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All 86 Ham Chat Words
This is all 86 Ham Chat words! Not how to get them but to see which ones you have and which you need to get. Here they are:
bestest fantastic
bizzaroo strange
blanko forget
blash-t angry
bloat-t bloated
bluhoo sad
blushie embarrass
bye-q good bye
chukchuk give up
clingie hang
dazzlie beautiful
delin-q bad
digdig dig
dingding realize
fend-d defend
flipflop switch
fussfuss worry
gasp-p oh no
gofor goal
gogo ride
goodgo good luck
go-p bathroom
gossip-p small talk
greatchu great
hambond hambond
hamboree party
hamcheer congrats
hamha greeting
hamigos best pals
hamlift piggyback
hampact promise
hamscope aim
hamspar rival
hamtast perfect
hamteam cooperate
hardihar laugh
heyhoo call out
hifhif sniff
hulahula lollygag
jamout play music
koochi-q pretty
lalalala sing
libert-t freedom
lookie see
lost-t lose
lovedove cherished
luck-e lucky
mega-Q big
might-t strong
minglie play
noknok knock
no-p no
nopookie dislike
offdoff remove
oopsie sorry
pakapaka bite
passchat tell
perksie listen
pooie uncool
pushie shove
putput put
rubrub polish
scoochie climb
scrit-t scratch
scrub-e clean
sesam-e open
smoochie love
snorklie deep
stead-e solid
stickie poke
swellie it's ok
tack-q roll
tadah show
thank-q thank you
thump-p startle
tinglie tingle
tiptop excellent
tran-q peace
trust-t reliable
tuggie tug
twirlie twirl
vast-t wide
wait-q wait
wake-q wake up
yep-p yes
zuzuzu sleep
Can't find a rock room?
Go into Boo Manor and go into the basement. Stop right when you get to the bottom of the stairs. You will see a big crack in the wall. Tack-Q it once and it will open. There's the missing rock room!
Dance Contest Class A
I've been in this situation many times, and it's really hard to figure out how to beat this contest. But here is all you have to do to win, do these dance moves in this order:

I guarantee this'll work and if it don't then you did it wrong cause this is the way I did it and I won. The trick is at the end of the hula song, Dizzy for You, you'll here a laaaaa sound and that's what the judges mean by a chorus.
Deafeat Spat at Wildwoods
Get a rubberband from the sales hamster and after Spat ruins the wedding go to the swamp.

Heyhoo to him and he will throw a forked stick at you. Pick that up and talk to the hamster that invents things and tell him putput and he will put the rubber band and stick together to make a slingshot.

When the hamster throws rock at you with his slingshot he will teach you hamscope. Shoot a rock at him and he will go away then go back to the swamp and try to shoot a rock at spat. He will jump out of the way. Try again but shoot it at the bees nest above him and the bees will get angry and make him fall into the swamp causing the aligator to chase him. Get the marble and give it back to the people at the wedding.
Defeat Spat at Boo Manor
Learn Hamspar from Dexter then light the fire in the room with the 2 couches then when the 2 old people come up say Tack-Q (I think if not try them all) I think that you have to do about 2-3 tries for this to work then you with learn Pushie and Noknok and somewhere where there is no doors say pushie and then a door will open and Hamtaro and Howdy will be in a cage get the 2 Hamsters near the elevater the green one will open the cage their love will be restored use hamlift th pulla rope go through the mirror on the other side of the room. you will be asked a question then you will have to pick a dresser pick the one with the sunflower seed then go again and in one dresser there will be a Hamster pick her then she will go out and her love with her boyfriend will be restored. then play the scrubie game and win the gold card go to the next floor and then say pushie next to the green ghost Hamster or a litle farther over but stay on that wall try to play the piano when you go in then someone will come out and teach you then give you a song then go rescue dexter then say Tack-Q to the wall where you saw the ghost go through on the top floor answer her questions right spat will scome out say flipflop then nookie (or whatever its called) and the host will turn in imto a cat and scare spat away. Hope this help.
Defeat Spat at Fun Land
Once you have met the hamster with the robot, you have to try to go on every ride at the park. Since you cannot, due to Spat's visit, go to the east side of the park (the place with the cart full of balloons). Then start looking past the trees that look like hamsters. When you find an opening, go in. Inside you will find Spat and two other hamsters. You must know Papaka to do this. Use Papaka on the hamster in ropes. You will free him. Ham-O-Matic is who the hero really is. (Ham-O-Matic is the robot you first meet when you first come to Fun Land) Ham-O-Matic will be in the room with Spat and the freed hamster. Go outside the room with Spat and go to the garbage can. Tack-Q it and Hif Hif the trash that falls out. Then go to the same room with Spat and the other two hamsters. Say Chukchuk to Spat and you will automatically throw the trash you picked up on Spat. Then run fast to Ham-O-Matic (he'll be near the exit to the room) then tell him Scrub-E. He will go over to Spat, pick him up, then take him away. The other hamsters will thank you and now you can go on rides.
Defeat Spat in Boo Manor
Get to the 4th floor of Boo Manor. Go all the way to the left until you get to the dead end. A ghost will go through the wall and bijou will loudly wonder if there's anything behind the wall. (she gives WAAAAY too many hints.) Tack-Q the wall 2 times and it will crumble. Go stand on the ham-tiles and a ghost wearing a tux will appear & will tell you to take the final test. *this is easy!!! the questions are all about hamsters, like do hamsters turn into rabbits as they get older? or is chocolate good for hamsters? EASY!!!! but if you miss a question, you get dumped back in the lobby on the 1st floor* when you finish, Spat (along with his awesome theme song) will appear and start tickle-torturing the ghost. Say flipflop and the ghost will try to scare Spat away, with no success. Go to the 2nd floor and learn nopookie(dislike) from either of the old ghost hams. Now say nopookie to the ghost and he'll turn into a cat and chase Spat into Wildwoods. Afterwards, the thankful ghost will give you 5 rocks as a reward. Bye-Q!
Defeating Spat
Once you get past the ham guarding the door, talk to Spat then Hamscope the Haminator 3000. It won't work, so he will send a tornado flying toward you. You are forced to leave. Then go to the clubhouse and say Chukchuk to Harmony, then hamteam. If your heart meter is filled up enough she will give you love shots. Go back to Spat Tower and shoot the haminator. It still won't work. Avoid the haminators attacks, until he stops and opens his mouth. When he does this hurry up and hamscope the love shots in his mouth, and if done right, you should have defeated Spat.
fun land deafeat
need help in fun land deafeting spat? first at the start of fun land the robot will say hi. then talk to the guy beside it he will show you a demonstration for the ham-o-matic. he'll toss some trash out. the ham-o-matic will scrub-e it when it's done run up to the trash can tack-q it trash will pop out. go up to it and hif-hif it you'll get it. then go right, and up 2 spaces you'll see the rides not working. then go back down 2 spaces. down in the right corner behind the tree, you'll see an empty space go in it thats the control room. spat is in there he messed up the rides. pakapaka the ropes on the blue hamham so he can get free.he'll go up to spat. spat will hit him. talk to the blue hamham he'll say go heyhoo the owner of the ham-o-matic to get help. say yep-p.then go out then up to the ferris wheel,then go left a green hamham is mad because the teacups are not working. then go back to the ham-o-matic and heyhoo. he'll go to the control room, follow him. you'll see the green hamham running back and forth talk to him. say yep-p. he'll start talking you'll learn a word, chukchuk. then go back to the control room the ham-o-matic will be in there. he doesn't work. go up to spat say chukchuk you'll toss trash on him say scrub-e to ham-o-matic he'll take him somewhere ham-o-matic and the owner will talk. you saved a love the hamhams will go to the controls then everythings back to normal.
GEMS!Teahing how to get GEMS!
These are in order!Here they are: Uni-star is in Spat Tower:the unique uni star makes dreams come true:***** stars

Peace moon is in Boo Manor: is a unique crecent-shape stone:***** Stars

Sun Stone is in the wildwoods:A unique flame looms inside,but it's not hot!:*****stars

Wave stone is in Sandy Bay:This unique ston has waves imitating the sea:*****stars

ice stone is in Funland:crystals shine playfully in this unique stone:***** stars

Rainbow Stone is in Sunny Peak:A unique stone thats as colorful as a rainbow:***** stars

Garnet is in Sandy bay and Boo Manor:This stone has the power to heal.January gem.:** stars

Amethyst is in Sunny Peak and Boo Manor:For instinct and true love.
February gem:** stars

Aquamarine is in Sandy Bay,Funland,and Boo Manor:Soothing stone that can restore youth.March gem:*** stars

Diamond is in Spat Tower,Wildwoods,and Funland:The most desired of all gems.April gem.:**** stars

Emerald is in Spat Tower,Wildwoods,and Sunny Peak:Deep green,it soothes souls.May gem.:**** stars

Pearl is in Spat Tower Sunny Peak and Sandy Bay:Milky in color,,it evokes charm.June gem.:*** stars

Ruby is in wildwoods and Sunny peak:The red color earned its nameas the queen.July gem.:**** stars

Peridot is in wildwoods, Sunny peak Spat tower.:Green stone lift ones spirits.August gem.:** stars

Sapphire is in Sandybay,Spat Tower,Sunny Peak,and Boo Manor.:Blue stone opens the mind and Soul.September Gem.:**** stars

Opal is in Sandy Bay,Sunny Peak.:Lustrous stone unlocks Cupids powers of love.October gem.;*** stars

I can't type any more!More Next Time!!!

Getting 'goodgo'
In Funland, go to the DigDig it game. Right beside the prize list, say 'hamteam'. The big hamster in charge will then give you goodgo.
Getting Medicine Berry
When you find Bog with his monkey, talk to him and go up to where the purple berry is and use Hamscope to defeat the birds. They will drop the berry and then you use it for the monkey. To do this you have to go to the wildwoods.
Getting over the Gate to defeat spat
Getting over the gate to get to spat is really easy the hard part is only getting bijou to give you the hint (not: you need the hama-pult the inventor makes in wild woods to be complete before you can get over to spat) Ok to get bijou to say the hint for the inventor to know stand on the pile of leaves out side the gate and say all the hamchat words in order of the list. after bijou should say something like it doesn't seem possible to get over you need to be able to fly after that go to the inventor in wild woods and say hama he will reply and click yep-p and that should work to get you over the gate.
Getting the pinapple
Ok so you are in Sandy bay and you the soccer coach told you that you can play if you get them a ball (a pinapple) so go to the two hamsters above the court and you will learn tinglie than go back to the hamster do bestest than you learn dazzlie than say tinglie and he will give you the pinapple. give it to the coach
Ghost In Funland
When you go on the super coaster there will be ghosts with you on the ride!
Hamchat Words
I'll try to give all the hints on how to get all the ham-chat words.

Hamha, Hif-hif, Tack-Q, Dig Dig, Yep-P, No-P, Stickie, Lookie, Scoochie, Scrit-T:

You already learn in the beginning. Check the ham-ham dictionary when you are done learning the basics from Boss.


Learn from sunny peak at the tree stump by Oxnard. (You will hear a hamstar from far away.)


You learn from Oxnard while talking to him.


You learn it in Sunny Peak, After you crossed the river you will see movement in the bushes nearby. Stickie it and a hamster will come out and say "ahhh blushie".


You will learn the word when you ride on top of the newspaper, strap and hankercheif (you get to keep strap cuz you got it dirty). A hamster will come out of nowhere and yell at you.


You will learn it when you see a duck (pottey trainer) in the water. Seamore will ask for your help removing it.


You will learn it while going to the right of where you first see where you cross the river. Talk to the hamster nearby.


You will learn it from the hamster by the huge rock beside Bijou. On the right side.


Learn when you rescue Bijou.


One of the hamsters where all the sunflowers are. They will make Hamlift up. (You need Bijou to learn the word)


Learn from Pepper.


learn when you save the love between Oxnard and Pepper.


From the brothers when you save their love. (The child by the cave doors and hamster you learn pakapaka from)


When you get the pottey trainer and give to the brother. They will open the cave doors and you will learn Sesam-E.


From the guy who you learned putput from except you need to actually ride the boat with the battery.


When you save the sunflower ham from spat at sunny-peak.


From the two hams hidden inside the cave. Must ride cart and swith railings to find them.


At clubhouse.


Two hams that are right at the screen when you get to Sandy Bay.


At sunny peak where you learned hamlift (when they are both lying on the floor).


Sailors wife by the tanning hamster. She will tell you when you say Lovedove to her.


When you save the real pashmina she will tell you.


When you save enough loves.


Story telling ham at the hula contest when you Heyhoo him after seeing the problem between the Pashmina's.


When you tack-q him. By the games at Funland.


At the screen when you first arrive at Funland. Where the ham and robot are.


When you Tack-Q the cart of balloons a hamster will fall from the balloons and say stuff to you.


At Boo Manor where the front desk is.


After you save the love between the robot and ham.


The mad ham by the cart of balloons walking back and forth.


By the popcorn stand


Two ghost hams at boo manor that appear when you create a fire at the fireplace.
hidden sunflower seeds at spat tower
1 and 2-if you stickie the piles of machine parts on the left and right of the big-eared ham,radar, you get 25 seeds!
3-if you tac-q the dresser next to the couple watching tv,you get 8 seeds!
how to get legandary spoon
To get the legandery spoon you need three marbles
red blue and green to get them get so many points in stickie note for the green . for th blue go to the pail at sandy bay and digdig and for the red get it off spat
How to get "Greatchu."
You need to beat the dance contest and be the champion. Next, go to the green hamster on the dance island and he will teach you "Greatchu."
How to get "Hamboree"
Get cappy to give the acorn cap back and you will learn "Hamboree."
How to Get Bye-q
Go to Wildwoods and go to the place where saw the wedding. Go left and Minglie with the crying child. When you are done, you will learn Bye-q.
How to get Koochi-Q, Blash-T, & Delin-Q
Go to Fun Land and turn right, then walk up to the balloon cart and tack-Q it. A girl hamster (Ham Pink) will almost fly away. She'll talk to you and say Koochi-Q. Now go back to the entrance area and head up toward the game places. Tack-Q Ham Red, who's standing nearby. He'll get mad and say Blash-T. Finally, go into one of the gameshops.(I'm 99% positive it's Tic-tac-Q)Go and Stickie the ham wearing the totally pooie bowtie. He'll tell you Delin-Q. Thank-Q!
How to get rid of spat at boo manor
To get to boo manor you have to complete fun land.Once you're in there , go uo and you will see spat go in. Talk to the ham at the door. He will say you need an ID card. Go back and pick up the flyer then go to the pipe and digdig. you will be at hamswap say blash ,t twice and buy the card. go into the manor. Heyhoo the old ham and he will teach you Thump p . Say tadah or lookie and he will give you a bronze key. Go right , past the door then through the next door and pick up the paper. you will have had to learn go p for this . go up to one of the mirrors andsay go p walk into the mirror. fight the ghost by stickieing him 3 times and hifhif the card key , more later!
how to get the ham-chat word ham-tast
In Sunny Peak in that black cave thing outside there is a rope-ladder go up and you will see panda he is building the bridge give him your rope and three boards he will call you in a minute and he will say to you ham-tast.
How to get the star key
I search for a long time to get this. First you need to defeat Spat. When he go, harmony will come and say that you saved all the hamsters and then there will be a quite long movie or song and wait until it finish then harmony said that there is a broken heart hamster outside and you need to save him. It is easy, just go to the rich hamster and say pooie(you learn it from Spat)then he will give you a receipt. It says Poiee Earrings:1 banana stone, 1 ammonite, 2 glass bead. That time you already have a banana stone so no need to search. You can find the glassbead in the cave in Sunny Peak, go inside(don't go into the room with key)look left, you can see a stone on the ground. Hif-Hif it, then it is a glassbead,do this twice coz you need two glassbeads. For the ammonite, it is in the same position in Sandy Bay.
I wish I help... I am not really sure of it but if you believe me you can try.
Please send E-mail to me if you have any problem with this.
How to get the Star Key to free the hamsters in the rock room in Spat's tower
Well go to wild wild woods and there is that place right on the right (above the science lab thing) Go in there and there are these passages in one of them is like this king hamster he aks you for that thing in sandy bay that you got for tac-q ing the rocks well give it too him and then say pooie (you learn it from Panda after he repairs the bridge)he will ask you for the pooie earings you get them from the clubhouse in that jewlrey room get them give them to him and he will give you the star key.
How to help Stan,Sandy, and Maxwell
Say hamha to Stan and he will teach you hamteam.Then try to get Maxwell to stop reading, it won't work, then go back to Stan and do it two more times. and say no-p after the third attempt, say blash-T to Stan,then to Maxwell, who it doesn't work on. Talk to Stan, say no-p and Stan will promise Sandy that he'll try not to flirt with girls while they were there. She'll be happy and they'll teach you "minglie" (meaning play). Say it to Maxwell and he'll go back to Stan and Sandy, and His and Sandy's love will be restored!
How to learn the word knock-knock
In boo manor there is a room with these two old hamsters go in there and say hamha thery will say knock knock
How to learn tran-q
you learn tran-q by saving nine loves. You go to the clubhouse where harmony is. Say hamha and she will give you Tran-q
How to Restore Oxnard and Pepper's love
You need to have saved Bijou to work. You need to have said a certain word (I can't remember which one )to the two ham-hams that were trying to get Sunflower Seeds at Sunny Peak. And they will teach you hamlift. If you already talked to Oxnard, then I'm sure you know bluhoo (meaning sad). Go to the REALLY BIG Sunflower that Pepper was on and say hamlift. Bijou will talk to Pepper. Tell Pepper "bluhoo" and she will feel bad and teach you "Oopsie". Follow her to find her and Oxnard making up.They will then teach you "gossip-p" (meaning small talk)
Last Boo Manor couple
To get the last couple you will need to go to the secret room where the strong hamsters bent the bars of the trap. Pull the rope to the right and you will see a mirror. walk through that mirror so you are in a room with a bunch of wardrobes.When the hamster asks you if you want to play a game say Yep-P. When the insides of the wardrobes flash go to the wardrobe with something pink in side. Nok-nok on it and it will open with a hamster inside. You will be thrown out and the hamsters will unite. You will also learn Dingding.
Lost-T Wallet in Funland
After you have learned Ding-Ding, go to the family by the popcorn stand. Then say "ding-ding" to the father and he will run off. Go to the super coaster and go on the ride with him. Go up to him and say "lost-t" and he will run off again. Go to the garden spot by the ferris wheel, he will be there. Then go by the butterfly and say "hamha". The butterflies will scatter and the father will remember where he left his wallet (in the garden).
need sunflower seeds?? i know where all of them are!!!
1.location:clubhouse/music room
how to get them-Boss will show you tack-q, then you tack-q the plant and you will get 10 seeds.
2.location-Sunny Peak/Bijou's hiding spot
how to get them-i went out of order for this....well, the seeds are NEXT to Bijou's hiding spot-so follow where Bijou went then hiff hiff the seeds!
3.location:clubhouse/music room
how to get them-Move to where Boss showed you digdig, then..well..digdig!!
4.location:Sunny Peak/log
how to get them-go up near the log and you'll see seeds.hiff hiff them of course!! Duh!
5.location:Sunny Peak/tilting sunflower
how to get them-go up the log where you found the other seeds, then you find two hamsters and a tilting sunflower. Before you talk to the hamsters and learn hamlift, keep tack-q ing the sunflower. Later on in the game, when the hamsters turn fat, you can hamlift with bijou on the sunflower and get 20 seeds!!
6.location-Sunny Peak/digdig spot
how to get them-well...whenever you see spots like brown patches..digdig!!!
7.location-Sunny Peak/Pepper's Big Sunflower
how to get them-either scoochie up, or tack-q the sunflower.
8.location-Sunny Peak/Bijou's Hiding Spot
how to get them-NOW i'm talking about Bijou's exact hiding spot!!!!Once you find out how to get Bijou(i know how but i'm the sunflower girl!!)her hiding spot will have some seeds. hiff hiff them, then go to the next part of the land. Hiff hiff these seeds too!
9.location-Sunny Peak/little patch of land
how to get them-this requires the boat you pakapaka-ed. Drive over next door, where you'll find another dock. Jump off the boat and hiff hiff the seeds. There are more though!! Go to the next piece of the land and you'll find more seeds!!(Plus a rock!)
10.location-Sunny Peak/very big tree
how to get them-tack-q that big tree next to where Oxnard is sitting. An acorn will pop out! Acorns are like sunflower seeds too right?? At least they can be traded for seeds...by Seedric! Just hiff hiff his cap and you can trade with him!
Well every1,thats it for today. I'll keep posting other seed hideouts soon though!!!!
Keep squeaking-
P.S.I know all about Ham-Ham Heartbreak!! Just email me at either xguineapigx@yahoo.com or X0squeaker0x@aol.com see yA soon!!
Ripped Journal Page About a Mirror
You know that ripped journal page you get at boo manor in the room with a bunch of mirrors well if you go to the 2nd rectangular mirror in the back row (From the left side over)And Go-P the fake hamtaro will run away and the mirror becomes a door!
When you rub-rub rocks, it becomes a type of stone that youu can use to make accesorious later on in the game. Don't make to many items with the stones cuz better ones come along the way and plus sometimes your not far enough in the game to make certain items with the stone so youu wasted all the sunflower seeds youu could have used on ham boutigue items for your opening page screensaver and pics!

If you learn any words from Harmony, say them for the Ham-Chat Contest, and you could win a key for those rock caves. In them are a bunch of rocks, but there's a giant rock in the middle, it's 1 the rarest ever!
Sandy bay island: Pashmina and Penelope
When you arrive at the island, you will see Pashmina pulling on Penelope's drape thing,requesting to borrow it.But she finally just let go.Go talk to Penelope.Pashmina made her cry.Then go to the left.There will be Penelope jumping on Pashmina's scarf.Then, when Penelope goes elsewhere, pick up her scarf.She'll get it.That does not make any sense, because Pashmina said she'd never make Penelope cry. So go left again and Spat( He took off his costume) will enter the hula dance competition.Then you get the song,the green-blue hamster in the restaurant before the dance floor.Then enter, and you will see Pashmina in front of the mirror.(How'd she get there so fast) then, suspicious,make her mad, like, tack-Q, stickie, scrit-T, until she say <<pfpth>> and then she'll run outdoors. Follow her at the high view on the ocean.Then the two Pashminas will fight over Penelope.Spat is actuallly the right Pashmina but you have to go see elder ham at the restaurant to be able to solve this.He'll tell you to tuggie.Then say that to any of the three( Spat,Pashmina, and Penelope) and they'll start to tuggie her.Spat will win, but Penelope will recognize her pal.Then she'll get mad and push Spat over the barrier surrounding the point view and he'll fall in the ocean, chased by a big fish! Pashmina and Penelope will teach you Snorklie, that means deep.
Sandy Bay:Husband and Wife
The hamster that gives you sunflowerseeds for jars,wants a Hybiscus.Heyhoo the Captian .........
...(her hubby!!!)go to the hula dance contest on the island. Win 1st and get a Hybiscus!!!Ta-da it to the captain. He will automatically take you to Sandy Bay.He will give it to the Wife,she will be
happy and you will save thier love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(you could have heard all of this from Snoozer!)
Stuck In Boomanor???
This is the HARDEST part of the game. You learn blast-t from Hamred in Funland and now you go up a pipeline thing in Boo Manor. You get the card and go in. Talk to the sleeping hamster. He gives you another card. Go up the elevator. Now talk to Howdy and Dexter. Finally I think you follow Dexter. You go in the trap door. Then you go and find two old hamsters. Talk to them and they will teach you two new words. Now I think on the 2nd floor you have to go to your left until you come to an empty wall. Use your new words and you will find Hamtaro and howdy in a cage. There is a rope behind. Pull it and that's how you beat boo manor. The rest is so easy if you read what the hamsters say.
Sunflower Seed Hideouts2
Here I am again, and this time I'm gonna post all of the seeds in Funland and Spat Tower!
1.location:funland/angry dude
how to get them: When you first enter Funland, go right then up, and you'll see this angry hamster. Talk to him and he'll ask if you want to listen to him. Say yep-p then he'll be happy. Talk to him again and he'll give you an acorn. Then leave the area and go back to where he was. Do the same thing again but this time he'll give you seeds!
location:funland/digdigit place
how to get them: when you enter Funland, move up and into the DigDigIt game. Pay the hamster 3 sunflower seeds(a TOTAL ripoff lol) and he'll let you into the game. If you get a pair of hearts, I think, you'll get your 3 seeds back!!Yay! location:funland/stickie game
how to get them:Go up just like you did to get to the DigDigIt place, but instead, go inside the Stickie Note Game. Pay the hamster 3 seeds(ANOTHER total ripoff) and he'll let you into the game. If you get a certain score, you'll get your 3 seeds back! Ham-Ham Horray!
location:funland/Maxwell's reading area
how to get them:go to where Maxwell always reads. Then go behind the bench and move left. If you digdig in the dirt, you'll find 50 sunflower seeds!!!!We're rich!!But remember, if you digdig there, you can't keep getting 50 seeds. Use this seed hideout wisely!
how to get them:If you remember where the benches in funland are, then they'll probably have seeds beside/on them. Either hiff-hiff them, or tack-q the bench THEN hiff-hiff them.
location:Spat Tower/uh...right in front of your face!!!!
how to get them: just hiff-hiff the acorn and digdig in the dirt!Easy as pie. Yes yes, pie! location:Spat Tower/wierd machines
how to get them:when you finally beat Spat, stickie the wierd machines he has, and you'll get 25 seeds each! He's got 2 machines so that's 50 seeds! Yay! We're rich! AGAIN!!!!!!!!
location:Spat Tower/girlfriend's room
how to get them:When you save the sad hamster and his girlfriend in Spat Tower, you'll find a dresser thingy. Tack-q it and you'll get some seeds!
location:Spat Tower/girlfriend's room
how to get them:a few steps from the dresser, there's a pile of dirt. DIGDIG!!!!!!!
Um.....I probably missed some in Funland, so just email me at:x0squeaker0x@aol.com
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THE last couple
ok once your love meter is almost filled to the brim, you should see a little boy with half a herat outside the HamRangers show. Talk to him then go to Boo Manor. In one room, theres a picture of a blue hamster that is crying. I forget which one , but press the ham chat at the bottem when you press a in front of the hamster. Bijou will talk, and you'll here a *sniff*. Then the hamster will come out. If not try again. Talk to her, and she'll talk about her son. (the one at Funland) then go talk to the kid at funland and he'll start crying. go back and tell the mom. She'll play HamREd. Then after HamRed (the real one you can't get out of the bathroom) will always do the show. See the show twice and you'll Get the song Go Ham Rangers.
Three Marbles
To get the marbles the BLUE MARBLE is in the Sandy Bay in the big pit you dig-dig infront. the GREEN MARBLE you find it in Fun Land the Stickie Game you should got a score of 600 to 900. the RED MARBLE is in Wildwoods when you save the marriage couples the old hamster will give you. Then you go to the scientist hamster house you can see him with a bad mood talk to him...bla bla bla... then you can see the wife looking worried talk to her and... bla bla bla... she will tell you to find a spoon thing. Go to the place where you find the two hamsters that are rub-rub stones. Go down and you can see a fork thing. It is a Legendary Spoon. Go infront of the 3 holes and say put-put. Put the 3 marbles in the holes and go in front of the knife and tuggie it. Then you'll have a legendary spoon and go back to Wildwoods and say taddah(you learn it from Sandy Bay)and the wife and scientist's heart will unite.
NOTICE: Don't ever think to remove the marbles from the hole.
Please E-mail me if you have any problems with this.
Three Marbles
At sunny peak you will find a room in the cave with what looks to be a sword sticking out of a rock. It is not a sword at all. It is the legendary spoon. There is three round openings on the front of the rock. You need marbles to putput in the openings. One of the marbles is located at fun land. You must get a certain number of points in the sticky note game. Then you will be awarded a green marble. The next marble is located at Sandy Bay. There is a big bucket in the ground, dig-dig under it to get the blue marble. The next marble is located at Wild woods, you have to save the marriage of a couple, after you have done that, talk to the old guy and he will give you the last marble to put-put in the opening. Go back to Sunny Peak and put all three marbles in the holes. Then tuggie at the spoon. After you get the spoon, go back to wildwoods and give the spoon to the inventor which will now let you use the catupalt to get into spat tower.
Tack-q ham red to learn Blash-t. Say hamteam near the 'DigDig It!' rules sign to learn Goodgo. Stickie the ham ham in 'Tic Tack-q' to learn delin-q. Get a perfect score in 'Tic Tack-q' to have the song Flower waltz. When every couple is together (including hamtaro and bijou) enter the ham chat contest to get 4 keys. When you open the keys to the doors to get huge rocks. polish it and take it to the assesory room and talk to elder ham with the gem.To defeat spat, in his battle aim in the mouth of the robot when the mouth opens.
when you know your done
you know your done a level( or place) when you look at your map thing and the little sunflower is spinning..... if it's not then you either missed a ham chat word or something else


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Fast Sunflower Seeds
First, Go to Sunny Peak. Go to the two Bloat-T hamsters. See that sunflower? Do this cycle over and over:

1. Ham-lift onto the sunflower.
2. Leave the room.
3. Come back.
4. Repeat.


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re-unite the last couple
to re-unite the last couple you need to find the hamster's wallet. You can find his wallet when you HAMAH the butterfly in the east of the fair.