

Of course, many ignore!If you do ignore,leave it outside and go to bed. Go outside the next day and half of the town will come,say something and leave.Very long.Talking to one of the people who came well in the town they call you "Greedy Witch" or "Money Bags" and other names.The next day(if you dont take it in)the rest of the town comes.The officer says he'll have to arrest you,but dont worry he wont! Ignore ALL comments.

Hope you see how JEALOUS this people are!!
Wild Dogs - Preventing - Meeting *USE AT RISK*
To prevent wild dogs not as often.If your dog or horse is out put them IN!It wont work if they are out so do it. Trap your cows or sheep in a fence made out of ANYTHING if you dont want them hurt! Anyhow, walk around town/forest until 10:00PM.Come back to the farm and if there is a dog face on your farm map thats not yours, its a wild dog. The wild dog will not always be there. This is where you come in. Have your tools ready to smack,chop or cut that dog! Its not cruel because it will help prevent your cows or sheep from geting sick.
Hope it works for you!


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For the harvest moon games and how to unlock extra seeds,options,houses and events
UnlockableHow to unlock
Strawberry seedsShip 100 Turnips, Potatoes and Cucumbers
Spinach SeedsShip 100 Sweet Potatoes, Eggplants and Carrots.
Pumpkin SeedsShip 100 Corns, Tomatoes and Onions
Cliff faintsIn winter,go to the town square through the south entrance when it's snowing. Make sure that you invited him to the job at the Aja winery.
Girls Sleep over at your houseBe friends with the girls and buy the big bed. On a night when you have the big bed,go to sleep at 8:00.(Make sure you haven't proposed to anyone yet!)
Girls eat at your houseBefriend all the girls and buy the Kitchen and all the Utensils. Make sure you hav e lots of food in your Refrigerator! Then cook in the morning between 6:00 and 10:00.
Apple shuffle gameBefriend Won by giving him either gold ores or apples every day(Selling option prerequisite)
Selling items to WonBefriend Won by giving him gifts.(The easiest way is to give him 7 gold ores in one shot then go out of the shack and go back in.)
Mountain CottageBe married with your husband for 50 years.(Make sure your keep him happy during the whole time.)
Seaside CottageLink to the game Another Wonderful Life 30 times.
Cliff faints(part 2 )Overwork yourself until you get sent to the clinic.


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"Creative urge"?
After a while, Gotz might tell you that he won't build anymore because he doesn't feel the "creative urge" First, to prevent this from happening I would give him a gift he likes every now and then. (flowers, cooked foods, ect.) If you don't become friends with him around the begining of the game, he says he won't build anymore, later on. To get the next action to take place, give him gifts and become friends with him.
Cliff like almost anything home grown or baked he really likes any tpye of curry.
Here are the three Curry Recipies
Curry Bread: Bread + Oil + Curry Powder + Frying Pan

Curry Noodles: Noodles + Curry Powder + Pot

Curry Rice: Curry Powder + Rice Balls + Pot

Curry Rice: Curry Powder + Rice Balls + Pot Stew: Flour + Milk (S) + Pot + Salt

The Rival for Cliff is Ann

In year one on a snowy day go from the Cappenters to the town square and get an animation (you get a photo of Cliffs family) and Cliff will go to the hospital on the third day that he's there give him the photo and he will tell you about his family

Once he's at red heart,he should still refuse your per poseal so during summer i think, go to the winery between 6:00 and 7:00pm.
Manna and Duke will be fighting over Cliff.Manna will ask you about Cliff's good parts.Say "He thinks to much."and then he'll come in and take you out for supper.It will be about 10:00pm when you get home so hurry up and do what you need to do.The next day,you should be able to per pose without him turning you down.
*~CLIFF!!!~* CLIFF!!!*~ CLIFF!!!~*
I know, there are already tons of tips about Cliff, but I couldn't resist!


Birthday: Summer 6
Curry Stuff (rice, etc.)
Anything Homemade

You might not catch this, but in winter of your first year, you might catch Cliff fainting in Rose Square. Your character will run to get Ann and the Doctor, and they'll start worrying, blah, blah, blah, until Cliff (kiss) ends up in the Clinic. Give him the photo you find when you see him faint, and his heart level will go up up up!!!
Marriage Difficulty Level: ****
Let's see...what else...

Oh, well. Denise Harold, OUT.
.: Tip to get easy money :.
Become friend of Won (just give him gold ores that are in the 3 level of the Spring Mine) and you´ll see some of the events. One will let you sell him stuff and the other will let you play the apple shuffle game. Before playing the apple game, save. Then when he asks you which apple is the (just saying an example) HMSBG tell him any of the choices. If you don´t guess it, load your previous game. Do it again until you guess. If you get a lottery ticket, save again. Use it. If you get 2 same numbers, load again. Use the ticket until you get 3 equal numbers or 3 in a row (1,2,3 / 4,5,6 / etc. )so he´ll give you a record. Sell it to him for 170.000 G.
Also, if you get the selling event, sell the golden lumber that you get in winter from Thomas and Van´s Favourite (which appears randomly in your mailbox) for both 57.000 G.
222 floor
Okay. As soon as you enter the mine, save your game. on one slots. I saved over my best game But on the uphand, in this game, Then dig around until you find the stairs down. Don't go down but mark the exact place the stairs are located. Then load the game you JUST saved, and dig in the spot where the stairs were. You Can bring a Bodigizer or a turbojolt if you can afford it so every time your stamina is low you can drink a bodigizer or if you have a fatigue you can drink turbojolt.<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Now go down and repeat.
A bad glitch
A glitch in the game is where you will go to a store wich should be open but its not!
this usually happens near the spring horse race
its the glitch were you cant buy anything untill some time in winter. this usually happens to peolpe in year 2,3 or 4, but it happened to me in year 9
so im just warning you about it
hope it dosent happen to you(it happened to me right before I was going to buy a blue feather for my boyfriend)

hope I helped
A lot of great things to know
First of all heres some tips on how to marry some of the guys.
He LOVES spa-boiled eggs, and honey. if you treat popuri and lillia very nicely, like giving them flowers, He likes that too. He doesnt like it when you bring your puppy to the poultry farm.
He thinks your funny when you show him your puppy. He likes branches, baked corn, and all ores except for junk ore. Make sure you stay out of the blacksmith when he works, because there is a scene where mary fixes his cut, and then he starts liking her and visiting the library a lot.
He's pretty hard because he's only around in the summer. He likes pineapples, and he also likes popuri. You might see a scene where Kai and popuri are holding hands at the beach.
LOVES milk, and mostly herbs because it really helps him with his research. He works at the clinic. He's easy to get. he also likes honey.

I only mentioned a few people. I know, everybody likes Cliff, but i dont know much about him. all i know is he likes things made with curry, likes your dog, hes the one you should invite to the winery job.
Oh yeah, and make sure you try to wrap your gifts to the boys, they like it better. buy wrapping paper at the superstore. they also like it if you change your clothes a lot when you talk to them, they get impressed.

hope i helped.
A Supremely Bad Glitch! ! !
When you open your gameboy, there will be a continue button(when you've save a game). But one time, all the save data is deleted and there will not be any continue button.It happen to me in year 5.T T
Aja returns!!!
If you want Aja to come back to mineral town just give manna flowers everyday and you will eventually see a sub scene were aja is contacting manna more. if you continue giving manna any flower Aja will soon return.
Aja Winery
Open: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Closed: Saturday

What They Sell:

Wine- 300 G
Grape Juice- 200 G
All about gray!!!!
Gray likes: branches (dunno why but that's weird), All ores except junk ore, Tomatoes.

Gray dislikes: blue , pink, yellow leafs

Avoid to go to the shop when Gray has a gray heart because if you go in Gray will get hurt and Mary will help him and he'll start blushing and start going to the library and that's normally a pain cause he'll always be there from 1-3 pm or earlier.

Event info of Gray:
Blue heart:
When Gray gets mad at his grandfather because he did something wrong go to the inn when he goes there go upstairs and there will be a scene we're he'll say "Sorry I got mad" or something like that and he'll tell you "I'll make you something and that's a promise." and then sometime maybe in autumn or spring i forgot he gives you a brooch.

I forgot what color was the heart I think maybe yellow:
Gray invites you on the starry night festival to celebrate at your house and then Saibara asks "Are the tools that I gave you doing good?" and then Gray will say "Grandfather don't talk about tools right now oh and (whatever your name is) here." or something like that he'll give you a ring.
An easy way to be friends with everyone
To be friends with everyone, all you have to do is to give them flowers because everyone loves them except Anna and Hoggy, the yellow sprite. What Anna and Hoggy likes are flour. But remember, Manna only likes the flower in Spring. She doesn't like the flowers in Summer and Fall. It's simple, right?
An Easy way to get Doctor
First you need to buy a cow. let it grow up big and strong. Next give doctor grass everyday. When your cow is big give doctor milk everyday. While all this is going on give the harvest goddess 1 flower everyday. First She will give you a power berry after a while. After that keep giving her flowers.She will then give you 1 wish. She will ask if there is a boy you like. say yes then pick doctor. His heart level will go up to the next color.After about a month his heart should be almost red. In the winter go in the little path behind the wood cutters house everyday and get the white grass. Give it to doctor and everyday and his heart will shortly after that be red.
An error in the game? TV speaks Japanese.
For me it was in winter of year 3 day 16 at 4:40, I don't know if this makes a difference but I checked my tv and is started showing Japanese and the number 4. I just thought it was kinda funny.
Ann's 'Mother'?
Ann's mother died when she was still young,so, she doesn't have much memory of her.But on 5th of Autumn,go to the peak of mother's hill.You will see Doug thinking of her as it was her death anniversary(you can give him a mushroom to cheer him up).If you go to Doug's Inn, you will see Ann working by herself.She will go like"It's hard to take care of thing when my dad isn't here!"Poor Ann!T T
Another jewel of truth
Go to the top floor of the library and look in all the book shelves. You will find a jewel of truth.
Are You O.K Rick?
Any time,any day,any week,any month,any year. Get a rock from your field and put it in your rucksack for now. Go out and about in the town and search for Rick. Once you find him get out the rock and give it to him. Watch his expression go from smiling to insane.
Baby birth with Doctor
If you've been playing harvest moon for a while,try getting married to Doctor. When you're character will deliver the baby the doctor will tell you,"It feels like....! Tomorrow may be the day."blah blah stuff like that. Then the next day you may think that he will be helping Elli with the baby but instead he will be near the kitchen saying,"I wanted to deliver our baby,but Angel(that' what i wanted him to call me.)said i might get emotional... I hope you get a laugh out of it!!!

lilac9880 out!!!!
Bachelor's and Their Favorites
Gray: All ores and gems except junk ores.

Rick: All eggs and spa-boiled eggs. It's very easy to get him up to a red heart.

Cliff: Wild Berries and Wine. Curry Rice.

Doctor: Herbs and milk. It's east to get him to a red heart.

Kai: Eggs, flour, and Pineapples. It's hard to get him to a red heart since he's only around one season.
Each of the bachelors have a favorite item and they are each equally hard/easy. Kai might be the exception (if you want to marry a guy in one year since he's only there during the summer). If you give any one of them their favorite item constantly (one each day and talk to them twice afterwards), you can raise their heart faster.

Rick: spa-boiled egg (throw an egg into the hot springs
Gray: baked corn
Doctor: Milk
Kai: Pinapple
Cliff: curry recipes (anything made w/ curry)
Won: I don't know
Kappa: cucumber
Gourmet: Elli leaves

Some people say that the doctor and rick are the easiest. This can only be attributed to the fact that it's eaier to get their favorite items. That's the only reason, if there is one. However, with the main five bachelors, giving them honey will work almost just as well (most of the time).

I know that when I played the guy version, I got Elli to a red heart by the end of summer starting on the second of spring by giving her moon dumplings (I used cheats to get the kitchen). I am also assuming that you can get the same results on this version.
Bachelors: Cliff

**You have to ask Cliff to help you pick grapes for Duke at the Fall Wine Harvest, or he'll leave town**

Rival: Ann
Birthday: Summer 6th
Difficulty: ****



(Before Wine Harvest)
6-9 am / Doug's Inn
10 am-3 pm / Mineral Church
5-10 pm / Doug's Inn

(After Wine Harvest)
6-10 am / Doug's Inn
10:30 am-4 pm / Winery
5-7 pm / Mineral Church
8-10 pm / Doug's Inn
6 am-4 pm / Doug's Inn
5-7 pm / Mineral Church
8-10 pm / Doug's Inn

Heart Events:
-Mineral Church
-Tuesday or Thursday
-10 am-6 pm
(Before Wine Harvest)
-Mineral Church
-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or rain
-exactly 4 pm
(After Wine Harvest)
-Mineral Church
-Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
-5-7 pm
Blue (gift):
-Own the largest rucksack
-Walk towards the Winery from the Town screen North of your farm
-Monday, Wednesday, Friday
-3-4 pm
-Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
-5-7 pm

Other Events:
Fall Wine Harvest:
-Fall 14th (Duke invites you to help pick grapes, then go invite Cliff [Or he'll leave town])
-Fall 15th (Go to the Winery at 10 am, and you'll pick grapes)
Cliff Moves Away:
-Only happens if you don't invite Cliff to the Wine Harvest
-Mineral Beach
-Winter 29th
-after 11 am
Cliff Faints:
-1st year
-Rose Square (South entrance)
-Empty rucksack
-after 10 am
-Return his picture the next chance you get

Rival Heart Events:
-2nd floor of Doug's Inn
-Spring or Fall night (not Saturday)
-Your person must have a black heart for Cliff
-Mineral Church
-before Fall 1st of Year 1
-11 am-4 pm
-Your person must have a blue heart or less for Cliff
-Be in 2nd year of the game
-Doug's Inn
-11 am-1 pm
-Your person must have a green heart or less for Cliff
-Be in 4th year of the game
-Winery Cellar
-any day except Saturday
-10 am-1 pm
(Will be married 7 days later)

-Show Cliff your dog often

Bachelors: Doctor

Rival: Elli
Birthday: Fall 17 (alternate Fall 19th)

Likes: (in order of favourites)
Herbs/Bamboo Shoots


9 am-4 pm / Mineral Clinic

7:30-10:30 am / Mother's Hill (Sun)
7:30-10:30 am / Church (Rain)
10:30 am-12 pm / Mineral Clinic
1:30-4 pm / Library

Heart Events:
-Mineral Clinic
-Monday, Thursday, Saturday
-9 am-4 pm
-Mineral Clinic
-Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
-9 am-4 pm
Blue (gift):
-Own the largest rucksack
-Any day except Wednesday
-Mineral Clinic
-9 am-4 pm
-Gives you a "Negative Ion"
-Mineral Clinic
-Friday, Saturday, Monday
-9 am-4 pm

Other Events:
-Mineral Clinic
-1:30-4 pm
Doggie Sickness:
-Will only happen if your puppy has no hearts when it turns into an adult dog
Family Talk:
-Mother's Hill

Rival Heart Events:
-Any day except for Tuesday and Wednesday
-Your person must have a black heart for Doctor
-Mineral Clinic
-9 am-4 pm
-Ellen's House
-9 am-7 pm
-Your person must have a blue heart or less for Doctor
-Be in 2nd year of the game
-Mineral Clinic
-9 am-7 pm
-Your person must have a green heart or less for Doctor
-Be in 4th year of the game
-Mineral Beach
-7-10 pm
(Will be married 7 days later)

-Get examined often
-Befriend Elli and Lillia

Bad Dreams!! - Random Event
Sometimes when you go to bed on New Years Eve (Winter 30) you'll have dreams. The dream is random and there's a chance you won't dream at all! Go to bed after 9:00 pm and you might see one of these sequences. Each one is worth 1 Heroine point.

Battle with Karen

Something has gone terribly wrong in Mineral Town! A mysterious person has been attacking the villagers. As you make your way through town it becomes apparent that the evil villian Karen is behind the trouble. The two of you battle it out on the Beach, while Mary tries to plead with the two of you to stop.

Powers Combined!

You'll be dreaming of the Harvest Sprites, who suddenly form together into a circle and start shouting. The 7 Sprites then start to merge into each other to combine Gourmet, who shouts "combination completed!" right before you wake up. Someone's been watching too much Mechabot Ultor...

Marry Mayor Thomas

You'll dream of a wedding ceremony with Thomas as your groom. Right before Thomas is about to plant a nice, wet kiss on you, you'll wake up.

Bake & Make (Money)
Two easy steps.
First you you bake.
Then you make.

Anyway, look at the Full list of cooking or whatever its called if you don't know the ingridiants for choco cookies. If you already know how to make chocolate cookies, bake as much as you can carry, then go visit Won, and sell them. You get over 500g for one plate! Selling two is over 1,000g! Four over 2,000, six over 3,000, and eight over 4,000! Keep baking, and watch, you'll soon be making (money).
Be Friends With Lillia! (It's Great!)
So yeah I've been so focused on getting my guy lately and i haven't made any friends! ahhh! so i decided that lillia was lonely 'cause her husband was gone, and i knew she wasn't feeling well, so i decided to be her friend. At first i'd just give her a high quality egg from my chicken. i knew she wasn't very impressed because
all she'd say back was, "Oh, thank you!" but then i gave her those grapes or whatever you can find near gotz every summer. she loved 'em! she's happy cause her husband use to bring them to her, blah, blah, blah. We're friends now, and it's great! Every now and then, she'll even tell me ingridiants to recipies nobody else knows! It's not even on that Full Recipi cheat or whatever it's called!
Beach house!
To get a cottage on the beach, connect to the GameCube 42 times. The game you need to connect to is Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.
Begginers Luck
When you get the game you should first start by clearing up your farm. As boring as it may be, if you do it now you won't have to do it later. It will help tons when you plant your crops and helps get your tool experience up quick. Of course at the beggining of the game you cannot smash the larger rocks or the stumps but try to clear up everything else, that's what's important. Then you should get as many seeds as you can afford and plant them. It will give you a head start money wise! Then start hunting down that cute bachellore!
Beginning help
In the beginning you don't start out with a lot so here's a tip. Take your hoe and go to the spring mine. Just plow the soil and occasionally you'll get a bag of money. When you run out of squares just exit the mine and then enter again to start anew. I do this once a day and it helps a lot!
Best way to get down the mines
For all of you who don't know how the best item to bring with you in the mines is an Elli leaf. You have to make all the different types of burnt food and combine them with turbojolt XL, and bodigizer XL using all of your utencils but the mixer, wisk, and rolling pin. (There are only 6 types of burnt food.) I suggest using flour for it because it is easy to get and cheap. You will need to make 16 Elli Leaves *8 for both mines*. After that go straight to the mines don't use your tools before you get there. Do the double save technique to get as low as you can and remember any black leaves when you load to help keep you healthy. Every time you turn blue eat an Elli Leaf and you will completely healed. That way you can get as far as you want. ^u^
If you give Kappa cucumbers every day and continue, he will eventualy tell you he wants you to stop bothering him and ask you for a wish.

The wishes are:
1. A child that will be a boy or a girl
2. max money
3. beach house
4.perfect stamina
Better sizes of animal eggs, milk, and wool!
regular quality/small: u start out with this size.
good quality/medium: get animal to 4 hearts
high quality/large: get animal to 8 hearts
golden: win chicken/sheep/cow festival
p: win festival and have your animals outsind for a total of 600 hours
x: when your animal gives p eggs/milk/wool, there is a 1 out of 255 chance that it wll be x

Hope i helped!
Alternate dates are when your birthcday is on their original birthday.

Bold: Spring 4 (alternate date Spring 9)
Harvest Goddess: Spring 8.
Saibara: Spring 11
Staid: Spring 15
Elli: Spring 16 (alternate date Spring 20)
Barley: Spring 17
Lilia: Spring 19
Aqua: Spring 26
Sasha: Spring 30

Popuri: Summer 3 (alternate date Summer 10)
Harris: Summer 4
Cliff: Summer 6
Basil: Summer 11
Timid: Summer 16
Ann: Summer 17 (alternate date Summer 22)
Kai: Summer 22
Mayor Thomas: Summer 25
Zack: Summer 29

Gotz: Fall 2
Stu: Fall 5
Hoggy: Fall 10
Manna: Fall 11
Hoggy: Fall 10
Chef: Fall 14
Karen: Fall 15 (alternate date Fall 23)
Doctor: Fall 17 (alternate date Fall 19)
Carter: Fall 20
Anna: Fall 23
Rick: Fall 27

Gray: Winter 6
Doug: Winter 11
Ellen: Winter 13
Duke: Winter 15
Won: Winter 19
Nappy: Winter 22
Mary: Winter 20 (Alternate date Winter 25)
May: Winter 26
Jeff: Winter 29
Blue Power Berry From Kappa
In the Spring or if you Have enough cucumbers for any season. for 10 days (could be little longer) throw one in everday and eventually he'll give you the blue powerberry.
Bored of Winter?
Okay, so everyone knows how boring the Winters can be. No crops, few festivals, few ways to get money.
But I say differently! Don't sleep through Winter! There are many things it can be good for.
Things to do in Winter:
- Take this unbusy time to become friends with townspeople. Or to get closer to your bachelor. You can look up certain heart events for other people, and if you're their friend, you get invited to their wedding.
- Livestock can be still tended to. Chickens can still be left outside on sunny days.
- The lake freezes and you will have access to the Winter mine, which can make you some money. Also, the regular mine is still available.
- You can still go fishing!
- White grass is only available in this season. It is found in the little passage right when you walk into the mountains from your farm, go directly to the right and follow the wall.
- Take this opportunity to upgrade your tools, since you don't really NEED them in the winter, whereas other seasons, having them being upgraded can cut into your time.
- With little things to do, you can collect lumber for building upgrades.
- Mayor Thomas may stop by your house to give you a chance at getting the Golden Lumber. Don't wanna miss that!
- If you're interested in Cliff, on a snowing day, you can catch an event by going to the Rose Square through the South entrace. Circle the town a few times and go back if it doesn't activate right away.
- If you're good friends with Won, you can kill a lot of time collecting prizes from the apple game. Though time doesn't pass there, once your rucksack gets full, you're going to have to go back home.

Thanks for reading. Hope I didn't bore you to death, and I hope I helped you somewhat. P:
Yours Truely,
Boys likes
This is a little hint, all boys love eggs. so if you have a chicken and you don't know what he likes just give them an egg, or even better, a spa boiled egg.
All boys love them, also if I'm wrong i am really sorry. Rick especially love spa boiled eggs. To get a spa boiled egg , go to the mines, but don't go in. On a Monday an old man and a little girl will be standing next to it, go to the side with no fence, drop it in and it should come out looking like a yellowish brown egg.
Break In!
On the 25th of Winter,Mayor Thomas sneak into my house to give me a Starry Night gift.He went sort of "Thump!Oouch!Sneaking in to people's house is difficult,blah..blah.."But since I don't have any socks he can't give me a gift and left the house.
Build Fences out of STONE------NOT WOOD!!!!!!!
Everyone knows that you need money and wood to upgrade your house and that it takes so long to get an upgrade because your constantly replacing wood on your fences and that makes you run out of wood.Well your problems are now solved.Instead of using your wood use the little round stones that are on your field when you 1st start.They are so much easier to jump over because when you jump over the wood you are taking the risk of breaking it by morning.You end up saving money,time,and wood.

Happy gamin.!!!!!!!

*****By the way if you run out of stones wait until a storm comes it will give you more.
Burnt food
If you want to make elli leaves you need burnt food right?
6 of them are:
1.) All the cooking tools+weed
2.) Pan + weed
3.) pot + weed
4.) rolling pin + weed
5.) Oven + weed
6.) Seasoning: Salt and vinegar + weed
This is all free, and useful if you want to get rid of weeds
<img src="http://staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> HOPE I HELPED!
Can't Get Cliff?
If you're after Cliff in the game, here are some hints to get him to a red heart:
- Give him an apple or honey everyday in Autumn
- Give him grapes, or honey in Summer
- Give him honey, or wine in Spring
- Anything home made in winter, he loves curry recipes

If you want to get him faster, give him wine, curry recipes, and grapes. I have him at a red heart already.

NOTE:: You have to have ALL the items from the TV Shop, and you have to have your house upgraded twice. It may take even a year to get Cliff to say yes to your proposal.
Also, on the Moon Festival, if you go up to Mothers Hill when you have him at atleast a green heart, he will be there. When he asks you to watch the moon with him, say yes, and it will get you heart points. It's not very good for your skin though...

EDIT: You also need to witness all of his heart events. There are four that you can trigger: black, purple, blue and yellow. (thanks to hinata_hyuuga909 for correcting this)
Carpenter's Shop
Open: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Closed: Sunday

What He Sells:

Wood- 50 G each
Golden Wood- 100,000 G each
House upgrade #1- 3,000 G + 200 wood
House upgrade #2- 10,000 G + 700 wood
Chicken barn upgrade- 5,000 G + 420 wood
Animal barn upgrade- 6,800 G + 500 wood
Vacation Home- 10,000,000 G + 999 wood
Bathroom- 30,000 G + 580 wood
Home Window redesign- 25,000 G + 300 wood
Dog House redesign- 20,000 G + 500 wood
Mailbox redesign- 10,000 G + 200 wood
Catch a Wild Dog!
Hi peoples!
I'm going to tell you how to catch a wild dog! It's not guaranteed that the Wild Dog will come on your first try but it will work eventually.Okay, when you have a cow or a chicken outside in their pen at night
Wild Dogs come.If your field is a mess,I know you probally cleaned it,this works much better.So the wild dog is running around the fence trying to get the cow or chicken right?With the help of your dog (mines name is Casper:D) take out a hoe or a hammer and chase the wild dog into a clump of weeds,rocks,
wood,or a mixture of the three.While the dog keeps him cornered grab a rock or a branch (weeds don't work the dissappear) and block his exit.You've caught a Wild Dog!I'm pretty sure he dissappears in the morning (my box got DELEATED before I could see:().So have fun,and happy hunting!
Hope I helped,
Changing Clothes
Actually, you can change your clothes once you get the mirror. You get the mirror by watching the TV Shopping Network on Saturdays. You press the left button to get there(It might be a clock). Go to Doug's Inn, there should be a phone. Examine it and it should ask you to pay 10G. If you say "Yes" you will be asked if you want to buy. say "Yes", if you have enough money. It will arrive in 2 days, unless there is an event. Examine it and it should ask if you want to change or not. Once you buy the mirror you should have a book about it on your bookshelf.
Changing Weather
Changing Weather

Before you sleep, save in your diary. Wake up the next morning. Do what you usually do INSIDE THE HOUSE. Look at the TV Screen & see if it's a good weather tomorrow. If it isn't, turn of your gameboy (for gameboy users) or if you quick-saved before you slept, return to that frame & sleep again. Now see if the weathers changed.
Cheap way to make the Harvest Sprite love you
Buy the Harvest Sprites flour. They're cheap to buy. They like the flour better than most things.
Chicken Cheat
Howdy! to save money during any season make a fence out of stone and put you chickens in it. put grass inside to use as sheep/cow feed. Chickens dont need grass like cows/sheep do. this saves money for something else other than chicken feed. also i use my regular eggs to put in the incubator then sleep with them in your bed and the next day they should be adults. then sell them to lillia for 500G. -ttfn (ta ta 4 now) Jesus loves you!
Put lumber in a rectangle, square whatever shape on untilled land. When it is sunny out and not raining or snowing, place your chickens in the box. Pick up your chicken with A and run with R. You will jump over the lumber and land in the box. They feed themselves and you don't have 2 put feed there! Remember 2 harvest your eggs they lay in the box. Bring them back in their coop when it will rain. Put feed in the box when you place them back in the coop. Saves u lots of money!
When you let your chickens graze outside the farm, you don't have to feed them anymore with Chicken feed because they already ate worms...and chicks don't have to be fed because they eat leftovers! Hope I've helped =)
chocolate for gray
I read what kind of things grey likes but he also likes chocolate. That you can buy at the supermarket. When I got Gray's hart blue he came to my house one morning and asked me if I liked jewelry. If you say yes he will give you a broach.

Hope this helped.
Here are some tips on how to get Cliff.First,extend your house to the max.Then,buy everything on the tv shopping-network.Everyday,give him curry rice(he loves it.Trust me.)Don't miss any of the heart events for extra heart points.Once he's at red heart,he should still refuse your per poseal so during summer i think, go to the winery between 6:00 and 7:00pm.
Manna and Duke will be fighting over Cliff.Manna will ask you about Cliff's good parts.Say "He thinks to much."and then he'll come in and take you out for supper.It will be about 10:00pm when you get home so hurry up and do what you need to do.The next day,you should be able to per pose without him turning you down.

Good luck, and I hope I helped!
With Cliff just go into his black heart event and dont work on him so hard cuz his purple heart event doesnt happen till after Fall 14 or so BUT on Fall 10-20 (i forgot) Duke the winery guy will ask you to harvest grapes.NO MATTER WHAT EVEN IF YOU GETTING SOMEONE BESIDES CLIFF STILL ASK HIM TO HELP YOU AND HE WILL NOT PERMANETLY LEAVE THE GAME AND LOOSE YOUR ONLY CHANCE OF GETTING HIM!!!BESIDES HE IS THE ONLY GUY WHO WILL ACCEPT YOUR PART-TIME JOB OFFER!!
Cliff is kind of hard if you don't have the kitchen but in the spring, just give him two bamboo shoots and save the one more for your shipping box. Summer, give him two wild berries and that's all. Fall, give him the apples and honey, two apples (honey is optional in Spring and Summer). Winter, you'll probably have the Kitchen set already so good luck, but if you don't, the only thing you have is your honey. I already married Cliff and I'm in marriage 20 years now! Trust me, it works! Any other way is harder than this.
If you really like Cliff and do not want Ann to get in the way at all, the way to get her to stay away is very simple. The first rival event for Ann and Cliff is in the Inn on the second floor in the evening in Spring of year 1. All you have to do is avoid going upstairs after 6 pm in spring of the first year. After that, there will be no more heart events that you have to watch out for.
Also, if that doesn't work, the next heart event is in the church in the fall. So if you accidentally trigger the black heart event, don't go into the church in the fall.

Hope it helps.

Happy cheating <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
I know A LOT of people think it takes a lot of things to get him but I got him in about 3 seasons. All you have to do is get ALL the tv network stuff then start cooking things. Give him 4 foods everyday. The main things he likes are: curry rice for sure, apple soufle? or however you spell it, curry bread, and some kind of dessert (it doesnt really matter what dessert). Also give him the chocolate on the winter thanksgiving and cookies on the spring thanksgiving. Be sure to get all the heart events! Get him the job at the winery and go to church after 4:00 pm or 5:00pm I can't remember which... also he won't accept your proposal at first so go to the winery between 6 and 7 pm and manna and duke will be fighting and if duke asks you what's something bad about him (or something like that) say nothing then he'll say something like I thought there was something between you two and then when you can leave, go to the church or his home at the inn and propose. He WILL accept it and then other things happen... also I got that to happen on the first tueday or wednesday of winter. If you have any additional questions ask me or email me. Bye bye!!

Ok first I want to point out that the only reason cliff would marry you at a red heart after Manna and Duke ask you about his bad point is because that is his yellow heart event, trust me, I got the event at yellow heart. Also you're supposed to say he thinks to much, then they'll be happy and Cliff will walk in and Duke will say you're here to have dinner with him, so you'll both dine at the inn and then he'll walk you home and say he had a good time. ok so there

Favorite Item
Curry Rice
Just about anything homemade, apples, grapes, chocolate
burnt food, weed, rock, wood, buckwheat chips (he tells you that when you give him his favorite)

Black Heart Event
Meet Cliff from Carter's request, no option made
Mineral Church 10am-6pm

Purple Heart Event
You walk into the church and are invited to have dinner with Carter and Cliff, Carter says the place needs to be cleaned first so he asks you and cliff to do it while he's in the confessional, Cliff says he can do it but offer to help anyway(option2) You will then have cleaned the place and have dinner with them
Before Wine Event
exactly 4:00 on a Monday, Wednesdays, or any rainy day
5:00pm-7:00pm on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, or Friday

Blue Heart Event
You'll find Duke and Cliff talking at the winery, Duke says Cliff's work is done for the day, but Cliff is confident that he should keep working, Duke comments that Manna worries which is about the time they notice you walking by, Doug then uses this as an excuse saying Cliff should take you up to Mother's Hill to thank you for landing him the job, he at first will stutter and say he has to keep working but Duke makes him take you at Mother's Hill Cliff will apologize for Duke being so pushy, he'll then proceed to say that he likes working at the winery and then asks you if you like working at the farm, tell him that you do(option1)and he'll be glad that you like your work too. Cliff will then give you a flower decoration he made, you don't have to keep it for the future but its a nice gift (I kept mine for its sentimental value) after the event you'll be left on Mother's Hill
go north straight from your farm to the part of the town where the winery is occurs on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday 3:00pm-4:00pm (if you can't get it you might need the biggest rucksack)

Yellow Heart Event
Walk into the winery and you'll find Duke and Manna talking, Duke is curious about 'them' and when Manna tells him to stop wondering he asks if she cares, she says she does but doesn't overly worry because they shouldn't meddle in 'their' affair (coughcoughyouandcliffcoughcough) this is about the time they'll notice you and Duke will ask you if you think Cliff has any bad points say he thinks too much(option1) then Cliff will walk in blah blah blah I said it in the beginning
Winery Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday 5:00pm-7:00pm
Cliff and his favorites
During spring, all you have to give to him are flowers and honey. He likes wild grapes and wine during summer, and if you already have a kitchen, curry recipes will also work. Fall is the easiest season for you to make Cliff like you because apples are his favorites. During winter there is not muck stuff around that Cliff likes so my advice to you is you should save as much apples as you can during fall (you need a refrigerator) and give those to him. You could also give him Tempura recipes, Pancakes, Sushi and Curry recipes during winter.
cliff faints
if u like cliff this is what to do.
any time in winter go south past your farm towards the wood cutters house. turn right and follow the path up over the river. when you get tothe town path turn right and go up to the sguare.then you will see a scene where cliff faints and then he will drop a photo.pick up the photo and when cliff wakes up about 3 days later give him the photo and he will tell u about his family.
CLIFF hard or easy?
Well I got cliff easy by showing him my dog 20 times a day and giving him 2 or 3 gifts that he really likes such as rice balls in the spring and winter grapes in the summer and apples in the fall
My way easy
Other ways hard
Cliff in one year=D
Earn as much money as possible by selling the herbs, honey and bamboo shoots during spring until you have enough money to extend your house twice and shop in the tv network every Saturday.(you might also want to buy seeds and animals to increase the amount of money faster)

During Spring!
Everyday Show cliff your dog and buy him grape juice if you have enough money. Talk to him twice and this will make his heart raise faster=)

still spring!
Give the harvest goddess a flower for every ten days(might be more or less) and one day she will ask you for what you wish for after she gives you the power berry.

Give him two grapes each day

Cliff will say he's going to leave town because he doesnt have enough money to pay at the INN. Don't worry cuz some time around 10-20 autumn duke will come over to your house to ask for your help. He said you also need to bring someone else to help. So bring Cliff=) and he won't leave.

Give him curry rice everyday once you get a kitchen. The recipe is: curry powder+rice balls+oil+pot.

During the starry night festival during winter when you are having dinner with Cliff you'll get a ring. After that you might be able to see a red heart with cliff when you talk to him.

Then at around 6-7PM go over to Aja winery and there will be a scene where duke and manna arguing about Cliff. When duke asks you something you'll have two choices
He thinks too much
Answer he thinks too much . Cliff will arrive eventually and duke will say "Syisyiqah(that's what i named my character) wants to have dinner with you"
The next day propose to him with a BLUE FEATHER and he won't turn you down<33

I got married to him on 30th Winter=D got pregnant a month after and gave birth two months after.
Cliff tells you about his family and more
Do you like Cliff?Well if you do listen to this.
In the winter go to Rose square,you will wacth a movie like thing where Cliff faints!When he dose he will drop a photograph.Pick it up and in 3 to 5 days later give Cliff the photograph.After you do that he will tell you about his family so some of his mystious side gets revealed.Well hear comes the and more part.His brithday is in the summer the 6th day to be exact.He loves anything homade in the winter,in the fall he loves apples and honey, in the spring he loves honey or wine,in the summer he loves grapes or honey.Make sure to give it to him everyday.Fastest way to get Cliff is to keep giving him wine,grapes,and curry recipies all year long.Also on the Moon Festival go to mothers hill at midnight when you have Cliff's heart in the color green he will show up and ask you to watch the moon with him.SAY YES!When your ready to marry go to the wine house one day from 6-7 and you will hear Manna and Duke fighting about you and Cliff.They will ask you what is Cliff's bad points just don't awnser.The next day you can purpose to him without him saying no.You'll have no worries of him saying no.Before you do that though when you think your ready make sure you have 5 important things.1 Cliff with a red heart.2 you have seen all 4 heart events.3 you have 2 house upgarades.4 You bought a big bed.Last but not laest 5 you actually have the blue feather to purpose with or elese your not ready to marry him yet untill you have that blue feather.If this all happens then you are now Cliffs offical wife.Congradulations!!!!!
Cliff's Bad Grammar?
If you have Cliff on a green heart level, you may notice some changes in his choice of words. Anyday of the week (except Saturday) go visit Cliff in the Aja Winery. Talk to him once. Then talk to him for a second time. He will say something along the lines of, "Thanks to you, I'm enjoying my like in this town." I think he means 'life' not 'like'.
Cliff-What he REALLY likes
I know, I know... I look like one of those people who think they know everything. Well, I do-about Cliff. In the beginning of the game, DON'T give him flowers and/or eggs. Wait until the winery opens, buy wine (You start out with 500 gold!). Then, in the afternoon, give him something he doesn't like as much if you wish. Mine a lot and work up to getting the kitchen and the pot. Buy curry and rice balls from the market and combine them in the pot for Curry Rice, and after that, getting him to love you is a piece of cake. NEVER, AND I REPEAT, NEVER give Cliff burnt food. If you can't get wine, he also likes Tempura recipes, Pizza, Omlette recipes, Stew recipes, Mushroom Rice, Curry recipes, Cheese Fondu, Grilled Fish, Sushi recipes,Wild grapes,Happy Eggplant, Scrambled eggs, Sandwhich,Savory Panckae, Greens, Bamboo Rice, Miso Soup, and Latte recipes.

Still doubting my knowledge? I got married to Cliff on Winter 26 of the first year. Hope I helped.
Cook For the Girls - Random Event
After you expand your house and purchase the kitchen, the girls will come by to check it out. To trigger the event, walk up to your kitchen and try to cook after 8:00 am. You'll hear a knock on the door and the girls will walk in. Remember this is a random event, so it won't work all the time.

They would like to see what you can do with your new kitchen, so they all decide to take a seat at the table and wait for you to make them something. Each girl will request a different dish; just talk to the girl to find out what she wants.

* Karen - French Fries, Tempura, or Popcorn
* Elli - Hot Milk, Sandwitch, or Strawberry Milk
* Ann - Mushroom Rice, Cheese Fondu, or Hotcake
* Popuri - Omlette, Egg Over Rice (Egg Bowl), or Scrambled Eggs (JPN Omelet)
* Mary - Veggie juice, Chocolate Cake, or Relax Tea

If you have the ingredients, make what she's asking and give it to her. You'll greatly increase your friendship with her. You may see this even more than once.

You will earn 20 Cooking points.
cooking class !
be really good friends with anna and manna.

go to anna's house after 10 am,
that is after manna goes in.

manna will be learning how to make desserts from anna and asks you to join.
say yes and every week on a clear saturday,
there will be a cooking class on how to make desserts at the same time.

Cooking for the Girls
People have been saying that this event happens on a specific day but I remember hearing that this event happens after you get every cooking implement and you try to cook after 8:00am. I might be wrong but that's what I remember hearing. I also think that this can happen more than once.

Anyway, here's the dishes the girls will request. It'll be random, so if you want to boost your friendship with the girls you might want to save up the ingredients.

Karen - French Fries, Tempura, or Popcorn

Elli - Hot Milk, Sandwitch, or Strawberry Milk

Ann - Mushroom Rice, Cheese Fondu, or Hotcake

Popuri - Omlette, Egg Over Rice (Egg Bowl), or Scrambled Eggs (JPN Omelet)

Mary - Veggie juice, Chocolate Cake, or Relax Tea
corruption prevention....
Hello everyone!If you always play harvest moon,be careful!Sometimes when you're already married, your games dissapear and you'll have to start from the beggining! I hope I helped cus this happened to me on year 6....


lilac9880 out!
Decrease Fatigue
This is easy.
Durin winter and onl winter, go to the back of teh Carpenters house and pick up a branch. Take the branch ino your house and place it in the fire place. Keep doing this and your fatigue will go down! This only works in winter and only if you have the biggest house possible. If you place wood in the fireplace in summer, spring, or fall then your fatigue will increase.
dinner is served!
On the 22nd day of summer in the 6th year, all of the rival girls will come to your house at about 10:00. They will ask you to cook for them, and if you say yes, you will basically take their orders and cook them what they want. This is only if you have the kitchen and a certain number of recipes. (Hint: Make sure you save the game before they come, so that if you can't cook what they want, you can restart it all.)I'm not certain about what happens afterwards though.
Okay so I know a lot of people say that doctor(odd name) is one of the easiest guys in the game and let me tell you something, their right! Doctor is basicily the easiest guy(so is Rick).

To get doctor to fall in love with you just give him the following things.

Spring: Blue herb.

Later in Spring(when you have a cow): Milk and a blue herb.

Summer: Milk, blue herb and a grape.

Fall: Milk, blue herb and a apple.

Winter: Milk and a white herb.

Talk to him twice a day. Get a check up everyday, buy medicien whenever you can and be friends with Elli.

I hope these tips work!

Doctor ...
I decided I was going to marry Doctor. Simple, I know. I'm a very complex person, so don't ask WHY I chose him x3 Anyway, I tried for at least 15+ days to get him to a purple heart. You see; I gave talked to him then gave him the gift. It's a good idea, but it would be simpler to give him the gift and talk to him. (Plus, you can see if his heart changed.) So, I thought, "Why don't I talk to him last?" So I did. Then it finally turned purple. You'll get extra "points" if you become friends with Elli, too. (If I keep it up, I could marry Elli instead of Doctor. Tee hee.)
Doctor's Family
They don't say this on ushi no tane <3 !

Go to the garden near mother's hill

(i think that's the space the cottage will be if you buy it)

on a wednessday i forget what time but probably 10 or 11 since everything happens then and you will see Doctor go up to him and he will have an event when he talks to you about his family. When I had this it was the first time his heart turned bleu so go there around a blue heart or purple.
Dog & Horses: CHASING GAME
Did you know that you can play the Chasing Game with your Dog or Horse? It's simple! First of all, whistle to call your dog/horse. He should come towards you. And when he does, RUN!!!! Don't let him catch you. If he did, it's okay, you can repeat the same process! Have fun!
Doggie Sickness - Random Event
When the dog finally becomes an adult it's suppose to be a happy occasion. If you haven't taken good care of your puppy you might end up with a sick dog instead! If your dog doesn't have any hearts when he's grown up, he'll be ill in the morning when you wake up.

The Doctor isn't much of a vet, but he says your dog will be fine. He does scold you for not taking better care of your doggie friend!

You won't earn any points for this event, but shame on you for seeing it!

Don't Haggle With Won
    <sub>When you're selling something to Won, don't haggle the price. When you "haggle" the price, you decline the price he gives you at first, then you ask for a different price. Most of the time, he will lower it the second or third time. Sometimes, it will go higher by 1 G.

    Hope I helped!</sub>
Don't waste time on your horse
You know that when you meet Barley, the guy that sells you cows, a few days later he will give you a horse. If you dont take care of the horse Barley will take him away for one year. Some pople say you will lose him forever, but actualy you dont. About a year later or more he will give you a fully grown horse.
Don't work so hard on Carter.
As the title replys, don't work so hard on Carter to get into the back of his Church. All you have to do is talk to him... not everyday if you don't want to. (I didn't talk to him and I still got behind the Church) If you can, lisen to his baka storys, oh, and BE BEST FRIENDS WITH CLIFF!! Remember, at the beganing of the game, he wanted you to be friends with Cliff. Well, if you are his friend, (talk to him, give him stuff) you will also be Carter's friend! Pretty easy if you want to marry Cliff, because you get Carter as well! I hope I stoped your money spree on buying Carter stuff, also, Carter likes it when you Confess!XD
dont sleep so early!!
if your the type who sleeps in the game straight after you finish your jobs,dont sleep so early!this works only if your married.stay up after 6pm then enter the house,and if it's a festival or somethin your husband will celebrate with you
Doug's Bar & Inn
Open: 8:00am - 9:00pm
Closed: Holidays

Daytime: 8:00am - 1:00pm / 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Water- 0 G
Daily Special- 500 G
Salad- 300 G
Apple Pie- 300 G
Cheesecake- 250 G
Cookies- 200 G

Evening: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Water- 0 G
Mt.Grape Wine- 500 G
Pineapple Juice- 300 G
Milk- 200 G
Dress? Yes!
This is kinda two cheats in one. First, the usual horse race one-in order for the cheat I'm telling you to work, you probably have to save your game before entering the races, watch the races, turn off your game, and bet 99 on each winning horse.
THEN, here comes the good part-spend everything on all the dresses you can hold. Sell them all to Won. This really works! I went from money in the 5 digits to the 6 digits in one day!

Hope I helped
dumpling powder?
dumpling powder is the same as muffin mix,its just another name for it.
Earning money in the beginning.
Ship the honey found in the tree everyday until you get 2000+g.Then go and buy a chicken.Incubate an egg so when the chick becomes full grown quickly sell the mother.keep doing this,and also sell the eggs.Then when you are earning quite a lot of gold,speak to barley and get yer horse.Buy a brush and brush it everyday.Earn money for a cow too.Then start hunting for that bachelor-take your own sweet time.What do you do with your horse?Take it to the horse races and read about the 50k gold cheat in the neoseeker page then get that 50k and get rich
Easily Get Medals
O.K.The only way to do this is to have a full grown horse.If you want to get alot of medals at the horse race first you don't bid on race 1 or race 2.Now since you signed up for the race you can bet on yourself.Bet on your self 99 and you'll get medals so easy!
Easily pass time
O.K.If you want to pass time fast get a bath tub and then shower in it.This makes it easier if you have notihng to do and it recovers stanima!
Easy Cliff cheat
To get cliff, you have to have your house upgraded twice, and a bath. Then go to the winery between 6 and 7 [pm]. They will be arguing. Duke will ask you what Cliff's bad point is. Say nothing. Cliff will then accept your proposal.
Easy Crop Growing
This tip is for everybody, but especially beginners <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Once you start, you're going to be pretty poor, and a great way toi bring in money is crops, of course!
Buy as much as your wallet will let you, and plant them all,
Now before you go to bed each night, save
Check the weather in the morning to make sure it's rain, if not, load up then try again

This way, you can have ridiculous amounts of crops, and won't ever have to water them unless there is an event that day

**Make sure you don't have TOO much though, so if you need a sunny day for a heart event, you can still finish watering them all in one day and have the heart event too**

Happy Planting! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy money with no glitches
First you need a basket which you can get from the shops, a fishing rod and a hammer.
In the morning do the stuff you need like ship eggs, honey and so on.
take the basket with you to the mine, keep on smashing the rocks even if its a junk ore, drop it into the basket, do that a couple times then go and collect the grass, fish two or three fish and drop it into the basket.
go back to your farm before five and tip everything out.
Wait till Zach comes and you should get plenty of money.
This worked for me, and I hope it works for you too.
Easy Money! : )
U can get about 1000g each day without any crops or animals! Just ship:
spring: 1 honey, 3 bamboo shoots, 1 fish, 1 ore from the mine (not junk ore), all the herbs
summer: all the herbs
autumn: all the herbs
winter: 30 ores from the winter mine (not junk ore; use your basket)

easy money!!
Ok, when you go to the horse races, one in Spring and one in Fall, make sure you have at least 5000g, the large rucksack, and a basket.
Make sure that you have nothing in your basket and rucksack, then go to the horse races with your basket, but save before going in. If you are racing, then bet ONLY on yourself 99 times(which should cost about 4950g.
Make sure that you get at least 702 medals.
When the horse races are over, talk to the Mayor again over the desk and go exchange medal for prize.
Exchange all of your medals for broaches and fill your basket up with them(30 spaces) then COMPLETELY fill your rucksack up(9 spaces, that is, leaving no room to carry your basket). Once your rucksack is COMPLETELY full of broaches, leave for home WITHOUT your basket, you will end up inside your home, so go outside, put the broach you are holding in the shiping box, then go back to the town centre, get your basket, go home, then go into the chicken coop/barn, and empty your basket and all of the broaches into the shiping box in there-that way, no time is wasted when shipping items.
When Zack comes to pick all the broaches you put in the shipping box the next day-you would have sold 39 broaches and will get 78000g. If you do that for both horse races each year, you will get 156000g each year.
Hope I helped!
Easy rod upgrade
You can gain experience on your rod if you use it in your house. Use it until you you turn blue, then go to the hot springs. Then use it the spring caves, and you will have a better rod in no time.
Easy Tool Upgrade
First bring the Tool you want to level up then go to the Bar,You must have a lot of Money,Go in the Bar or Inn and Start using the tool.If you become tired just buy to 3 Lunch Box and you are ready to go again.
Easy Way To Get A Powerberry
Okay, I first started this to get Doctor to a higher level from the Harvest Goddess. Anyway, for eleven days, give the Harvest Goddess a gift. (I did this in summer, so I gave her Pink Cat Flowers.) After you give her the eleventh gift, she will reward you with a Powerberry. I'm still trying to get the "heart level", so I think it will take another eleven days. I'm not sure if this is correct information, but e-mail me if you know what to do.
Easy Way To Get Friends
<div align=center><font size=1> At the horse races, if you buy the jewel of truth, after that in it's place is a dress!

You can give this dress (or dresses) to the girls and they love it!

I gave some flowers to Popuri then the dress and instantly her text changed.

We are now friends.

<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/animesmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Hope this helped!</font></div>
Extra fall cash
Make sure you have a large rucksack and are able to sell stuff to won.
Go to the mother hill area pick all the blue maic red flowers you can carry and sell them all to won he buys them 150 g each
(for even more befriend a harvest sprite and make him water your crops so you start right away)
Extra Mine In the Winter
You know that place near mother's hill? Well in the winter, that lake freezes up and you can get to a secret mine. Instead of getting copper and silver and stuff, you can get gems like peridot, amethysts and MORE!

Hope I helped!!!!!!
Farm Degrees
One of the new features of FoMT:Girl are the Farm Degree Points. When you participate in certain activities while playing the game, you can earn numerical points. The total number of points you have are stored in your Memo (press the Start button to reach your Memo). There are 10 categories of points, each having a maximum value of 1000. Try to earn all 10000 points!

When you first start the game you will have 12 points - 4 Animal, 6 Equipment, 1 Event (from Zack's shipping tutorial), and 1 Heroine.


  • Shipping the first one of any item will earn you 5 points for each one. Your first Turnip, first Honey, first Large Milk, etc.
  • Completing the Shipping Memo (ship at least 1 of everything) will earn you 10 points.
  • For every 100 shipments of a specific item, you will earn 1 point. The most you can earn for that item is 100 points. For example, If you had shipped 600 Turnips you would have earned 6 points. After you ship 10,000 you won't earn any more points for the Turnip shipments.


  • The first time you catch something new you'll earn 5 points. That could be a fish species or a piece of junk.
  • Catching one of the River Kings will earn you 10 points each (max 60 points)
  • Completing the Fish Memo (catching all 51 fish) will earn you 15 points.
  • Catching 100 of a specific item (fish species, garbage, treasure, etc.) will earn you 1 point, up until you've caught 10,000 of them.
  • You will earn 1 point for the max size of 10cm per fish. If the largest Ocean Sunfish you've caught was 60cm and you suddenly caught one that was 90cm, you would have earned 3 points. If your fish was only 68cm, you won't earn any points


  • If you win the Cow, Chicken, or Sheep festivals you will earn 10 points.
  • You can earn up to 25 points for winning the Beach Day and Horse Race events. You will earn 2.5 points per heart that the dog and horse have. 10 hearts = 25 points.
  • Every time you raise an animal's heart level by 1, you will earn 2.5 point.


  • When you train a Harvest Sprite to be the best skilled at Watering, Harvesting, or Animal Husbandry, you will earn 25 points per category. Each Sprite can only earn you 75 points (max 525 points).
  • Just giving gifts to villagers will earn you random amount of points. The Villager category is the easiest to earn all 1,000 points in.
  • Getting the Blue Berry from Kappa will earn 27 points.


  • Hearing a recipe from a villager will get you 10 points per recipe. The 10 recipes you get from linking to the Gamecube version of Harvest Moon also can earn you 10 points each. (max 250 points)
  • You will earn 10 points every time you win at the Cooking Festival.
  • Making a recipe for the first time will earn you 5 points. (max 540 points)


  • Each item purchased from the TV Shopping Channel are worth 30 points each. The Power Berry is excluded from this category.
  • Won's Flower Vase and Ellen's Socks are worth 50 points.
  • Buying Van's Record Player will earn you 20 points. You do not get any extra points for each Record.
  • Having Saibara build the Mayo, Cheese, and Yarn Makers will earn you 40 points each. (max 120 points)
  • The Vacation Villa, Seaside Cottage, and Mountain Cabin are worth 20 points each. (max 60 points)
    Hiring Gotz to do the major building upgrades are worth 50 points each. You earn points for the two
  • Farmhouse upgrades, building the Bathroom, and ugrading your two animal barns. Hiring him to remodel does not count.


  • The bachelor gifts (Rick's Watch, Gray's Broach, etc.) are worth 1 point each.
  • Getting the Fishing Pole is worth 2 points.
    As you use your tools their upgrade meters will increase. Every 10% raise will earn you 1 point.
  • Buying a rucksack upgrade is worth 20 points.


  • When you receive a new letter you will earn 11 points. Lets say you received a New Years letter from Ellen (worth 11 points) and the next year you get a letter from Ellen and Gotz. Ellen's letter won't count a second time, but you'll get another 11 points for Gotz's letter. All letters are stored in the Bookcase inside of your farm house.


  • You'll receive 5 points for each of the Girls' Heart Event you trigger. The events are left over from the Boy version of FoMT, even though you can't marry a bachelorette.
  • Each time you see the first Heart Event of a specific color you'll earn 50 points. So the first Black Heart event is worth 50, but the next ones are worth 0. When you see your first Purple. Heart event you'll earn another 50, and so on.
  • Most Random Events are worth 1 point each.
  • Experiencing one of the two new Rival Girl events will earn you 5 points each.
  • When the Goddess appears to congratulate you for reaching 10k on the pedometer, you'll earn 1 point.
  • When you go down into the Mines, you will receive 1 point for every floor you decend. (max 255 points).
  • Giving a Cucumber to Kappa will earn 1 point the first time you do it.
  • Activating a Rival Event will earn you 5 points.
  • Your wedding ceramony, pregnancy, and giving birth events are worth 50 points each.
  • Watching a rival wedding ceramony is worth 10 points.


  • For every Power Berry you eat, you'll earn 10 points. (max 100 points)
  • The Mystery Berry from Kappa will get you 50 points.
  • You will earn 1 point for every year you play the game. (max 200 points)
  • For playing Wack-A-Mole 100 times, you will receive 1 point. (max 100 points)
  • Every time you earn 100 steps on your Pedometer, you receive 1 point (max 100 points = 10,000 steps).
  • When you receive one of the 7 rings, you'll earn 30 points.
  • Farm System III
    Here's a way to make your feild organized.

    First make a 24x24 size square in front of your barn and plant grass in it.Then use lumber(or rocks,wichever you perfer)to make a HUGE square:you should block of ALL possible exits because that square will be where you put your cows and sheep.Plant some grass in the square too.

    Then next to the chicken coop make a 9x9 square(if you have the upgraded coop you might want to make a 18x18 square).That is where your chickens will go.

    After that,make a whatever you have left of the part of your feild by the barn to plant crops(it works best if you organize a fence or something around it).

    Then put a square of rocks or lumber near your stable,leave 2 squares going down as an entrance,then when you will know that your horse is out side.They LOVE being outside.

    Then if you STILL have space left in your field,use the space for some flowers,use can realy use the flowers to increase stanima in the morning.

    Hope the Farm System III(3) helps!

    PokeSmasher out!

    You know how most people say that you have to use lumber from your wood shed or stones to build a fence? Well, lumber rots in the rain, and if you don't save the stones on your farm from when you first began the game, you have to wait for a typhoon or snowstorm to get more. The easiest thing to do is to build a fence out of branches. There are branches in 5 places in the forest/Mother's Hill area. They don't rot like lumber, are easier to obtain than stones, and wild dogs cannot get through them.
    Find Jewel of Truth!
    From Carter's church, walk directly down after exiting. Press A at the nearest street lamp and you'd find a Jewel of Truth.
    Fish for loads of $
    All you half to do is catch fish for the whole yaer, but instead of selling them, you should put them in your pond. Than at the end of the year, take them all out and put them in the shipping bin. If you did a ton of fishing, you should got a ton of money.

    Tons of fishing: 20,000-50,000
    Little Fishing:10,000-12,000

    Email me for more cheats.

    In the summer, you take your fishing pole and go fishing at the spring where the harvest goddess is. You can get golden carp and blue gill ( but mostly the golden carp!) Golden carp is worth anound 300g. I hope it helped!
    This will only work if you have the Cursed Fishing Pole (Located on the 29th level of the Winter Mine), Blessed Fishing Pole (Use the Cursed Pole 255 times to remove the curse and change the item into the Blessed Fishing Pole), or the Mythic Fishing Pole.

    During the Summer there are 2 Festivals that occur on the beach. (The Dog Frisbee Festival, and the Fireworks Festival.) On those days you can make a lot of money fishing. Here is how:

    Bring your basket and Cursed/Blessed/ or Mythic Fishing Pole to the beach. Since no time passes, and no energy is used, you can fish until your basket and 8 slots in your rucksack are full.

    When fishing, keep only the Pirate's Treasure, toss everything else. Place the Pirate's Treasure in your basket until it is full. Keep fishing until 8 slots in your rucksack are also full. (Be sure not to try and keep 9 in your rucksack or you won't be able to pick up your basket.)

    You will earn about 380,000G.

    Fishing Galore!
    As we may or may not know, in the summer, there is many animations with Popuri, Kai, and occasionaly Rick on the beach,
    One great way to use these to your advantage is to fish at the beach whenever it happens. Since time doesn't go by during these animations, you can fish enough to fill up a basket and your pockets without wasting a second of your time <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Just make sure you always have your basket and fishing pole with you when entering the beach in the first summer
    Hope I helped! It got me quite a bit of gold
    Fishing Tips
    When fishing always fish in the morning and night. NEVER in the middle of the day.

    The highest level of rod that you can get is always good. Just throw it in you house so you don't wast time. Always bring your rod to the beach encase there's a moment because you don't wast time or stamina!

    And don't fish when their are people around. I've never caught a fish when someone was around. Plus don't fish in the same spot, I mean move every time you cast.

    *Guess wut! I know this is besides the point but the beloved Doctor's real name is Trent!!!!! Who knew!?!
    I got this from the DS verson!(he's cuter in that game!!!)
    Full recipe list (alphabetical order)
    You can add more to a recipe for it to taste better for contests. I suggest printing this list out for when you play!!

    AEPFE Apple: Apple + HMSGB Apple + SUGDW Apple

    Apple Jam: Apple + Pot + Sugar

    Apple Pie: Apple + Egg (any size) + Butter + Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling pin + Oven + Sugar

    Apple Pie: Apple + Egg + Butter + Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling Frying Pan

    Apple Pie: Apple + Egg + Butter + Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling Pin

    Apple Souffle': Apple (Regular/ AEPFE/ HMSGB/ SUGDW) + Frying Pan

    Autumn Sun: Cheese (X)+ Mayo (X)+ Egg (X)+ Milk (X)+ Wool (X)+ Yarn (X)

    Baked Corn: Corn + Oven

    Baked Sweet Potato: Sweet Potato + Oven

    Bamboo Rice: Bamboo Shoots + Rice Ball

    Bodigizer XL: Bodigizer + Blue Grass + Mixer

    Bodigizer: Honey + Orange Grass + Black Grass + Red Magic Grass + Pot

    Boiled Egg: Egg (any size) + Pot

    Buckwheat Chips: Buckwheat Flour + Pot

    Buckwheat Noodles: Buckwheat Flour + Knife + Pot + Rolling Pin (onion, eggs, bamboo shoots, fish)

    Butter: Milk (any size) + Mixer

    Cake: Butter + Flour + Egg + Sugar + Whisk + Oven (apple, pineapple, wild grapes, strawberry, honey, knife)

    Cake: Egg (any size) + Butter + Flour + Sugar + Whisk + Oven

    Candied Potato: Sweet Potato + Honey + Pot

    Candied Potato: Sweet Potato + Honey + Sugar + Pot

    Cheese (X): (S) + (M) + (L) + (G) + (P) Cheese

    Cheese Cake: Cheese + (any) Egg + (any) Milk + Pot + Whisk + Oven + Sugar

    Cheese Fondue: (any size) Cheese + Bread + Pot

    Chirashi Sushi: Scrambled Eggs + Sashimi + Rice Balls + Knife + Vinegar

    Chocolate Cake: Chocolates + Butter + Flour + Egg + Sugar + Whisk + Oven (apple, pineapple, wild grapes, strawberry, honey, knife)

    Chocolate Cookies -Flour + Egg + Chocolates + Butter + Rolling Pin + Oven + Sugar (honey)

    Cookies: Flour + (any size) Egg + Butter + Rolling Pin + Oven + Sugar (honey)

    Corn Flakes: Corn + Rolling Pin + (Oven/ Frying Pan)

    Corn Flakes: Corn + Rolling Pin + Oven, Corn + Rolling Pin + Frying Pan

    Curry Bread: Bread + Oil + Curry Powder + Frying Pan

    Curry Noodles: Noodles + Curry Powder + Pot

    Curry Rice: Curry Powder + Rice Balls + Pot

    Curry Rice: Curry Powder + Rice Balls + Pot Stew: Flour + Milk (S) + Pot + Salt

    Dinner Roll: Bread + Butter

    Egg Over Rice: Egg (any size) + Rice Ball + Pot

    Egg Over Rice: Egg + Rice Balls + Pot + Salt + Soy Sauce

    Elli Leaves: 6 Types Burnt Food + Bodigizer XL + Turbojolt XL + Knife + Frying Pan + Oven + Pot + Sugar + Salt + Vinegar + Soy Sauce + Miso

    Fish Sticks: Fish (Medium/Large) + Mixer + Salt

    French Toast: Egg (any size) + Bread + Oil + Frying Pan

    French Fries: Potato + Oil + Knife + Frying Pan

    French Toast: Bread + (any size) Egg + Oil + Frying Pan + Sugar

    Fried Noodles: Buckwheat Noodles + Egg + Oil + Frying Pan + Salt + Vinegar + Soy Sauce Buckwheat Chips

    Fried Noodles: Buckwheat Noodles + Egg (any size) + Oil + Frying Pan + Salt + Vinegar + Soy Sauce

    Fried Noodles: Noodles + Egg (any size) + Oil + Frying Pan

    Fried Rice: Rice Balls + Oil + Egg (any size) + Frying Pan

    Fries: Potato + Oil + Knife + Frying Pan

    Fruit Juice: (Apple/Strawberry) + Mixer

    Fruit Latte: Fruit Juice + Milk (any size) + Mixer or (Apple/ Pineapple/ Wild Grape)

    Grape Jam: Wild Grape + Pot + Sugar

    Grape Juice: Wild Grape + Mixer

    Greens: Spinach + Pot + Soy Sauce

    Grilled Fish: Medium Fish + Frying Pan

    Happy Eggplant: Eggplant + Frying Pan + Sugar + Soy Sauce + Miso

    HMSGB Apple: Apple + SUGDW Apple + AEPFE Apple

    Hot Milk: (any size) Milk + Pot + Sugar

    Hot Milk: (any size) Milk + Pot + Sugar Butter: (any size) Milk + Mixer

    Hot Milk: Milk (any size) + Pot

    Ice Cream: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Sugar + Whisk + Pot

    Ice Cream: Milk + Egg + Whisk + Pot + Sugar (apple, honey, pineapple, wild grapes, strawberry)

    Jam Bun: (Apple Jam/ Grape Jam/ Strawberry Jam) + Bread

    Juice: Fruit + Veggie + Mixer, Fruit Juice + Veggie Juice + Mixer

    Ketchup: Tomato + Onion + Mixer + Sugar + Salt + Vinegar

    Mayonnaise (G): Golden Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar

    Mayonnaise (L): High Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar

    Mayonnaise (M): Good Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar

    Mayonnaise (P): P Egg+ Oil + Whisk + Vinegar

    Mayonnaise (S): Regular Quality Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar

    Mayonnaise (X): X Egg + Oil + Vinegar Mayonnaise (S) + (M) + (L) + (G) + (P)

    Mayonnaise (X): X Egg + Oil + Whisk + Vinegar or Mayo (S) + Mayo (M) + Mayo (L) + Mayo (G)+ Mayo (P)

    Milk (X): (S) + (M) + (L) + (G) + (P) Milk

    Miso Soup: Miso + Pot + Salt + 1 (or more) additional edible item(s) (Mushrooms, Onions, Fish, etc.)

    Mixed Juice: Fruit Juice + Veggie Juice + Mixer or (Apple/ AEPFE Apple/ HMSGB Apple/ SUGDW Apple/ Pineapple/ Strawberry/ Wild Grape) + (Cabbage/ Carrot/ Cucumber) + Mixer

    Mixed Latte: (any size) Milk + Fruit + Veggie + Mixer,

    Moon Dumpling: Muffin Mix + Sugar

    Mountain Stew: Bamboo Shoot + Carrot + Mushroom + Knife + Pot + Sugar + Soy Sauce

    Mushroom Rice: Mushroom + Rice Ball

    Noodles w/ Tempura: Tempura + Buckwheat Noodles + Pot or Buckwheat Flour + Tempura + Rolling Pin + Pot + Knife

    Noodles w/ Tempura: Tempura + Buckwheat Noodles + Pot,

    Noodles: Flour + Pot + Rolling Pin + Knife

    Omelet Rice: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Oil + Rice Balls + Frying Pan

    Omelet: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Oil + Frying Pan

    Omelette Rice: (any size) Egg + (any size) Milk + Oil + Rice Balls + Frying Pan Boiled Egg

    Omelette Rice: (any size) Egg + (any size) Milk + Oil + Rice Balls + Frying Pan

    Omelette: (any size) Egg + Oil + (any size) Milk + Frying Pan

    Pan Omelette: (any size) Egg + Oil + (any size) Milk + Frying Pan

    Pancake: Cabbage + Oil + Flour + (any size) Egg + Frying Pan + Knife

    Pancakes -Flour + Oil + Butter + Egg + Milk + Honey + Sugar + Whisk + Frying Pan

    Pancakes: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Flour + Oil + Butter + Honey + Sugar + Whisk + Frying Pan

    Pickled Turnips: Turnip + Knife + Vinegar

    Pickles: Cucumber + Salt

    Pineapple Juice: Pineapple + Mixer

    Pizza: Cheese (any size) + Flour + Ketchup + Rolling Pin + Oven

    Popcorn: Corn + Frying Pan

    Potato Pancakes -Potato + Onion + (any size) Egg + Oil + Flour + Knife + Frying Pan + Salt Fish Sticks: Medium Fish + Mixer + Salt

    Potato Pancakes: Egg (any size) + Potato + Onion + Oil + Flour + Knife + Frying Pan +Salt

    Pudding: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Oven + Pot + Sugar

    Pumpkin Pudding: Egg (any size) + Milk (any size) + Pumpkin + Pot + Oven + Sugar

    Pumpkin Stew: Pumpkin + Pot + Sugar + Soy Sauce

    Raisin Bread: Bread + Wild Grape

    Relax Tea Leaves: Red Grass + Orange Grass + Yellow Grass + Green Grass + Purple Grass + Blue Grass + Indigo Grass + Weed + Knife + Frying Pan

    Relaxation Tea: Relax Tea Leaves + Pot

    Rice Gruel: Rice Balls + Pot + Salt

    Roasted Rice Cake: Rice Cake + (Oven/ Frying Pan)

    Salad: (Cabbage/ Cucumber/ Tomato/ or Carrot) + Knife

    Sandwich: (Boiled Egg/ Cucumber/ Tomato) + Bread + Knife

    Sashimi: Fish (Medium/ Large) + Knife

    Savory Pancake: Cabbage + Oil + Flour + Egg (any size) + Frying Pan + Knife

    Scrambled Eggs: Egg (any size) + Oil + Frying Pan

    Spring Sun: Blue Magic Grass + Red Magic Grass + Moondrop Flower + Pink cat Flower +Toy Flower

    Stew: Flour + Milk + Pot + Salt

    Stir Fry: Cabbage + Oil + Knife + Frying Pan + Soy Sauce

    Strawberry Jam: Strawberry + Pot + Sugar

    Strawberry Milk: Strawberry + Milk (any size) + Mixer

    SUGDW Apple: Apple + HMSGB Apple + AEPFE Apple

    Summer Sun: Small Fish + Medium Fish + Large Fish + Fossil of Ancient Fish + Pirate Treasure

    Sushi: Sashimi + Rice Ball + Vinegar

    Sweet Potatoes: Butter + (any size) Egg + Sweet Potato + Sugar + Pot + Oven

    Tempura Noodles: Tempura + Noodles + Pot or Flour + Tempura + Rolling Pin + Pot + Knife

    Tempura Rice: Rice Balls + Tempura + Salt

    Tempura: Flour + Egg + Oil + Frying Pan (veggies, mushrooms, soy sauce)

    Toast: Bread + Oven

    Toasted Rice Balls: Rice Balls + Oven

    Toasted Rice Balls: Rice Balls + Oven + Soy Sauce

    Tomato Juice: Tomato + Mixer + Salt

    Truffle Rice: Truffle + Rice Ball

    Turbojolt XL: Turbojolt + Green Grass + Mixer

    Turbojolt: Honey + Orange Grass + White Grass + Red Magic Flower + Pot

    Veggie Juice: (Cabbage/ Carrot/ Cucumber) + Mixer

    Veggie Latte: Veggie Juice + Milk (any size) + Mixer or (Cabbage/ Carrot/ Cucumber) + Milk (any size) + Mixer

    Wild Grape Juice: Wild Grape + Wine + Purple Grass + Pot

    Winter Sun: Alexandrite + Diamond + Emerald + Moonstone + Pink Diamond + Mythic Stone + Sand Rose

    X Egg: Regular Egg + Good Egg + High Egg + Golden Egg + P Egg

    X Cheese: Cheese (S) + Cheese (M) + Cheese (L) + Cheese (G) + Cheese (P)

    X Milk: Milk (S) + Milk (M) + Milk (L) + Milk (G) + Milk (P)
    If you're after Gray, u don't have to waste your effort to go to the mine and dig up ores. Just take branches from your field and give it to him.

    How to invite Cliff to the winery job: On the day you're supposed to help the wine guy, go to the church and talk to carter.He should tell you to look for cliff in the Inn or at the church.once you've found him u talk to him he should accept the invitation.

    Do I have to invite the guy to the Moon festival?:No,but the guy you like has to be purple heart and up.Just wait till 6pm,then run to mother's hill.Talk to the guy he should invite u to watch the moon with him

    How to see Cliff leave town(If u didn't invite him to the winery job)<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/embarrassed.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />n 29 Winter at 11pm at night,go to the beach.You should see Doug and Cliff.They are talking.The after that cliff heads to the boat area and that's it he's gone.

    Break into that Barley's house!at 10am go to the back door where may plays.stay there until night that enter the house using the back door. Stress Relief:For stress relief,save the game first.Then take your sickle or whatever and whack your cattle or chicken or dog.If u hav golden lumber put it on your lawn and see what happens.Maybe abandon your dog at the beach or throw him into the harvest sprites' house

    Funny Dreams!
    If u skip days near the end of the year, u might have a dream. The dreams i know are:
    1. U r marrying the mayor (maybe u secertly can marry him, who knows)
    2. Karen is murdering everyone
    3. the sprites all say "Together!" and dissapear into a puff of sparkles. Then the Gourmet says "We're all Together!"
    Gain easy Fishing experience
    instead of waiting for a fish ( just to get experience not actually to get a fish ) just cast the line then right away remove it. it gains about 1 % each time
    GET 1.000.000 in 1 day
    I have two tips that could be very useful....

    1... for grey fans.... he hates "happy eggplant" meals

    2... for money fans.... on spring, play the HG game and get the Book from HG by winning 100 times in a row... then sell it to Won, He'll give you $1.000.000 cash.....
    Get a 90 k when on HORse Race
    when you`re in horse race just bet a player with the lower number than the other player the when you just buy a dress is 250 per medal multiply by 9 because you`re rucksack has 8 slots and the 1 is in the then sell it to won when you`re friends with him.. 10000G each of dress but if you sell it to you can sell it 12700G hope i can help.,,,,
    get a ring in ur sleep!!
    to get a ring in ur sleep from the harvest goddess, put ur pedometer in ur rucksac and go inside ur house and tape the "R" button down on ur gameboy and let urself run against the wall while you go to sleep! but the goddess comes when you reach 10,000 100,000 so you need to get 100,000,000. i hope i helped
    Get an old, long ago Pirate Treasure from Harvest Goddess
    If you 'wanna get a Pirate Treasure, an OLD Pirate Treasure, you'll have to win the Harvest Goddess's mini game in Spring. Get up to 73 or 74 times in a row & she'll give you that old Pirate Treasure.
    Get Cliff to an Orange Heart in one Year!!
    For this all you have to do is give him honey and a flower in spring, honey, flower, and anything home grown in the summer and spring, and in fall give him apples and flowers and anything home grown!!!

    Also, when Cliff is at a Blue heart, walk into the church one day and he will be there with Carter. When Carter leaves to the conffessional, he will ask if you will help Cliff. When Cliff asks you and you say yes, Cliff will change hearts. He will also like you better as a person and so will Carter!!

    Get Gray - fast!
    Here are some tips on getting Gray:

    You should give him at least 5 ores a day.
    Talk to him everyday.
    If you are saving money, give him branches (which you could find almost everywhere). Believe me. He likes them.
    He also likes baked corn.

    By giving these things to Gray everyday, you should get him up to a red heart after 3 seasons.
    Get Gray easy
    For all you Gray fans out there here's a way to marry gray in around your 2nd year.

    The first thing you want to do is STAY AWAY FROM THE BLACKSMITH SHOP. If you do not go in the blacksmith shop you won't witness the black heart event between gray and Mary. You want to avoid this event because right after Gray will start visiting the library frequently. Second, bring gray a bunch of ores (how many can fit in your rucksack) you can find ores in the spring mine near the hot springs.After a while gray will be at purple heart. AFTER the purple heart event (inn second floor,thursday,5:00pm) It will be safe to go inside the blacksmiths shop.

    Hope this helped cause it worked for me I got married by fall 4 year 2
    Get Gray in 1 year.
    Go to the mine each morning as soon as you get up. after getting 8 ( not junk ore)ores go to the blacksmiths and wait for gray or if your late go in. Give all the ores to gray. never give more than 8 ores a day because then it will take longer to get him.As soon as you get gray to an orange heart, start giving him other things like, grapes, homemade foods (except buckwheat chips) or if it's the winter, go to the mine closest to the mountain. Get 8 gems and then give them to gray. By the end of the year you might be married to gray.
    Get Kai in 2 Years
    Every summer 1st buy 2 bucks of pineapples and plant it. give Kai everything he like as much as you can carry in your rucksack. wines, every summer crops (corn, onion, tomato). pineapples grow 20 days. Kai's birthday is 22 summer so keep the pineapples untill his birthday. wrap them all and give him at his birthday. AND DON'T WATCH HIS RIVAL HEART EVENTS WITH POPURI!!! You might get his redheart at summer year 2. In other seasons (spring,fall,winter) you can focus on your job so you'll get much money and time to upgrade your house twice and buy everything from the TV Shopping.

    Didn't trust me? I proposed Kai at 30th Summer and married him at 7th Fall
    Get loads of cash fast!!!!!
    OKay So this is what you do when the person tells you there is a horse race tomorrow take your basket or buy one and put it in the rose square! The next day remember to save your game right before you walk into rose square!!!! DO NOT BET just watch the races and write down the winners on a piece of paper then shut off the game and you know who the winners are so bet a lot of money on them sometimes the same people don't win so try again the 2nd time they should so then trade your medals for broaches and many valuble items then put them in the basket the next day ship them and your rich!!!!!
    It worked for me and I finally got that cottage house!
    Get Relax Tea Leaves From Harvest Goddess!!
    Well this only works if your married but its worth it! Go to the Harvest Goddess everyday and giver her a flower, you can usually find those aroud The Woodcutters house. It will take a while but at first she will ask if you want to connect to a gamecube you can press yes or no and eventually, after giving her flowers for a while she will give you a power berry. After that, continue giving her flowers everyday. Then after a little while, agian only works if you are married, she will ask if theres a special boy you like then she will say something along the lines of,"Oops wait your already married, sorry for the mix up heres some relax tea leaves instead" And there you go!

    Hope I helped!
    Get Rich on Second Day
    All you have to do is play the Harvest Goddess' TV game. You can play it several times a day. Just use your TV then press the left button untill the Goddess appears. You can get lots of good stuff through this like fossils and treasure chests which you can ship.
    Get Rick in one year
    If you want a good husband, Rick is the way to go. To marry Rick in one year, just give him a spa boiled egg every day and honey or chicken feed. Give Popouri and Rick's mother wild flowers and you will get Rick in one year. good luck and have fun
    Get steps in YOUR sleep!
    Okay what you do is take your GBA/DS and hook it up to the charger. You then go in your house (on Harvest Moon) equip your pedomiter, then hold down the R button, and tape it down and ru against a wall before you go to bed (in real life)then cover up the screen with a blanket if you want and leave it running all night, by the morning you should see the H. Goddess saying you got 10,000 steps, after 100,000 steps you get a surprise.
    get through winter
    if you bored with winter try this... sell all your livestock but keep one chiken egg in the fridge (to hatch in spring it takes a little more then three days) then jeust sleep the whole winter it's geinuse
    Get to level 222 in the mines with out fainting
    Okay. As soon as you enter the mine, save your game. In both slots(unless you have another game saved in one of the slots. I saved over my best game(I had over 1,000,000,000 dollars). I hated my self for that. But on the uphand, in this game, I will marry Cliff*huggles Cliff*)if you can. Then dig around untill you find the stairs down. Don't go down but mark the exact place the stairs are located. Then load the game you JUST saved, and dig in the spot where the stairs were. There it is(you might want to keep some food in your rucksack though). Now go down and repeat.
    Getting the Doctor in less than a year!!!
    To get the Doctor in less than a year here is the way I did it!

    -Give him almost ALL the grass you find (he really loves them)
    -Give him HEALTHY foods
    -Visit him almost every day (including talking and the presents)
    -Do all of that EVERYDAY!

    Hope I helped all you Doctor lovin' fans!

    Gift from the H.G.
    You know about the prize if you won against Won in the apple sorting game right? The white flower... Actually it is called as the "Queen of the night" <i think="think" its="its" not="not" a="a" flower="flower" because="because" you="you" can="can" eat="eat" but="but" it="it" will="will" increase="increase" your="your" fatigue="fatigue">... If you give ten of these flower you'll recieve a special gift from the H.G. in the description it says: "Rare but not valuable"... You know what... its the opposite of "not valuable"... actually its very valuable!!! It's worth 1 million <if you="you" sell="sell" it="it" to="to" won="won">!!!
    P.S.: that flower looked just like the pressed flower of Elli in FoMT! </if>[/i]
    Gifts for H. Sprites
    some gifts for h. sprites are flour, all kinds of grass, and orichalc. hoped i helped
    Gifts from Guys! Yay!
    every guy will give you a gift in their blue heart event for!
    Cliff: he gives you a homemade flower bracelet thing.
    Gray: he gives you a broach it looks different then the broaches you can buy.
    Doctor: he gives you a negative ion thing.
    Kai: he give you a good luck charm seashell.
    Rick: he gives you a watch that was his dads.
    I always get each gift from every guy because I can! =)
    Girl's Sleep Over and Lunch
    If you're good friends with all the town girls, and you have the big bed, they will come over one night and say they're at your house to sleep over. They will all try to fit into the bed, but say there's not enough room and leave.

    If you're friends with all the girls they will come over for lunch one day (I was already married and it was summer, but I'm not positive that those are requirements). They will each ask you to make them something, and you can of you want, but they don't give you anything for it. You can't leave the house to buy ingredients, if you need them.

    ok when you get cliff to a red heart in the spring 2nd year this might happen go to see cliff at 10;30 in the wine basment he might say <playername> in the diolog insted of your name
    Glitch - Zack
    Sometimes when you're on your farm and Zack comes to pick up the shipping he will say that you didn't put anything in the shipping box. In my cases i did put things in the shipping box and i checked my earnings page and i had earned money. Just letting you on this so you know that it does happen sometime.

    godess game
    hi. to get a lot of money in spring. play the godess game and win 10 or over times and you will get tea leaves. put them in your shipping basket and youll get alot of money.

    save your game before you start to play and then play. if you dont win on your first try restart the game. then when you do win save and keep going till you cant play anymore!!!!!!!
    Gold surprise???
    Well, I'm not really sure what are the requirements, but to get Van's favourite which is really valuable, you have to check your mailbox..there will be a letter saying that you won a drawing contest..that is what happened to me in my first year playing.. sell it to Won, it values 55 000 or 54 000 gold!!! it can happens many times, so be sure to check your mailbox everyday! (^-^)
    Golden Lumber
    Hey, If you want a gold lumber you should wait for Winter 2 (I think)and you will see the mayor and he will ask you for something. Then, just give it to him at night and voila! You have Golden Lumber that you can keep or sell to Won for a high price.

    Hope this helped!
    Good Friends Go Far
    There are some great people who can be very useful in the future if you become friends with them.

    Important people:
    If you wanna get rich, be friends with Won. He buys items that can't be shipped and plays the apple game with you (letting you win prizes).
    Birthday: Winter 19th
    To become his friend: Give him Gold Ores (found on third floor of the Spring Mine).

    Being his friend gives you access to behind his church, where truffles can be found. Truffles are worth 500g each.
    Birthday: Fall 20
    To become his friend: Give Curry, Eggs, Flour, Fish, Milk, Oil, Turnips, or anything homemade really. Oil worked best for me. Also, make Cliff your best friend/boyfriend/husband, and give him the winery job.

    If you don't become his friend, he'll eventually stop working for you, and you won't be able to upgrade anything.
    Birthday: Fall 02
    To become his friend: Give Apples, Cheese, Egg, Flour, Honey, Oil, Onions, Potatoes.. basically anything edible.

    She'll knit you some socks for the Starry Night Festival. Just give her any size ball of yarn, (obviously requires sheep and yarn maker).
    Winter 13
    To become her friend: Give Carrots, Flour, Milk, Pumpkins, Rice Cakes, Spa Boiled Eggs and Flowers. Being friends with Stu and Elli may help.

    Becoming friends with any of the townspeople can help. They reveal recipes to you and give you stuff sometimes, but the ones I named may just help you a little on who to pick.
    Got unhappy cows?
    Are your cows unhappy? I have a cheat that will make you jump with joy! (or maybe not...¬¬)Anyway, if you talk to your cow and it says "Hmm, <cow name="name"> seems unhappy", push it to one side (where you suppose it can't get away easily) and brush and brush and brush it. Yeah, just keep brushing, until finally when you talk to it, it says "Hi, <cow name="name">! You seem happy today!"

    P.S. This might not always work, so don't get disheartened if you don't seem to get it to be happy at first. Anyway, it works for me!

    P.P.S. If it gets sick, you have to do either two things:

    a) You have to buy medicine to cure your cow.
    b) Follow a cheat here, which says something about saving before sleeping and you might not see your pet/animal die or get sick.</cow></cow>
    Gray fans: some easy tips
    1) Avoid the blacksmith's shop, this will trigger gray and mary's black heart event.

    2) Give gray presents and talk to him BEFORE he gets to work. At around 10AM every morning (except thursday) he will walk into the shop. Catch him before he goes in (you will miss the black heart even)

    3) Gray likes baked corn, wood, ores (NO junk ore) and he likes things that are wrapped (as every bachelor does ;] )

    4) NEVER GIVE GRAY FOOD OR HERBS! this will cause your relationship to fall- he hates these things

    5) Once you get to a colored heart (ex.- purple, blue... etc.) you can enter the blacksmith shop again

    Hope you have good luck!

    Gray is weird/Get rich quick scheme
    Gray is Weird
    Who on earth likes Branches?

    Seriously, my little sister on her file won him over with nothing but branches.

    Get rich quick scheme
    Okay, everyone here should be familiar with Won's Apple game.
    Well, if you play the apple game and get that special flower you can sell it back to him for $87,000.

    This is for you more determined players.
    If you get ten of those flowers and give them all to the Harvest Goddess, she will give you an extra special flower that you can sell to Won for $1,000,000.

    Now which is the better deal?

    Well, if you sell the ten of those Apple Game flowers back to Won for $87,000 each then you will only be getting $870,000 total compared to the $1,000,000 you will be getting for the extra special flower.
    That's only a difference of about $13,000 though.

    Well, I guess it all depends on if you really suck at the apple game or not.
    Still, if you're able to the whole getting the extra special flower three times in a day, then that would be pretty awesome.
    Gray Speaks Japanese!
    After you're married, (it doesn't matter who, just not Gray) if you go into Saibaras, and talk to Gray, he will speak Japanese!
    Gray will give you a silver brooch!!
    this will happen, i think before the cooking festival? and it will happen when you go home and get ready for cooking. And then when you go out, he'll be there giving you a brooch. then say 'a little' instead of 'absolutely not!' cuz' if you pick that, he'll be upset!! *do not DARE to do that thingy!* i hope this work. bcoz it happende on my game. goodluck!! play safe!
    Gray's bad and good attitudes.
    Bad Attitude/s
    1.When you show him your dog, he'll make fun of you. he'll say: 'you're kind of funny. i think that's a big deal!'.

    2.DO NOT GIVE HIM A STONE!! if you give him one, he'll say: 'what a jerk! do not give me that!'.

    Good Attitude/s
    1. When he done something bad to you, he will say sorry and give you something. (he'll give you a brooch. i guess??)

    2.When times that his grandpa shout at him, he'll understand but he'll be still mad.(it's not such a big deal. right?)

    [Favorite things of Gray]
    Ores (not junk ores)
    Home made recipes

    i hope i helped! goodluck!

    Gray's heart scenes
    -Sun/Tue/Fri/Sat; 10am-1pm; blacksmith shop
    walk inside and then answer "it's called training."

    -Sun/Tue/Thu/Fri: 5pm-8pm; 2nd floor of doughs inn.

    Mon/Thur; 6am-12pm; walk out of ur house

    -Mon/Thurs; 10am-1pm; blacksmith shop.

    P.S. You must see these heart scenes to get married, once he is red heart, you may propose.
    and when you view these scenes it doesn't matter if his heart is already red. It just needs to be at or above the required color.
    Gray, him and himself
    Here all the info about Gray!!!

    He LOVES: Chocolate, curry rice, fried rice
    and all types of ores exept junk ore.

    He LIKES: Eggs, milk, wool, branches
    (almost everything!!!)

    Is birthday: Winter 6

    The scenes:
    The first one is when you enter the blacksmith,
    you'll see Mary going talk to saibara.
    She says that the tool he upgraded is much
    simple to use and bla,bla,bla...
    Then you hear like "ouch!"
    and then, every body look at Gray.
    He says "it's nothing".
    Then Mary talk to him and says that he's bleeding.
    Then Gray says "no,no,no, it's nothing!"
    Mary take his hand and heal him.
    Gray is like "thanks!!!"
    and Mary leave...

    The second one is when you enter the library
    and see Gray choosing books.
    Mary arrive and says that she's writing a novel.
    She also propose to Gray to read it
    when it'll be finished. Gray says " you are writing a book? That's incredible!" and he says

    The third one was when Saibara is yelling at Gray.
    Gray was to go out when he saw you.
    Then he'll talk to you and ask you
    something. Anwser "it's all called TRAINING"
    That's all!!!

    The fourth is when Gray come to your
    house and ask if you like jewerly.
    Say "a little...".
    He will give you a brooch.
    More precisely: Gray's Brooch
    Silver brooch made by Gray.

    The fifth i see was in the blacksmith.
    Saibara is talking to Gray.
    He say that he make too much errors or something like that...
    Then, at the end of the conversation, he will
    say that his heart is only beating for you.

    The last i see is when i entered in
    the Doug's Inn in the piece that is
    supposed to be Cliff's.
    Gray says that is Grampa yelled at him
    again and bla,bla,bla as usual...

    Then you'll be able to marry him without
    him saying no.(This is what i made to marry him,
    so it is suposed to work...)

    Hope I helped!!!

    From jiji123tardif
    GRAY: LOVES branches!
    GRAY: he LOVES branches! If you want to marry gray, i suggest, every day, go behind your farm to Gotzs place and pick up two branches. I always go to the Inn at 5:00, after ive done all my watering, and i give gray the branches! this really works!!!!!!!!!
    Grays only friend (if you make it to a purple heart)
    Gray is really mean right well if you try to become friends with him at one point he will say your my only friend <playername> so give him a chance plus if you are friends with him you get free curd </playername>
    Guide to Getting Rich for Beginners
    Well, whether you're a beginner or not, this may help you somewhat.
    Side note: When I say "Rich", I don't mean cottage buying, I mean being able to successfully support your farm with great ease.

    Becoming friends with Won:
    The fastest and best way to get rich is being friends with Won. If you ever come across Van's Favorite, or Golden Lumber, he'll pay a good price for it. His apple game lets your win many prizes, from free seeds to Mystery Flowers. Time never passes in his/Zack's Cottage, therefore it isn't a waste of time. To access these opportunities, just mine him Gold Ores from the third floor of the Spring Mine.

    Routine Collecting:
    The simplest way to get rich is to collect shippable goods from the mountains and your farm. The most effective way to do this is to follow a routine, and I suggest the following:
    - First thing, tend to livestock. Keeping chickens outside saves time.
    - Grab a basket and go into mountains, collecting items starting with Gotz' Cottage, then the Spa, then to the lake, (finish by 9:30-10:30).
    - Straight from the mountains, head to the beach where more expensive grasses can be found.
    Take this opportunity to visit townspeople and run errands. (ex. call Shopping Network, make friends, visit Won, get your bachelor..)
    - Go back to your farm and empty your basket.
    - Harvest any crops you have and ship them. I suggest keeping a few in your fridge for recipes or for emergencies.
    - Depending on your crops, you should finish between 2:30-4:00. Once everything is in the shipping box, water your crops, (upgraded watering can helps).
    - If you don't want to go to bed, take your time to go mine ores or chop wood or anything else you have to do. You have the rest of the day to yourself.

    Horse Racing:
    To sum it up, just bring your basket to the horse races. Save, watch the races, take note of winners. Load your saved file and bet on the winners, and load your basket with prizes. Go for broaches and dresses.
    If you have a horse, leave it outside all the time and ride on it in your spare time. Then you can compete and bet on yourself!

    Gross + Net:
    Don't be afraid to spend money! As long as you do it wisely, buying seeds, animals/medicine, upgrading your tools and buildings are worth it. But don't waste it on buying animal fodder or lumber. These are easily obtained. Chickens can stay outside most of the time and you never have to feed them!
    Hammer Trick
    If you want 2 get rid of the mark made by your hoe, you can also hit it with your hammer! Hope i helped!
    Harvest Goddes Repeats her self
    u give a flower to the harvest godess and she will ask you if you want to connect to the game cube. Say no and then hit the a buttina lot of times after wards then if you are a quick looker you will see her say "okay okay!"
    harvest goddess game made easy
    when you play the harvest godess game (first five days of spring) there is an esy way to do it. If the number is lower than five or it's zero, choose the choice "higher". if the given number is higher than 5, choose "lower". if the number is five, well, you have a 50/50 chance. i chose higher and it worked. i managed to win like 50 times

    have fun!
    Harvest Goddess helps you With your LOVE LIFE!
    As often as you can, go visit the hot spring, bring in item and drop it into the the water fall area( she REALLY likes flowers ). If you visit her a lot (I've been doing it for 2 years), she will eventally say Because you visit me so much i will grant you a wish. When she asks "is there a boy you like?" say "Yes". She will make you click on the name of the boy. She will help you get closer towards that person!
    harvest sprite love
    If you bring herbs to them every day do it with 4 or 3 herbs.
    That way you get more sprites to work for you.
    Harvest Sprites
    Flour is cheap and as the Supermarket is close to the Sprites' Hut, it makes the perfect gift.

    The Sprites enjoy flour and I'm not quite sure but if you fill your pockets with it and empty them onto on of the sprites, you will gain at least one heart maybe two.

    This has worked very well for me; I got all the Sprites to full hearts in one and a half days.

    With many hearts, the sprites will be happier when they work for you, doing more work quickly and helping them learn on the job.

    Also, I wouldn't waste my time playing the games to train them. Have them work for you and help them with the work. I have found that having Aqua take care of the animals; Hoggy and Timid on harvest duty; Chef, Bold, Nappy and Staid watering the crops.

    Once about 1/4 of the experience gauge has been filled, you should start filling your entire field with crops. The Sprites will still need help, but it shouldn't be too much hassle.

    The sprites will work a maximum of 7 days at a time. On the sixth day of work you should save before bed and in the morning check the forecast, making sure it will be raining on the first day the sprites aren't there. If it isn't just reset and try again.

    Again, this has worked very well for me and I hope I have helped a few lost gamers.
    harvest sprites
    once you befriend the harvest sprites ( 3 or more hearts ) and want them to work for you play the game of what u want them to do then ask them to help you.
    OK,I know it takes like forever to do do some stuff like water crops and tend animals but don't freak, for I have a answer!Make friends with the harvest sprites!How?Just give them flour until they say "Which game?" to "play" or "Help with what?" to "help". You can get them to water or harvest crops or tend animals all for up to 1 week!Hope I helped.

    NOTE:They don't turn wool into yarn,milk into cheese or eggs into mayonnaise.
    Having a Baby and its Bad Side Effects!!!
    This bad glitch happened to me on year 3. I don't think it happened to everyone, just a random bad glitch. I got married to Doctor during Fall Year 2, got pregnant in Winter and got a baby in Summer Year 3.

    It started in Spring Year 3 where my character couldn't buy anything from any shop! If you go to the shop, it said "Counter" or just display nothing. And I couldn't change clothes too! When you face the mirror, it said stuff like "Good Morning", "Another day of hard work",...

    I lost 3 cows and 3 sheeps as I couldn't buy their feed. And I lost some chickens too because the medicine stock was finished and of course, I couldn't buy it either. I didn't plant a crop in Summer and Fall too because I couldn't buy the seeds!

    Finally, when Winter arrived, during some final days in Winter, things went back to normal. I could buy stuff and changed clothes again. I call this incident 'maternity leave'. LOL.

    Of course, I was very upset and frustrated. As I already faced the incident, here are some advices from me just in case it happened to you. But make sure your character is still able to buy stuff or it's gonna be too late! :

    - Make an outside cage for your chickens by using lumbers or stones, it's more like trapping them with those lumbers and stones in the field. They don't need chicken's feed, so you can save the feed during bad weathers. Remember, put the chickens back into the coop when the weather is bad and feed them. Of course, buy lots of chicken's feed while you still can shop! And save some corns during Summer to make the feed just in case it's finished.

    - For the cows and the sheeps, you can't put them outside like the chickens. They still need their feed. So, buy lots of feeds! Also, go buy grass seeds and plant them. Sickle them for every 4 days (if I'm not mistaken) then they will become the feeds for those cows and sheep.

    - Always make sure the medicine stock is alive. Buy them. Just in case they're finished and you already can't buy anything from the shops, before the chickens is sick, sleep with it when it is unhappy. On the next day, it should be happy. For cows and sheep, when they're unhappy, brush them until they're happy. These cheats might work and might not work. That's why we still need the medicine.

    - The supermarket only sells the seeds for the current season. So, while you still able to buy stuff, go buy all the seeds from all seasons from Won at the shop by the beach. So that you can still grow some crops to earn money despite you can't shop anymore at the supermarket and any shops!

    The glitch happened to me when I was pregnant for 1 month/season. And it ended when my baby was 2 months/seasons old. Remember, this is a random event, it doesn't happen to everyone, but it happened to me! So, beware, just in case it happened to you!
    Hope I've helped. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Healthy Horse
    if you want your horse's heart to go up just get any vegetable and press a by him and he'll eat it
    also if you get anything that you can ship just take it to him and he will investigate it and it will go straight to the shipping bin.
    Heart Events
    black:church on tuesday or thursday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
    purple:church after the fall wine harvest on sunday monday wednesday friday from 5:00 pm to 7:00
    blue:town screen north of your farm towards where the winery is located on monday wednesday friday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm after fall wine harvest he will give you a flower decoration that he made
    yellow: winery house on sunday,tuesday,thursday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

    black: clinic on monday,thursday,saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm
    purple:clinic on friday,saturday,sunday,monday from 9:00am to 5:00pm
    blue:clinic on any day except wednesday from 9:00am to 4:00pm he will give you a negative ion
    yellow:clinic on friday,saturday,monday from 9:00am to 4:00pm

    black: blacksmith on saturday,sunday,tuesday,friday from 10:10am to 1:00pm AND ANSWER: ITS CALLED TRAINING
    purple: second floor of the inn on sunday,tuesday,thursday or friday from 5:00pm to 8:00pm
    blue: walk out of your farm on thursday at 6:00am to 12:00pm he will give you a silver broach made by him
    yellow: whenever the blacksmith is open from 10:00am to 1:00pm

    black: beach on monday,wednesday or friday from 1:00pm to 5:00pm
    purple: whenever the lodge is open on monday,wednesday or friday
    blue: beach on friday or tuesday from 1:00pm to 5:00pm MAKE SURE THAT YOUR FATIGUE IS VERY LOW SO HE CAN GIVE YOU A SEASHELL
    yellow: beach on monday,wednesday,thursday,saturday from 9:00am to 11:00pm

    Black: Poultry Farm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    Purple: Poultry Farm on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    Blue: Poultry Farm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. He will give you his watch.
    Yellow: Inn on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

    Help Kai Cook!!!
    In my game, it was Summer 26 Year 1(Saturday). I went to Kai's shop in the after noon. Kai told me that he had no customers then Popuri went in and brought a lot of people to eat. Kai asked me to help him cook so I said yes and after that, I went to bed automatically.
    Looking for herbs? Check the beach, near Gotz's house, near the Goddess spring, near the Kappa lake, and in the graveyard by the church.
    Hidden Power Berry
    You know the Winter Mine? Go behind the entrance and press a or the button you use to pick stuff up. You then get the power berry.

    I hope this is very helpful. Bye.
    In summer [i forgot the day]you will see a bottle that have a paper inside kai see you looking at the bottle and kai will take the bottle and he will give you a perfume.
    Hints & Tips
    Aja: Aja is Manna's daughter. When you are good friends with Manna, she will return.

    Ellen: Ellen is the old lady, in the house next to the library. When you are good friens with her and you can enter her house BEFORE 08.00, she will knit a sock for you as you give here yarn (doesn't matter what size) in winter.

    Mary: Mary works in the library. She's very shy.

    Saibara: He works in the blacksmith. He's a little bit grumpy. When you are good friends with him, he'll give you a recipe for pickled turnip.

    Gray: one of the boys you can marry. If you don't marry him. He'll marry Mary. Here is some information:
    heart events: Black: Blacksmith on Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 10:10am-1pm
    Purple: 2nd Floor Inn on Sunday, Thursday, Tuesday, Friday 5pm-8pm
    Blue: Walk out of your farmhouse from 6am-12pm on Thursday
    Yellow: Blacksmith Thursday 10am-1pm
    Likes: cheese, eggs, branches, all ores exept junk ores. He also likes rice cakes
    Gift (blue heart event): he gives you a broach it looks different then the broaches you can buy.

    Major Thomas: I don't know much about him.

    Karen: She isn't really much of a cook. She really dislikes chocolade. If you don't choose for Rick as your husband, she will marry him.

    Jeff: He’s the Karen’s father. He Works in the supermarkt.

    Rick: He's Popuri's brother. He hates Kai because he's messing with his sister Popuri. He's one of the boys you can marry. One of the easyest, actually. If you don't marry him he will marry Karen. He works at the chicken farm.

    Popuri: Rick's sister. She likes kai, and if you don't marry kai, she does. She works at the chicken farm.

    Docter: His name says it, he’s the doctor. He works in the mineral clinic. His assistent is Elli, Ellen her daughter. He’s one of the boys you can marry. If you don’t, Elli does.

    Elli: She’s Ellens daughter. She works in the mineral clinic. She has a brother named Stu. She always wanna to teach him some maners, but it isn’t working. She marry Docter if you don’t.

    Won: The merchent. He lives at Zack’s place. If you’re good friends with him (Easiest to give hime 9 gold ores), you can sell things to him, for more cash than if you ship it. He also buy things Zack doesn’t. Be carefull with the apples he sell. The’re just regular apples. He has an inviseble heart, Gourmet and Kappa also have one.

    Zack: The one who picks up your shipment. If you visit him in his house, with an empty spot for tools, you get a fishing rod from him.

    Doug: Ann’s father. He works in the Inn.

    Ann: She’s Doug’s daughter. She spents most of the time in the Inn. She likes Cliff, and if you don’t marry him, he will marry Ann.

    Cliff: He’s very depressive, until you help him (when you invite him to help with the grapjes, a favor Doug asks you). He’s a good friend of Carter. If you don’t marry him, he’ll marry Ann.

    Carter: He Works in the church. If you are good friends with him, you can get passed the door right in the church. There stands a truffel.

    Manna: She works in the winery. She really misses her daughter Aja, and waits for her to come back. Her husband is Doug. He always forgets her birthday, and she doesn’t like that very much.

    Anna: One of the ladys who talk fár to much. She’s the wife of Basil, who doesn’t really have much time for her.

    Lillia: Popuri and Rick there mother. She’s sick, so her husband went looking for a herb, but he hasn’t come back yet. She Works at the chickenfarm.

    Basil: Anna’s husband. He likes herbs, and can’t talk about anything else.

    May: She’s a little kid who lives at the Yodel farm.

    Barley: He works at the Yodel farm.

    Hannah: She’s the dog that lives on the Yodel farm.

    Harvest Goddess: She comes when you throw a flower in the lake next to the hot springs. After a few times, you get a power berry. After that, she will ask if there is a boy you like. You can choose 6 boys. She will increase there affection for you then.

    Kappa: He’s the son of the Harvest Goddess. He’s a very charming frog. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border="0" vspace="2" alt="" /> When you trow cucumbers in the lake. He will come, and he says you’re annoying. After 10 days (1 a day) you get a blue power berry. When you do it after that again several times. He’ll let you forfill a wish. You can choose:
    1. A child
    2. max money
    3. beach house
    4. perfect stamina

    I think that's all. Enjoy playing! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border="0" vspace="2" alt="" />
    Hot Spring or Bath
    Near the spring mine,there is a hot spring. If you stay in there for an hour, it can recover your maximum stamina. This is different from your bath(which you can ask Gotz to build after you upgraded your house twice) as you can only recover half of your stamina and stay for a limited time.

    P.S. Staying in much longer won't make a difference.
    In this game, you can actually have up to four different houses... All for yourself! =D

    Farm House: This is the first house you'll own. You get it as soon as you take over the farm. The house is very small but you can have Gotz upgrade it for you twice.

    Town Cottage: If you have enough money, you can get Gotz to build this house for you. It will cost you 999 pieces of wood and it costs 100,000,000G! Saibara, Gray, Lillia, Rick, and Popuri will all be your neighbors.

    Seaside Cottage: If you connect your game and A Wonderful Life for Gamecube, it will bring this little place. The house will be built down on the southern half of Mineral Beach.

    Mountain Cottage: Once you and your husband reach your 50th year together, your husband decides it's time for him to give you the ultimate anniversary gift!

    Each one of the houses has your basic bed, calendar, clock, table, and a save journal you can use.
    After that each one may have a few items that the other houses don't have.
    You can also spend the night in any one of the houses. ^__^
    How Easy How Hard And There Tips
    Girl Version

    Gourmet:Hard Very Hard
    Won:Hard Very Hard
    Doctor:Easy Very Easy
    Rick:Ok Easy
    Kappa:Extreme Hard
    Gray:Very Easy
    Kai:Very Hard
    Cliff: He Loves Chocolate Apples Honey And Grape Juice If You Want To Marry Him Invite Him To The Wine Festival
    Doc:He Loves Herbs Milk And Apples If You Want To Marry Him Make Sure To Be Friends With Elli/Lillia
    Rick:He Loves Eggs Mayonaise and Butter If You Want To Marry Him Make Suree To Make friends with lillia/Popuri And Treat Kai Like A Jerk Give Kai Bad Things Like Grass/Rocks And Wen you Have His Black Heart Event Telll Him The Wrong Answer
    Gourmet:If You Want To Marry Him Give him Food Makke Sure To Win The Cooking Festival Every Time (Include First year)
    Won:If You Want Won He Loves Gold Gold Milik Gold Egg Make Sure To Buy 1 Of All His Stuff (Include Jewl Of Truth)
    Kai:if you want kai he loves food milk and chocolate Make Sure To Give Him At Least 3 gifts a day Befriend popuri/Rick/Lillia And Say The Right Answers This Time
    Gray:Gray Likes Ore (Not Junk) Food And Milk Make Sure To Tell him ITS CALLED TRAINING On His Black Event And Befriend Mary/Saibara P.s. (DO NOT GO TO THE LIBRARY!)
    Kappa:If You Want Kappa He Likes Cucumbers Green grass and crops make sure to give him cucumbers on his birthday (Spring 8)
    How to bless some cursed tools
    Cursed tools are blessed by doing different things. I know a couple at least that you have to use 255 times to get it blessed. Well this is actually very easy to do.
    All you have to do is use it while you're at a festival! You never faint when you're there so it's the perfect time to use it! I blessed my fishing rod that way.

    Hope I helped,
    Happy cheating <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    How to earn money fast!
    To earn money fast, start of with buying turnip seeds (use all your money) then plant this, then, go to the southern side of your farm (in the mountains) and ship all the grass you find (blue grass, green grass etc..etc) and bamboo shoots/mushrooms/truffle/grapes etc.. when you ship these all, you should get around 1000 a day. continue doing this while waiting for your crops to grow. make sure to upgrade your watering can first, this is very important. after harvesting your crops, buy again ptato seeds (or any other seed) then plant it, ont be afraid to use all of your money. when youhave enough, buy a basket then go to the mines. collect mystrile, adamantite or orichalc (these cost nore than gld, silver and copper). ship these. continue until you have ebnough money to buy yourself a large rucksack and five pineapple seeds (you'll need around 10,000 for this). Plant your pineapple seeds at the start of summer (all of them). Just continue doing this, buying seeds and shipping out al the grass/grapes/apples/bamboo shoots/ etc..etc...you find and you'll be able to buy livestck by the third season..thats all.

    1. upgrade your watering can, this is very imprtant
    2. upgrade your hammer (third ore) and your axe (second ore will be fine)
    3. visit zack everyday (at around 12:00 -1:00 pm) to get your fishing rod
    How to get a lot of $$$ and get items for your bachelor
    This cheat is for all of those newbies or not so newbies that don't know to earn a whole lot of money. Now I know that many of you probably want to do other things but EVERYTHING falls apart if you don't have money! Especially you want to go buy things or you're determined to focus on the cute bachelor you want. Well, I'll make a schedule for you, what you should ship, and how many you should ship.
    Spring: In the morning, right away go to the tree that has honey and collect the honey( for a bachelor or for shipping, you choose). If you have a chicken or sheep or a cow then collect their eggs, wool, and/or milk(save an egg for Rick and milk for Doctor or you could ship it) Then go to the forest, collect the 2/3 blue weeds for SHIPPING (save one for doctor if you don't have anything for the doctor yet otherwise collect all 3) While you're at it if you have your hands free give the Harvest Goddess a flower. Then go into the mine and get an ore for Grey. If you don't have your hands free, leave Grey's gift back, you can give it to him until about 10 p.m.(This may be for Cliff too, however, it seems that the gift you give him is most effective at the church) If you are a money saver: Simply give Cliff honey and a flower. If you don't mind spending money: Ship the honey you had earlier, buy either chocolate, a rice ball, bread, or wine for Cliff. After all that bachelor stuff is done, get focused on your farm work. Gather all the 4 herbs at the beach and the bamboo shoots. This may be hard to do if you have the smallest rucksack so ship all of the herbs first. Then keep the leftovers to ship first thing the next morning. If you still haven't given Grey his gift yet do so NOW.(If you can't afford to lose time to mine, a branch from your farm or in the forest is a good alternative. Also in the first few days, there is the New Year game with the Harvest Goddess. Play that and deliberately win only 2 times, which earns you an herb(try to get white grass, they're valuable and the Doctor absolutely loves them, not as much as milk but still....)You can get a whole lot of herbs a.k.a $$$ a.k.a money!!!Repeat this every day. Soon, you'll be rich and get your bachelor to increase his affection in no time. *Sigh* I was trying to get through Summer- Winter but I'm tired *yawns* -.- Oh well! Until next time!ZZZZZZZZZZZZ
    How to get a Negative Ion
    The tip is that make the Doctor's heart blue by giving:

    1.Grasses (like blue grass, green grass, black grass and purple grass)

    2.Milk (the doctor love this)

    And others....

    Then when you go to the doctor it will suddenly have a like a movie if Ellie ask you you answer "What is it?". Then you will immedietaly go to the doctor and give you his Negative Ion.

    Negative ion- use them and keep them with you, they relax you. The reason why you feel good in the mountains is because of this Negative Ion.

    I hope i help you! :-) Have Fun!!!
    How To Get a Whit Herb
    You can get this herb from the goddes by throwing in offerings she likes (herbs, flowers, crops) and after a few weeks you'll get one. Or you can get one in winter. In winter there will be a passage open in the area of the carpenter's hut. Go to the branch that's closest to the path that leads up to your farm. Go up a little and right then you should find the passage.
    How to Get a White Herb even if you are not a friend of Carter
    Go to a the back of the Carpenter's house every Winter you will a Secret passage at the back of his home the leads you to a White Herb
    how to get cliff esay
    to get cilff you need all of the kition and utinsal and to get him veary easy you need cuury powder a fish and rice balls and put salt in combind them in the pot But if you don,t have the fishing rod it is hard here is how to get it go to the beach and then go to the log cabin enter it with a empty solt in your tool solt the go out side then get a fish then give it to him eavry day and ther you go but you need to see all of the heart senes.
    how to get cliff in only one year!!!
    Everyday go to the inn or winery and give him curry rice.
    See four heart events.
    if you miss all his heart events don't worry. the only one you will have to look out for is the black heart event. If you miss one, you won't need to make him hate you again.
    How to get cliff love you more
    heres a cheat on how to get cliff to love u more
    just make a whole bunch of any curry recipes and give it to him every morning when you wake up and you should be able to marry him in about 3 seasons, its the easiest way
    How to get Doc in 3 months!!!!
    Okay, I did it and I married him...

    Before winter, gather a bunch of herbs and put them in your fridge. Then, get a cow and give Doc a herb and milk each day. In the spring give him grape juice, bamboo shoots, and herbs. In the fall give him 3 apples and honey!! Give him other nik-naks you find too and soon give him the blue feather and you will be forever together!
    hope this helped!
    How to get Doctor to red heart level in less than a year.(This may be the best advice there is.)
    So...Looking to get close to Doc. ?? I have a few tips that will help greatly. OK, the reason I wrote this is so other players can have as much fun as I do (Ive tryed what I'm about to say). I WILL ADD MORE TO THIS AS I GO ON.

    B-day: Fall 19
    Likes: Herbs,Mushrooms,honey,apples
    Hatesizza, Popcorn
    Disikes: Pancakes,ores

    MY TIPlay the Harvest Goddess TV game 5 times in a row winning 10 times in a row. Save the Relax Tea Leaves. If you don't have a kitchen yet,wait about 1 season not selling honey but collecting it. After your collecting season iis over, go to the Doctor and give him 2 honeys a day and talk to him twice. (I recommend getting exaimed once or twice a day to add points.)Keep giving him honey ,mushrooms and oh yeah apples (in fall). When you get a kitchen, make the tea. Bring the tea to him on his birthday. You can also give him homecooked meals and MILK when you get a cow. When you get a cow, milk it every day and go to the beach (summer,spring,fall) and grab as many herbs as you can** ( bigger rucksack= more herbs.) Then go to the Doctors office and give him the herbs and milk. Do this every day for about 2-3 seasons and you WILL have him to a yellow heart level.In about 1 more season, you should have him to red heart level depending on how many heabs you bring and how many times you talk and get examined.

    ***- Summer = about 4 hearbs on beach
    Spring = about 3
    Fall= about 2
    Winter = (depends on your in game level)


    I am not a Harvest Moon master in any way. If any of the above information is incorrect, Im truely sorry.

    I do not own Harvest Moon. Harvest Moon and all HM games are under Natsume.
    Harvest Moon is copyrighted to Natsume.

    Heh first time writing the copyright stuff so if I worded anything wrong,Im sorry and I hope you get the picture that Im going by what I know.

    I talk alot of topic. =P
    How To Get Doctor!!!!!
    The doctor likes herbs(also known as grass)and milk.Visit him often and give this stuff....his birthday is on Autumn 19.Give him a gift on this day and he will give you a recipe for Mixed juice.

    Gray likes all ores and gemstones...he also likes your puppy.I dont know his birthday but I do know that you shouldnt visit him at the blacksmith shop when his heart is gray because Mary will come and fix his cut and he begins to like her.Then he will be harder to get.
    how to get gray to red heart easily
    what's all this complicated baked corn and everything but junk ore crap? he loves branches. BRANCHES. BRAAAAAAANCHESSSSSSSSSS. tell me that's not easy. there's branches all over the place and you don't need a kitchen or have to dig around the mine for them. you can give him 9 friggin branches everyday and he'll reply with a smile, "thanks, anytime you want to give me something, i'm ready to receive!" now go get your man baby.
    How to get in Gotz's house even at night
    1.) Bring your basket with you, empty or not. It doesn't matter.

    2.) Go inside Gotz's house, then place your basket anywhere inside his house.

    This trick helps because if you still need something to do but will come back at Gotz's house for a reason, you can still come back to his house at 6:50 SHARP. Actually, the sign in front says it's only open until four, but with this trick he's open up to six. I think it works for other shops...i don't know. What may happen if it works in Doug's Inn? Yes, it's unimaginable! It can stay at night, leave your basket there & it DOUBLES the time you can go there! Who knows? The Inn may stay up to midnight with this little thing going! But well, if you leave your basket inside Gotz's house with lots & lots of goods, remember that you'll not be having it back until tomorrow. So i recommend an EMPTY basket so you'll not lose anything (but you WILL lose your basket for one day).
    How to get past Gotz's "Creative Urge" problem
    Because you have to upgrade your house at least twice before you get married, it's usually really annoying when Gotz refuses to upgrade your house or do any work for you because he "hasn't felt the creative urge yet". To get past this, start to talk to him and give him things he likes(such as honey,eggs,etc.)everyday. After about 2 weeks, he will tell you he is sorry and that he will start to build for you again. This problem happened to me and it was really frustrating. Trust me, it works!!
    how to get rick easily
    if you have a chicken, get the eggs every day for a season and the get 8 of them at the end of the season and go to the spring mine and boil the eggs in the hot tub. only put them in once because if you put them in more than once they will disappear. When you've done that, go tot the chicken farm and you'll see rick inside. go inside when it's open and give the eggs to rick and by the end of the year you might have rick.
    How to get Rick to pinkish purple hearted!!!
    Rick is a sweet guy and is very easy to get....Give him mayyonaise,normals eggs everyday between 11-11:30 in the morning. Spa boiled egs are his facourite tho. Go to the hot spring, thro a egg in and viola!!!Do this about one season and you will get him the pinkish purple hearts!!After, start giving Liilia and Popouri flowers. if you give him chiken feed, it will also help....Hope it works!
    How to get the docter in a little less then a year
    Well i'm not married yet to him but i've got him to a yellow heart already in only 2 seasons and a half.
    What i did was in the spring summer and fall gave him grass and not too much of flowers and some other nik naks you can find around the wood cuters house and near the lakes and on the beach. And then in winter i gave him any thing i baked and most of my milk and my honey and my eggs. I started doing this in the middle of summer and i'm in spring a few days
    and now i've got him heart up to yellow!

    Hope i helped*
    How to get to the second floor of the clinic
    OK so this is how u can get to the second floor of the clinic. Either you be the doctor's wife or be best friends with elli. its simple!
    How To Get Truffles Without Being A Friend Of Carter
    Okay Fist you need a blessed hammer (Equiped your hammer for tens days striaght to get it) or a cursed hammer ( Found on 59th floor of the mines)
    When you have one of those go to the huge rock on mothers hill had smash it follow the trial untill you reach the truffles
    Hope I Helped
    How to get Van and Ruby
    First you have to have the 2nd game cube game of this(harvest moon another wonderful life).Second you must have the link that connects the GBA to the GC.Next all you do is link and by the next Wednesday Van will come to your door(sometimes your game does something weird and it says that his name is Louis)and says he'll be in the inn every wednesday to sell stuff(different from wons other overpriced items, and by overpriced i mean that both men sell overpriced items).Then when you get further in both games,(it has to be both)then link again and you'll get Ruby.Oneday after you link for the second time, she'll come and say that she'll be in the inn every monday(and will buy stuff that you can and can't normaly sell like flowers and golden lumber. But also if you give her something everyday(like give her a flower,but don't sell it to her)then she'll give you recipies every monday.P.S. you can also do this with the first to just in case you have both GBA games, but only the 1rst GC game. Hope I Helped:)
    How To Get White Grass From The Harvest Goddess
    This is easy.
    Just keep throwing flowers in the Pond next to the hot springs.
    The H.Goddess will say if you want to connect with gamecube. You can say yes or no.
    When you throw at least 7 flowers in the pond the H.Goddess will give you a power berry.
    If you keep throwing flowers in the pond she will ask you if there is a boy you like.
    You can say yes or no.
    If you say yes then there will be six names.
    You get to choose.
    If you keep on throwing flowers in the pond then she will give you white grass.

    I hoped I helped!
    How to get your Petameter Thing up to 1 million!
    When you want to get your walkmeter thing up, but you don't have enough time, just leave your game boy on. lemme explain. plug your game boy into the wall, (to charge) and then tape down the "r" trigger and point her at a wall. she will keep running and putting up your meter. you can leave it on as long as u want, but the fairy goddess stops you at some points and rewards you, so check on it once in a while.

    have fun! and good luck!
    How to go at the back of Carter's Church
    On the first Wednesday of Autumn go in the church at 5:10pm then you will see if Zack will enter the church and then he will say, "I have brought your..."(He will say something like that). Then you can go at the back of the church already.Hope I Helped()
    How to make fences
    Okay, If you were like me and got stuck on how to make a fence when you first found out you could make a fence then your probably stumped right now. Well I figured it out and I want to make your life easier. The way you make a fence is you go to the building beside your horse stall and take out a stick of wood and you just take that and drop it anywere in your feild. Okay,

    Good luck!!!
    How to make Gotz work again
    If you don't mind Gotz & leave him alone with his own business, he'll get a little lonely & the next time you visit him for an upgrade or something he says he doesn't have the creative urge to work anymore. You probably saw this thing already posted by Briena around here somewhere, and you can & may be shocked if you see that what she (or is it a he?) posted was true. It happened to ME. To prevent this from happening, befriend him. To make him work again, in Fall, give him the Blue Magic Flower. You'll find two near his house. If it's Fall, there will probably be MORE of where they came from, on the wilderness, in the opening....give on to him & he'll say something like, "Ah, thank you." Get it?
    How To Make Pancakes
    The real recipe for Pancakes is:




    frying pan



    how to take Gift from H.G?
    if you are make friendship with Won.One day his will play his game call "Guess apple".if you win 9 time you will take the Flower.Give it to H.G.She will say with you she need 9 Flower(the Flower) you take from Won.If you can do it she will give you "gift of H.G".Preety cool flower made by her.If you want more do again and you will have more.

    Note:you have to give her 9 flower(exept the first flower)
    How to win Rick in 1 year
    Ok Rick is easy. As soon as possible get at least one chicken. Take the egg every day to the hotsprings and throw it in. Colllect herbs and flowers to give to Lillia and Popori. Now if you want you can collect the honey for Rick too that helps. Do this everyday and his heart will change rapidly. Maybe 1 or 2 a month. Once he gets to the orange heart you can buy the blue feather for 1,000 at the supermarket. Wait until his red heart is beating a little faster than before. Then propose. He should tell you yes or no not yet. If he says no then wait a couple more days. You have to give him something every day. Then when he says yes you will get married.

    I hoped i helped!
    categories I know:
    1. Rice
    surely wins by: truffle rice or fried rice(with lotsa optional ingredients)
    2. Dessert
    surely wins by: ice cream (with lotsa fruits)
    3. Bread
    surely wins by: sandwich (add mayonnaise, boiled egg, and ketchup)
    4. Juice
    surely wins by: mixed latte (with lotsa fruit and veggies)

    to be continued... (maybe)
    How to Win Wons Apple Sorting Game
    If you become friends with Won and he lets you play his apple sorting game I know the cheat that always works. The trick is to watch the first 2 apples and keep in mind what they are and where they go. the real trick to getting a lot of money comes afterwards. Once you finally lose (don't bet you'll last to long) you save the game right in front of the counter and use one of your tickets. if you don't win the first time, then go to your diary, and load up to where you saved in front of the counter. do this until you win and when you do, sell the record prize back to him for at most 170,000! hint: if he wants to sell it to you for 120,000 than turn him down and try again until you get a very high offer. do this until you are satisfied with the amount of money you have.
    I cheated the horse races
    Ok when its time to do the horse raceing wait untill its the rite time(10:00 A.M)then go in and watch all the races and then turn it off and on and load your data and then buy a butnch of necleses and sell them for 2,000G each but make sure you have a new rucksack to hold more then sell tem and you'll have about 10,000G to spend
    I know where Kappa is...
    When your in spring plant some cucumbers take some cucumbers to the lake where theres a mine in the middle. Throw a cucumber in the lake and kappa will apper... If you give kappa cucumber for about ten days he will give you a blue power berry. This Tip will only work from Spring to Fall. Good luck!
    If you wanna marry gray...
    Every day you wake up, go get ONE ore from the spring mine and give it to Gray. A copper ore or a silver ore, or just something. It doesnt really matter. You dont have to give Gray more than an ore a day, trust me, i got him up to red heart in mid winter of the first year.
    if you want cliff to stay...
    on fall on year 1, i do not know what the actual day but there will be a grape harvesting festival which is the same day the harvest festival will be..duke the husband of manna in the store were the sell wine and grape juice will invite you to the festival and youre gonna help him harvest and he will pay you, i dont know how actually the payment would be but he will ask you to invite one friend,and that is cliff but if u dont invite he will go but if you invite him he will stay because duke will offer him a job on the wine bussiness of his.. thank u thats all <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> gud luck playing harvest moon
    If you're lazy to grow crops...
    It is possible for u to earn lots of money without crops though.Just forget abt crops.They're useless in higher stages.Ok wat u want to do is get a chicken first.Make a little 5x5 cage on ur field and put ur chicken inside.Remember to put it in the coop when it rains.

    DONT get involved with the town first.Ur not going to get into trouble if u stay out of the town for the moment.Dont worry ur not gonna lose ur dream guy if u dont chase after him now.Concentrate on money 1st.

    When u hav enough gold to buy a cow,do it.Then speak to Barley and get ur pony.Brush and talk to ur cow and chicken everyday and ship honey.These should earn u about 500g a day.DONT worry,take ur time.

    Now the real money comes in after ur pony becomes a horse.Make use of the horse race cheat to get 100k,then start upgrading ur house,and buy all furniture.

    After ur last upgrade and furniture,now we can concentrate on ur dream guy.All this while,JUST BUY LIVESTOCK.Trust me,crops are useless.By this time, you should be earning 2000g a day.
    Info on Villagers (Part I)
  • Anna
    Birthday: Fall 23
    Likes: Apple, Egg, Flour, Honey, Oil, Strawberry, Sweet Potato

    She is Basil's wife and Mary's mother. Often she will gossip with the ladies in Rose Plaza.

  • Barley
    Birthday: Spring 17
    Likes: Miso Soup, Rice Balls, Rice Cake, Scrambled Eggs, Spa Boiled Egg,

    Owner of Yodel Farm. His daughter, Joanna, left her daughter in his care.

  • Basil
    Birthday: Summer 11
    Likes: colored Grass, Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Tomato Juice, Wild Grape

    The town's Naturalist. He writes books about the flowers and herbs he finds.

  • Carter
    Birthday: Fall 20
    Likes: Curry, Egg, Flour, Fish, Milk, Oil, Turnips

    Mineral Town's Pastor. He opens a confession booth on Monday, Wednesday, and rainy days.

  • Doug
    Birthday: Winter 11
    Likes: Apple, Honey, Fish, Milk, Vegetables

    Owner of the Inn. He spends all of his time managing his small hotel with his daughter Ann.

  • Duke
    Birthday: Winter 15
    Likes: Bread, Cheese, Cucumber, Eggplant, Sashimi, Wine

    Married to Manna, and owner of the Aja Winery. His wife feels he drinks too much alchohol.

  • Ellen
    Birthday: Winter 13
    Likes: Carrot, Flour, Milk, Pumpkin, Rice Cake, Spa Boiled Egg

    She takes care of Elli and Stu. A sickness has caused her to loose her ability to walk.

  • Gotz
    Birthday: Fall 02
    Likes: Apple, Cheese, Egg, Flour, Honey, Oil, Onion, Potato

    He will upgrade your farm buildings. His wife and daughter passed away during a bad storm on the Mountain.

  • Harris
    Birthday: Summer 04
    Likes: Accessories, Energy Drink, Small Fish, Spa Boiled Egg, Wild Grape Juice

    The Mayor's son and the local police officer. He makes sure the town stays safe.

  • Jeff
    Birthday: Winter 29
    Likes: Blue Grass, Blue Magic Grass, Corn Flakes, Fruit Juice, Honey

    Owner of the General Store. He has a stomach ailment that he uses to his advantage.

  • Lillia
    Birthday: Spring 19
    Likes: Apple, Carrot, Honey, Milk, Strawberry, Tomato

    Runs the Poultry Farm. Her husband is searching the world for medicine to help her feel better.

  • Manna
    Birthday: Fall 11
    Likes: Bamboo Shoots, Fish, Honey, Milk, Mushroom, Pinkcat Flower

    She is married to Duke and manages the Winery's store. Her daughter moved away and she misses her greatly.

  • May
    Birthday: Winter 26
    Likes: Apple, Fruit Juice, Honey, Pineapple, Rubber Boot, Toy Flower

    Her grandfather is Barley. She likes to play with Stu and Carter outside the Church.

  • Saibara
    Birthday: Spring 11
    Likes: Adamantite, Bamboo Shoots, Large Fish, Miso Soup, Mistril, Turnip

    The town's Blacksmith. His grandson Gray is currently his apprentace.

  • Sasha
    Birthday: Spring 30
    Likes: Accessories, Chocolate, Cookies, Flowers, Honey

    Karen's mother and married to Jeff. She typically gets her way when requesting something from her husband.

  • Stu
    Birthday: Fall 05
    Likes: Chocolate, Honey, Sandwitch, Wild Grape, Yarn

    He is Elli's younger brother. The two of them were raised by grandma Ellen when their parents passed away.

  • Thomas
    Birthday: Summer 25
    Likes: Accessories, Jam Bun, Soba Noodles, Wild Grape Juice, Wine

    The Mayor of the town. He introduces you to your farm at the beginning of the game.

  • Zack
    Birthday: Summer 29
    Likes: Apple, Cheese, Cucumber, Strawberry, Tomato, Wine

    All farm shipments are handled by him. He spends most of his day in his house on Mineral Beach.

  • Jeff's General Store
    Open: 9:00am - 5:00pm
    Closed: Sunday and Tuesday

    What he Sells:

    Rucksack, size 4- 3000 G
    Rucksack, size 8- 5000 G
    Basket- 5000 G
    Wrapping Paper- 100 G
    Blue Feather- 1000 G
    Bread- 100 G
    Rice Balls- 100 G
    Curry Powder- 50 G
    Flour- 50 G
    Oil- 50 G
    Chocolate- 100 G
    Muffin Mix- 100 G

    Turnip- 120 G
    Potato- 150 G
    Cucumber- 200 G
    Strawberries- 150 G
    Tomato- 200 G
    Corn- 300 G
    Onion- 150 G
    Pumpkin- 500 G
    Eggplant- 120 G
    Carrot- 300 G
    Sweet Potato- 300 G
    Spinich- 200 G
    Grass- 500 G

    Jeff's Random/Funny Event!
    Lately you have been seeing Jeff [[the guy that owns the marketplace or store]] has been feeling sick lately. On year 2, spring 30, go to the doctor's office and you will see a random event with Doctor and Jeff talking about Jeff's embarrassing problem. It's pretty funny in a way and I believe it also increases your event points! I went in like around 2-3 p.m(PM,Pm,pm). that day,

    Hope this helped! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    jewel of truth
    you must have atleast one first...
    (either form the race festivel, buy to won, or both of them)
    -examine the water tank on you on your stable..
    -examine your doghouse..
    -examine one of the books on the second floor on marry's library..
    -examine the first lamp from the church going to rose square..
    hope, i've helped...
    jewels of truth
    1.On your dog house roof

    2.The water trough in your horse's barn

    3.Purchase from Won ($50,000)

    4.Trade 1000 medals at the Horse Race

    5.Check the lampposts between the Church and Rose Plaza

    6.On the second floor of the library, check the shelves

    7.Play the New Year's game show on the TV inside the town cottage

    8.Inspect the calendar in the mountain cottage

    9.Take all eight of the other jewels to Thomas' house and check his refrigerator
    Tomatoe Juice: Tomatoe, Mixer
    Fruit Juice: Apple, Mixer (optional: sugar)
    Vegi Juice: Carrot, Mixer (optional: sugar)
    Grape Juice: Wild Berry, Mixer (optional: Sugar)

    Eggplant and Corn don't work as a juice, don't try cuse it didn't work for me!
    Kai is the bachelor that's only around in the summer so you might think it's harder to get him but it's not actually!
    Kai likes wine, flour, oil, bread, toast (bread + oven) and curry bread (bread + oil + curry powder + frying pan)
    But he loves pineapples. Buy pineapple seeds from Won, and buy a lot of them since they only are harvestable every twenty days you won't be able to get a lot from just one bag of seeds.

    When you give Kai gifts it's good to just bring as many as you can carry giving him just one gift a day isn't a good idea because he's not there as long.

    Kai's birthday is summer 22. By then your pineapples will have been harvested, give him lots of pineapples on his birthday.

    By the end of the first summer you should have Kai at green heart if you've been giving him lots of gifts and talking to him twice a day. Then the next summer if you do the same thing and have all the home updates and things from the TV Shopping Network you'll have him at red heart by the last day. Then you can give him blue feather and wedding bells will ring and you'll get married.

    Full Moon Festival
    As you may know the Full Moon Festival is in fall Kai's not there in fall. So you might not get invited by anyone to go up to mothers hill and watch the moon, unless you have a guy with a higher heart level. But if you go up to mothers hill (big mountain like part) after 6:00pm Kai will be there. It isn't explained why he's there and he won't be back in town the next day. But you can have that holiday with him. He also sends you cookies in the mail for one of the thanksgivings.

    Black heart event
    12am- 7pm
    Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday
    At the beach
    Kai will ask you what you think of a guy who doesn't like to live with his family.
    Pick: Who Care's?
    He'll be happy

    Purple Heart
    Friday/ Monday
    Anytime that the shack is open
    At the beach
    You'll go inside and Kai will ask you what you're growing on your farm.
    You'll get three choices
    Kai will be happy and tell you he likes pineapples

    Blue Heart
    Have your stamina at 50% or lower
    Any day that the beach shack is open
    1pm -5pm
    At the beach
    Go to beach and you will go up to Kai, and he'll greet you but you'll pass out. Then you'll wake up in the clinic, Doctor will be like "blah blah blah she overworked herself" and then he'll go away and Kai will ask you if you're alright.
    Pick: I guess so
    Then he'll give you a lucky charm!

    Yellow Heart
    Any day that the beach Shack is open
    9:30 am - 11am
    At the beach
    You'll go directly to the bench and see that Kai is not there. Then you walk to the dock and Kai's there. Talks about how he has no customers because the guys in the town think he's a jerk. He'll ask if he should change the way he acts.
    Pick: Forget it
    Kai will agree and be happy

    NOTE: Avoid going to the beach on Sundays if you do there's a chance you might see the rival heart events with Popuri and that will make it a little bit harder to get Kai
    Ok!Things you should know about kai are that he only visits in the summer and you can find him in the beach house between 11am to 5pm.Hes usually on the 2nd floor of the inn before and after that.He likes the wild grapes you can find in the forest and he loves pineapples so make sure you grow some during the summer.Your rival for Kai is popuri so to avoid a rival scene between him and popuri don't go the beach before 11am on a sunday!I hope i helped!^^
    Kai Loves:

    -Summer Crops.
    -Homemade Foods.
    -Wild Grapes.
    -NON COOKED Eggs.
    -Food On Farm.
    Kai's likes and dislikes and his birthday
    Kai's birthday is on the 22 of summer (well no duh he is only there in summer)
    Kai likes
    non cooked eggs
    food that was grown on your farm
    food you bought
    food you made
    Kai dislikes
    spa boiled eggs
    people that are harsh or not layed back
    and last but not least RICK(thats a mager no duh)

    Hope it helps =)
    Kai's Seaside Lodge
    Open: 11:00am - 1:00pm
    Open: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
    Closed: Sunday

    What He Sells:

    Water- 0 G
    Baked Corn- 250 G
    Spaghetti- 300 G
    Pizza- 200 G
    Snow-cone- 300 G
    Kai's Seaside Lodge Opens All Year Long
    If you married Kai, he will stay with you forever and she will ask your permission (as his wife) to open his Seaside Lodge every season. There will be 2 answers, yes and no. Whatever your answer is, He will open his Lodge every season.
    kick cliff out of the hospital bed..?
    okay, so as somebody above me said, there's a cutscene where cliff faints and goes to the hospital. if you work yourself to the point where you pass out while cliff is there, it shows the usual scene of you waking up in the hospital bed, blah blah blah. but while that's going on, if you look to the left side of the screen, you see cliff and elli standing there. and then you see cliff faint and elli drag him off screen. i thought it was hilarious, hahahah.
    Like It Or Not
    If you have a golden lumber ( which can be bought from Gotz at an unreasonable price and can also be obtained from the mayor) and if you put it out and went to sleep, in the morning, everybody will come by your house to say that you are a show off, blah, blah blah. To my opinion, I think they're just jealous.

    But, it will decrease the people points badly.

    Oh, well.

    List of Random Events
    Yo, everyone! Here's a summary of the random events in the game
    <span class="wikilists">
    • - Rainy
    </span><!-- wikilists -->
    ^ - Sunny

    Random Events:
    Monday - Sock at Ellen’s house at 10AM
    Monday* - Ellen's visitor part 2 at Ellen's house from 8AM—5PM
    Tuesday - Doctor’s Misdiagnosis at the Clinic from 1PM—4PM
    Wednesday - A divine message at the Church in the evening of fall
    Wednesday - Grandpa’s letter at Ellen’s house from 9AM—1PM
    Wednesday - Locked Church door in the evening of fall
    Wednesday - Stu’s fever at Ellen’s house from 9AM—1PM
    Wednesday - Stu’s Playtime at Ellen’s house from 10AM—5PM
    Wednesday - Joanna’s phone call # 2 at the Inn from 4PM—7PM in the 3rd year
    Friday - Joanna’s phone call at the Inn from 4PM—7PM
    Friday* - Ellen’s visitor at Ellen’s house from 8AM—5PM in the 2nd year
    Saturday - Cooking School at Basil’s house from 10AM—1PM
    Saturday - Duke and Manna argue at the winery from 8PM—10PM
    Sunday - Drunken battle at the Inn
    Sunday - Mountain Patrol at Gotz’ house from 10AM—1PM
    Sunday - Zack’s Crush at the Poultry Farm from 11AM—1PM in the 4th year
    Spring - Popuri’s Mail-order at Zack’s place from spring 10th—17th
    Spring - A Botanist’s Temper at the 2nd floor of Basil’s house in the 5th year
    Spring 30 - Kai arrives at South Side of Mineral Town from 9AM–7PM
    Summer - A Child’s Love at the Poultry Farm
    Summer - Letter from Dad at Poultry Farm from 10AM—1PM
    Summer - Rick and Kai argue at Mineral Beach from 1PM–5PM
    Summer - Gray and Kai's Friendship at the Beach Shack from 11AM–1PM
    Summer - The White Flower at Ellen’s house from 1PM—4PM in the 5th year
    Fall 5 - Death Anniversary of Ann's mom at Mountaintop from 6AM–4PM
    Fall 10^ - Shooting Star at Mother’s Hill after 6PM
    Fall 15 - Fall Wine Harvest at the winery from 10AM—5PM
    Winter* - Cliff faints at Rose Square in the 1st year
    Winter 2 ^ - Thomas’ winter request
    Winter 11 - Father’s Present at the Inn from 7PM—9PM in the 5th year
    Sunny^ - Life Consultant at the Rose Square from 2PM—4PM
    Sunny^ - Helping Basil at the Forest from 11AM–6PM after you're married

    *Won sells his apples every 4th day of each season...you have to go out of your house without holding anything to buy
    List of the Bachelors' Heart Events
    Yo, everyone! This is the summary of the boys' heart events.

    Black - Church from 10AM—6PM on Tue or Thurs
    Purple - Church from 5PM—7PM on Sun, Mon, Wed, or Fri
    Blue - Winery from 3PM—4PM on Mon, Wed, or Fri
    Yellow - Winery from 5PM—7PM on Sun, Tue, or Thurs

    Black - Blacksmith from 10AM—1PM on Sat, Sun, Tue, or Fri
    Purple - 2nd floor of Inn from 5PM—8PM on Sun, Tue, Thurs, or Fri
    Blue - Exit house from 6AM—12PM on Thurs
    Yellow - Blacksmith from 10AM—1PM

    Black - Clinic on Mon, Thurs, or Sat
    Purple - Clinic on Fri, Sat, Sun, or Mon
    Blue - Clinic
    Yellow - Clinic on Fri, Sat, or Mon

    Black - Poultry Farm from 11AM—1PM on Mon, Wed, or Fri
    Purple - Poultry Farm from 11AM—1PM on Tue, Thurs, or Sat
    Blue - Poultry Farm from 11AM—3PM on Mon, Wed, Fri, or Sat
    Yellow - Doug’s Inn at 8:30PM on Tue, Wed, or Fri

    Black - Mineral Beach from 1PM—5PM on Mon, Wed, or Fri
    Purple - Lodge on Mon, Wed, or Fri
    Blue - Mineral Beach from 1PM—5PM on Fri or Tue
    Yellow - Mineral Beach from 9AM—11PM on Mon, Wed, Thurs, or Sat

    Note: During the Blue Heart Event, make sure to leave a space in your rucksack because the bachelor will be giving you a gift. Also make sure you're not holding anything when you're going to trigger the event.

    Hope I've helped! *^__^
    Look at your calendar!
    Always check your calendar at the beginning of a new season! Because the special events station on your TV wont give you the heads up on events that aren't held in town square. Such as the Pumpkin Festival.
    if you have lots of gold lumber and bottles of crud called van's favorite Then sell it to won for LOADS AND LOADS OF CASH!! for 1 every1 hates the gold lumber and 2. you can't do anything with van's favorite
    Lots Of G!
    This is a tip on how to get 100,000,000G in one day. You must link to Another Wonderful Life so that Van has his stall at the Inn on Wednesdays. You want to save before commencing the next step of this operation, reloading if the result is unfavourable.

    Go to the Inn with a bottle of Van's Favourite and buy the TV Changer for 10,000,000G. Sell the TV Changer to Won for 50,000,000G. Repeat the entire procedure. You now have enough money to order the Vacation Cottage. If you have collected 999 lumber, go to see Gotz now!
    Lots of medals at Horse Races: easy
    When you go to the horse races, save your game before you enter the square.Go in don't bet ,watch the races and remember who won.Then reload your game and bet 99 on the winner.Also if you compeat use the first time as practice, and see how hard it is.
    When you have already upgraded your farm building and have no more use of your excess lumbers, you could give them either to Gotz, Saibara, Rick and Gray. If you give them to Gotz or Saibara you would increase their friendship points and to Rick and Gray their love points which is very useful.
    Magic red Grass?
    In some recipes, such as bodigizer, the recipe involves something called magic red grass. The item they actually want you to include is the magic red FLOWER which you can get by planting the blue ones in fall. Some red ones will randomly appear. I suggest you save before you plant the seeds. Once you plant them look on your farm map to see how many red ones you got. If you didn't get any read your diary and try again. If the harvest sprites are harvesting for you make sure you get to the flowers before they do because they can be shipped.
    orange grass
    black grass
    Red magic flower

    = bodigizer
    Make Extra on Eggs!!
    *Just a small tip*
    You have to be able to sell items to Won for this to work.

    If your chickens are still new and producing just "Normal Eggs" you can just Spa-Boil them (go to the springs and go to the back where it not blocked by the wall and throw the egg in-- it will immediately come out with you holding it). Then sell them to Won.
    Normally you'll get 50-59G with Normal Eggs but he'll pay around 80G for Spa-Boiled Eggs <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Make more money
    To make a lot of money have your cows produce 'P' Milk. Then get your barn upgraded. Go find some Orichalc and get a cheese and yarn maker from Saibara. When you have these, take your like and wool and just press a standing in front of the maker. I make about 4000-5000g a day now. I have almost 200,000g now!!
    Note: You can get a another maker for the chicken coop too.

    P.S. I'm not quite sure how to get 'P' milk but I think after your cow gets large milk have them go out and eat in the field. I'm not entirely sure about this.

    P.S.S. Any cheese works but the 'P' cheese sells for the most.
    Make Over 110,000 a Year
    First have a basket. Then when the horse race starts save before you get started, then make sure you know which horse will win. Then bet 30 on each horse and when it is over keep on buying broches and put them in your basket. Then next day put it in your shipping bin. You should have about 65000g. Since there are 2 horse races a year you should have over 110000 a year!
    Makeup + guys = OK
    It's OK to some times give guys make up they like it sometimes. But NEVER give a guy a dress they HATE it. (Some guys REALLY like it when you give them perfume!)
    making extra money
    Buy a basket at the general store....Once you do that go get your hoe and hammer. Then go to the mine and take your basket down every level with you, then when you are done take your basket home and ship everything in your basket. If you have any other questions about this topic or any other topic that relates to Harvest Moon More friends of mineral town please email me at- kelsey.bahr@yahoo.com
    Marriable People
    Girls (Friends of Mineral Town):
    -Karen: Hard
    -Popuri: OK-easy
    -Mary: OK-hard
    -Ann: OK
    -Elli: Easy

    Boys (More Friends of Mineral Town):
    -Kai: Hard
    -Grey: OK-hard
    -Cliff (*kisses*): OK-hard
    -Doctor: Easy
    -Rick: Easy
    Marry Gray by spring year 2
    buy the largest rucksack (holding 9 things)fill it with an eggs, sticks, flowers, and/or blue grass every day until spring year 2 p.s. Gray loves all ore and gems exept junk ore and stones oh also he loves baked corn (special item)OH and to buy all the stuff in order to get married give give won gold ore for 5-7 days then you can sell him things sell van's fav wine (win as a prize in the mail) and he says how about 57,000g(or lower) if u need overview website seach on google ushi no tane 5x or go to wikipedia.org and seach harvest moon for girls
    marry kappa
    kappa may not like you at first but all you have to do is give him something on his birth day spring 8 same as goddess and cucumbers hope i helped by the way who no's how to break that huge rock on the mountain
    Mayor Thomas will try to get into your house!!!
    At Winter 25, Year 3 in my game, I slept after 10:00 pm. Mayor Thomas tried to go into my house to give me a present. But since I had no chimney/fireplace, he couldn't get in so he left.
    Mineral Blacksmith
    Open: 10:00am - 4:00pm
    Closed: Thursday

    What he Sells:

    Tool upgrades- 1000 G -> 50000 G [1 - 7 days]
    Brush- 800 G
    Milker- 2000 G
    Scissors- 1800 G
    Mayo Maker- 20000 G + Adamantite [5 days]
    Cheese Maker- 20000 G + Adamantite [5 days]
    Yarn Maker- 20000 G + Adamantite [5 days]
    Necklace- 1000 G + Orihalcum [2 days]
    Earrings- 1000 G + Orihalcum [2 days]
    Bracelet- 1000 G + Orihalcum [2 days]
    Broach- 1000 G + Orihalcum [2 days]
    Mineral Clinic
    Open: 9:00am - 4:00pm
    Closed: Wednesday

    Energy Drink- 500 G
    Fatigue Drink- 1000 G
    S.Energy Drink*- 1000 G
    S.Fatigue Drink*- 2000 G

    *The S.Energy will be for sale after you ship 50 Blue Grass, the S.Fatigue after you ship 50 Green Grass

    Do NOT give Rick any minerals ex. gold you find in the mine. He won't hate you he'll just have a fit.
    Yo, everyone! Here's the things you can dig up or find in the mines. By the way, there are two kinds of mines: the Spring Mine and the Lake Mine.

    Lake Mine
    This mine is only accessible in Winter (unless you have a teleportation stone, you can come here in any season). This is the place where you usually throw down cucumbers for Kappa.

    Cursed Tools
    To acquire the cursed tools, you should carry with you the tool in your rucksack. Then leave a space in your rucksack to obtain the cursed tool (ex. If you want a cursed fishing rod, bring your fishing rod with you then leave a space for the new cursed fishing rod).
    Cursed Fishing Rod- 29 (use 255 times at the festival)
    Cursed Hoe- 39 (bless at the church)
    Cursed Ax- 49 (use 255 times at the festival)
    Cursed Hammer- 59 (equip for 10 days usually during winter)
    Cursed Watering Can- 69 (bless at the church)
    Cursed Sickle- 79 (equip for 10 days usually during winter)
    Note: The ones in the parentheses states the way on how the cursed tool becomes blessed.

    Power Berry- Floor 19
    Power Berry- Behind Lake Mine
    Emerald- Floors that end in 5 (5, 15, 25, 35, etc.), 200+
    Moon Stone- Floors that end in 8 (8, 18, 28, 38, etc.)
    Sand Rose- Floors that end in 9 (9, 19, 29, 39, etc.)
    Diamond- Floors that end in 0 (10, 20, 30, 40, etc.), 200+
    Pink Diamond- Floors 30, 70, 90, 110, 130, 170, 190, 255
    Alexandrite- Floors 50, 100, 150, 200, 251+
    Kappa Jewels- Floors 0, 40, 60, 80, 120, 140, 160, 180, and 255
    Note: When you collect all 9 Kappa Jewels, you obtain the Kappa Gem, a tool which helps you decrease Fatigue.

    Spring Mine
    The mine near the Hot Spring. After all of the cursed tools have been blessed, mythic stones appear in the spring mine. They are used for upgrading your tools to Mythic tools.

    Power Berry- Floor 100
    Mythic Stones- Floor 60+
    Recipe- Floor 255 (dig it up)
    Teleport Stone- Floor 255 in 3rd year
    Goddess Jewel- Floors 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202, and 222
    Note: When you collect all 9 Goddess Jewels, you obtain the Goddess Gem, a tool which helps you regain Stamina.

    Hope I've helped! *^__^
    Mining Ores + Rick = NO
    Do Not Give Rick Any Mining Ores!! He Will Throw A HUGE Fit And Say This:
    Waaahhhh! Is it for me? What are you trying to do?

    P.S. Rick Is Soooooo Pathetic!!!
    Watch the Shopping Channel on Sautrday and eventually you will see a mirror for sale. Order that mirror and in 2 days it will be delivered to you. Go to it right away. Press the A button and a question will pop up saying... "Do you want to change? -yes -no" Press yes and a list of colors will come up: pink, blue, green, orange, red, and white. Choose any color you want. Then, all these sparkly things will come up and the next thing you know, your clothes will have changed to the color you have selected! Your clothes color you've had since you began the game has been blue, but now you can change your clothes color to fit your mood!
    Ok. First what you need is a horse make sure you take really good care of it(get it to 9 hearts) then buy a basket. on the day of the horse race, empty your basket and pocket's
    head to the horse race with your basket, don't bet on any other races but bet all your money on your horse. next to win the hoarse race rapidly press the 'A' button untill your horse's heart is red then wait until its yellow then press the button again if you havent already won.
    you should have won by doing this and gotten alot of medals. take your basket to the counter and buy as many neckolaces as you can and fill your basket up with them(you should be able to hold 30 in your basket)put all your 30 neckolaces in the sipping bin and in two days you should have around 60,000$ also its a good idea to fill your pocket's with present for people(Kai likes purfume so do some other guy's ::


    I hope I helped
    Money $$$
    ok , get your hammer and your hoe. bring it to the mine everyday break rocks and dig holes, after your on the third level of the mines there will be gold ore. take as many as you can carry. The once a day, go to ( Zack's house on the Beach ) and give Won one gold ore a day . Then after around a week or maybe two he he will say <your name> are allowed to see things to me now.
    Then once in a while , in the mail it will say you won a drawing contest then it will give you a bottle. Then bring that to the counter at Won's and select see, then he will give you 57,000$ or more! Good Luck!

    hope I helped ! (:
    Money During Winter
    During Winter money is scarce. To make money without crops, ake your basket and go to the mine in the middle of the lake. You can only get to this mine in Winter. Fill your basket and pockets with gems that you find. This will give you 1,000 to 2,000 bucks a day.
    Money Help Cool And Easy Ways
    Ok I will help you with mony on HM

    1.In the summer plant pinapples because they give you 7000 gold in the summer, You can buy them at won's

    2.Give won gold for 6 day then you can sell stuff to him and sell him van's favorite he will take it for 100000 gold well aroud that

    3.At the horse racesbring a basket and some gold always bet on the horse with the lowset number then at the end turn your tickets in for tuffles then sell them
    money in winter
    You should do this once you get the fridge. I do.

    1. In spring, summer, and fall, plant crops that regrow.
    2. when picking the crops, sell some and save some in your fridge.
    3. if you need money in winter, just take out some of the crops from your fridge and sell them!

    best crops for this

    spring: cucumbers, i believe.
    summer: even though they don\'t grow many, pineapples. they sell for 500g each.
    fall: sweet potatoes, since they grow back every other day. you can have a lot saved up!
    Money Tips and Love Tips
    Okay so we all know it's slightly hard at first to get money, especially if you have a short attention span, like me. Anyways, each day when you chop wood, sell two blue grasses and give an ore to Won for a week. After a week or so (when you can sell to Won) get all three grasses to sell. When you have around 5,000G buy a chicken and some feed. Put its first egg in the incubator. After it hatches put another egg in. Repeat. When you have 5,000G and 200 pieces of wood (lumber) or 7,000G buy a house upgrade. When you start getting Van's Favorites in the mail, sell to Won. DON'T settle for less than 55,000G! (The max you can get is 57,000G.) Okay, so when you have enough, buy a cow. After you have more money, buy another cow and a sheep. If you like crops (I don't), plant whatever you want in Spring and Summer. In Autumn (Fall) plant yams (sweet potatoes). Although they ship for 100G, they regrow quickly, so you can make a lot.
    Now your farm is prosperous, right?
    Well, now to find love.
    I always prefer to marry later in the game, since I can befriend people and unlock Won's apple game. (It's a heart event, so that's why.)
    Anyways, here are the guys, their birthdays, likes/dislikes, level of difficulty, bio, and your rivals for their love.
    Cliff: Cliff is a shy young man, who, like yourself, left to go it on his own. Sadly, however, he cannot find a job and at first spends all day at the church or the inn. On Fall 14 of your first year when Duke invites you to pick grapes at the winery accept and invite Cliff. His schedule will change and he will work at the winery. If Cliff is NOT invited, however, he will move out on Fall 30, Year 1.
    Level of Difficulty: Fairly easy, depending on how hard you work.
    Birthday: Summer 6.
    Loves: Curry Rice.
    Likes: All curry recipes, wine, and flowers.
    Hates: Buckwheat chips.
    Rival: Ann.
    Doctor: Doctor is a doctor. He works alongside his nurse, Elli. Is a workaholic and does not recognize your affections until you propose. Also does not deliver your child.
    Level of Difficulty: One of the easiest guys in the game.
    Birthday: Fall 19.
    Loves: Milk.
    Likes: Colored grasses.
    Hates: All junk food.
    Rival: Elli.
    Kai: Kai is a bit of a flirty guy who loves the summer heat. He comes only in the summer, so if you prefer to wed late, he's your man.
    Level of Difficulty: The hardest of the "normal" guys, since he's only around one season each year!
    Birthday: Summer 22
    Loves: Pineapples.
    Likes: Flowers, bread, oil, eggs, and flour.
    Hates: Turnips.
    Rival: Popuri.
    Gray: Gray is a bit quiet and can be quite rude sometimes. He has a severe lack of confidence.
    Level of Difficulty: Pretty easy.
    Birthday: Winter 6
    Loves: Baked Corn.
    Likes: Branches, ores.
    Hates: Junk ore.
    Rival: Mary.
    Rick: Rick is a nerdy guy who lives at the Poultry Farm with his younger sister, Popuri, and his mother, Lillia. He's angry at his father for leaving Lillia to find a cure for her leg ailment. He is a bit overprotective and worries too much.
    Level of Difficulty: Easy.
    Birthday: Fall 27.
    Loves: Spa Egg.
    Likes: Eggs.
    Hates: Stew, boiled egg.
    Rival: Karen.
    Won: Won is a conman from the east.
    Level of Difficulty: Fairly easy.
    Birthday: Winter 19.
    Loves: Gold ore.
    Likes: All expensive items.
    Hates: All cheap items.
    Rival: None.
    Gourmet: A fat man who loves food, Gourmet only appears in Mineral Town on Spring 22 for the cooking festival.
    Level of Difficulty: Very hard!
    Birthday: Spring 21
    Loves: Elli leaves.
    Likes: All food.
    Hates: All things not food.
    Rival: None.
    Kappa: Kappa is a Japanese water demon who lives in the lake and only appears when proposing, fishing, or throwing a cucumber into the lake. Does not appear in Winter. Speaks in short, broken sentences.
    Level of Difficulty: The hardest guy in the game!
    Birthday: Spring 8
    Loves: Cucumbers.
    Likes: Not available.
    Hates: Not available.
    Rival: None.
    Hope this helps and good luck!
    MONEY!!! how to get lots! (horse race)
    So, there are 2 horse racing festivals. one on spring 18th, and one on fall 18th. I wouldn't suggest trying this for the spring festival if its your first year. so. FIRST: get up to 23 thousand gold. (just buy lots of seeds and get a chicken, and make spa boiled eggs every day.) NEXT: buy a basket. they are 5,000. THEN: on the day of the horse race, take your basket-but MAKE SURE ITS EMPTY- to the race. DONT GO IN! until you have saved your game outside the square. Once your game is saved, enter. dont bet on any of the horses, just watch the races. after all 3 of them, turn of your GBA, then reload your game. bet 99 on the three winning horses. Afterward, buy a whole bunch of BROACHES until your BASKET is full. then go home, and ship all of them! remember, it might take a day for the money to show up, because you get home from the race at 6:00. i got about 70,000 gold from one race! hope this helps!!!!
    Money, lots of money
    Ok. First what you need is a horse make sure you take really good care of it(get it to 9 hearts) then buy a basket. on the day of the horse race, empty your basket and pocket's
    head to the horse race with your basket, don't bet on any other races but bet all your money on your horse. next to win the hoarse race rapidly press the 'A' button untill your horse's heart is red then wait until its yellow then press the button again if you havent already won.
    you should have won by doing this and gotten alot of medals. take your basket to the counter and buy as many neckolaces as you can and fill your basket up with them(you should be able to hold 30 in your basket)but all your 30 neckolaces in the sipping bin and in two days you should have around 60,000$ also its a good idea to fill your pocket's with present for people(Kai likes purfume so do some other guy's ::


    I hope I helped
    Money, lots of money
    Ok. First what you need is a horse make sure you take really good care of it(get it to 9 hearts) then buy a basket. on the day of the horse race, empty your basket and pocket's
    head to the horse race with your basket, don't bet on any other races but bet all your money on your horse. next to win the hoarse race rapidly press the 'A' button untill your horse's heart is red then wait until its yellow then press the button again if you havent already won.
    you should have won by doing this and gotten alot of medals. take your basket to the counter and buy as many neckolaces as you can and fill your basket up with them(you should be able to hold 30 in your basket)but all your 30 neckolaces in the sipping bin and in two days you should have around 60,000$ also its a good idea to fill your pocket's with present for people(Kai likes purfume so do some other guy's ::


    I hope I helped
    More money!
    For extra money, simply collect flowers and sell them to Won for about 100G each. Since there are over 12 flowers, plus the beach/forest grass, you'll make about 2k each without the help of any animals.
    More Money!
    When it is time for the horse race event:

    1. Bring your basket and buy a 9-slot rucksack (optional)...
    2. Save the game in slot 1 before placing a bet...
    3. Place your maximum bets on a horse which has the least odds...
    4. When your horse doesn't win the race, go back to slot 1 and bet on the horse that won...
    5. By this time you must have many medals...
    6. Exchange all your medals for broaches and put them in your basket...
    7. When the three horse races ends, ship the broaches...
    8. By the next day, you will have an additional 60,000... something like that...
    Nice Karen and a free bag of seeds.
    Around 10:20 am of friday the 6th on spring, go to the supermart and Karen will greet you and say something like ''If you just started then you must need lots of things right?'' then choose "Help me..." and she will tell you to wait and will go ask her dad if your girl could get a free bag of seeds. they will start a small argument but in the end you will get a free bag of seeds and karen will get more friend points. '_' Hop it helps lol
    Nice presents
    every bachelor gives you a present on their blue heart event
    cliff: mountain flower necklace
    gray: silver broach
    kai: seashell
    rick: his fathers watch that he treasured hes whole life
    doctor: negative ion
    Don't give your baby wine or she will cry and her hearts will go down.
    Other People get Married!
    The person that you don't marry will marry someone else. The matches are:
    ok if you are mared to cliff (i don`t know if it works with aneone else thou) so on your anaversary ok you have to go out and come back at 6 but save frist and then go in and your husbend will be thare go and talk to him he will give you a purpel gem tern it off then tern it on go in talk to your talk to husbend and hi will give you a pink dimon hope it works bye
    Poor Baby
    don't think that ur baby will grow up to help on the farm because they will stay struggling to talk and barely walk, thats all they grow up to.
    you know popuri right?well if you give her a weed from your farm[grows from spring to fall] it increases her friend points!scary
    Popuri speaks Japanese aswell!!!
    Ok, so on the 5th of winter (it is was in my first year) i came out of the blacksmiths at about 11:30 - 12:00 and one of those movie things came up and it was Popuri (she was chasing a chicken) and she will talk to you and ask if you like chickens select "I don't" and she will get really mad and speak Japanese!!!
    (It might be a good idea to save before hand!)

    Hope that entertains you!!!
    Poultry Farm
    Open: 11:00am - 4:00pm
    Closed: Sunday

    What They Sell:

    Chicken Feed- 10 G
    Animal Medicine- 1000 G
    Buy a Chicken- 1500 G
    Sell a Chicken- price varies
    Power Outage - Random Event
    Occasionally you'll experience bad weather while on your farm. Hurricanes and Snow Storms will prevent you from going outside and tending your crops. Sometimes your animals even become sick because nobody was there to feed them during the storm. Since you can't even exit out of your farm house when the weather is nasty, the only thing you can do is go to bed.

    There is a slight chance that you'll experience a power outage right before you go to bed. The screen will flash and then the lights will go out for a little bit. You will have to wait for the electricity to be restored to your house before you can really go to bed.

    You don't earn any points for getting your power cut off.

    Quick Money For Beginners
    Hey, I found an really easy way to make money for when you just start playing, or start a new game. Ok, First off when you first start it's spring.. and that's when the horse racing event happens. So, Here's what you need to do. When, you first start go to the tv and save before you do this and keep clicking left until you come to the Harvest Goddess game or whatever it's called.. Win 10 times or more and keep doing that until you have tea leaves.. sell them and collect herbs and mine ores to sell and keep doing this until you have like 8.000g then go to the supermarket and buy the basket and the backpack. After that you can collect more stuff and see if you can get 5.000g more and get the upgraded backpack with 9 spaces.. ok after that do whatever you want until it's time for the horse racing event on the 18th.

    Now, grab your basket and go to rose square.. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THE GAME BEFORE YOU GO IN THE ROSE SQUARE, then don't bet on anything and see who wins all the events. After, you know who wins each race then write their names down. Now, restart and go to the game you just saved. Bet all you can on the people that were winners of the last races. This should get you loads of medals. After that, buy a bunch of broaches which are worth 2.000g each and fill up your basket and your backpack. You can buy the other stuff if you want too. After, that take your basket and go home and put all that stuff into the selling bin and the day after next you should have around 80.000g
    Quick Money!
    Be sure to have a basket. Take it to the Spring and Fall Horse Races. BE SURE TO SAVE OUTSIDE OF ROSE SQUARE BEFORE YOU GO IN!! Once you're in, it's too late. I would suggest going in one time and watching the races and remembering who wins. (If this doesn't work, you can just reload and start again.) Bet a lot on the winning horses, gaining you lots of medals. After the races are over, talk to Mayor Thomas and get as many necklaces as you can. Each one sells for 2,000 gold. You are able to fit 30 in your basket, and can carry 8 if you have the large rucksack. (Actually, I guess you could carry nine and leave the basket in the Square and come back later and get it..) If you do that, you can earn 78,000 gold!!!

    Hope it helps. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    Really Easy money
    Go to the spring mine and get as many Mystrile and give one to won(The guy That Lives With Zach) everyday.
    After about a week , he will say you can now sell stuff to him , . In the mail you sometimes get " vans fave " sell like 7 or 8 at a time . On the 2nd Of winter( Save On the 1st) The mayor will show up at your door , make sure you have a diamond or truffle and see what he wants , if its not something you have , reset the game . He will come back at 7 Pm to get the item . if you have it , he will give you a Golden Lumber . get 3 and sell " van's Fave " and the Golden Lumber to won , and you should be rich ...

    Hope it helps ya
    Cookies: Egg + Flour + Butter + Sugar + Rolling Pin + Oven

    Chocolate Cookies: Egg + Flour + Butter + Chocolate + Sugar + Rolling Pin + Oven

    Ice Cream: Egg + Milk + Sugar + Whisk + Pot

    Cake: Egg + Butter + Flour + Sugar + Whisk + Oven

    Chocolate Cake: Egg + Butter + Flour + Chocolate + Sugar + Whisk + Oven

    P.S. the egg and milk can be any size too
    Rice Cakes help w/Gray... Don't they?
    I borrowed Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town from my friend. While I was playing, I looked at the TV and played the Harvest Goddess game. I got seven right and she gave me a Rice Cake (doesn't always work, she gives me Buckwheat flour and grass half the time...). So I walked into town and to Rose Square. Who should I see but Gray standing in front of the bulliten board. So I give him the Rice Cake and he says to me: "Thanks a lot! Whenever you want to give me something, I'm ready to recieve!"
    So, note it there. Gray likes Rice Cakes... Who doesn't?
    Rice in cooking festable forever!
    Well, when I did it I had a HUGE farm (five sheep, five cows, and eight chickens) ... You know on the third year's food festable when Mr. Goverment tells you what kind of dish to make..? Well, this is the cheat to make it rice forever! It's really helpful if you want to win every year! All you have to do is on the third year, save, then go to Mr. Goverment and he will say, "This year's dish is rice!" or something like that, and load up your game to do your farm work. (Sheeps, Cows, Chickens, crops, exc..) When you're done, it should be past tweleve p.m (Noon) so go in to the kitchen and make some thing good! (I always make truffle rice and win all the time, if you want, you could use mushroom rice! It's not not as good as the truffles though..) Afterward, if you won, good for you, if you didn't, try again next year or load up your game again and put more stuff in it. The next year if you do what I just told you again, he should say it's rice again! I'm on year nine married to Doctor with a six year old girl and he still says rice dish! Yay! I hope I helped ya' win a power berry!
    Rick also Speaks Japanese!!!
    ok, well I know that someone else submitted a cheat saying that after you're married, Gray speaks japanese! well I also found out Rick speaks japanese too!! if you go to the poultry farm in the afternoon [after you're married of course], go over to rick while he's sitting in his chair. talk to him and he'll speak japanese!!!
    Rick, are you O. K.?
    WARNING!!!! this only happens once you get married. After you get married, when you talk to Rick, he gets a little insane. As insane i mean, He starts Yelling out Japanese!!! and he doesn't say anything else at all. He talks normal when he is with Karen, but he Yells Japanese when he is inside his house. Bizarre...... Just thought I'd give you a little hint.
    Rick, in a year or less, starting at the beginning!
    Hello! I know that everyone says Rick can take a year and a half or two years to marry, but that is NOT true.

    By the way: Rick goes to the poultry farm by 11:10 AM each day. Before that he is sitting on a bench outside the supermarket WITH KAREN, your RIVAL. I'm not sure of their rival heart events, but I didn't take any chances.

    He is in the inn by 8:30 PM each day.

    Rick likes spa-boiled eggs, eggs, fish, and honey for sure. Lillia (his mother) likes grapes, flowers, eggs, gems, milk, and honey for sure. Poppouri (Sister...misspell, sorry.) likes weeds, flowers, honey, and gems for sure. Well, people say that you should give Rick a spa-boiled egg each day, Lillia one gift each day, and Poppouri weeds each day... but this is not the case. At the beginning of the year, I didn't even know that I needed to befriend Lillia and Poppouri, so I gave Rick a spa-boiled egg and something else (egg, fish, or honey) every day, sometimes more if I was in a good mood. Then, in summer, I started giving Lillia 1 grape a day and Poppouri weeds. Note: I lie, I didn't even give them each day! <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    After summer, I normally gave them both flowers and honey, or sometimes milk since now I had a cow. During all of this, I was still giving Rick at least two gifts a day. (At LEAST.) By the end of autumn, Rick had a red heart! In winter, I used the winter mine and gave gems to Poppouri and Lillia everyday, probably just out of habit... and I kept giving him gifts.

    For me, the heart events just fell into place as I stalked him most of the day.

    Before marrying him, you need the proper extensions and house items. It is easy to get the stuff you need. At the spring and fall horse races, save your game before walking in the square. Go in, watch the races, write down who won, and restart. Then you can bet on the right races! This never happened to me, but sometimes people said the second one changes. Restart and try again, then! Also, most people always bet on themselves in the third race because it is supposed to be easy.

    I also used this money for my cows and whatnot. I didn't even use the spring horse race, and I'm about to be in year two but I already have all house extensions and nearly the items.

    Note on the chickens: I had a chicken by the end of spring just by crops and the grasses and some ores. It's easy peasy, just don't buy anything else until then. When you have one chicken, take an egg and put it in the incubator. I leave mine outside and use the weather-save-at-night to not have it raining, so I don't buy chicken feed! I leave my cows inside, though. Too lazy to build another fence and plant the grass.

    To improve on mine, you might start giving Lillia and Poppouri gifts in spring. Flowers and honey will do <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Also, don't hold back! If you want Rick quick, gifts gifts and gifts!

    Hope I helped!
    *Ring 1 - Thanksgiving: On Winter 14 (Valentine's Day), you can give chocolate to all boys in town. When the Spring Thanksgiving rolls around a season later, the boy you gave chocolates to will return and give you cookies. The first boy that comes by your farm in the morning will also give you a rings.

    *Ring 2 - Starry Night: The first time you participate in the Starry Night Festival with a boy on Winter 23 and 24, the boy will give you a Ring.

    *Ring 3 - Random Delivery: This ring will be sent to you. You will find it in your mail box.

    *Ring 4 - Wedding Ring: You will receive this ring automatically when you get married. You do not see your husband giving you the ring, but it will appear in your Summary screen the day after the ceremony.

    *Ring 5 - Birthday Gift: This ring appears after you have been married. On your first birthday together as a couple, your husband will give you a ring as a present.

    *Ring 6 - Anniversary: After you have been married for ten years, your husband will give you one of the rings as an anniversary present.

    *Ring 7 - Super Walker: At the beginning of the game you are given a pedometer to carry with you. The pedometer keeps a tally of the number of steps you take as you play through the game. When your pedometer finally reaches 100,000,000 steps, the Harvest Goddess will appear and give you a ring.
    Romantic Events In the First Year! <3
    There are a couple of opportunities during the course of the year to show your
    preference towards one of the bachelors by inviting him to join you at an
    event. The first of these is the Fireworks Festival on 24 Summer. All the
    bachelors will be at the Beach and if their heart level is high enough, you
    will have a chance to invite them to join you in watching the fireworks. The
    bachelor's heart level has to be at least at green in order to have the option
    of inviting him to watch the show with you. You will have only one
    opportunity to ask: if you refuse each one, thinking that you will decide
    later, you will end up watching the fireworks alone from the pier! Once you
    invite a bachelor to join you, the fireworks will start immediately. It is a
    good idea, therefore, to speak to every one else and do whatever fishing you
    wish to do before you invite the lucky lad to watch the show with you.

    The Full Moon Festival on 13 Fall is another romantic event, but unlike the
    Fireworks Festival, you will have no choice as to whom will be on the Peak
    waiting to moongaze with you. It will be the bachelor with the highest heart
    level for you. If more than one bachelor has the same heart level, it will be
    the one who reached that level first. Your only choice is to accept or reject
    his invitation when you find him there. If you reject his invitation,
    however, you will go home early and go to bed without every seeing the
    beautiful Full Moon. It is best, therefore, to accept the invitation of the
    bachelor you happen to find on the Peak. After all, it is not a commitment to

    The Starry Night Festival is the most important romantic event of the year,
    but it is a family event as well. You will receive invitations from all the
    bachelors who fancy you via Thomas, who will come to your farm at 6.00 in the
    morning with them and ask you to read them and choose which one to accept.
    There will be no invitation from Kai, alas, as he is elsewhere during this
    Season but if he is the only bachelor you have courted and his heart level is
    high enough, he will send you a ring. Unlike the Fireworks Festival, you can
    reject each one after you have read it and still have a chance to reconsider.

    If you accept Cliff's invitation, you will meet him at the Cellar at 6.00 p.m.
    and bring the feast to your home, where you will celebrate. At the end of the
    evening, he will give you a Gold Ring.

    If you accept the Doctor's invitation, you will meet him at the Clinic at 6.00
    p.m. to bring the feast to your home, where you will celebrate with both the
    Doctor and Carter. The Doctor will give you a Gold Ring before you leave the

    If you accept Grey's invitation, you will meet him at the Forge at 6.00 p.m.
    to bring the feast to your home, where you will celebrate with both Grey and

    Rick's invitation is unique in that he invites you to celebrate the Starry
    Night Festival at the Poultry Farm with Lillia and Popuri. If you accept, you
    will go to the Poultry Farm at 6.00 p.m. and celebrate the Festival there.

    The Winter Thanksgiving Day is another romantic festival. Unlike the others,
    however, it is not celebrated with any special event or occasion. It is
    rather like St. Valentine's Day, a day on which to give a special 'sweet' to
    any bachelor you fancy. The traditional gift for a girl to give to a guy is
    Chocolate Cake. You can give a bar of chocolate instead, however, if you do
    not have a fully equipped kitchen. As a matter of fact, the Winter
    Thanksgiving Day is a day on which you can give chocolate cake or chocolate to
    ANY man or boy. Every one appreciates a special gift and married men will
    accept as graciously as bachelors, although the gift will not carry the same
    significance when given to a married man or child as when given to an eligible
    bachelor! Do not worry: wives will not be upset with you if you give their
    husbands chocolate on the Winter Thanksgiving Day!

    There is one other Thanksgiving Day festival in Spring, but it is an
    opportunity for bachelors to show their affection for you. Look at the
    section dealing with the Thanksgiving Day Festivals for more information about
    Save Up And Get 2 Friends (Newbie version )
    In the first year, when you start out you barely have any money. This is how I got my house expanded to leval three in one year! Okay here we go ! First collect all the herbs you can find. The main source of herbs is down by the woodcutters house. To get there you just walk to the bottom of the farm and go across the bridge. You should be in the forest now. Walk around and pick up all the herbs you can (which is 3 if you have not upgraded your rucksack which is highly reconmended.) and go into the chicken coop and throw them in the box because it is much quicker. Go into the woods again and pick the two flowers. Follow the little path and there should be two girls standing there (warning they leave at 10:00am)give them the flowers, and do this everyday, soon you will have two friends (as the seasons change so do the places where the flowers are)! Finsih following little paths in the woods and shipping herbs you find. Go onto the beach and there will usually be herbs there aswell! Spend money only when you need to (when you buy lumber,upgrade axe, buy chicken, chocolate,gift wrap, buy things off TV, rucksack, ect.) Thoose are the only things I did and I married Cliff on Winter 6th the first year! Heres a handy tip about apples and grapes. This only works if you have a fridge. Go in a patteren ship, save, ship, save, ect. You do not make as much money but it is awesome for reciepes (you need a mixer to make juice from apple and grape. Try combining apple and grape. Try putting an apple in the oven something interesting might happen ) and they also make great gifts for bachealors and
    friends alike!
    Hope I helped,

    If you have any questions, comments, or critasisms please contact me at hobbit14_@hotmail.com
    Note: There is an underscore after the 14
    Save Your Chicken
    On days that I can't get medicine for my animals, they get sick. This only works with your chickens. When a chicken gets sick and you don't have any medicine, that night, go into your chicken coop. Get the chicken that is sick. Next, hold the chicken above your head and go to sleep. The chicken shouldn't die.
    Screw up
    Once you get the blue feather take it to anne and show it to her. She'll say something like this "is that what i think it is congratulations! SHES waiting for you" Its a mistake shes sappose to say hes waiting for you not she.
    Secret Bachalors
    There are three secret bachalors in the game.

    Won, Kappa and Mr. Gourmet. They have invisible hearts and you have to give many gifts to them to win their hearts over for you. ^^
    Secret Gems!!
    Hello, it is I the HarvestFairy! Anyways... did you know there are more than the jewels of truth to collect?? It's true, here they all are(including gems of truth):

    Gems of Truth
    The Gem of Truth shows the amount of energy and fatigue remainning when you hover over it in the item menu. The Gems of Truth are scattered across Mineral Town.

    How to get them(MUST do in this order):
    In the doghouse
    In the horse's water trough
    Lamp post in between the Church and Rose Plaza
    Bewteen shelves on the second floor of the library
    Bought for 1,000 medals at the Horse Races
    Bought for 50,000G from Won
    Found in the calendar in the Moutain Cottage(You get for an anniversary present from your hubby after 40 years of amour)
    Won from Goddess Gameshow in the Town Cottage(You get when you hook up to Harvest Moon: AWL2)
    With all the other gems in your inventory look in Thomas's refrigerator

    Goddess Gems
    The Gem of the Goddess regains your strength when you equip it. The 9 Goddess Gems are found on the floors in the Spring Mine(The one near the goddess spring).

    Floor 60
    Floor 120
    Floor 123
    Floor 152
    Floor 155
    Floor 171
    Floor 190
    Floor 202
    Floor 222

    Kappa Gems
    The Kappa Gem regains your fatigue when you equip it. The 9 Kappa Gems are found in the floors in the Winter Mine (The mine in the middle of the lake *you can only reach this mine in WINTER).

    Floor 0
    Floor 40
    Floor 60
    Floor 80
    Floor 120
    Floor 140
    Floor 160
    Floor 180
    Floor 255

    I know it sounds impossible to even reach level 60, let alone level 222, but it is possible. If you can't figure out how to reach the next floor in a mine:
    Take your hoe and dig around on the floor of the mine until you find stairs. Then go down. Do this on any level.
    See any of the rival girls get married
    Okay basically all you have to do is be good friends with any of the rival girls and see all of the rival heart events. after you see the yellow or red heart event (im not sure which one) about a week after seeing that the girl will come to your door and will tell you that their getting married to (name). then they will tell you to come with them. so after all that work you get to see them get married and live happily ever after...yeah right.
    The easiest way to ship items is to buy the basket. It cost 5,000g at the Supermarket. I reccomend buying the basket instead of upgrading your rucksack - you can carry a total of 30 items. After you buy the rucksack, you can carry more items.

    Anyway, you know when you ship, it takes up a while of your time, right? A faster way to ship is to go into either your barn or your chicken coop. I always go to my chicken coop but whatever works for you

    - Haruto-chan
    Shooting Star
    The first time you can experience this event is Fall 10 of your 5th year. Go to the summit of Mother's Hill after 6:00 pm when the weather is good and you'll see some shooting stars. Usually someone can make a wish on a shooting star and it will come true, so you are presented with three things you can wish for.

    Any sick animal you have will become healthy again
    Become better friends with all of the Mineral Town villagers
    Anything you ship (via Zack) the following day will net you double the profit
    If the weather is raining you won't be able to activate this event. To guarantee good weather, save your game on the evening of the 8th before you go to bed. When you wake up in the morning (the 9th), check the weather report on TV. It it's scheduled to rain on the 10th, reload your game and try again.

    If you plan on using this event to earn a lot of money you can plan for this years in advance. You can store food items inside of your refrigerator and anything else can be stored in your cabinet. On the 11th take everything out of storage and throw it into the shipping bin. Since you only have until 5:00 pm (when Zack arrives for pickup), you can use the time more effectively if you take your Basket into your house, fill it up with items, and then go outside and dump the Basket's contents into the shipping bin. While you're inside the time will be stopped, allowing you to ship everything that you have stored.
    While you probably won't be able to earn the full 10 million necessary for the Vacation Villa, you will earn quite a bit of money. Earning a million or so on that one day should help to reach your goal. Every 5 years you have the chance to activate the Shooting Star event. The most profitable items you can ship are...

    Mythic Stones (20,000 G)
    Pirate Treasure (10,000 G)
    Pink Diamond and Alexandrite (10,000 G)
    Fossil of Fish (5,000 G)
    X Yarn (4,000 G)
    Accessories: broach, necklace, etc (2,000 G)
    X Wool (2,000 G)
    P Yarn (1,500 G)
    Relax Tea Leaves (1,000 G)
    If you're out of ideas on what to ship, you might try Chocolate. You can buy Chocolate for 100 G a piece from the store and then ship it for 100 G. Normally that doesn't sound too profitable (unless you're trying to woo Karen) but if you ship all the Chocolate during the Shooting Star event, you'll earn 200 G per piece of Chocolate you ship.

    You won't earn any Farm Points for seeing the falling stars, but you'll receive one of the three wishes instead.
    Sick Chickens...
    Have sick chickens and you don't have money or are you saving money for something and can't buy animal medicine?...Instead of buying animal medicine you can just sell your chicken to Lilia and she'll buy it for 500G..the same price as if you sell healthy chickens...So unstead of spending money,you'll even save money. And to replace your chicken just put a chicken egg in the incubator again..

    Hope i helped..
    Slumber Party - Random Event
    After you purchase the Big Bed from the Tv Shopping channel for 10,000 G you'll see this event. Right before you jump into your new comfy bed, you'll hear a knock on the door. In walks Popuri, Ann, Karen, Mary, and Elli! They've heard that you have purchased a Big Bed and they wanted to look at it. Actually, they want to sleep in it! Remember this is a random event and will not always happen.

    When they all jump into bed to sleep, Popuri wakes up and says she's cramped. The Big Bed is too small for 5 people to sleep in! The other four girls agree with Popuri. Karen, in her cold snoby way, says that they all should leave. After all 5 of them leave you can finally get to sleep.

    Slumber party!
    Become good friends with all the rival girls, including Elli, Karen, Popuri, Ann, and Mary. After you get the final upgrade for your house, before you go to bed one evening, they will come and for a sleepover! However, the bed is too squishy for all of them, so they leave.
    So You like Cliff?
    Hey people!!
    First you need to get cliff the winery job so he will stay!! Then on the first day of winter of the fist year that he had his job. go into the rose sqaure and cliff will be there he will pass out and drop a picture give the picture to him while he is sleeping and ur hearts will goo really high!!
    it take him 3-5 days to wake up.. but ur heart will be high!! have fun
    If you want socks you need to become good friends with Ellen. you need to give her gifts like Eggs(any kind),Yarn, Apples, Mayonaise, Honey, cooked meals & more.

    One day in winter (any day) when you beleive that you and Ellen are good enough friends give her the yarn and she will make socks for you. If she just takes the yarn try again another day.

    Hope I helped. BTW, how do I get a cursed/blessed hammer?
    Some info for yu
    I don't really have a certain subject so i will just lay out a bunch of info.

    There are secret guys that yu can marry:

    Three Dreams yu may get:
    Karen killing everyone
    Sprites are the Gourmet
    The Mayor is yur groom
    [to get these, sleep on the last day Winter 30 at 9:00 p.m.]

    What to do with Van's favorite:
    You can sell the Van's Favorite to Won for around 55,000G
    [To sell stuff to Won, yu must give him Gold or Mystrile everyday]

    Winter Time:
    Don't just sleep through. You can make friends with the people around the town more and fish.
    There is another mine at the Kappa Lake (south of Mother Hills). There, you can get jewels and gems.

    Kappa and Goddess:
    Give the Kappa cucumbers everyday until you recieve the blue berry thing.
    Give the Godess anything everyday until you get a Power Berry.

    I post some new info when it comes to my mind.
    peace out.
    Starry night festival
    if you rejected all your inivtations to the starry night festival (or just didn't get any invites) or your just looking for a change of pace try rejecting all your invites then talking to one of the five the rival girls and if your friends with them one of them might invite you to their starry night party! You can't do this if your married.
    Strength & Fatigue Signs

    50% Strength Left - Character will wipe forehead with a cloth

    20% Strength Left - Character will drop down and appear to be looking at the ground

    5% Strength Left - Character will sit down on the floor and look down.

    0% Strenth Left - Character's face will look greenish and she'll appear to stumble backwards.

    Fatigue (When Strength is Gone)

    50% Fatigue Left - Character will wipe her head slowly and be looking down.

    20% Fatigue Left - Character will be sitting down wiping it's face. Her face will appear blue.

    0% Fatigue Left - Character will faint.
    Strenth/Fatigue Recovery
    To immediately recharge your Stamina, you can eat food. Different food items recharge you for different amounts. The best food to eat is the Elli Grass, which is why it's ideal to bring with you when you go into the mines. You can also buy food at the various shops in Mineral Town, or cook some yourself. The more ingredients you add to a basic recipe, the more it will affect your Stamina when you eat it. If you have made the basic recipe before and are adding more ingredients, you'll be told how much SR (Strength Recovery) and FR (Fatigue Recovery) the new cooked food has compared to what you've made before

    Super Farm!
    So I know a way to make a Farm System,just make 1 10 x 10 square to house chickens.Next,make a HUGE L to house cows and sheep(its recommended that you have a patch of grass as big has the chicken area).Next,use lumber(if you arn't planing on upgrading your house,then use stones)to make a Crop Area,make 2 squares in it for extra grass(in case the sheep and cow are really hungry)then put the number of the correct sized squars for crops for how many different crops you can purchese.Be SURE TO BLOCK THE CROP AREA FROM THE COW AND SHEEP AREA!Also,its not nessesary but,make a cage a little bigger than the chickin area to put your dog,you should put 2 rows of lumber to keep the dog in.Do them same for the horse exept make that area HUGE so it can run around around.The farm sytem should take up about,almost all your field.But use the extra space for a quarintine to put sick animals(just in case)so they dont make the other animals sick.This should super charge your farm.Good Bye.
    Around 2nd of Winter, Mayor Thomas will go to your house and talk about a bragging match with the mayor next town.He will ask you to get something for him(white grass,necklace,diamond,etc.)and give it to him at seven.Save your game before going out.If he ask for something you can't get, turn off your gameboy and start again.There is a big posibility that he will change the thing into something else.
    Teleport Stone
    After three years on the farm, a new stone appears on the 255th floor of both mines. you can use it to teleport to any location on the map, even the wiinter mine during other seasons. this saves a lot of traveling time!
    Thanksgiving Festival
    In thanksgiving festival, the bachelor will visit your farm and wait in front of your house, one by one. In one condition, that is when the bachelor's heart color is purple or more. Cliff will come at 8am - 9am, Rick will come at 10am-11am, and Gray will come at 2pm - 3pm. When it happen to me, Doctor's heart still black (if I'm right) so, he didn't come. But maybe he'll come at 6am-7am, hehe
    On what occasion? They wanna give her a present (cookie)
    What will you do to that present? At that time, I give it back to them in the evening. But you can sell it to won/in the shipping bin (I forgot how much you will get from selling it)
    Hope it works for you ^^
    That locked door in the church
    Ever wondered whats behind that locked door in the back of the church? Well.. there are mushrooms. Very valuable mushrooms. As in a truffle, which is woth like, 600 G or something. You have to become good friends with Carter, and/or have Cliff as your boyfriend. (Red heart). If you want to get Carter as one of your buddies, give him gifts, and WRAP THEM. Also, listen to his stories.. It may be very painful to hear them since they are so corny. Haha. But, you can get lots of money for those truffles, anyways.
    The Back of The Church
    This is the REAL way to get to the back of the church.

    1. Give presents to Carter, WRAP THE GIFTS. you can give him cooked meals, chocolate, white grass, almost anything.
    2. Listen to his stories(no matter how corny they are)
    3.Give flowers on his B-day. Always works
    4.Help Cliff in any tight problem. Effects Carter too.
    5. In fall, Talk to Carter then check the door.
    The Carpenters Mood
    Somethimes the carpenter says that he doesn't feel the creative urge and to come back later. To prevent this from happening often, try giving him things like flowers.
    The Kappa Jewel
    Have you all heard of the Kappa Jewel before? Well, some might not as i had not heard about it at all until i found one! Amazing isn't it?
    I've searched lots of cheats and they said that the kappa jewel is only found in the jewel mine on the lake which is only accessible during winter when the lake freezes on the 100th plus plus level. Well, its not true. Why? I found one on the first level(when you enter the mine that level!)

    Firstly, what is the kappa jewel?

    It is a spherical shaped jewel, like the jewel of truth, with the color identical to the fluorite jewel. It is very hard to find! ( i currently only have one)

    How did i manage to find it on the surface level?

    Well, i went to the mine when the lake freezes and could only break the stones as my hoe was upgrading at that time. So when i break finish all the stones in the mine, i exit the mine and went in again and begun breaking stones all over again. I repeated it a couple of times and as i was breaking the stones, i found the kappa jewel! You have to enter and exit the mine alot of times though and you must break all the rocks as you might not know if the kappa jewel is in it.

    Well, hoped i helped(:
    Happy finding!
    The Magic Mirror~~
    If you go inside your house at exactly 12:00, no seconds past (it helps if you have a clock inside your house so that you can see wether you were spot on) if you look inside the mirror your character will either here the door slam and turn around or the Kappa's face will jump out of the mirror.
    The Seven Rings
    One of the new features in FoMT for Girl is the ability to collect seven rings. You earn the rings by finishing specific tasks in the game. Each ring is worth 30 Heroine points. They're only for collecting and don't appear to serve any other purpose.

    Ring #1 - Thanksgiving
    On Winter 14's Valentine's Day you can give chocolate to the bachelors in town. You actually can give chocolate to any boy in town but Doc, Cliff, Gray, and Rick are the important ones. When the Spring Thanksgiving rolls around a season later, the bachelors you gave chocolates to will return and give you cookies. The first bachelor that comes by your farm in the morning will also give you one of the rings.

    Ring #2 - Starry Night
    The first time you participate in the Starry Night Festival on Winter 23 and 24, the boy you dine with will give you one of the Rings. Any one of the 4 bachelors available at that time can give you this item.

    Ring #3 - Random delivery
    This ring will be sent to you. You will find it in your mail box.

    Ring #4 - Wedding ring
    You'll receive this ring automatically when you get married. You don't see your husband giving you the ring, but it will appear in your Summary screen the day after the ceremony.

    Ring #5 - Birthday Gift
    This one comes after you have been married. On your first birthday together as a couple your husband will give you a Ring as a present.

    Ring #6 - Anniversary
    After you have been married for 10 years, your husband will give you one of the rings as an anniversary present.

    Ring #7 - Super walker!
    At the beginning of the game you are given a pedometer to carry around with you. The pedometer keels a tally of the number of steps you take as you play through the game. When your pedometer finally reaches 10,000,000 steps, the Harvest Goddess will appear and give you a ring.

    Time drainer
    If you want to go into a shop that isn't open yet and you don't mind wasting time,Use the walk button and take a walk around town. Time will go faster when you walk then when you run.
    time skip
    Ok,to all who wonder how long something takes,here's YOUR guide to most of it .

    chicks:hatch in 3 days
    calfs and lambs:born in 3 weeks
    your own kid:born in 2 seasons

    any couple:1 week

    -YOUR KID-
    scratch:2 seasons from birth
    outta bed:1 year from birth
    talking:Sorry. I don't know

    Well...That's all I know. Hope it helps.
    Good luck!

    P.S.If you need any any more help,E-mail me!

    P.P.S.Can somebody tell me why my P-egg laying chicken isn't laying G-eggs? E-mail the answer to me please.
    time skip
    Ok,to all who wonder how long something takes,here's YOUR guide to most of it .

    chicks:hatch in 3 days
    calfs and lambs:born in 3 weeks
    your own kid:born in 2 seasons

    any couple:1 week

    -YOUR KID-
    scratch:2 seasons from birth
    outta bed:1 year from birth
    talking:Sorry. I don't know

    Well...That's all I know. Hope it helps.
    Good luck!

    P.S.If you need any any more help,E-mail me!

    P.P.S.Can somebody tell me why my P-egg laying chicken isn't laying G-eggs? E-mail the answer to me please.
    Turning Soil to Normal Without Wasting Energy
    If you messed up with your hoe, go get a fence log and deposit it on the messed up tile, then remove it. The tile should be back to normal. This also works with any objects you can deposit on the field (rocks, branches). Your character won't lose stamina or gain fatigue while doing this.

    TV Stations
    When your watching your TV their are different channels. If yo press the UP arrow you will see Tommorow's Weather Forecast. If you press the Down arrow you will see a show called Life On The Farm. That can be very helpful, whether your a beginner or advanced farmer. If you press the Right arrow you will see the date for that day and Festivals for that season. Pressing the Left arrow you will see different shows on diferent days. On Sunday you can watch a show called My Dear Princess. On Monday you can watch a show called Fishing Hour. On Tuesday you can watch a show called Dueling Chefs. On Wednesday you can watch a show called Aaron Changes. On Thursday you can watch a show called Star Lilly, Bandit Girl. On Friday you can watch a show called Mechabot Ultra. Finally on Saturday you can watch the TV Shopping Netowrk or St. Emerald Academy.

    Well, hope this helps you.
    Unlock new crops!
    How to get;

    Ship 100 potatoes, 100 turnips and 200 cucumbers. They grow in the spring.

    Ship 100 tomatoes, 100 onions and 100 corn. They grow in the summer.

    Ship 100 carrots, 200 sweet potatoes and 100 eggplants. They grow in the fall.

    Hope this helps!
    unlock seeds
    To unlock pumpkin seeds, Ship 100 of each : corn, onions and tomatoes
    To unlock strawberry seeds ship 100 of each:turnips, potatoes and cucumbers
    To unlock spinach seeds ship 100 of each:eggplants, carrots and sweet potatoes
    Upgraded Tools: Good or Bad??
    Upgrading tools can be good if you want to obliterate rocks or lumber or water a bunch of plants at once. But upgrading tools comes at a price. And no, I don't mean money. The more you use a gold or mystilic tool, your fatigue and stamina go up! So be careful how you use your upgraded tools.
    When you go to update your fishing rod/Hammer/axe/hoe/stickie/watering can wait until you have it to the level you want it because if you don't you have to pay more.

    For example, if you wanted to upgrate your Axe to level 3 wait until the bar goes all yellow and the gold circle is undernear it.

    (it will be three circles, one copper, one sliver, and the gold one)

    then you will only have to pay 3000G instead of 6000G

    Happy gaming!
    Dont upgrade tools until gold or mystrile to save a load of money. Exept axe cause u want to get the stumps faster for upgrading building
    Van's favorite
    Every once in awhile you get a gift in the mail for winning the lottery, which is "Van's Favourite." Befriend Won and sell these to him. You should get around 55,000g for each bottle you sell.
    Wanna see a wolf?
    OK. Let's say you've got a chicken right? If it has 3 or more hearts make a small fenced in area out of lumber and put your chicken inside of it. Then put your dog outside too (make sure your dog has a high heart level!!!). You may have to wait until 8:00 PM for this to work. At 8:00 PM You may hear a loud bark that isn't your dog's. If you check your farm map you should see another animal that looks like a dark brown tiny schnauzer near your dog. That's the wolf. If you want it to leave, run after it and bash it with your hammer. The exclamation mark should appear above the wolf's head. Oh! and if you hear a shrill cry that sounds like your dog, don't worry! That's the wolf! Your dog is biting it! HAHAHA!
    Want a Health Drink?
    Your ingredients are: strawberry, pineapple, wild grapes, carrots, cucumber, cabbage, and apples!

    I hope that helped!
    Want some Socks?
    If you've wondered who makes the socks for the Starry Night Festival...ur in luck! You must be good friends with Ellen before she'll make you them. Give her spa boiled eggs everyday (save one every morning) and visit her. During the winter, any day, after you think you are great friends, get some yarn (use machine in barn made by Saibara) and give it to her. If she just takes it...try again later!

    You have to give her the yarn before 11:00am.
    Waste 1,000g But in Return Win 79,000g or more!!
    First befriend Won until you can play his apple challange and sell things to him....
    First play his apple challange you have to pay 100g but its worth it.Make sure you win until you get a mystery flower(description mystery flower what will happen if you give it to the harvest goddes??.)Go to the hotsprings and throw the flower where the waterfall is I REPEAT THE WATERFALL IS AND NOT THE PART WHERE YOU MAKE SPA BOILED EGGS!!!she should appear and say Hi blah blah blah the she will say bring 9 more or how many more.When you offer her the 10th mystery flower she will give you a blue bell flower go to Won and press sell he should offer you 100,0000 or so and there you go a lot of money Hope this helped cuz if you have no money your as good as hopeless in the game especially if your going for Cliff cuz he likes cooked stuff like curry rice from YOUR kitchen and wine so good luck
    What Gray Likes
    Ok, like Gray is moody, but he's cute!
    He likes


    ♥All the guys like eggs!
    What gray likes!
    Hello, i am the harvest moon pixie here to help you with your problems. If your like me and went for Gray, i can tell you what he likes. I found it easy to get him to a read heart. Firstly you need to have a bag that can hold 5 items and 5 tools. Every day (need a chicken) get a chicken egg from your chicken and put it in your bag. Next, get 2 ores (silver and copper, he hates junk) and also put this in your bag. Next, get 2 branches (yes, i know, he likes branches) and put them into your bag. Now, once you have these 5 items, go to where ever he is (library, hotel,work) and give them to him. He loves them! you should be able to get him to a red heart in 1 year, so good luck! p.s He also likes baked corn I hope my information helped, and if it didn't work for you, i am truly sorry (although it should work )
    What People Like
    Staid: honey, mayonnaise
    Nappy: honey
    Bold: riceballs, honey
    Chef: flowers, honey, bread
    Aqau: bread, honey, bread
    Hoggy: any type of food
    Timid: honey, chocolate

    What The Towns People Like
    Here is a list of some things that the Towns People like.

    Anna: Apple, Egg, Flour, Honey, Oil, Strawberry, and Sweet Potatoe.

    Barley: Miso Soup, Rice Ball, Rice Cake, Scrambled Eggs, and Spa Boiled Eggs.

    Carter: Curry, Egg, Fish, Flour, Milk, Oil, and Turnips.

    Basil: Wild Grass, Mushroom, Posion Mushroom, Tomatoe Juice, and Wild Grapes.

    Doug: Apple, Honey, Fish, Milk, and Vegetables.

    Duke: Bread, Cheese, Cumcumber, Eggplant, Sashimi, and Wine.

    Ellen: Carrot, Flour, Milk, Pumpkin, Rice Cake, and Spa Boiled Eggs.

    Gotz: Apple, Cheese, Egg, Flour, Honey, Oil, Onion, and Potatoe.

    Harris: Accessories, Small Fish, Spa Boiled Egg, and Wild Grape Juice.

    Jeff: Blue Grass, Blue Magic Grass, Corn Flakes, Fruit Juice, and Honey.

    Lillia: Apple, Carrot, Honey, Milk, Strawberry, and Tomatoe.

    Manna: Bamboo Shoots, Fish, Mushroom, Honey, Milk, and Pinkcat Flowers.

    May: Apple, Fruit Juice, Honey, Pineapple, Garbage, and Toy Flowers.

    Saibara: Adamantite, Bamboo Shoots, Large Fish, Miso Soup, Mystrille, and Turnips.

    Sasha: Accessories, Chocolate, Cookies, Flowers, and Honey.

    Stu: Chocolate, Honey, Sandwich, Wild Grape, and Yarn.

    Zack: Apple, Cheese, Cucumber, Strawberry, Tomatoe, and Wine.

    Thomas: Accessories, Jam Bun, Wild Grape Juice, and Wine.

    Please Note that I only wrote some of the things the Towns People like. I did not include any of the bachelors, bacholorettes, the Harvest Sprites, Kappa, or the Harvest Goddess.

    What's at the back door of Jeff's Supermarket?
    What's at the back of the door in Jeff's Supermarket, you were asking? I already got there & it seems that it's not hard for you to go in there. I saw Karen & Sasha inside, & the inside looks like a mini-house. Could you imagine? A mini-house inside a Supermarket! How convenient. I think Jeff sleeps there in his own shop. I don't think he has a home....so, I got to the back door of Jeff's house.....er, I meant SHOP, at Thursday 5, Fall, 11:10 AM, Year 5. Or am I Year 4? Hmm.....
    where could i get a jewel of truth?
    i only knew some of them, this are the places whre you could find one jewel of truth:

    1.Check out your dog`s house you may find one.
    2.Look for the water in your horse`s stable.
    3.Look for the lamp south of the church, i am sure there is one.
    4.Go to the second floor of the library, check out the shelves second beside the stairs.
    5.You should have 1000 medals from the horse race, exchange it from the mayor.
    6. If you are really riche enough, you can buy one from won.

    that`s all i know so far. hope i helped
    Where is rick?
    Ok Rick has only a couple of places he goes. First during the week he goes to the supermarket. He will be there at around 8:00 am. At 11:10 he is at the poultry farm.(that's when you give his gifts). On sundays and rainy days he should be at home. Other than that i Don't know where he is.

    I hoped i helped.
    Will yu marry me?
    me agian :]


    Cliff Rival: Ann
    Grey Rival: Mary
    Rick Rival: Karen
    Kai Rival: Popuri
    Doctor Rival: Elli

    Secret bachelors:

    To marry:
    .Witness all heart events
    .Upgraded your house twice
    .Bought everything from Shopping Network
    .Red level heart

    After you see the last hear event, you can propose to your boyfriend.

    All the other bachelors will have their own heart events that you can witness. After the last heart event for them, they will marry in 7 days.

    If you are friends with the rival, they may invite you to the wedding.
    If they don't, you can invite yourself. Its at the church between 6o a.m--10:00 a.m.
    Carter will ask you if you like to wathc.
    Yes: you see the wedding and then go to bed
    No: You can talk to everyone and your rival will give you a lame reason why they didn't invite you.

    I think after 2 weeks of your marriage, you will be pregnent.
    Takes about two seasons for the baby to be born.
    Your baby only grows to be a toddler and you can't pick her up.
    You can only give her gifts and talk to her.
    She will never help you out on the farm.
    [[sucks big time]]

    After 5o years of marraige, you husband will buy you a vacation cottege in the mountains.

    Note: if you tell them they can continue working at their job, none of the money they make will go to you. So in the end, it doesn't help...

    I think Cliff, Grey, and Rick are the only boys that you can marry that can quit their job.

    thats all folks
    peace out

    I also found out that gray really really likes wine (you can buy that at the winery). I had gray with an orange heart and one day the mayor came and he gave me an invitation. He had to have an answer right away. It was from gray and his grandfather.They asked if they could have the starry night festival (I think it was this one) (it is a festival in the winter) at my house. I said yes and I had to be at the shop that day at 6.00 pm to pick them up. When I came to pick them up I got a ring.
    Hopefully this is a good cheat for you if you want to get a red heart from grey.
    Wine Job for Cliff!
    When Duke comes to ask you to help with harvesting grapes and suggests you bring someone bring Cliff since he is the only one who will accept and if you dont ask hell leave town later. So afterwards Cliff will be offered a full time job. He will say its all thanxs to you and it will raise his affection.( happens on Fall 14 )
    Winter mines
    in winter go to mothers hill, after that go down the bridge and you will see a frozen lake, go towards the middle and you will find a mine, mine there and you will find all types of crystals.
    Do u want 2 c a wolf? Hears how, first make a fence out of any thing and put an animal inside that has 3 hearts. Then take your dog outside and keep him with you. He has to be fully grown this happen on the 1st of fall. Keep a tool with u like a hoe, or hammer. Wate for 9:00 o\'clock. You will hear barking. Look on your farm map. He will be on there. Go 2 that spot and you will see him. If u want to get rid of him hit him with your hoe or hammer. Your dog will help too. It wont happen every night but every other night.
    Wolves That Gnaw on your lumber
    If you have lumber outside on your field, surround them with rocks so wolves dont gnaw on them at night,if you see your lumber that was placed outside and it seems like it's half,a wolf gnawed on it. If you leave your chicken outside a wolf may eat it,even if your dog is outside the wolf can still gnaw.
    Hoped I helped!
    Are You Waisting time on won? Like Showering that idiot with gifts? All You Have To Do Is give him 7 pieces of gold. then walk out of his shop and back in and he will say that you can sell to him finally.
    Won For Money

    Things That Will Help:
    Bronze Hammer
    Gold Hoe

    Dig Around In The Mines Untill You Find Stairs Go down Untill It says The 3rd Mine Lv. then Start Hammering Keep All The Gold Then Leave

    Befriend Won Give Him 7 Pioeces Of Gold Then Hell Say You Can Sell Him Things Once You Get Vans Favorite Sell it to him for 52,000
    Won Speaks Japanese!!!!!!
    When you play games with Won he gives you MYSTERY TICKET ,then give it to him to play the other game you have 2 options (Japanese language)just choose the 1st one then you'll play it. Good Luck.
    Hope This Helped!
    Won vs Zack
    In More Friends of Mineral Town, you can sell your items to Zack or Won. The Boy version only allows you to ship produce through Zack, but in the Girl version you can occasionally earn a bigger profit if you sell the produce to Won instead.

    Before you can get Won to buy your produce you will first have to earn his friendship. Some of Won's favorite things are Golden Eggs, Apples, and Orihalcon ore. Once you have given him enough gifts, visiting him one day might trigger an event. He'll announce that he's going to start buying things instead of just selling them.

    To sell an item to Won, stand behind his counter and take the item out of your Rucksack. After you press the A Button to talk to him, Won will ask if you want to buy, sell, or play his Apple game. When you tell him you are planning to sell, he will tell you how much he's willing to pay for the item you are holding in your hands. You can agree to his price or turn him down.

    Won's prices will change every time you talk to him. If you don't like his first price quote, sell to him again and you'll get a different price. Won can also buy items from you that Zack won't accept. For the items Zack accepts, you can earn just a little more money than what you would have received from Zack. Won does increase his demand for Animal-based products depending on the day of the week.
    Won's "Heart Events"
    Before you can marry Won there are some events that you have to trigger. These could be considered "heart events" but they'll naturally occur as you continue to raise your friendship with Won. You don't have to be in a specific place at a specific time. Just go into Zack's house and see if they occur.

    Event 1 - The Flower Vase

    When you've collected enough money, Won will stop by your house and offer to sell you a Flower Vase for 5000 G. If you don't buy the vase you can't marry Won. The vase is worth 50 Building points and you can place flowers in it to regain your energy level. If you turned down the purchase of the Vase the first time, he will come by again later in another season and ask if you want to buy it.

    Event 2 - Buying ability unlocked

    The second one you'll come across will let you know that Won will start buying the items you bring him. Normally you can only buy things from Won, but after raising your friendship level with him you can start to sell things to him as well. Won will give you gold for things that you can't sell via Zack's shipping, like cooking recipes and flowers. You'll also earn 1 Event point.

    Won's buy prices change every time you talk to him with the item held above your head. If the price he offers is too low for your tastes, refuse to sell and then try again. For items that Zack also buys, Won's prices can fluctuate to be a litte lower than Zack's, or up to 30% higher.

    Event 3 - Apple shuffle

    If you visit Won one day you might find him surrounded by lots of apples. Somehow the apples have been knocked to the ground and since they all look alike, he doesn't know which ones are the SUGDW, HMSGB, and AEPFE apples! He ponders for a bit and then decides he should quickly pick up the apples before someone comes by and finds out he can't tell the difference. As he begins to clean up, he suddenly realizes you've been standing there listening to him the whole time!

    He tries to make up an excuse but he knows it's useless; you found out that he can't even tell the difference between his three "special" apples. He picks up an apple and gives it to you, hoping to bribe you into keeping your mouth shut. Then he kicks you out of Zack's house. You will earn 1 Event point for seeing poor Won's confusion.

    Event 4 - Won's Apple game

    When you walk into Zack's house one day you might see Won with 3 apples in front of him. Won will name off the apples (SUGDW, HMSGB, and AEPFE) and then shuffle them around. He will then ask you to point out one of the apples he calls for. If you get it right you can play again. If you guess the wrong apple the first time then you don't win anything. Your very first game of apple-swap is free (and will earn you 1 Event point), but if you want to play again you have to pay him 100 G.

    Won's Apple Game can be played every day once you've triggered the event. You can play multiple times a day if you want.
    Won's Apple Game
    Won's apple mini-game will be available once his friendship level is high enough. You'll see an event occur when he's ready to have the game available on a regular basis. To play his game, walk up to his counter and select the bottom option from the menu. Each game will cost you 100 G and you can play as many times as you want.

    The general idea is to keep an eye on the 3 apples that Won places in front of you. He'll call off the apples names from left to right and then shuffle them together. After the apples stop moving, Won will ask you to point out the location of a specific apple. If you get it right you can apple-swap again. If you get it wrong then the game ends.

    The longer your game lasts, the faster Won shuffles the apples around. The game has 10 rounds. If you loose before the last one, you'll win Lottery Tickets depending on how many rounds you completed (1 ticket per 2 rounds passed). If you win all 10 rounds you'll receive a Mystery Flower.


    To exchange your tickets, hold it above your head and hand it to Won from the other side of the counter. Won will take your ticket and assign you 3 random numbers. If the lottery shuffle matches your numbers, you'll win! There is no way for you to control what numbers you receive, or what numbers are chosen in the raffle. Everything is random.

    * Match 2 numbers from your ticket - Win a Record.
    * Match 3 numbers from your ticket - Win a Record.
    * Match 2 numbers not on your ticket - Won will give you seeds from his shop.
    * Match 3 numbers not on your ticket - Win a Record.
    * Match 3 numbers in sequential order - i.e. 4-5-6; Win a Record.

    The 5 Records you can win are "Unused" from AWL (GC), "Poet" from AWL (GC - Gustafa's theme), "Love" from STH (Ps2), "Winter" from STH (Ps2), and "No.17" from N64. When you win the raffle you are randomly given one of the Records.

    You can only win the "match X from your ticket" once, but you still can win multiple copies of the Records if match up the shuffled numbers more than once. You can keep the extra record in your cupboard, or you can sell it back to Won. The Records can earn you between 80,000 and 170,000 G!

    If you win a bag of seeds by matching 2 numbers during the shuffle, you must have an empty slot in your Rucksack's Tool area. Won doesn't deliver the seeds to the Toolbox in your house if you don't have room in your bag.

    Mystery Flower

    The pretty white flower you win from Won can't fit into your Flower Vase, but you can sell it to Won for 78,000 to 87,000 G. You can store the flowers in your Refridgerator (not the Shelves), or you can be generous with your new gifts and give then to the Harvest Goddess.

    When you give one of the Mystery Flowers to the Goddess, she'll thank you and request that you bring her more of them. She wants 10 flowers and will even keep track of how many more you need to give her. After you have tossed 10 Mystery Flowers into her pond, the Goddess will present you with a gift.

    Gift From H.G.

    The gift she gives you is a rare flower called the Goddess' Present. You can keep it in your bookshelf or sell it to Won. Since the flower is very rare, Won is willing to pay a lot of money. You can receive 1,000,000 G by selling it to him! One hundred more of those and you'll have the money needed to buy the Town Cottage in no time!

    Won's Prices
    The first price listed is the lowest amount Won will buy it for. The second price is the highest amount he'll buy it for.

    {k = 000 (example: 300k = 300000 G}

    W.Grape Juice 248 G 257 G

    Pickles 80 G 170 G

    Salad 80 G 170 G

    Curry Rice 148 G 157 G

    Stew 148 G 157 G

    Miso Soup 80 G 170 G

    Stir Fry 118 G 127 G

    Fried Rice 118 G 127 G

    Sav. Pancake 118 G 127 G

    Sandwitch 118 G 127 G

    Fruit Juice 80 G 170 G

    Fruit Latte 280 G 370 G

    Veggie Juice 80 G 170 G

    Veggie Latte 280 G 370 G

    Mixed Juice 178 G 188 G

    Mixed Latte 618 G 627 G

    Pickled Turnips 80 G 170 G

    Fried Potato 148 G 157 G

    Strawberry Jam 180 G 270 G

    Strawberry Milk 248 G 257 G

    Tomato Juice 80 G 170 G

    Ketchup 218 G 227 G

    Popcorn 178 G 187 G

    Cornflakes 188 G 197 G

    Baked Corn 173 G 182 G

    Pineapple Juice 680 G 770 G

    Pump. Pudding 648 G 657 G

    Pumpkin Stew 380 G 470 G

    Happy Eggplant 180 G 270 G

    Sweet Potatos 248 G 257 G

    B. Sweet Potato 178 G 187 G

    Greens 118 G 127 G

    Scramb. Eggs 178 G 187 G

    Omelette 248 G 257 G

    Omelette Rice 380 G 470 G

    Boiled Egg 80 G 170 G

    Pudding 180 G 270 G

    Hot Milk 148 G 157 G

    Butter 148 G 157 G

    Cheese cake 780 G 870 G

    Cheese Fondue 580 G 670 G

    Apple Pie 448 G 457 G

    Apple Jam 88 G 97 G

    Apple Soufflé 78 G 87 G

    Bamboo Rice 228 G 237 G

    Grape Jam 88 G 92 G

    Grape Juice 80 G 170 G

    Mushroom Rice 248 G 257 G

    Truffle Rice 680 G 750 G

    Sushi 418 G 427 G

    Jam Bun 248 G 257 G

    Dinner Roll 280 G 370 G

    Raisin Bread 180 G 270 G

    Curry Bread 348 G 357 G

    Toast 148 G 157 G

    French Toast 348 G 357 G

    Sashimi 228 G 237 G

    Grilled Fish 228 G 237 G

    Chirashi Sushi 680 G 770 G

    Pizza 680 G 770 G

    Noodles 118 G 127 G

    Curry Noodles 180 G 270 G

    Tempura Noodles 418 G 427 G

    Fried Noodles #1 180 G 270 G

    Buckwheat Noodles 280 G 370 G

    Noodles with Tempura 580 G 670 G

    Fried Noodles #2 378 G 387 G

    Buckwheat Chips 280 G 370 G

    Tempura 280 G 370 G

    Mountain Stew 318 G 327 G

    Moon Dumpling 148 G 157 G

    Roasted R.Cakes 248 G 257 G

    Toasted R.Balls 148 G 157 G

    Rice Gruel 180 G 270 G

    Tempura Rice 580 G 620 G

    Egg Over Rice 280 G 350 G

    Candied Potato 280 G 370 G

    Potato Pancakes 480 G 570 G

    Fish Sticks 228 G 237 G

    Cookies 280 G 370 G

    Choco Cookies 480 G 570 G

    Ice Cream 280 G 370 G

    Cake 480 G 570 G

    Chocolate Cake 648 G 657 G

    Pancakes 548 G 557 G

    Relaxation Tea 1480 G 1570 G

    SUGDW Apple 48 G 57 G

    HMSGB Apple 48 G 57 G

    AEPFE Apple 48 G 57 G

    Bodigizer 248 G 257 G

    Bodigizer XL 480 G 570 G

    Turbojolt 480 G 570 G

    Turbojolt XL 800 G 1700 G

    RelaxTea Leaves 800 G 1700 G

    Elli Leaves 4800 G 5700 G

    Spring Sun 2800 G 3700 G

    Summer Sun 18000 G 27000 G

    Fall Sun 28000 G 37000 G

    Winter Sun 80000 G 170k G

    MagicRed Blue 163 G 171 G

    MagicRed Red 220 G 297 G

    Moondrop 141 G 152 G

    Pinkcat 80 G 90 G

    Toy Flower 118 G 129 G

    Mystery Flower 78000 G 87000 G

    Goddess Gift 1000k G 1000k G

    Van's Favorite 48000 G 57000 G

    All About BGM 480k G 570k G

    Riddle Book 480k G 570k G

    Tv Changer 50000k G 50000k G

    All About Letters 50000k G 50000k G

    All About Books 50000k G 50000k G

    Shopping Master 99999999 G 99999999 G

    Album 01 180 G 270 G

    Album 02 280 G 370 G

    Album 03 280 G 370 G

    Album 04 380 G 470 G

    Album 05 380 G 470 G

    Album 06 480 G 570 G

    Album 07 480 G 570 G

    Album 08 580 G 670 G

    Album 09 580 G 670 G

    Album 10 680 G 770 G

    New Record #17 80k G 170k G

    New Record Love 80k G 170k G

    New Record Winter 80k G 170k G

    New Record Unused 80k G 170k G

    New Record Poet 80k G 170k G

    RPS 60 wins 580k G 670k G

    RPS 70 wins 680k G 770k G

    RPS 80 wins 780k G 870 G

    RPS 90 wins 880k G 970k G

    RPS 100 wins 1000k G 1000k G

    HighLow 100 wins 1000k G 1000k G

    Tea Party Invite 6800 G 7700 G

    Recipe: Fr.Fries 68k G 77k G

    Recipe: Ketchup 58k G 67k G

    Golden Lumber 48000 G 57000 G
    Won's Special Items
    Won will pay you extra money if you sell him things on a certain day.

    Sunday: Fish
    Monday: Milk
    Tuesday: Egg
    Wednesday: Wool
    Friday: Mayonaisse
    Saturday: Yarn
    Yet another Cliff tip
    yes i know you guys know that Cliff likes curry and all that junk but something you may not know because no one has posted it is that Cliff loves vegetable juice
    to make vegetable juice is quite easy you just need a blender and carrots and tomatoes that is all
    Yodel Ranch
    Open: 10:00am - 3:00pm
    Closed: Monday

    What They Sell:

    Fodder- 20 G
    Buy a med. Cow- 5000 G
    Buy a med. Sheep- 4000 G
    Cow M.Potion- 3000 G
    Sheep M.Potion- 3000 G
    Animal Medicine- 1000 G
    Bell- 500 G
    your farm
    if you're the lazy type you can just sleep it off untill winter to clear your farm then when winter's over, your farm will be clear all exept for rocks and wood
    hope i helped <3333333
    Zack is in charge of shipping for the whole town. He gives you a shipping tutorial at the start of the game (this gives you 1 Heroine Point) and comes to your farm everyday (except Holidays) to pick up your shipment. He lives with Won on Mineral Beach (in the wooden house). He's in love with someone. She's most likely Lilia, though.

    He won't tell you directly, but if you go to the Supermarket before 10 am, he'll drop a hint. He'll say something like, "(your character's name), it's a secret, but there's someone I love. She's already married, though..." then if you talk to him again he'll talk about Rod(Rick and Popuri's dad) and how it worries him that he's leaving Lilia all alone. See?
    Zack's Crush!!!
    Manna knows a lot of gossips.One day, I walk into her shop and talk to her.She told me that Zack has a crush on Lillia!(lol)She said Lillia is not very bright in this sort of things and Zack likes Lillia because she was so kind to him but Zack doesn't want to take advantage because Rod,Lillia's husband had save him from his terrible past.The 2nd time I talk to her she said"Me?I wouldn't want to get between them.I don't want to cause trouble for them(lol).If you go to Zack's house examine the pasted papers near the bed. It will say"Lillia's Picture".

    Anyone who had live in the farm for ten years,can you tell me did Rod came home and bring the herbal flower(which blooms once every ten years)to cure Lillia?
    Zack's Prices
    Turnip 60 G

    Potato 80 G

    Cucumber 60 G

    Cabbage 250 G

    Strawberries 30 G

    Tomato 60 G

    Corn 100 G

    Onion 80 G

    Pineapple 500 G

    Pumpkin 250 G

    Eggplant 80 G

    Carrot 120 G

    Sweet Potato 120 G

    Green Pepper 40 G

    Spinich 80 G

    Reg. Quality Egg 50 G

    Good Qual. Egg 60 G

    High Quality Egg 80 G

    Golden Egg 100 G

    P Egg 180 G

    X Egg 350 G

    Spa-Boiled Egg 80 G

    Mayonnaise (S) 100 G

    Mayonnaise (M) 150 G

    Mayonnaise (L) 200 G

    Mayonnaise (G) 300 G

    Mayonnaise (P) 450 G

    Mayonaise (X) 800 G

    Milk (S) 100 G

    Milk (M) 150 G

    Milk (L) 200 G

    Milk (G) 300 G

    Milk (P) 500 G

    Milk (X) 800 G

    Cheese (S) 300 G

    Cheese (M) 400 G

    Cheese (L) 500 G

    Cheese (G) 600 G

    Cheese (P) 750 G

    Cheese (X) 1500 G

    Apple 50 G

    SUGDW Apple 100 G

    HMSGB Apple 100 G

    AEPFE Apple 100 G

    Honey 50 G

    Bamboo Shoots 50 G

    Wild Grapes 50 G

    Mushroom 70 G

    P. Mushroom 100 G

    Truffle 500 G

    Blue Grass 100 G

    Green Grass 100 G

    Red Grass 110 G

    Yellow Grass 120 G

    Orange Grass 100 G

    Purple Grass 120 G

    Indigo Grass 100 G

    Black Grass 10 G

    White Grass 150 G

    Chocolate 100 G

    RelaxTea Leaves 1000 G

    Small Fish 50 G

    Medium Fish 120 G

    Large Fish 200 G

    Pirate Treasure 10000 G

    Fossil of Fish 5000 G

    RedMagic Red 200 G

    Wool (S) 100 G

    Wool (M) 400 G

    Wool (L) 500 G

    Wool (G) 600 G

    Wool (P) 1000 G

    Wool (X) 2000 G

    Yarn (S) 300 G

    Yarn (M) 700 G

    Yarn (L) 800 G

    Yarn (G) 1000 G

    Yarn (P) 1500 G

    Yarn (X) 4000 G

    Bracelet 2000 G

    Necklace 2000 G

    Earrings 2000 G

    Broach 2000 G

    Junk Ore 1 G

    Copper 15 G

    Silver 20 G

    Gold 25 G

    Mystrile 40 G

    Orichalc 50 G

    Adamantite 50 G

    Mythic Stone 20000 G

    Pink Diamond 10000 G

    Alexandrite 10000 G

    Moon Stone 55 G

    Sand Rose 60 G

    Diamond 100 G

    Emerald 80 G

    Ruby 75 G

    Topaz 70 G

    Peridot 68 G

    Fluorite 65 G

    Agate 62 G

    Amethyst 60 G


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    Cliff Forgets Your Name!
    Ok if you have Cliff at a red heart and has the job at the winery, if you go down into the cellar and talk to cliff he'll say "I'm happy with my work. It's all thanks to you. <palyername>." This probably was just an erorr of the person doing the script because they spelled player wrong but its funny to think about.</palyername>
    doctor's invitation
    when doctor invites you at the starry night festival his invitation showed up like this: dear

    </p>,how are you?when you don't feel well,come to see me right away.by the way,tomorrow is the starry night festival.why don't we have a party with carter? I think your place is the most appropriate for it.of course i'll cook a feast for us.i'll be waiting for you at the clinic at 6pm.can you help me bring the food over. doctor

    maybe the </p>

    </p> stands for playername.
    it happened to me.</p>
    In your field set up a big line of wood or rocks then get on your horse (It needs to be mature) and push a cow or sheep to the edge of the wood. While your barn animal is still against the fence, run right into the animal on the opposite side if the wood with your horse(Instead of jumping the fence, your horse will bump into the animal and stop) and face either left or right (Whichever way is longer). Your character will walk backwards until she gets to the grass.
    Your File Will Suddenly Be Erased!!!
    Not sure if it was just me, but whenever I play consecutively for a few days (in reality, not in-game), my files vanish and the START logo is the only thing left. This happened 3 times, which led me to play the game every other two days. It worked - I managed to get married in 2 years - but then I found another glitch: Leave the game untouched for SO long, it vanishes too. That was pretty much the final straw, and well, I never played More Friends again. Try my solution if you ever encounter this problem.

    Easter eggs

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    When playing with your dog/horse. Whistle and run! They wont stop chasing you untill they reach you (resulting in an awsome game of tag) and they only stop if they touch you. Have fun playing tag!


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    Here are some information on the crops you can plant on your field. These info
    may also be found in Mineral Town Library. Remember to always water your plants
    so that their growth won't be stunted.

    1.) Turnip
    - Season: Spring
    - Days to ripe: 4
    - Can only harvest once
    - Cost per Seedbag: 120G
    - Selling price per crop: 60G
    - Profit per crop: 45G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

    2.) Potato
    - Season: Spring
    - Days to ripe: 7
    - Can only harvest once
    - Cost per seedbag: 150G
    - Selling price per crop: 80G
    - Profit per Crop: 61.25G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

    3.) Cucumber
    - Season: Spring
    - Days to ripe: 7
    - Can harvest again every 5 days
    - Cost per seedbag: 200G
    - Selling price per crop: 60G
    - Profit per crop: 35G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

    4.) Strawberry (limited item)
    - Season: Spring
    - Days to ripe: 8
    - Can harvest again every 2 days
    - Selling price per crop: 30G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 150G
    - Profit per crop: 11.25G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

    5.) Cabbage
    - Season: Spring
    - Days to ripe: 14
    - Can only harvest once
    - Selling price per crop: 250G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 500G
    - Profit per Crop: 187.5G
    - Where to buy seeds: Won's Shop/Zack's House

    6.) Tomato
    - Season: Summer
    - Days to ripe: 9
    - Can harvest again every 3 days
    - Selling price per crop: 60G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 200 G
    - Profit per Crop: 35G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

    7.) Corn
    - Season: Summer
    - Days to ripe: 14
    - Can harvest again every 3 days
    - Selling price per crop: 100G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 300G
    - Profit per Crop: 62.5G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

    8.) Pineapple
    - Season: Summer
    - Days to ripe: 20
    - Can harvest again every 5 days
    - Selling price per crop: 500G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 1000G
    - Profit per Crop: 375G
    - Where to buy seeds: Won's Shop/Zack's House

    9.) Onion
    - Season: Summer
    - Days to ripe: 7
    - Can only harvest once
    - Selling price per crop: 80G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 150G
    - Profit per Crop: 61.25G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

    10.) Pumpkin (limited item)
    - Season: Summer
    - Days to ripe: 14
    - Can only harvest once
    - Selling price per crop: 250G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 500G
    - Profit per Crop: 187.5G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

    11.) Egg Plant
    - Season: Fall
    - Days to ripe: 9
    - Can harvest again every 3 days
    - Selling price per crop: 80G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 120G
    - Profit per Crop: 65G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

    12.) Sweet Potato
    - Season: Fall
    - Days to ripe: 5
    - Can harvest again every 2 days
    - Selling price per crop: 120G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 300G
    - Profit per Crop: 82.5G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

    13.) Green Pepper
    - Season: Fall
    - Days to ripe: 7
    - Can harvest again every 2 days
    - Selling price per crop: 40G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 150G
    - Profit per Crop: 21.25G
    - Where to buy seeds: Won's Shop/Zack's House

    14.) Carrot
    - Season: Fall
    - Days to ripe: 7
    - Can only harvest once
    - Selling price per crop: 60G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 300G
    - Profit per Crop: 22.5G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

    15.) Spinach (limited item)
    - Season: Fall
    - Days to ripe: 5
    - Can only harvest once
    - Selling price per crop: 80G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 200G
    - Profit per Crop: 55G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket


    These are some plants which you can...er...plant in your farm! Most of these
    are flowers to...beautify your farm and all. Also, some can be shipped!
    This is for farm beautification or if you want the flowers to be closer so you
    can quickly give 'em to the townspeople. Also, unlike the boy version, these
    flowers can be sold directly to Won. Oh, and some flowers rejuvenate your
    stamina. I plant a lot of flowers and found that it takes longer for me to pass
    out. That's just me so I dunno about you. The flower that rejuvenates the most
    is the Autumn Red Magic Grass (not blue!). I recommend buying these if you're
    enough. The only important thing to buy here is GRASS for your animals. You'll
    need to water your flowers so their growth won't be stunted.

    1.) Pink Cat
    - Season: Summer
    - Days to bloom: 6
    - Cost per Seedbag: 300G
    - Where to buy: Won's Shop/Zack's House

    2.) Moon Drop Grass
    - Season: Spring
    - Days to bloom: 6
    - Cost per Seedbag: 500G
    - Where to buy: Won's Shop/Zack's House

    3.) Toy Flower
    - Season: Spring
    - Days to bloom: 12
    - Cost per Seedbag: 400G
    - Where to buy: Won's Shop/Zack's House

    4.) Magic Grass
    - Season: Fall
    - Days to bloom: 9
    - Selling price per plant: 200G (for RED flowers ONLY!)
    - Cost per Seedbag: 600 G
    - Profit per Crop: ???
    - Note: Red Magic Flowers grow at random so you have to plant A LOT
    of these Blue flowers to eventually have a red one.
    - Where to buy: Won's Shop/Zack's House

    5.) Farm Grass
    - Season: All but Winter
    - Days to grow: 11
    - Can cut again every 4 days
    - Cut with sickle to turn into fodder for cows and sheep
    - Cost per Seedbag: 500G
    - Where to buy: Supermarket
    4:44 PM
    If you have a clock and time 4:44 exactly then watch the T.V. you will see japanese characters and 4's repeatedly. I'm currently taking Japanese and it is saying 4時 (hour kanji) 44分minute kanji). Just a little random knowledge^.^
    ALL About Chickens!
    Chickens are the easiest animals to raise and the least expensive! (Excluding horse and dog, of course.) To get more chickens all you need is one, which you can buy at Pultry Farm for 1500G, and you can just keep putting eggs in the incubator. It takes 3 days for 1 egg to hatch and you can only put 1 egg in each incubator at a time. You start out with 1 incubator, but you can get 1 more if you ask Gotz to expand your chicken coop. (More about this later.)

    An expanded chicken coop has 8 feed boxes and has 3 incubators. This allows you to keep 8 chickens and hatch 2 eggs at the same time! It costs 5000G and 420 lumber to ask Gotz to expand your chicken coop.

    Baby chicks don't need to be fed, but adult chickens need to be fed 1 bushel of feed each day. Chicken feed is stored in a reddish coloured bin in your chicken coop. Just take the feed out of the bin and put it in the feed box. Feed is sold at the Pultry Farm for 10G per bushel. To make the food yourself, press the "a" button while holding corn (which you can plant in summer) and standing in front of the water mill next to the chicken coop. Each ear of corn makes 30 bushels of feed that automatically goes into your feed box! You must also pick up and put down your chickens each day.

    If you keep your chickens outside, you won't have to feed them at all! You don't even need to grow farm grass. Just put them outside and they will find worms and stuff to eat themselves. However, there are two disadvantages with this: the wild dogs that come out at night and the fact that you will have to run around the farm to pick up the eggs. The best way to protect against this is to build a small fence out of lumber and keep your chickens in there. The wild dogs can't jump the fence and the eggs will all be enclosed in the fence.

    If you take care of your chickens, their friendship towards you will increase. Go to the "earnings" screen in the pause menu or by pressing the "select" button to see their friendship. The more hearts below their names, the more they like you! The maximum is 10 hearts, the minimum in 0. By increasing your chicken's friendship, the quality of the eggs they lay will increase. Here is a simple guide to the quality of eggs...

    Source of egg quality guide: Ushi no Tane
    About the X eggs... I think there's a 1 in 255 chance of a P-egg-laying chicken to lay an X egg. But I'm not sure. And about the P eggs... 600 hours is about 25 days.

    Thank you for reading and I hope I helped! By the way, I will talk about the mayonnaise maker in another cheat and watch the tutorial in the pause menu for further information about chicken basic care!
    Best Friends!
    If you become friends with all of the girls in town and have all of the house extensions and the big bed, all of the girls will come over for a sleepover. But after realising they can't all fit they leave.

    Later if your still friends with them sometime in summer all of the girls will come to your house and you can cook what they ask for.

    Make sure you have alot of different ingredients because it's pretty hard to fufill all of their culinary needs X3
    You can break into Barley's house at night by going into may's yard and wait until midnight,then go inside and try to go upstairs; if you are not friends with them hannah will start barking and u cant, if u are friends u can go upstairs BUT THEY NEVER SLEEP, u will never get in trouble for this lol
    Corn Mill
    Next to the chicken house you will see a mill if you grow corn and it makes chicken feed !
    Easy Mining
    Instead of saving your harvest moon game in 2 slots, you can save it in just one.
    I found the 2 slots too hard to do and confusing so I saved my game when i went in the mine.
    I found where the stairs were and then loaded my game and went back to where the stairs were and only used my hhoe there.
    I then went down the stairs and saved my game at the next level.
    I kept doing that and it uses a minimum amount of energy.
    Im doing it right now and Im up to level 20.
    I know thats low but I just started doing it then. Its kind of like the 2 slots cheat but alot easier.
    I hope it helps you
    Easy way to get Kai to at least a green heart in ONE SEASON!!
    Mmmkay, so Kai is pretty hard (is what everyone says) and I read over and over in many websites and a lot of people say it's hard for begginers. I don't think its hard at all! If you follow what I did, I'm sure you can marry Kai in the second year! (I'm not sure yet cause my brother wanted to play, so I have to wait a few days and find out, lol.)

    I began the game by working my butt off to get gold. My goal was to get 10,000 gold by Spring 18. So what I did was I went down by Gotz hose, and got all the blue grass. I did the same by where the Goddess lives (Waterfall area). (BE SURE TO GIVE THE GODDESS 1 FLOWER A DAY, BUT AFTER SHE GIVES YOU A POWERBERRY, WAIT UNTIL SUMMER!) I sold the things, and went down the hill by Sunny Lake (I think that's what its called) and got all the bamboo shoots. I did this each day without buying a new rucksack, until I got 5,000g. I bought a basket, and kept working to get another 5,000g. When it was time for the horse races, I emptied my basket, and went to the horse races. (BEFORE YOU GO, SAVE!!!!) I remembered who won each race, and turned off my game, and then went back to my file. I bet all my money on the person who won the first race, and I got a bunch of medals, (about 1,200) and I exchanged and got necklaces, and put necklaces in my basket until it was full. I went home after the races and shipped them. I had made over 60,000g! On Spring 28, I bought 3 bags of pineapple seeds at Won's shop, and then I started giving the Harvest Goddess flowers again.

    On Summer 1, I planted the pineapples, watering them each day. I continued to give the Harvest Goddess flowers, and each day I gave Kai...
    -1 Honey
    -1 Grape (on ocassion)
    -&& ALWAYS 1 bottle of wine (300g at the AJA Winery)

    I gave them to him at the beach, aand then talked to him, and then, I followed him into his shop, and talked to him twice, then I bought a snowcone, or spaghetti.

    When the goddess granted me a wish, and asked if iliked a boy... blah blah blah... I was at a pink heart, and I think it was the 9th. I continued to do what I did, but I stopped visiting the Harvest Goddess (no point for me anymore) Pretty soon I was a a blue heart... and then a green heart a few days before his birthday!! On his birthday, the pineapples were grown by then, so I gave him 3 pineapples.


    Heart events:
    Black heart- When Kai asks, "What do you think about a guy who doesn't live with his family," say "Who cares?"

    Pink Heart- One day when you go into his shop, he'll ask you about your farm, and then what you grow. Say a LOT of pineapples, and he will go on of how he loves pineapples.


    If you follow this (sorry it's long) I can garuntee you'll be at a green heart by the end of summer. :3 Hope I helped!
    Female Husband?
    After you get married talk to Ann twice. The second time you talk to her she will say, "Tell HER hi for me."
    Funny typos
    When Cliff has a red heart for you, go to his work (when hes in the basement of the winery) and he will say "Im happy with my work. and its all thanks to you <palyername>
    Yeah this isnt really a typo but when people said Gray and Won and such speak japanise i didnt believe them but when you play the apple game Won will ask you "yes" or "no" and the "yes" will look like "LiLi" because its japanise
    In year 3, either fall or winter, when the mayor is standing at the post board thing talk to him and he will repeat a word (cant remember which one)

    I know theres more thats all i can remember</palyername>
    Get a power berry and increase heart level
    Okay the first thing you have to do is befriend the harveszt goddess. I know it sounds hard but its not. Just give the havest goddess a flower once a day. After 10 days she'll give you a power berry which is good because it helps you last longer working. Give her more flowers after that everyday and later she'll ask if you like somone say yes and she'll ask you who. The next day that person will have a higher heart level. For example orange to red. She'll ask you if you like 6 people. But you only choose one. (For some reason the harvest goddess included kappa *blech*)
    Trust me this works. Right now I'm in year 1 fall and I have upgraded my house 2 times, have a kitchen and some cooking utensils(this includes mostly all the things from the shopping network), upgraded chicken coop and barn, and most importantly I have Cliff at yellow heart.
    Glitch: Are you marrying a girl or guy according to Mary
    When you get a blue feather from the store if you go to the library and show it to Mary (don't worry you will only be showing it to her it won't disappear or anything.)She will say "Congratulations! You should really keep that fresh for an important girl though." This is funny because you can only marry a boy in more friends of mineral town no girls.I hope you try it and get a laugh out of it.
    Harvest Goddess New Year Game win 100 times!
    Before you choose whether the number will be higher or lower, save the game in one slot. If you gave the wrong answer, load the game again and choose a different option... There is no assurance that if the number will be lower than 5, it will be higher and the other way around. After winning, save the game again and do the same thing... After all of this, you will manage to win 100 times in a row and recieve a book from the harvest goddess... Good luck! I hope I helped...
    How To Get 50k
    Ok, When You Go ToThe Horse Race Around 10 save your game then go to the horse race look at the race do not bid then who ever wins write it down then after the 3 people who won load your game over the one u saved for horse race then the 3 people who won the horse race bid about 43tokens on each if your the third person bid 99tokens when you bided on the first person go on to the second person then 3 ok then buy broaches trust me i did it got 55k Hope I Helped!
    How to get Golden Lumber(52,000) free (and very easy)
    On winter second, year 2 when you wake up in the morning go outside and the mayor will be there. Like in the first year he will ask you for something becasue he was bragging to another mayor but this year its only WHITE GRASS! Get the white grass by going down the bridge under your house and go into the small path directly to your left (almost hidden) at the end of the path there will be the white grass. pick it up and wait at your house for 7:00. Then the mayor will come and pick it up and give you the GOLDEN LUMBER! Then make sure you have the full Rucksack (9 spaces) and make sure you can sell to Won (must give him 7 gold ores, leave the store, and come back to sell to him) and then sell the Gold Lumber for a whoopin 52,000!! (its also in winter so u can make 3,000 in a day)
    Sorry I made it so long its noob friendly i guess. Hope it helped!
    How to get gray fast in spring and summer of the first year
    The first thing you need to know about gray is he loves ores exept junk ores give him a ore everyday the higher ore you give to him the faster you'll get him.Keep away from the blacksmith shop if you see the seen where marry helps him when he gets cut they will fall in love it is not a good thing especially when you are at a black heart. Next his heart should turn purple after 2or3 weeks.then 3 weeks later it will turn blue once its on blue it will be safe to go in the blacksmith shop again and you won't have to see the seen when they fall in love. 4 weeks later you will get to green then yellow after that orange and finally... RED!!!!! and congrats i hope i helped no lies on this one i relized it is't so hard to get him after all ps. don't listen to the other people if you give him any type of plants he will call you a jerk and your guys relation ship will go down good luck
    the following is a list of what he loves to get him fast:
    .all ores exept junk
    .Baked corn (all you do is get corn and bake it in the oven or buy it at kai's shop)
    .Eggs not boiled
    .Choclates wrapp them (the more presents you wrapp at him the more your relationship goes up)
    .buy things at the blacksmiths shop a lot of points go up if you buy things he made
    How to get Rick in 2 years
    Frist you must buy a chicken and take it's eggs to the springs by the mine you can use all year and throw it in to make spa-oiled egg. (He loves it.) Then once you get to a blue heart up grade your house and then just give him one flower a day. Then up grade your house again and then buy a big bed and a blue feather.

    Hope this really helped
    Bye now!
    Imortal Animals
    Ok, you know later in the game your animals have to die. Well in order to keep them living is that you have to save the game before you go to bed.Then if you see the scene where Carter is saying we pray for the death of (animal name) it lived a happy life or something like that. If you see that scene then restart your game and go to bed again then the scene wont happen. (this works for sick animals too)
    The easiest people to marry are Doctor and Gray and Rick ... all you have to do is give Gray sticks and he'll happily take them o O Give Doctor grasses and he also likes fish. Don't give him Large/Medium fish - he "likes" them, but he loves small fish. Rick likes eggs and if you befriend Popuri (Give her weeds) and his mom. If you're a beginner, don't try to marry Cliff or Kai, because Kai only comes in the summer and likes pineapples, which takes like ... 20 days to grow. Cliff likes homemade foods, but it takes a while to get the kitchen - but if you want, go for him. I'm not sure if he's that good of husband, though ...

    When you get married/getting married, talk to the girls (Mary, Popuri, Ann, etc) - they call your husband a girl
    Marrying Rick ...
    Simple. All you have to do is befriend Lillia and Popuri. I became fast friends with Lillia, all I did was give her blue grass and purple grass. (Grows on the beach in Summer.) To befriend Popuri, I gave her weeds. Once I got richer, I gave her honey. When I was rich enough to buy a chicken, I gave Rick spa-boiled eggs. I was best friends with Popuri, Rick (Obviously ...), Lillia, and Karen.

    Note of advice - My game just recently restarted and erased all of my memory! If you have any questions regarding Harvsest Moon, I'll be more than happy to help. E-mail me at cheesieninja@cs.com

    Please type right, though! I can't understand chatspeak!!
    most of these....
    cheats that are not about the bachlors happened to me in my first year, 'cept the nothing bought till winter cheat, but yeah. what surprized me tho, i had the power go out on the 2nd day.

    and Cliff does not hate flowers, i got him to a purple heart in spring with nothing but flowers. and if you're savin some money, it IS possible towin a boy over with flowers and things like that. with the eception of grey, give him branches.

    also, the little sprites, you can give them the wrong color of grass, and they'll still like it.

    for beginners, i say befriend ellen, carter and barley first off. you'll need them later on. if you befriend barley first, you have a less chance of the horse getting taken away and your popularity going down.throw flowers in the harvest godesses' spring everyday, and if ya don't know where it is, its by the spring mine or the hot spring. and ya dont have to always go for grey the first time you play. all the guys are the same, most just think grey is easier because he likes brances that are there all year long. i compared, with the non-life i have this summer, that grey takes as long as kai or cliff. and you dont have to give kai wine or pinapples everyday of your summer, just give him flowers. remember, you have to meet all the bachlor requierments before you can marry them, so take your time.

    one more thing, i know there is a cheat out there where you can get everything you need and more the second day. i've seen it happen, but noone that i've asked tells me how to do this...
    If the rival ( a girl) of your guy is in love...........you have to be nice to the girl to atleast get to the wedding if you dont they wont invite you and they'll make up some dumb excuse why they didnt invite you.

    Rick- Karen is your rival, she likes Bamboo Shoot or Wine
    Doctor- Elli is your rival, she likes Milk, flower or herbs
    Gray- Mary is your rival, she likes Herbs (any color)
    Cliff- Ann is your rival, she likes Boiled Egg
    Kai- Popuri is your rival and think fast because they really like each other and kai is only here for the summer........oh and popuri likes Egg or Flower

    Elli- Is in love with Doctor (complicates things a bit)

    Karen- Rick has kind of a crush on her. So does Won but he's way out of her league.

    Ann- Hates dresses and perfume

    Popuri- Is kind of dating Kai

    Mary- Is kind of dating Gray

    P.S. In year one Duke will ask you to pick grapes for wine and Cliff is the only one who will help you and if you dont ask him he will move away so ASK HIM!! and it will ruin the chances of marrying him!
    Simple Cash
    Once you can play won's apple game beat it as much as you can. He will give you a mystery flower for winning. It says to give it to th harvest goddess but sell it to him instead he will pay you up to $87,000 and all you have to do is beat 10 rounds of his game> Enjoy!


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    The Perfect Farm/ The Best Farm Ever!
    To get the best out of your farm you have to only clear the weeds where ever you want to grow crops. (I suggest you plant you crops near to each other.)Plant a lot of corn in the summer so that when you buy chickens you will have a lot of chicken feed. Plant a lot of grass and harvest it Spring-Fall and you have enough fodder to last you the whole winter and until your grass grows back because I planted my grass in year 2 and now it's year 4 or 5 and after every winter the grass always grows back. get a cow or a sheep. Sheep love you very easily and cows give you milk every day. (Really helps if you're marring the doctor.)Get every thing from TV shopping so you can watch St Emeralds Academy on Friday and not listen to the annoying TV shopping show.


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    † Cliff †
    All about CLIFF ****


    Birthday: Summer 6

    Likes:Curry Rice , Homemade Recipies,Curry Recipies

    *invite him to work or else he will leave MINERAL

    town...........on fall 14 year 1



    wahahahahahah GOOD LUCK WITH clIFF