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Alternate Ending
Get all the Hamigo Cards.The Hamigo Cards are unlocked when you complete one tournament.
Awards for Ham-Ham Games Tournament Completition.

For Winning for the 1st Time you earn the championship flag.

For Winning all the Gold Medals you earn the championship thropy.
beat the game, the easy way ^u^!
simple, if you cant seem to beat the game, or are sick of those darn bronce medals, do this: when starting a game, go to the difficulty page, and go to easy, you get less seeds, but, hey, seeds are everywhere in this game, and this way, there is only a 1/10% chance you lose!
Here's some places to get some costumes:

stadium:ladybug costume: go to the fire truck then climb the ladder there will be a ladybug press A to get the costume.

pool:eagle:jump on the right mushroom and you will land on a cloud go to the bottom of the cloud and press A and a feather will fall press A on the feather and get the eagle costume.

beach:starfish:go to the top right corner of the beach their will be a star fish press A on it and you will get the starfish costume.

lawn:apple:go to the tree at the lawn climb it you will automatically fall down then an apple will fall on your head onto the ground go pick it up to get the apple costume.

tennis court:cactusn the tennis day prelims or finals etc. go to where registration is and there is one cactus that looks diferent from the others press A on it and you get the cactus costume.

athetes village:leo costume:after the fist tournament go to the athetes village then go to the fountain to get the leo costume
Getting more seeds easier
To get more seeds you must break a record on any game that has the WR (World Record) Sign in it.The only thing I know is that if you break a record in Easy mode you earn 70 seeds.YOu know when you break a record when the results show up.If it says A New Record,you get 70 seeds for Easy Mode Only.
Ham Shopping Network tips
Every day (after the second game) go to the Clubhouse and watch the TV. The show at that time will be the Ham Shopping Network. Here are some tips:
-If Sparkle is Mister Matsu's guest for the show, and she answers Mister Matsu's question with "DIE" in all-caps, you will get a discount for being a not-so-wealthy hamster, unlike Sparkle.
-If Sparkle is Mister Matsu's guest for the show, but her answer to Mister Matsu's question is interrupted by Robo-Joe, the price will be raised. Don't buy the costume when this happens. You can still buy it the next day.
-If Stan (the hamster with green maracas) is Mister Matsu's guest for the show, you will have a discount (or free seeds).
-If it's a night show, though, it WILL be expensive, and you can't do anything about it.
Volleyball Hint
When the opponent is going to spike the ball, go to the net and jump right across from the opponent and you will either slow the ball down or the ball will go to their side.
Volleyball tactics
When it's time for beach volleyball (final, prelims or 3rdplace) Here is how to win easily. When you have to serve, serve your own way (or drop it on purpose to make bijou serve) Then while the ball is with the other team, run to the bottom right corner of the pitch (is it called a pitch???) but DO NOT get too close to the line or net, or else you'll miss the ball! Then when the ball comes over, if your in the right place, bijou'll get it. Then just hit the ball (a button, and you might have to go up a bit if your not lucky) then bijou will just spike it to the other team. If your lucky, you'll score. Repeat 'till you win. If you lose, YOU WEREN'T DOING IT RIGHT!!!(ahem, bit harsh)
Volleyball tip
Okay, so here's a tactic I use in volleyball, and I always win. First, you serve the ball. While the ball is being passed around on the opponent's team, you go to the front (where Bijou is). When the opponent is about to spike/pass the ball to your side, Bijou will go to the back, and usually she receives it first. She passes the ball to you, you pass to her, and she spikes/passes it. That way, you wouldn't have a hard time, since you'll only hit it once. Also, stay near the net when the ball is in the opponent's side. Before the opponent spikes (make sure the ball is passed twice) block his/her moves with the B button right in front of him/her. That way, the ball goes to the other side again. The other opponent hits it, but chances are, the other opponent can't reach it. With this tactic, I always win 7-0. :3