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Combo Element Summons
Unlike normal summons it is necessary to find the relevant stone tablet before you can summon these in battle.
SummonLocation of Stone Tablet
ZagonUpon leaving the Dehkan Plateau make your way west until you come to a cave. The tablet is in here.
MegaeraFrom Mikasalla go north and then east. Enter the cave and use scoop to reveal a ladder. This will lead to the tablet.
FloraLocated in Air's Rock.
MolochLocated in the catacombs below Madra.
UlyssesFound in Izumo catacombs. In the north of Izumo push the column to the right and then use reveal to find the entrance.
EclipseYou must first play the fountain toss game in Lemuria. If you manage to land a Lucky Medal in the center of the fountain, a stone dragon head will emerge and bestow upon you the tablet that teaches how to summon Eclipse.
CoatlicueIn a cave on the southern part of Atteka. Requires the hover ability to reach.
HauresIn a cave north from Loho.
AzulIn Treasure Isle, located north from Izumo by sea.
DaedalusIn a cave in Yampi Desert. Enter from Alhafra's side and go to the furthest sand fall of this screen. Use sand to travel up it and enter the cave.
CatastropheIn the Sea of Time Isle, which access requires completing a little trading quest. Go to E Tundara Islet and reunite the penguins, then mind read for a stone. Go to SE Angara Islet and mind read the bird to exchange the stone for a hankerchief. Go to N Osenia Islet and mind read the cow to swp the hankerchief for milk. Go to West Indra Islet and mind read the dog to swap the milk for a little turtle. Finally head for Sea of Time Islet (north of Apojji Islet) and mind read the turtle to give the small turtle for access to the islet proper.
CharonAll 72 Djinn required. Go to Anemos Sanctum by using teleport on the circle marking in Contigo. This tablet is located before the boss.
IrisAll 72 Djinn required. Go to Anemos Sanctum by using teleport on the circle marking in Contigo. This tablet is located after the boss.


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A Smart Weapon/Armor Setup
After looking through many different weapon/armor possibilities, I believe I have found a great combination that gives you a balanced party in which you can use almost any strategy to defeat your opponent. Now remember when it comes to setting items, there is no right or wrong answer, everything is opinion.

Sheba: Lachesis' Rule, Berserker Band, Riot Gloves, Feathered Robe, Dragon Boots, Guardian Ring, Mythril Shirt.

This setup uses 3 items that help Sheba's attack when she is in a weaker Attack class, such as her primary class Sorcerer. Lachesis' Rule is by far the best staff or mace when it comes to weapons. To receive this item, use a 1 or 2 enemy RNG on Mad Demons. To fight a Mad Demon, however, you must have access to Anemos Sanctum, meaning you transfered at least 24 Djinn from the first game. Should you not have, the Atropos Rod is a fine substitute, and to get this use a 1 or 2 enemy RNG on Fire Dragons located in Yampi Desert Cave. The Berserker Band and Riot Gloves add a combined 30 extra attack points to her stats while also being at the top of their type of armor defense-wise. The Riot Gloves also increase the chance of her weapon unleashing Apocalypse. The Feathered Robe is a rarer item (Wild Gryphons in Shaman Village Cave drop it - use a 1 enemy RNG) and it helps her wind power, her wind resist, and it increases her already-strong agility to give her the edge in link battles. While the defense points are a bit on the lower side, a point or 2 loss is worth it for the extra element and agility bonus. The Dragon Boots are the best boots for anyone with at least average agility because of their resist bonuses. The Guardian Ring is best ring for defense, but make sure to give her a few Mist Potions to back her up. The Mythril doesn't do much, but it's the best of the 3 shirts you have unlimited access to.

Ivan: Tisiphone Edge, Berserker Band, Riot Gloves, Iris Robe/Feathered Robe, Dragon Boots, Spirit Ring, Golden Shirt.

Similar setup here. The Tisiphone Edge is the strongest weapon you can find for Ivan, and the Riot Gloves and Berserker Band help improve the below-average attack of the Sorcerer class. I am torn when it comes to Ivan's armor, though. While I explained all of the bonuses of the Feathered Robe before, the Iris Robe also increases luck by 15 and restored PP, 2 very useful attributes indeed. Add 30 Fire resist points as a kicker, and you have a top tier armor item. But for some reason, I just love the Feathered Robe on Wind Adepts. Anyway, it's your choice, but if I were to pick one I'd ihave to go with the Iris Robe. The Golden Shirt is the best shirt money can buy (or bandits can steal) and it's good on those needing a bit of Max HP help. The Spirit Ring is one of the only useful things Tear Stones can be used for, giving the bearer the ability to heal all members of the party at the strength of the Wish Well spell.

Felix: Sol Blade, Gloria Helm, Cosmos Shield, Valkyrie Mail, Dragon Boots, Spirit Ring, Mythril Shirt.

Easy choises here. The Sol Blade is definately a great weapon to have on either Earth adept due to its stellar attack and its powerful unleash. I've seen the Tisiphone Edge and Excalibur on Felix before, and I just don't like the idea of the fact that not every unleash is the strongest one possible. The Gloria Helm is a staple of any 4 adept's sets who can use it due to the fact that it has the best defense for its type and the 10 HP regenerated every turn are great for tanks like Felix during long rounds as a supplemental healing device (Note: If you do not have the Gloria Helm you can get one by using a 1 or 2 enemy RNG on Aka Manah's in Mars Lighthouse). The Cosmos Shield is not only the strongest shield, but it give 80 resistance points, 20 to each element. This makes it an ideal weapon for Felix who looks to be suited for staying late in rounds. The Valkyrie Mail is a powerful Chest armor that increases the chance of an unleash, and it makes the most sense to give it to the person with the most consistent unleash. The Dragon Boots work here, but if you want extra criticals and you believe that the Cosmos Shield gives Felix all the Resistance he may need, you can pick up a pair of Hyper Boots at Contigo's slot machine for extra Megiddos when you may need them most.

Isaac: Darksword, Fear Helm, Terra Shield, Xylion Armor, Dragon Boots, Cleric's Ring, Mythril Shirt.

For Isaac, I decided to give him a setup in which he has an ungodly attack, therefore all 4 of his weapons give him his best possible attack in the Slayer class. While the Darksword doesn't have the best possible unleash, it does give him the best attack of all the weapons in the game. The Fear Helm and Terra Shield both sport a great defense and boost Isaac's attack a combined 15 more points. While the Xylion Armor may not fit the cursed item theme we have going, it is better than both cursed items in that it doesn't lower resistance and boosts Isaac's attack some extra points. The Cleric's Ring is a must here. If you did not transfer data or didn't unlock it in the 1st Golden Sun, then do not even attempt this setup, for you may only attack every other round.

Garet: Excalibur, Gloria Helm, Cosmos Shield, Xylion Armor, Quick Boots, Spirit Ring, Running Shirt.

Not much new to add armor-wise, again these are the top items you can find as long as you have enough Orihalcon. For this, use 1 or 2 enemy RNG's on Sky Dragons in Anemos Sanctum. If you didn't transfer data, then I reccommend trying items like Chronos Mail, Mythril Clothes, and Erinyes Tunic for chest armor and something like the Big Bang Gloves, Riot Gloves, or Flame Shield for his shield. One new thing I added though was the Excalibur. Being that I only have access to 1 Cleric's Ring and Sol Blade playing the right way (a.k.a not hacking), the next best weapon would be to use the Excalibur. Of course, if you do not have enough Orihalcon, I reccommend the Fire Brand, Tisiphone Edge or Masamune. The Quick Boots and Running Shirt help immensely due to the fact that the Hero class is one of the slowest in the game. If you have Garet in a faster class, then feel free to switch them out for Dragon Boots and a Mythril Shirt.

Jenna: Tisiphone Edge, Berserker Band, Big Bang Gloves, Mysterious Robe, Dragon Boots, Spirit Ring, Mythril Shirt.

Being that Jenna's primary status is a healer in the Justice class, I have adjusted her equipment to fit her needs. While the Tisphone Edge and Berserker Band both help her attack, the Big Bang Gloves increase her fire power. This makes her Cool Aura spell stronger along with her other fire-related attacks. The Mysterious Robe is arguably the best chest item any adept could wear, let alone the best of the Robes. The 20 HP returned per turn act as a better supplemental healing device than the Gloria Helm (which Jenna cannot wear anyway) and the 10 PP restored each turn make it seem like her Cool Aura only uses 6 PP per turn rather than 16. Should you wish to give the Mysterious Robe to another adept (Sheba, Ivan, or Mia), then the Ardagh Robe fits well here because of the 20 Fire power points added to the 40 she recieved from the Big Bang Gloves. While this may seem like a logical setup, I prefer giving the Mysterious Robe to Jenna due to the fact that all 3 other robes equiped to the various adepts who can use this item are all better than the Ardagh Robe.

Mia: Lachesis' Rule, Psychic Circlet, Riot Gloves/Clear Bracelet, Triton's Ward, Dragon Boots, Golden Ring, Running Shirt.

Similar to Jenna, Mia's primary role is to be used as a healer, and again I have adjusted her weapons to fit her healing needs. Like I said for Sheba, the Lachesis' Rule is the best weapon possible for Mia. I've seen people use Clotho's Distaff here because of it's ability to heal, but I don't like the idea of weapons that can break and don't unleash anything when used for attacking. While the Psychic Circlet is lacking in the defensive department, it makes up for it with its ability to restore 12 PP per turn. This helps Mia because her Pure Wish spell needs 20 PP every turn, and if you are in a longer battle then running out of PP could leave you in a tight situation. While the Riot Gloves help Mia's attack and evade, I have seen people use the Clear Bracelet on Mia to further her water skills and make her Pure Wish even stronger. Typically this would make sense, but the Riot Gloves are much stronger defensively and in the case you would need her to attack then the Riot Gloves would make more sense here. However, both are solid options. The Triton's Ward can be found by using a 1 or 2 RNG on Ocean Dragons in Treasure Isle (Note: Turtle Dragons are found in the first few rooms of Treasure Isle, and these give Blessed Maces rather than Triton's Wards. If you wish to find an Ocean Dragon, go all the way to the room in which when you first enter you see 3 boulders that you would use the Lift Psynergy on. Ocean Dragons can be found there)This is the ideal chest item for Mia because its 30 points increase on her water power make Pure Wish stronger, and it also increases her water resist by 70 points. If she has all 9 Water Djinn, then her total Water Resist should be around 200, making her virtually immune to Water attacks targeted at her. The Triton's Ward also boasts a great defense to keep Mia in longer, and typically the more Mia is in, the better shape the rest of your party will be. A new item I added was the Golden Ring. Now, if you didn't transfer data (or didn't save the young girl in the first game) then you won't have access to this item that increases all her element's resistance. In this case, you can equip her with another Spirit Ring. I also gave Mia a Running Shirt should she need to be a tad bit quicker to get a Pure Wish in there before the enemy unleashes another attack, but if you are one of those people who likes their healer to be the slowest one in your party then feel free to just give her a Mythril Shirt like the rest of them (remember, it's all about opinion).

Piers: Excalibur, Gloria Helm, Cosmos Shield, Xylion Armor, Quick Boots, Spirit Ring, Running Shirt.

Look similar to another setup? In my personal battle plan, I always use either Piers or Garet to exploit the elemental weakness of another player (sort of like a hitman), and it's no coincidence that that they have similar items.
Again, this setup requires 3 Orihalcon, and should you not have enough, I recommend first using it to forge an Excalibur, then look along the lines of Mythril Clothes or Triton's Ward for his Chest armor and the Riot Gloves or Aegis Shield (found in the Lemurian Fountain) for his Shield. And again, use the Quick Boots and Running Shirt for Piers because if you wish to keep him in his primary class Admiral, then he has a relatively low speed.

Well, that's all. If you like my guide and you wanna talk some Golden Sun, whether it's if you like my guide, you have another good setup, or you have any info on the 3rd Golden Sun (which is, last time I checked, no one) hit me up on AIM at aTzUeLo1191. And again, when it comes to setting up armor in this game, it's all just opinion.
All Djinn
The only way to get all 28 Djinn from the original Golden Sun is to use a password or to transfer your file from that game to Golden Sun 2. All 72 Djinn from Golden Sun and Golden Sun 2 are used to open a sanctuary in the town near the Jupiter Lighthouse, where you can find a Boss called Dullahan who guards the ultimate summon in the game.
All Djinns
Venus Djinns
Venus Djinns bestow upon their masters the power of earth. Felix and Isaac are both Earth Adepts, and thus benefit the most from them.

Echo: Automatically joins the group as you leave Daila.

Iron: Found wandering the forests near Madra.

Steel: Found on the first trip within the Gabomba Statue.

Mud: Return to the Gabomba Statue with the Cyclone spell.

Flower: Found in the Taopo Swamp.

Meld: Found in the Sea of Time Islet Cave. You do not need the Teleport spell to get this one; just finish the trading sequence.

Petra: Found wandering in the forests to the northeast of Shaman Village.

Salt: Found under the eastern grass in Contigo.

Geode: Found in the Atteka Inlet area when you have the Lift spell.

Mold: Found in the northern section of Prox. Kick him into the snow and then Scoop him out.

Crystal: Found in the Yampi Desert Cave. You will need the Teleport spell to get to it.

Mars Djinns
Mars Djinns bestow upon their masters the power of fire. Jenna and Garet are both Fire Adepts, and thus benefit the most from them.

Cannon: Found in the Dekhan Plateau.

Spark: Use the Scoop spell in Mikasalla to find a hidden ladder. This ladder leads to this Djinn...

Kindle: Found in the Gondowan Cliffs area.

Char: Bring the old man in Madra a Healing Fungus to get his pet.

Coal: Give Lady Uzume of Izumo the Dancing Doll to get this ally.

Reflux: Found in Tundaria Tower.

Core: Found wandering in the forests to the southwest of Jupiter Lighthouse.

Tinder: Found in the Hesperia Settlement.

Shine: Use the Force spell on the stumps within Contigo to find it.

Fury: Found inside of Magma Rock. It is hiding in the southwestern area of the second floor.

Fugue: Found near the entrance of the Mars Lighthouse. You can only get it when you have ignited the inner fire.

Jupiter Djinns
Jupiter Djinns bestow upon their masters the power of the wind. Sheba and Ivan are both Wind Adepts, and thus benefit the most from them.

Breath: Found in the Shrine of the Sea God.

Blitz: Found in the Yampi Desert.

Ether: Received as a reward for getting the Reveal spell. This happens in Garoh.

Waft: Found in the Gondowan Cliffs area after Piers joins the group.

Haze: Found in the Apojii Islands area. You need the Sand spell to get it.

Wheeze: Found wandering in the forests southwest of Tundaria Tower.

Whorl: Found in Jupiter Lighthouse.

Gasp: Return to Trial Road once you have the Hover and Lift spells.

Gale: Found in Treasure Isle once Isaac joins your group.

Lull: This Djinn is found in Loho. You need to knock down the wall by using the cannon. In order to do this, you must load the cannon with the Magma Ball that you get in Magma Rock.

Mercury Djinns
Mercury Djinns bestow upon their masters the power of water. Piers and Mia are both Water Adepts, and thus benefit the most from them.

Fog: Found in the Kandorean Temple.

Sour: Found wandering the forests south of the Osenia Cave, northeast of Mikasalla.

Spring: Piers brings this Djinn along with him when he joins the group.

Shade: Piers brings this Djinn along with him when he joins the group.

Chill: Found wandering the forest to the southwest of the Naribwe.

Steam: Found in Aqua Rock. You need the Parch spell to get it.

Rime: Found in Ancient Lemuria.

Gel: Found on Kalt Island.

Eddy: Found in the Shaman Village Cave. You need the Lift spell to get it.

Balm: Found in the Mars Lighthouse. In the room with the bog ice rink, move the western statue to make it possible to get this Djinn. The rest is easy.

Serac: Found in the second half of the Islet Cave. Once you have the Teleport spell, use it in the cave's entrance then walk down the hall. This Djinn is hiding in a statue.

Bonus Djinns
You can get up to four Djinns from the first game. There are randomly chosen from those that you missed (i.e. ones that you did not transfer over). You can only find one Djinn of each element in this way, but it is something at least. These are only available after Isaac joins the group.

Bonus Venus Djinn: Found just before the final boss of the Treasure Isle.

Bonus Mars Djinn: Found in the upper levels of Magma Rock…

Bonus Jupiter Djinn: Found near the waterfall in the SW Atteka Island area.

Bonus Mercury Djinn: Found in the northern section of Prox.
All Of The Mars Djinnis
People have often asked about the names of all the djinnis so i am going to name all of the mars djinnis

Cannon, Spark, Kindle, Char, Coal, Reflux, Core, Tinder, Fugue, Forge, Fever, Corona, Scorch, Ember, Flash, Torch, Shine, Fury

Some of these djinnis are only available by passwords or transfer code so you might not be able to get all of them.
An extra darkmatter
On an island in the western sea there is a turtle that is lonely if you do all the work and find its friend it will take you to its secret cave. This cave is useless to you until you have teleport. Once you have teleport stand on the teleport square. it will take you to a very, very long corridor at the end of this corridor there is a sentinal which when defeated will give you a strong combo summon called catostrophe anyways on your way up the corridor you will have to fight many battles at one of these battles the monsters called Wonder Birds can drop a darkmatter i was able to get the darksword and the shield that darkmatter can give you. i dont know if it will always work though.
Beat the curses.
If you want to have your characters used cursed items without getting paralazyed find the cleric's ring and equipt it(there is only one cleric's ring in the game so choose wisly!). Now you can use all the cursed items great stats without losing your turns.
Beating The Doom Dragon
First you have to be at least on level 40 or higher. Then start the match with Jenna, Isaac, Felix, and Sheba or Ivan.

First power up Felix and Isaac with Impact. Use Cool Aura with Jenna every turn. And normal attack with Isaac and Felix (Have one equiped with the Sol Blade and the other with the Excaliber). Once fully powered then start using resist to prepare for the Cruel Ruins. And you`ve got the match.

It always work. I fight it every day. Also never release your Djinn!
Change Battle Music
When you meet up with Isaac and the others and can put them on your team Make sure Isaac is in your party and Felix is not. When you engage in a battle, the original Golden Sun battle theme will play.

When you are in a battle with Jenna without Isaac or Felix you will hear the battle music from the start of the game (when you play as Jenna).
Cheap Inns
The inns in the first few towns (Daila, etc.) are cheaper than the other inns. If you want to save your coins, use the inn in Daila.
Cracked Air
In Mars light house after you beat the flame dragons and the ice is gone light the dragon heads again and they will crack the air where the ice was.
Decent classes/equipment
This has only a bit to do with this but... img onna post my equipment and party and djini here...
~Issac~ lvl 99 Paladin
Sol blade
Thorn Crown
War Gloves
Xylion armor
Hyper Boots
Mithril Shirt
Djinni: 5 water, 4 fire
~Garet~ lvl 99 Ronin
Fear Helm
Terra Sheild
Stealth Armor
Quick Boots
Celerics Ring
Running Shirt
Djinni:5 earth, 4 wind
~Jenna~ lvl 62 Ninja/beast lord/acrobat/necromage
Tsiphone Edge
Berserker Band
Titan Gloves
Erinyes Tunic
Dragon Boots
Guardian Ring
Golden Shirt
Chose one: Tomegathericon Mysterious card Trainers whip
Djinni:3 earth, 3 water, 3 wind
~Felix~ lvl 63 Master
Fire Brand
Minerva Helm
Aegis Sheild
Dragon Sheild
Leather boots
Mithril Bag (duh)
Djinni:4 fire, 5 wind

Tell me if you know better classes
add me to msn if you want: kooldudemike@hotmail.com
runescape: zerojett
Defeating Doom Dragon
Go in with the party all with levels at 45 or higher. Give whoever has the most attack points the Sol Blade. Give the Fire Brand and the Trident to the second strongest person in the party. When you go into battle, start raising the attack points with Ivan or Sheba to the two characters that have the Sol Blade and Fire Brand. Each head has about 6,000 HP. It will be a long battle, which will give it a grand total of 1,800. Keep healing your party members with Cool Aura/Pure Wish/Wish Well. When Doom Dragon casts Curse and actually gets your party member, fighting with that person until the very first flame is small. Switch with that person and continue fighting. You may want to boost your Elemental Defense or the Doom Dragon will summon some extremely strong Psynergies, such as Cruel Ruin, which can easily do 400 damage with Elemental Defense or not. It also knows Djinn Blast, which can drain all of your Djinn in your current four characters that are out. However, it will not always do just all of them. One out of two times, it gets all of your Djinn. It is recommended that you not summon anything; if you summon Charon or something similar, it will give Doom dragon the chance to end that party member. Doom Dragon will use Cruel Ruin after it loses one head, eight turns out of nine turns.
Defeating Dullahan
Dullahan has 10,000 HP and unlimited PP. The only way to defeat him is by summoning. He recovers 200 HP each turn and can absorb your HP. Bring out three Eclipses and three Catastrophes and that should finish him. If he still is not dead, power up the party member who has the Sol Blade with a few Impacts, then deliver the final blow. Be extremely careful of the Djinn Blast.
Defeating Dullahan
Alright, first I gotta give props to "dude" for the whole Deadalus strategy. I'm just gonna go more in depth. When you go to defeat dullahan, your party should be around level 50 or you won't stand a chance. Ok, no for the stratagy. Your base party should be Felix, Isaac, Jenna, and Garet. The backup party have Piers, Mia, Sheba, and Ivan. GO INTO BATTLE WITH ALL DJINN ON STANDBY. I cannot stress this enough. Enter the battle and first turn have all the starting characters unleash deadalus. If Garet (who is probably the slowest) is downed before he can unleash just have Isaac (who should be the fastest) unleash the remaining deadalus the next turn. You should have enough djinn left to unleash both a Haures and a Judgment. Unleah them both. Continue the fight. Once all your djinn are used up, wallop dullahan with Felix and the Sol Blade and psyenergy attacks. Prefeably use dragon fume for jenna. Alright by now the true power of deadalus should be setting in. Once all the starting characters are downed, switch them. DO NOT SWITCH RIGHT WHEN A STARTING CHARACTER IS DOWNED. WAIT UNTIL ALL THE STARTING CHARACTERS ARE DOWNED. Once the second party is in, unleash Eclipses like you life depended on it. By the 5th or 6th Eclipse, Dullahan should be downed. Congradulations, you just defeated the hardest boss in the game... and got the strongest summon at the same time.
Definite Darksword or Excalibur (Or any other forged item...)
If you are looking to get a definite forged item, just save your game before you give Mr. Sunshine your item. Exit and reenter town then talk to Mr. Sunshine's wife. If you don't like the item you got, just reset your game and try again. I used this to get the darksword, cloudwand, excalibur, and lots of other good rare forging items.
Dijnn in Contigo
There are two dijnn in Contigo, a venus named Salt and a mars named Shine. To get Salt you have to right when you first enter town and go to the circular group of plants that has a patch of dirt in the center, once there use scoop on the patch of dirt and what do ya know there's a dijnn. Shine is in the stump that is in the top left hand corner. The one problem is that you have to use force to get 'im outa there and you have to have transferred your Golden Sun data to your file and have met up with Isaac and company, plus you have to of found the Orb of Force in the original. So if you didn't transfer your data or just don't have Golden Sun then your outa luck.
to beat it you have to have issac,felix,ivan,and mia. to beat summon azul 2 times and have all djinn on standby. and have best armor and best weapons. only defeats 1 head
Easy EXP
Go to Magma Rock and search for a group of 2 Phoenixes. Have all your characters attack Phoenix2. Do NOT attack the other phoenix. After Phoenix2 will be dead, so phoenix1 will revive it. Attack it again to kill it. Repeat the process until you've killed proenix2 20 or so times. When you kill off both of them you should get loads of exp (phoenixes give off a nice load somewhere in the thousands, for just one alone).If at anytime phoenix1 doesn't revive the other phoenix just defend.
Easy experience
Go to the Mars Lighthouse and look for Firebirds. One Firebird can give you as much experience as the battle with Saturos and Menardi (6,000 experience points). You can also look for some Phoenix, which can give you about 3000 experience points. Because they have low HP, this is the easiest way to gain experience.

To get 17,000 experience points, go to the few long hallways before fighting Sentinel. You should encounter a blue bird that gives 9,833 experience points each.

[Moderator Note] You'll have to be quick. The birds like to attack two times per turn and flee.
easy heal
It is practical to do this if you have all or a lot of djini. Basicly you standby all your djini on the damaged character, heal that character then set the dijini and the character will be completely healed

see easy
Easy way to beat Dulahn.
Well beating Dulahn became a boring battle after you learn how to kill him in less than 10 turns.
Well first you need the Deadulas summon, and Some Good strong summons. You should be at least lv 38+ probably safer at 45-50+. But make sure you have the best armor you can get and a good sword or two incase your plan gets screwed by Dulahns Djinn setting Spell. If you beat him this way and your at a faily low level you will not beat the Doom Dragon, Save befor you enter the battle. SET ALL YOUR DJINN befor you enter the battle. If you dont you will be in for a long long long fight. Did i mention that it will be a long fight? Well anyway... OK. This is it you are all ready. All you Djinn are set so that you can summon Deadulas with the four people, and your renforcements are each set with Djinn ready to unlesh an Eclipse or a Stong summon. Your troops are ready for the battle of the hardest yet second hardest boss in the game. Ok. (You may be wondering why I dont get on with the battle. Well I don't know.) You are ready, (I hope. or you came all the way here to Die or retreat.), Enter the battle. (mortal combat theme) You see a creatur staring down on you, felling the strenghth of it befor you engage in combat. and you say "Bring It.". Full attack! Summon Deadulas with the four brave troops. (you may be saying this is stupid. but you probably never saw the true power of the missle happy Summon.) Dulahn Probably packed a KO punch to a couple members. If some membes survive The first assult. SAVE YOUR SELF. Heal like god was betting on you. If you have a person that knows wish / wish well use it and revive a dowened character, but its probably better to leave them on the second line. But if no one is downed heal them even if you are at %75 heal left (Dulahn has a few tricks up his sleave). Do some damage to Dulahn if possible. Dulahn will Probably unleash another "Deathcharge of wrath". If you are fine try to use a Djinn like ground or flash to save a turn. fend off and do a bit of damage to Dulahn for 3 turns and let him knock out the first line (trust me). the second line should be good defended people and Healers. Summon Eclipse or that good summon, and fend of Dulahn. If you are in bad shape and your team is almost obliterated. Switch the people and revive Issac / Felix. Any trun the true power of Deadulas should set in. If Dulahn is still alive.... (Dreadnauht theme). He can't have much more health. Use your Phynergy to finsh the battle. make sure that you do at least 200 damage per turn. Slow him down by using flash and ground. And also revive people too. If he is still Alive and hurting. use your Djinn to attack. get up enough to get a Deadulus or Ecipse. and Set it lose. Dulahn should fall. If not, ummmm. Your weak. Why did you try, Why do you make me keep typing? Ok. Time to pull out the Heavy artilary. (never mind we did that about 200 times already.) Trust your weapons. Hopfuly you have the Sol Blade or the Masa-Mune, or the cool one that has Appolo shooting arows. Well just keep staying alive. and let your swords do the talking. Charge. Dulahn should fall soon. If not, use Djinn that attack or keep hacking away. He will Fall one way or the other. Congragulations. You Killed Dulahn. and got a heck of a good summon even if I never used it. If you lost go train. If you need better or more help. Email me.
Please check out my site.
Do not use this info as your own thanks. It only took me 1 1/2 hours to type. Scott MacDonald
easy way to defeat boss.
This works when u meet up with isaac's group.

When fighting a boss or something really strong, a good way to defeat them is just by attacking and not using any psynergy or dijinn.

When u meet up with isaacs group, keep isaac first in the party, then garet, then felix, and last keep ivan. isaac, garet and felix is the attacker witch they attack, and ivan is the healer and the one that boost the partys attack.
Easy Way to Run
When you get into a battle and you are losing there is an easier way to run from the enemy(except a boss). If you hold the "B" button and then choose to run, still holding the "B" button, you will have a better chance of getting away. This also works in the first game.
Easy/Hard Mode:
Once you have completed the game, save a clear data file. Then, if you start a new game while keeping that clear data file, you will have to choice to play in easy or hard mode. Easy mode is replaying the game with the same level party members you beat the game with, and hard mode is restarting from scratch, but with harder monsters and bosses.
The Excalibur is forged rarely by the blacksmith if you give him a Orihalcon (the gold bar-like forge-able item). The Excalibur does 180 attack, and has two unleashes. The first one is an average attack, while the other is the same attack three times. The latter of the unleashes is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than the Sol Blade.
Extra Healing Earlygame
A simple idea. If you want extra healing ability (without consuming your herbs) then set a Venus Djinn to Sheba (Echo joins you right after you leave Daila so you don't have to wait long). This changes Sheba's class to Seer, and amongst her new abilities is Cure, just like Felix.

Two notes about this. One is that if Sheba's Venus Djinn is changed to standby then Sheba loses Cure until it is set back to her. Second is that if a non-Venus Djinn is set to Felix at this point of the game then he'd lose his Cure ability, so if any Djinn have to go with him they would likely have to be kept on standby if you wanted to preserve his cure ability.
Find Hidden Items:
To find hidden items easy just go up to a jar, wooden box, or pot. Then use Sheba's or Ivans reveal.
get on high platforms in gs2
It doesn't work everywhere, but on some places it will do. For example in the building where you can find Dullahan, somewhere far behind is a log. Use sand in front of it and you'll get on top of the log. Also in the cave where you can find Valukar, at the place where you can find a earth djinni. Use sand in front of a wall en you'll end on top of the wall. I think this will work at more places, so try it ! But DON'T save your game when you you it, 'cause then you won't be able to get off of it!!!
Getting Tremor
Make sure you get tremor right when you enter Madra. To do this, go right as soon as you anter town, past a tree, where you see a ladder. Entert the ladder and go into the cave. Tremor should be in a chest a short while into the cave. If you do not get tremor now, then a rock will cover the ladder and you wont be able to enter the cave through that way again, and must use the alternate route found in Madra. Do this because you need tremor if you want to get all the djinn and the ultimate summon, iris.
Golden Boots:
In Golden Sun 1, after reaching Kalay, go back to Vault and talk to the mayor to learn the bandits escaped. If you did this in your transferred data, you'll meet them in Madra after Piers joins. *Note* This is a on time only event. After Karst talks to you, the Bandits stop you when you're leaving Madra. So if you enter you password later than this point, you will not see the Bandits again. After you deafeat the Bandits you will get the Golden Boots.

Stats: Defense +15/ Agility +30
Golden Ring:
In Golden Sun 1, you have to go to Altin pass right after learing Reveal. Use Reveal to get through Altin Pass and Lift the rock that's on Hzu. If you did this in your transferred data, you'll meet Feizhi in Champa. He will then give you a treasure chest with the Golden Ring in it.

Effect of equipping: Raises elemental resistance
Golden Shirt:
In Golden Sun 1, you have to win Colosso. If you did this in your transferred data, you'll meet them in Shaman Cave after Isaac joins. After you will meet the Gladiators and defeat them, you will receive a Golden Shirt.

Effect of equipping: Defense +12/ Maximum HP +10
Good Tricks and Tips
Forging Quickly Trick

Ever got tired of running back and forth from Sunny's house in Yallam, trying to get Excalibur?

Well I'm not sure if you already figured out,
but you dont have to go all the way outside of the town after you commision Sunny to forge you an item. Just simply go over to the Yallam's Sanctum, and immediately come back out again. Now run back to Sunny's house. His wife will give you the forged item. Sanctum's faster than going all the way outside of the town.

And dont ever randomly let Sunny forge you anything he wants. He will randomly forge you an item from the forgeable materials, and it solely depends on luck to get your desirable item from the certain forgeable material. Always check the Forge Item list and make sure what YOU want out of that material. Go ask Sunny to forge you an item, and if it's not something you want, reset and try again. If you dont really care what comes out, you just want to get rid of the material, then fine. (Like Tear Stones and all the other useless crap.)

Quick Teleporting to Town Trick

You know how you finish a dungeon or a quest in one place and you have to return to town, or you're simply too far away from a certain point and is TIRED to run or sail all the way back? Well, now simply just save after you're all ready to go back to town. Now press A + B + Select + Start. You just did a soft reset. (Hard reset is when you turn off the power and turn it back on.) It doesnt matter which reset you do, but soft reset is faster. Now before you load back your save data, press L + R and Start. (Not select. If you press L + R and select, you'll be in sleep mode. More about this later) Keep pressing it and press A to load back your save data. You should be in the Sanctum of your last visited town. See? How easy was that? You didnt have to run all the way back. Note that you have everything from the last save data. You just moved to a different point, it's not like you loaded a different save data.

Sleep Mode

I have a feeling most of the people know this, but I'll mention anyway because few of my friends didnt know. Sleep mode is.. well.. It's like Screen Saver for your GBA. You can make it automatically go into sleep mode, or you can manually force it to be in sleep mode. To do this, press L + R and select. To get out of the sleep mode, press L + R and select again. The good thing about sleep mode is this: You can activate it WHENEVER you want. So say you were playing this game in class.. (lol) and you're just about to beat Dullahan.. and your teacher walks over to your table. You dont want to turn off your gba because you're SOOOO close, but you cant continue to play in front of your teacher either. And you're afraid the gba will turn off by itself because it's sort of low on battery. Well press L + R and Select. Your game will go into Sleep mode. You can activate it whenever! In town, when you're not doing anything, in battle, in middle of event, in middle of conversation, When Ever.
How To Beat Valukar
Valukar is the guardian boss guarding the Daedalus summon. To get to Valukar, enter the Yampi Desert from the Alhafra side. use reveal on the second set of 9 stones you see, and it becomes an arrow. Follow the arrow (it's a very short way), and use sand to climb up the fall. Enter the cave and use Teleport on the teleport pad. Then you enter the Yampi Desert Cave, and solve a series of puzzles. (I'm not going to explain them here.) You'll find that Valukar is pretty easy. He has about 12,600 HP, but that goes by fast. Try not to use any djinn, because he can put them on standby and summon them. Usually he won't summon them, so take advantage of that and ALWAYS USE THEM!!! His weakness is definitely water, as the regular mercury summon does about 470 damage to him. He also has an attack called stun jip that may stun one of your characters. Your party should be at about level 35 to 40. That's it!
how to find runaway djinn
if your fighting a djinn like for example magma rock the djinn fury if he runs just exit the room and go back and he'll be right there!!
hugoauthen's bronze password
here's a password for getting al the djinns from golden sun

g3jeU epAG4
interesting doomdragon fact
Heres an interesting discovery, as you know the doom dragon has 3 heads, the first part (3 heads) he has 5000hp. The second (2 heads)he has 4500hp. And the last part (last head) he has 4000hp, so dont get discoraged if your down with your last group by the last head.
Lachesis' Rule
I found the most powerful staff in the game purely by accident. This is the most powerful weapon that either Sheba or Ivan can use. It's equipping effect is +177 and it unleashes Apocalypse, which calls the spirit of death onto your foes occasionaly.

First of all, to obtain this weapon you will need to have access to the Anemos Inner Sanctum by finding every single djinni. Then, you will need to wander around inside until you find a Mad Demon, doesn't matter if it is with other monsters. You have to have enough djinni in standby to summom the god Eclipse. Battle the Mad Demon but do not kill it. When ready, summon Eclipse to finish off the monster. This should produce the staff.

I am not really sure if this is how I got the weapon but this is the only thing in the battle that could contribute to its appearance. Best of luck with this. I hope I'm not wrong.
Lucky Medal Trick In Lemuria's Fountain:
To always land in the center with lucky medals, start off with saving just outside the fountain. Then go in the fountain and immediately get to the point where you throw the coin. Wait until the uppermost crab moves all the way to the right and then throw it! If done right you will land in the center every time. If it lands in the centre you will usually get a Hestia Blade with an attack of +145, and an unleash called Crucible Fire.
Major exp. points
go to islet cave(the one you can go to by the sea turtle)get the teleport stone.
teleport on the teleport pad then go through the door a couple times. walk around till you find a wonder bird, defeat it. you will get 8,622 exp. if you get lucky and fight two you will get 17,244 exp. points.
If you transfer your data from the Golden Sun, you probably will have the Force Orb to use The psynergy move, Force. You can use Force to knock down the log to the left of the blacksmith house in Yallam. Hop across the log then use Cyclone to reveal a secret underground entrance. Go into the cave and follow it all the way through. When you are outside, you will find a chest which contains the blade, Masamune. It unleashes Rising Dragon, that can do up to double the damage if two Dragon Spirits hit an enemy.
My Golden Sun cheats
After reaching loho.... do this!!!!
get back in your ship and move your ship to the bottom of the sand place where you get off. Face your ship to the mountain. Move the ship a little down. Then you should be able to to hop off your ship UNDER THE MOUNTAIN.... Keep going along the island then you should be able to see Vale. You won't be able to enter it, but you can have MINI ADVENTURES around it. See youtube if you don't get this cheat Enjoy Though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just sayin....
Once you finish the game you will be able to select save. Save and then press new game. Press select three times to get the characters names and name your characters. Then it will say if you want two play on easy. SELECT this to do the following.......
All gold that you had in the last game will be transfered to the new game
All levels that the main characters excluding Isaac and CO will be transfered
All stats will be transfered.....
perfect class for all party
have all 72 djinns and give isaac,and felix 7 wind and 2 earth for sheba and ivan 7 earth and 2 wind standby the 1 wind for sheba and ivan. give 7 water and 2 fire for garet and jenna and give 7 fire and 2 water for piers and mia then standby the 1 water for piers and mia

Note:these class is special you can use thunder ball for isaac,felix,ivan, and sheba.
Quick Money
The best way to get lots of money fast is to play the Super Dice Roll game in Contigo. If you ever roll a 13,14 or 15, don't carry on playing because those numbers are too difficult to call Higher or Lower
Revisit towns
Once you get the Teleport Psyenergy, you can use it on the world map to go to any town previously visited.

See the Equipments' Details
When buying items or artifacts in a shop, press select to see its details.
Sol Blade
The Sol Blade can be found at the Mars Lighthouse. It unleashes often and is the most powerful weapon in the game. Only Isaac or Felix can use this sword.

The best weapon is the Sol Blade, with an attack of 200 and is valued at 31,200. It is a long sword that can be equipped by Felix and Piers. It unleashes Megiddo and is found in a chest at the Mars Lighthouse.
song test
some people say:you have to hold l & r to hear songs from goldensun2 battle mode.false!you can hold l or r.
Soul Brand
Now, you all know about the rusty weapons, right? But there is one more: the Soul Brand, a Longsword with +141 Attack and an unleash, Soul Shatter. To find it, you have to have Grind(for Gondowan Cliffs) and Hover. You also need to complete Jupiter Lighthouse(pretty self-explanatory). Now go to Atteka Inlet. Sail directly west when you come out. When you reach a circular reef, fly over it and look in the middle. There should be a Rusty Sword. Get it fixed and what do you know, it's the Soul Brand!
Strong Weapons
Here are some of the strongest weapons in the game and how to get them.

Sol Blade - No forging or enemy killing to get this weapon. This weapon is in a treasure chest in Mars Lighthouse. It's in the room where you have to jump on normal small platforms as well as icy small platforms.

Darksword - This isn't a really powerful sword in terms of it's unleash, but it's attack increase is the best in the game, but it's cursed.. It's quite easy to get this item. Beat Karst and Agatio on top of the Jupiter Lighthouse. As a prized item, they give you some Dark Matter. Bring the Dark Matter to the Blacksmith, but right before giving it to him, save it. Now give it to him and go in and out of town once. Keep doing this until you get it. Just be patient, there is only 10% chance of getting this from the Dark Matter.

Excalibur - Get this sword from forging it from Orihalcon. This is possibly the best weapon in the game due to it's unleash. If you want an Orihalcon, look in the Mars Lighthouse, or the Sea of Time Islet. Or if you transferred data from the first Golden Sun game, Hamma will send over and Orihalcon in a chest as soon as you board your ship with wings for the first time. Do the same thing with this as you did with the Dark Matter, but for this item, you have to be even more patient, because you will only have a 5% chance of getting this weapon forged from the Orihalcon.

Lachesis' Rule - This is dropped by a monster in the Anemos Inner Sanctum. If you don't have all 72 Djiin, then forget about this weapon. Just attack all the monsters with the Djiin they are weak against (Just try all of them), and you will eventually get this. Again, be patient on this weapon also.

Tisiphone Edge - This dominates Excalibur as the strongest weapon in the game with a 3 to 1 ratio. To get this weapon, keep defeating Cruel Dragons in Islet Cave (If you don't have access to this yet, you must do the trading sequence, and no, I'm not going to explain that also) with a Mercury Djiin, making sure that the Cruel Dragon doesn't damage you or make his turn in every way. There is still a very low chance of this item dropping from it, so be patient.

There you go, the 5 best weapons in the game. In case you wanted to know the order in my opinion, I will list it.

1. Tisiphone Edge
2. Excalibur
3. Sol Blade
4. Lachesis' Rule
5. Darksword
Super Easy Exp!!!
Okay...this one is way easier than all other ways to gain experience points. Go to the sea of time islet and ride the sea turtle to his secret spot and use teleport to access the back hallways. one there walk around until you encounter a wonder bird. use a mercury djinn to kill it. you will gain twice as much exp. as you would have if you had killed it with attacks alone.(11,ooo exp.) If you encounter two wonder birds attack one with mercury djinn until it dies.The other bird will use regen dance to bring him back. Keep on doing this until you run out of mercury djinn or the birds run. I gained around 50,ooo to 60,ooo exp. per battle against both and all my characters were at level 99 in just a day...use this tip - peace out
The best way to reduce damage
For this cheat you need the following djinni: Flash and Shade. Equip the djinni on 1 water adept and 1 fire adept (Flash on fire adept and Shade on water adept). Each turn use either Flash or Shade (only use 1 of the two) then continue that round. Next round set the djinni you just used and use the other djinni. On the next round you can use your old djinni again! keep on doing this and you will win the battle with only a few scrathches. (just beware of Djinn fest, djinn storm.)
The bone, some corn, and the oldie
The Bone- It's just a regular of bone, that you can find in only one spot in the whole game. There is only one, and there is no use for it. You also can't sell it. When in Lemuria, look for the flashy looking butterfly's on the ground, use scoop on one of them, and a bone will pop up. This particular spot is by a dog in front of a palace.

Corn- There is one corn on the cob in the whole game, that restores 100Hp, and can be sold at a very low price, so it's not really worth it, but it is cool to know you've got the only one in the entire game. Go to Contigo, and look for a guy selling corn outside of a building. Talk to him, he WONT sell you corn. Use mind read, and notice that one of the pieces of corn on the bottom edge lights up. Go to it, press A while facing it, and you'll pick it up.

The Old Golden Sun- Ever want to see the old Golden Sun lands? but don't want to buy the game? Well you can, even if this game does have every single rout blocked. Go to Loho, right at the little beach near there, but don't go on the land. Point your boat facing in between the mountains, and the beach, and the little piece of green land that you don't normally get to dock on to. Press A while forcing yourself in to that little corner, and you are now on to the Old Golden Sun land!!! You can explore most of it, there are monster battles, but you can't go in to any of the places. They are just landmarks and are not supposed to be entered. You can't go to the Mercury lighthouse area as there is no Goma Cave in this version, so that area is officially blocked off.
Tip for Doom Dragon
I keep fighting the Doom Dragon because it's easy and fun. Here's what I did:

Party #1-Isaac,9 Venus Djinni;Jenna,9 Mars Djinni;Sheba,9 Jupiter Djinni;and Mia,9 Mercury Djinni. All members lvl 48-50, all Djinn SET.

Party #2-Felix,Garet,Piers,Ivan,all corresponding Djinn in the right places. All members lvl 48-50,all Djinn SET.

Okay,what I do is have Sheba use High Impact for 3-4 rounds in a row, Isaac and Jenna attack, and Mia frequently heal,stopping for and occasional attack. Have Isaac equipped with Excalibur,Jenna with Tisiphone Edge/Lachesis' Rule, and Sheba and Mia with Lachesis' Rule. The Apocalypse/Vengeance/Legend unleashes are powerful,delivring 400+ damage when paired with two or three High Impacts. People say it's slow, but it's actually faster than using most Psynargy,and much less risky than Summons,because putting Djinn on standby lowers your stats.

Doom Dragon's first head can't do anything good except Djinn Blast,but that's not such a deadly setback as Djinn Storm or Cruel Ruin. It's second head,though,can use Cruel Ruin, and that move can do up to 700 damage if you aren't careful. Use Resist or Protect if you have to. When you beat the second head,things get tough. You will probably lose a character or two. Use Isaac's Revive to take care of that. Also unlesh Salt/Tonic (if you have them in your party,which you should) if Doom Dragon casts Curse/Haunt because Curse will take you down eventually,and Haunt does damage to you frequently depending on how powerful your attacks are. Have Mia use Wish Well/Pure Wish often,it'll heal a lot if you have a Pure Circlet or Clear Bracelet.

Doom Dragon's third head can use Djinn Storm,Cruel Ruin,Stone Spire,Nettle,Darksol Gasp,and Curse. Watch out for Djinn Storm/Cruel Ruin combo because it HURTS. Have Sheba carry Mist Potions in case D. Storm deprives Jenna of Cool Aura and Mia of her Wish attacks. Stone Spire,Nettle,and Darksol Gasp are basically attacks that do some good damage,and weaken you so you're susceptible to Cruel Ruin. Take care of Curse with Mia's Restore or Salt/Tonic. Remember to heal EVERY turn even if you are a little damaged. You never know when you'l be struck by a Djinn Storm/Cruel Ruin.

If all this fails,bring out your second party,checking to make sure Ivan has at least 8-10 Mist Potions. Ivan casts High Impact. Felix should have Sol Blade,Garet with Tisiphone Edge/Excalibur,and Piers with Levatine/Excalibur. These weapons have kick-@$$ unleashas,so try to get them. Sol Blade has a high unleash rate. Heal with Mist Potions if necessary. But I don't think you'll have to use this party,and even if you do,the rest of the battle should be a breeze because you should have taken out about 16,000 out of the Dragon's 18,000 HP with your first party. 2,000 more HP is nothing.

This is a battle of endurance,so you have to survive in any way possible. I made up this strategy because it works best for me. I beat the Dragon with just my first party and only one character was downed. This happens usually every time.
To do the Jupiter Lighthouse
To do the Jupiter Lighthouse, you need the Hover Gem, which when equipped bestows the Hover Psynergy. When you see the lit up hover pads, you can use hover to move about for about 3 to 5 steps in the air and then you will desend to the
top heal and less psynergy use
if you want to heal a character and dont want to use too much psynergy, just put all the characters djinni to standby so his/her HP will be much more less. then you'l have to heal, but your psynergy wont go very low!
Unlimited Game Tickets
To get unlimited game tickets, follow these steps:

1. Go to an item shop and buy an herb.You will receive a complimentary game ticket.

2. Sell the herb.

3. Sell all of your game tickets.

4. Go to rarities.

5. Buy back your game tickets, one by one. You will receive a complimentary game ticket for each one you buy.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you have 30 game tickets.

LD Note: You cannot do it all the time at the same store.

Valkyrie Mail
The best armor is the Valkyrie Mail, with a defense of 53 and is valued at 25,500. It can be equipped by Felix and Piers. It raises Evadeand can be found in a chest at the Mars Lighthouse.
Yampi Desert
There is an easy way to get through Yampi Desert w/o going through Yampi Desert (I think this will work with all deserts). NOTE: you need sand to do this. First, you go right next to the edge of the desert, not far enough so that you've entered, but your on the sand. Cast sand. You can now go through Yampi Desert w/o actually going through it. You can stop sand once you've passed the entrance. It is probably faster.


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Cave north of loho (lose your head)
Ok first you need to go to the cave north of loho then go down the stairs then run while staying close to the upper wall as possible. Go down the stairs. Next walk to the stairs that go down BUT DONT GO DOWN THEM instead go to the wall left of the stairs and slowly walk down. You should see your head get cut off. If still not working then go to the big rock and stand to the pebble to the right.


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Duplicating Items!
This is done during the Trial Road Challenge.

During the Trial Road Challenge, go to the first treasure drop chest that opens the door. Open the chest and it will ask you to put something in the chest and say 'yes' and you will go to the item screen. Drop an item as in forever not drop it in the treasure chest. Then go and step on the quit button, and say 'yes'. You will get all the items you dropped back. Then go to a store to and go to the artifacts; the items you dropped will be there for sale.

The item you are trying to duplicate must be equipped on one of your characters.
Get an item from any enemy every time using an RNG Method!
RNG stands for Random Number Generator. There are two ways to do an RNG Method listed here, Counting Random Numbers and 6 Area Psynergies.

An RNG method is a definate way to get and item from whatever enemy you want. An item always drops at 31RN after the enemy you want an item from is killed.

First, you must know how to count RNs(Random Numbers). The beginning of the match is 1RN. For each enemy effected when hit by psynergy it is 2RN. At the begining of the second turn it is 1RN for each enemy alive(except wonderbirds, firebirds, and phenixs-it is 3RN for each alive). When you use a djinn it is 3RN(some exceptions with some djinn). When an enemy is killed it is 1RN. When you use a psynergy that effects your entire team(like wish) it is 2RN for each character effected. And when you use a psynergy that effects only on party member it is 1RN.

For these RNG methods to work you HAVE to run into 2 enemies. An RNG method consists of 6 area Psynergies and a Djinni unleash that finishes off the monster. The Djinni must be of the element that the enemy is weak against, and the enemy must then flash colors before it dies.

Psynergies that affect all four people on your team(High Impact, Wish, Aura, etc.) count as two area Psynergies.

It does not matter who goes first, second, or third as long as you have casted the 6 area Psynergies before the Djinni unleash. A few examples to prove my point:

Against two Sky Dragons(weak to Jupiter):
Example #1(doesn't have to be in this order):

*Two Sky Dragons Appear*(1RN)

Felix casts Grand Gaia-1st area Psy(5RN)
Jenna casts Cycle Beam-2nd area Psy(9RN)
Sheba casts Shine Plasma-3rd area Psy(13RN)
Piers casts Glacier- 4th area Psy(17RN)

Second Turn(19RN)1RN for each Creature Alive

Felix casts Quake- 5th area Psy(23RN)
Jenna casts Flare Wall- 6th area Psy(27RN)
Sheba unleashes Gale(30RN); Sky Dragon Dies(31RN)
Piers defends

other Sky Dragon killed off physically

This is the basic RNG method everyone uses. This is also why everyone says that the Djinni unleash must be the third attack in the second turn. Now two examples to prove that wrong:

Example #2(doesn't have to be in this order)
*Two Sky Dragons Appear*(1RN)

Ivan casts Storm Ray- 1st area Psy(5RN)
Sheba casts Shine Plasma- 2nd area Psy(9RN)
Felix casts Grand Gaia- 3rd area Psy(13RN)
Jenna casts Cycle Beam- 4th area Psy(17RN)

Second Turn(19RN)1RN for each creature alive

Ivan casts High Impact- 5th and 6th area Psy(27RN)
Sheba unleashes Gale(30RN) Sky Dragon dies(31RN)
Felix defends
Jenna defends

Other Sky Dragon killed off physically

That worked too, and the Djinni unleash was the second attack in the second turn! What if it was the first attack?

Example 3(doesn't matter what order):
*Two Sky Dragons Appear*(1RN)

Ivan casts High Impact-1st and 2nd area Psy(9RN)
Sheba casts Spark Plasma-3rd area Psy(13RN)
Jenna casts Aura-4th and 5th area Psy(21RN)
Felix casts Mother Gaia-6th area Psy(25RN)

Second Turn(25RN)1RN for each creature alive

Ivan unleashes Squall(30RN) Sky Dragon dies(31RN)
Sheba defends
Jenna defends
Felix defends

Other Sky Dragon killed off physically

Even attacking first works in the second turn works!

To make a RNG method work you have to:
2) Encounter a desirable enemy formation
3) Six area Psynergies or count 31RN
4) Djinni unleash of the enemy's weakness
5) Other enemy killed off however you want
6) You got whatever it was you wanted!
Lots of experience
In the islet cave the turtle takes you too,in the long hallways contain wonderbirds, like pheonixes, they give you 8600 exp each, if theres 2 attack only one. if your lucky the other will revive it, repeat this proccess and you will usaully get around 25,000 to 40,000 exp.
Music Test
Select battle mode then hold R or L when speaking to the woman on the far left side of the screen. Press Left or Right to choose a song number and press A to listen to your selection. Press B to return to the selection screen. You can also hear music from Golden Sun.
MXracer's Password
Page 1
Bh?5? S2&xu
wS7&F WssB5
AwwXf Ft++K
%kNgz j5ag=

Page 2
X2+S# sD%JC
Z3z!# 67+D2
qpMN! =wGnw
aFRR4 Vz3mA

Page 3
M+mRz !56jZ
tReUn khQg6
4=%Hn 4ge4n
za3GD ?3qk!
M49N= +n9c=

Page 4
fbpih 7cD3U
?$%gy QVu#A
82z=c 6&Dc9
bAJmf EXrjr
KTwqP piuTY

Page 5
4%zYi B&4cj
t?6Yx %a4?y
Cf9+F WFmL$

Page 6
qiHRu p2Vu%

Isaac: Lv. 77

Garet: Lv.76

Ivan: Lv.76

Mia: Lv.76
Name changing
To give alternate names to Jenna, Sheba, and Picard, press select 3 times while naming Felix.

If you are doing a non linked game, you may name Garet, Ivan, and Mia, too. To do this press UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, and SELECT. You will hear a ''ting'' and will be able to name Garet, Ivan, and Mia.
Return to the Last Sanctum
Have you gotten stuck and you're too low on PP to use Retreat? Simply press L, R, and Start when you load your game data from the main menu and you'll return to the last sanctum you visited.
roof walking
SAVE BEFORE YOU DO THIS!in ankhol ruins.once you reach the room with the second sand spraying statue.activate the switch.then stand at the wall next to the door and keep running at it.then when the statue sprays more sand the screen should shake and you'll be on the black area at the edge of the screen!it is important you save before as you can't get down without using retreat.someone should verify this as i don't know if it works for everyone.
sad town will be brighter
Anywhere is Prox, except in houses, you can use Reveal. When you exit the
reveal circle, the town will be brighter than before.

Why it works: When you use reveal, it forms a circle and the rest of the screen
turns black. While doing this, almost everything turns grayscale, therefore
removing the fog. When you exit the circle, the game does the same function
it would do any other time you exit the circle and doesn't bring the fog back.
Sonic Ultra's Code!
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Walk On Lava
Go into Magma Rock. Upon entering Magma rock, lift the boulder. Go straight and
you'll see a door, a climbable wall, and two statues shooting a fireball back
and forth. Go in the door. Jump left twice and climb the wall. Go up the stairs
to the right. Climb the wall and jump to the pillar. Take the left door out of
the two. Go to the climbable wall. Go up, left, and down it. Go through the
tall door. From there, go up until you're next to a ledge with a statue on it
that shoots a flame at the big statue when you use burst on it. Use burst
toward the statue, while under it (not on the ledge). The lava will rise with
you in it. Huzzah. If you remember where a climbable wall was, you can climb
it, but then you can't get back in the lava. Also, when you're in the lava,
you can go right and up to a room and get the treasure in the treasure chest.

Why it works: The programmers allowed you to use burst on something at a
different elevation.
walk on water
At SW Atteka Islet, push the box off the cliff and save while on top of it.
Reset and go into your file again. You will be on the water and be able to
walk around in it.
(While testing this glitch, I noticed that if you push the box left 3 times,
up, then left, from it's original location, the fence above it messes up.
The fence that is now above it, can go on top of your character graphic.)

Why it works: When you save, the game stores your location and the location
of the box, but when you load the file, it doesn't record that you're on top
of the box. When the file loads it sends you down to a probable height.