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Aa Experience to the MAX!! Trust me this works!!
just out side a kalay, run around until you find a fighter bee. dont kill it. keep defending until the bee calls more bees to help it. do this until there are four or more bees and start killing them. leave at least three and the end of each turn. keep defending and attack. over the period of an hour i gained over 15,000 exp. it takes a while but it is well worth it.
Beat Dead Beard once and for all
Okay. DeadBeard as you may know is the hardest boss in the game. To easily beat him, Strategy is key. Set all your Djinn to their elemental owners. I also suggest that you are at least at level 30. now fight him. use Isaac's attack Djinn, Use Garet's Flash djinn to protect you from Deadbeards ferocious attacks,Ivan's attack djinn, and Mia usind Wishwell or Purewish. Constantly keep setting Flash and use it whenever you can. after 4 or 5 of your Earth and Wind djinn are on standby, Summon! Repeat this process and you WILL win.
Beat The Colosso
Here is how to beat the Colosso. Isaac should have the djinn: Flint,Sap,Granite and Ground. To win the Colosso, fight in this pattern:
6)Cure Well
Repeat until you win!
Hope This Helps!!
Beat the Deadbeard, Fusion dragon, Saturos and Menardi
Your (Neoseeker's) first strategy to beat the Deadbeard isn't very helpful. Here's a better way. Don't summon in the beginning of the battle. By doing this, your stats are a lot higher. Use psynergy that boost your stats like resist, protector (yes this is a real move), or other spells. Make sure to heal often. Give at least one water of life to each character just in case they're the last one standing. I beat it at level 25, so he shouldn't be that hard. Use your djinn sparingly during the battle to keep your stats up. This is a great idea. Summon late. And also switch the djinn around (before the battle)so you have more than one person to heal. By doing this, you should be able to beat the Deadbeard. Do this and you should win after one or more tries.
Beating Fusion Dragon
The Fusion Dragon is a powerful monster but there are ways to beat it. The Fusion Dragon is weak against water so use Mia's attacks like glacier and her Hail djinn. Constantly use Wish or Wish Well with Mia and try to use them every other turn. I would suggest trying to stun or put Fusion Dragon to sleep first. Then, you want to use ALL your defensive djinn. Take a whole round of turns for this. With Izaac, use Granite. With Garret, use Torch or Corona. With Ivan, use BREEZE! Breeze will raise your parties resistance by 40, and thats good. With mia, she doesn't have a "defensive" djinn but she does have healing djinn like, Fizz, Spritz, and Tonic. After doing that, summon your monsters, try to set Mia's djinn and try to get Boreas. Boreas will practically do most of the damage. After a while when you have been Wishing Well and casting summons and using defensive djinn (once in a while you will want to use Ember to restore pp) and you've used your most powerful attcks, you should just use regular attacks. Regular attacks can be really strong because your coming in contacct with the Dragon. If you have items such as Gaia Blade and Bandit's Sword, the regular attacks will become ALOT stronger. After that, if the Fusion Dragon doesn't die already, then keep on summoning and setting djinns and healing. Continue and you beat him! If you beat the Fusion Dragon, then you beat the game!
Beating Satauros and Menardi
To beat them, follow these steps. Isaac:Use Ragnarock, any defensive Djinn, Wild Growth,Mad Growth, Clay Spire, and Revive. Garet: Same as Isaac. Ivan: Just use alot of PP and when he runs out, just attack. Mia:Use Wish and Wish Well. After you beat them, they fuse togather to become Fusion Dragon! Use the same steps as before, but beware, it attacks as different Lv4 Summuns!!!
Best Djinni placement/ best class!!!
==Best Djinni placement/ Best Class==
Author: Jason Tillack

==Golden Sun==
NOTE: You must have ALL the djinni for this to work!!!!!!!


Djinni- 3 Fire, 4 Wind
Class- Ninja
Description- This is class is just about the same as a Samurai, which is the best class only because it has more HP.
Psynergy- Gale 3pp, Catch 1pp, Move 2pp, Retreat 6pp, Death Plunge 16pp,
Shuriken 8pp, Annihilation 18pp, Punji 7pp, Punji Trap 13pp, Punji Strike 24pp,
Firebomb 5pp, Cluster Bomb 11pp, Carpet Bomb 29pp, Typhoon 12pp, Hurricane 25pp, Thunderclap 9pp, Thunderbolt 19pp, Mist 4pp.


Djinni- 4 Earth, 3 Wind
Class- Samurai
Description- The best class out of all of them, when your at a level 46, no one can touch you.
Psynergy- Lift 2pp, Halt 2pp, Carry 2pp, Move 2pp, Dragon Cloud 6pp, Demon Night 12pp, Helm Splitter 8pp, Quick Strike 12pp, Rockfall 5pp, Rockslide 15pp,
Lava Shower 4pp, Molten Bath 12pp, Demon spear 7pp, Angel Spear 12pp, Guardian 3pp, Protector 5pp, Magic Shell 3pp, Magic Shield 5pp.


Djinni- 3 Earth, 4 Water
Class- White Mage
Description- The Best class of "Healers."
Psynergy- Wish 9pp, Wish Well 13pp, Pure Wish 20pp, Revive 15pp, Cure Poison 2pp,
Force 2pp, Mind Read 1pp, Reveal 1pp, Prism 7pp, Hail Prism 16pp, Plasma 8pp,
Shine Plasma 18pp, Spark Plasma 37pp, Restore 3pp, Dull 6pp, Blunt 11pp, Ward 3pp,
Resist 5pp.


Djinni- 3 Water, 4 Fire
Class- Ascetic
Description- Not the best class but one of the upper middle ones, also has all 3 wishes which is good.
Psynergy- Douse 5pp, Wish 9pp, Wish Well 13pp, Pure Wish 20pp, Cure Poison 2pp, Frost 5pp, Cloak 1pp, Drench 10pp, Deluge 20pp, Prism 7pp, Hail Prism 16pp, Volcano 6pp, Eruption 14pp, Restore 3pp, Break 5pp, Frost 5pp.

If you find better classes than the ones above please tell me in e mail->
Boss fight: bandits
These guys are easy. just keep all your djinn on "set" status on unleash them when there all on "standby" status. occasionally, they might use a powerfull attack, but it is easily countered by Issac's cure or an herb.

recomended level: 5
Boss HP
Killer Ape:1000
Hydros Statue:1500
Storm Lizard:3012
Tempsest Lizard:4000
Saturos and Menardi:3000
Fusion Dragon:5200-5300
Boss Stategy
Usually some boss fights are extremly difficult for some players so here here is a strategy for fighting bosses.
Have Issac use the djinn "GRANITE" to set up an defensive aurora and have everyone else attack.
Set the djinn "GRANITE" back on Issac to use for next turn and have Garet use the djinn "FLASH" to create another defensive aurora. Mia and Ivan attacks.
Repeat these steps. Have Issac use GRANITE one turn and Garet use FLASH the next turn. Set the djinn to be used again.
The defensive auroas these special djinn create limit the damage by enemys by half which can be pretty helpful.
The bonus is that the djinn "FLASH" is a mars djinn which can boost the defensive aurora power more against fire based monsters. Saturos and Menardi and the fusion dragon attacks can do less damage on you. (Ex- Pyroclasm or supernova which usually does 100-250dmg can be limited to 7-50 damage with FLASH)

Boss Strategies
Use all of your best one-person hit Psyenergy on the guy in the middle so he dies first. Then have Issac attack one guy and Garet and Ivan on the other. Heal if you are low on HP. Also they have lots of Herbs so beware.

Tret Tree
Tret has around 400 HP so he shouldn't be that hard. Use all your Djinn at the beginning. He shoun't have much HP after that so some Psyenergy should finish him.

Satuous has about 1200 HP so he will be rather hard. You should be at at least Level 10 by now. Satuous can cause a lot of damage, so have Mai heal every turn. Also summon a lot!!! He should die after a few rounds.

Hydros Statue
On him just SUMMON!!! SUMMON!!! SUMMON!!! After you are done Summoning just use Psyenergy to beat him.

Like always Summon first. Then use Raganok with Issac and Ice with Mia. Use Heat Wave with Garet and Use Djinn with Ivan. That should kill him. Also heal with Mia.;-)

He knows Ply Well, so be carefull.
He has approx. 2447 HP. It would be best if you used all the appropriate
summons with the respective elemental Adept (Thor with Ivan, Judgment with
Isaac, etc.). It works better that way.

Toadonpa(in Lunpa);-)
Use Summons, Djinn, and Psyenergy. He doesn't do much but you should still heal, too.;-)
Raganok works best.

Tornado Lizard
Keep on using Djinn and summon. ALWAYS USE WISH OR WISH WELL AGAINST THIS GUY. He can do a fair amount of damage.


Saturos, Menardi, Fusion Dragon
With Ivan, do whatever you want.
I would use a lot of Djinni and then summon Thor Pack a wallop.
Isaac should attack with the Gaia Blade, use Ragnarok, or use Djinni and then
Summon. Use Wish Well with Mia once in a while. Kill Menardi firt because she has a one-hit K.O. move. He is pretty easy. (they are the last boss).;-)
Cheats And Hints
On the first floor of Venus Lighthouse Two (the room with the Psynergy Stone in the middle), save, turn your GBA off (NO soft resets!!), then turn it back on, then load your file. The first fight you'll encounter is Fenrir+Ice Gargoyle. Make sure you attack in this order: Ivan, Isaac, Mia, Garet.
Clay Spire
Ice Horn
Flare Wall
Make sure Garet is still fast enough to attack before the Fenrir. The Ice Gargoyle should die first.
Normal Wish
Unleash Torch
Standby some Djinn if you're having trouble with this. Congratulations!! You've got the Kikuichimonji! It's a Light Blade, so equip it on Ivan, and it unleashes Asura most of the time

Name all Chars. On the screen where is asks you to enter Issac's name, press select 3 times. You will hear a sound. After naming Issac, you can name the others.

Name Extra Characters After pressing select 3 times while naming Issac, press "Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, then Select" (While still on Issac's name screen) and you can name Jenna, Felix, and Sheba.

Unlimited Items rating: I'm not 100% that this cheat will work, so give me feedback on this. Anyways, the idea is that you sell a status boosting itme to the lady who sells Herbs and such in a town farther along in the game. (Power Bread, Mint, to a town such as Tolbi, or Lalivero) Anyways, you should have a lot of coins. Now, simply buy 30 of them back. They will cost a lot, but you'll end up with tons of Power-Items.

Send GS data to GS2 At the main menu of Golden Sun, hold down L and R, then tap left once, press B, and when the menu's gone, hold down left. Now you can know your passwords of completed saves, note them down, and use them in GSII! I got it right at the first time, this is the correct method. With Gold password, you can get all your data, with Silver, you get quite some data, and with Bronze, you can know only your Level and Djinn data. Kinda stupid, btw.

The Gamefreak 333 Method rating: 3.50/5.00 Ok. All credit here goes to Gamefreak 333, who found this glitch, I am merely adding this (I'm the mod of the forum). Its a glitch, which is rare in a game so polished as Golden Sun. I'll now quote a post from Gamefreak.


Hey if anyone wants a Unicorn Ring, all you have to do is get to the last room of the Venus Lighthouse (the one with a psyenergy stone and the hole) and save you game. After that reset your game and load that data. Your first fight you'll get is with 3 Willowisps and 1 Recluse.

*Note: Recluses drop Unicorn Rings

*Note: This is a good way to get exp. (923exp. for each battle.)
Crossbone Island w/o Tornado
To get to Crossbone Island without the tornado, then when you're on the ship to get to Colosso, choose first 2 strong people, then 2 weak people.
There is an easy but long way to beat this guy. You don't need to be at a high level, I did it in the mid 20's. Have Isaac attack, Garet use flash (reduces damage to almost nothing ie 2-30 dmg), Ivan should use spells that raise Isaac's attack and party resistance, and Mia should use wish well every turn. Give psy crystals to Ivan for when Mia runs low on psynergy. When resistance and attack are maxed, have Ivan use Luff to block his psynergy.

This is a very long process, but it works pretty well. If you *are* a higher level though, it should be faster.
Deadbeard's Demise >:D
Iv seen a few ways people have beaten Deadbeard and here is one of my techniques.

My attack order was Mia,Isaac,Ivan,Garet.
1st Round:
Mia: Wish or Wishwell
Isaac: Bane (Found on the 6th floor of Crossbone Isle)
Ivan: Luff (Found in Babi Lighthouse)
Garet: Flash (Found in Suhalla Desert)

2nd Round:
Mia: Wish or Wishwell
Isaac: Reset Bane
Ivan: Reset Luff
Garet: Reset Flash


Now this might take longer than others but it seemed more stable for me knowing that Deadbeard constantly had his Psynergy blocked and my dudes had a 90% damage reduction on them.
Make sure you set your Dijiin the way you want before a battle. If you know you are going to fight a lot of enemies, it would be a good idea to have your Dijiin ready to summon. If you are going to fight a small number of enemies you should not have it ready to summon. Use your Dijiin according to the element the person using the Dijiin excels at. Give Earth to Issac, Fire to Garet, Wind to Ivan, and Water to Mia.
easy battles -levelling up
Another way of levelling up is to use your djinns
here are the ways
set:keep using attacking djinns eg.Flint,corona.etc

standby:use Judgement,Thor,Boreas and Meteor then recover outside of battle
Easy Healing
To heal your party members easier, standby ALL your djinni. Then heal your party. Then set them again. You will only end up using about HALF the psynergy you would normally use.
Easy Money and Quick Levels
Easy Money
When you want new weapons just buy the weapons and armor for Issac. When you buy it DO NOT sell the weopen he currently has or armor. Instead, give the item to Garret and sell his items and armor or if the other CHaracters can equipt it give it to them. This is sort of like a Hand-me-down to garret, taht way you dont have to use as much money to buy weopens. Sooner or later youll save up to as much as i have, 200,000! This may seem a lot or not a lot but think about it, im not even half way through the game. This prosecces could really save you money. But the other thing is that you should also but thing for Mia and Ivan becasu they cant use the weapon that Issac and Garret uses but you should have tons of money to buy them with beacsue you dont get those characters till later on in the game.
Easy Level
This will not onl help you get quick levels but it will also help you get tons of money! The way you do this is well... Just basic trainin. This may sound dumb but its not. There is a ezer way yo train your character. when you at the beggin of the game pass all the places your suppose to go to n go to nearby town. When you get there START TRANIN. Use some summon if you can and make sure after the battle you let ur djinns go on standby mode. Then u keep sommin to kick some a**. Youll get lots of money. When you get low of HP or PP go to the nearby town and use the inn.
*NOTE When you get farther just keep doin the same thing, skip to the next dungeons and kill the monster with ur djinn and summons.

Easy place to train
If you want to train intensly, just go to the Venus Lighthouse in the room where there are 3 doors and a Psynergy Stone in the middle. Keep battling there until you get weary in both Psynergy Power and health. Have somebody use Wish Well or Pure Wish until all of the party is healed in heath. Then get the Psynergy Stone in that room. Get out of the room in the bottom left door and go back in. The Psynergy Stone should be back there. This is the perfect place to train if you are around at least Level 20-40.
Easy way to beat Fusion Dragon
Before you start you will need a few psy crystals. When you enter the battle have Isaac use Ragnarok,Mia use Wish Well,Garet summon Meteor and use Djinn,and Ivan summon Thor and use Djinn.If all is right you should beat him in less than ten min.(Use psy crystals when necessary)
Easy way to find Items
Whenever your in a room full of pots, barrels, and crates, use Ivans "REVEAL" and the pot or watever taht has a sparkle on top of it means it has a item in it. I have gotten many items and money this way.

*NOTE Not all house with barrels pots and crate s have thing in them, also watch how mush Psy energy Ivan has left, make Sure you dont use it all on findin items in pots!
Easy way to level up
Have you ever noticed that when you kill some monsters with a djinn, they go funny colours as they die? This is actually a pretty useful trick. As long as the djinn you kill the monster with is that monsters weakness type (ie, earth djinn against fire type, etc.) then you get extra money and XP. I used this while training in the second desert. This is just an example, but normally, when you kill a storm lizard, you get around 600 XP, and i'm not sure about the money. But when you kill one with an earth djinn (Bane or Flint ideally) then you get about 900 XP. The trick there was to get Ivan to hit first, so the storm lizard was already damaged enough to be taken down by the djinn. The amount of extra XP goes up depending on how tough the monster is, so while with weaker monsters it isn't noticable, it can have quite a significant difference on the Venus lighthouse monsters. (This also works on Golden Sun 2, and you can get from around 5000 XP from a wonder bird to around 10000 XP by killing it with a water djinn.)

And just a tip... try it on Deadbeard. ;-)
Extra Cash
To get extra money at the begining of Golden Sun, take all of Jenna's armor and items from her, once you reach the puzzles of Sol and Luna (sun and moon). Give them to Isaac or Garet. When the cinema scenes are over and you have left Vale, go back in to a shop and sell all Jenna's items. It will help getting better equipment right off the bat.
Fast Exp.
When you are in Shula desert, go to the pink tornado and ride it but do not use Dose. It will take you to an isle called Crossbone Isle. Go back to the tornado and ride it. Cast Dose and you'll fight a Tempest Lizard. Summon Thor, Meteor and Judgement and have your main healer heal. Once killed they give you a lot of Exp.
Fusion dragon
When you beat Fusion dragon always remember to Use Wish well from Mia that way the dragon cannot finish you that easily!

NOTE:Before the fusion dragon you have to fight Saturos and Mernardi-ONLY USE SUMMONS AND TRY NOT TO USE TOO MUCH PSYENERGY that way you can kill the dragon!
Fusion Dragon - Tips on Beating Him
When fighting Satouros and Menardi have Isacc as a Ninja(3mars-4jupiter)Garet as a Samuri(4earth-3jupiter)Ivan as a White Mage(3earth-4mercury)Mia as an Ascetic(4mars-3mercury)try to preserve as much of Ivan and Mia's Psynergy as possible only using Wish Well when nessecery, but abuse Isacc and Garet's Psynergy with Isacc's Annihilation(learned at level 31) and a good one target attack for Garet of your choice. Use no djinn or djinn summons in this battle. Focus on Satorous first. After that battle do the exact same thing except on the first turn have Garet use the djinn Ground to make him a Ninja then have him and Isacc both use Annihilation. He should die evetually.
Gain tons of experience quickly
To quickly gain lots of experience, just go to Crossbone Isle, and fight the Storm Lizard. Then go into the mountain space, come back out, and fight it again and again.
gaining easy experience
Here is what you have to do, when you go across Suhalla Desert you will find the Storm Lizards, in total there are 8 of them, but when you fight them you must kill them with an Earth Djinn such as Flint, Bane, or Sap, when you finish them off you'll gain 806 experience points, keep doing it until you finish them all, then go where Tempest Lizard is and kill kim with an Earth Djinn just like before, it doesn't serve with summons (you'll gain more experience points than if he is killed normally). Then use retreat, get out of the desert and enter again. You may win more than 8000 experience points for each time you pass it.
Get A Extra Lucky Medal + Corn
After finishing Colosso, go to north-east room in the downstair of the inn.
A woman will manage her room and find a something on the bed. She saw you and leave...
Move and check the barrel at the left of the bed and you will get a LUCKY MEDAL.

After finishing Colosso, go to talk to the fat merchant at the left of the lucky dice game
who sells fruit and he will give you a CORN.
Get desired medal toss item
Before tossing your tolbi medals into the spring, save the game. This way, if you fail to get the desired item, you can reset it and try again.
Get Experience Easy!!!
In the Suhalla Desert, after defeating about 4 or 5 storm lizards, which give about 600 exp. each, go out of the desert, heal, come back i, and the tornados will be there again!!! Keep doing this and you'll have gained at least 4 levels in no time!!!
Note: The storm lizards are weak against Boreas and Meteor the most, so use these whenever possible.
Get granite the venes djinn
Go to komolia and head to the southern most stump
( where you can see the djinn ) go to the back of the stump and press down . you'll fall in to a secret passage . dont worry about fighting it . He will just join you, good luck!!
Go to the top of the Babi Lighthouse with the three fences (One of these fence will bring
you to a Djiin). Save your game, then reload it.
Run until you encounter a monster and it will be a Chimera Mage + Ice Gargoyle.

Now use the following trick to get the SPIKE ARMOR:

Ivan: Tornado (Both, but point the arrow to Chimera)
Isaac: Clay Spire (Both, but point the arrow to Chimera)
Mia: Flare Wall (Both, but point the arrow to Chimera)
Garet: Ice Horn (Both, but point the arrow to Chimera)

[The monsters will stay and won't hit you.]

Ivan: Attack with whatever.
Isaac: Attack with whatever.
Mia: Djiin attack on Chimera Mage. (Don't use Mist, because it won't kill the Chimera...)
Garet: Attack with whatever.

You have to eleminate those monsters in two turn without be hitting by them, if not,
it won't work. Repeat this processus if you want more SPIKE ARMOR (Can sell it for 10050 Coins).
The other of attack isn't important. The most important thing to do is to kill the Chimera Mage
with Mia's Djiin attack. Also, Your speed must be at least around 140 for everyone, if not,
the monster will hit you.
Golden Sun Item Drop: Giant Axe
Level: Approx. LV 38-40

Go to the 2nd to last room in the Sahulla Gate. Save near the right side of the room. You should be able to see a small rock and green shades of grass around it. Turn off your GBA, and then turn it back on (hard reset). Run around the rock until and enemy appears. You should meet Goblin1, Goblin2, and Mole Mage. Flee immediately. Continue running around the rock until Earth Golem and Nightmare appear.

Turn 1:
Ivan: Tornado (Target psynergy on Earth Golem)
Isaac: Earthquake (Target psynergy on Nightmare)
Mia: Ice Horn (Target psynergy on Nightmare)
Garet: Flare Wall (Target psynergy on Nightmare)

The Nightmare should die.

Turn 2:
Ivan: Cast Gust on Earth Golem (Earth Golem Should flash and die)
Isaac: Defend
Mia: NORMAL Wish
Garet: Defend

If done correctly, you will get the Giant Axe. Repeat as necessary. If this does not work for you, your psynergy may either be too weak or too strong. Keep trying!

If you have questions or comments, e-mail me at:
Carry plenty of herbs in dungeons. Even a small task in a dungeon can wipe you out. You will save more money by doing this than by having to revive one of your team members. You will also always have all your team members ready to fight.
How to get a bulls eye Tolbi Spring every time.
As soon as you enter the spring and drain it wait until the top crab hits the wall on the right then throw your lucky medal and you get a bulls eye every time.
How to get the characters.
Garet: Garet will be with you at the very start of the game.

Ivan: Go to the town where the trucks come out, (forget the name) and check every house. You will eventually find Ivan. He will temporarily join your party. When you beat the bandits, he will leave your party, seemingly forever. But when you get at a certain place, Ivan comes and joins you.

Mia: Get to Imil. Go inside the first house you see. There will be a man sick and a treasure chest. Go out of there and go across to the other side of the town into the Reviver's place. Talk to the girl inside there and go back to that house with the treasure chest. Go in there, and Mia will be there. After a minute or 2 of talking, she will go to the Mercury Lighthouse. Follow her and aid her in all the things she needs help in. She will eventually join your party.
How to get the Kikuichimonji
On the first floor of Venus Lighthouse Two (the room with the Psynergy Stone in the middle), save, turn your GBA off (NO soft resets!!), then turn it back on, then load your file. The first fight you'll encounter is Fenrir+Ice Gargoyle. Make sure you attack in this order: Ivan, Isaac, Mia, Garet.
Clay Spire
Ice Horn
Flare Wall
Make sure Garet is still fast enough to attack before the Fenrir. The Ice Gargoyle should die first.
Normal Wish
Unleash Torch
Standby some Djinn if you're having trouble with this. Congratulations!! You've got the Kikuichimonji! It's a Light Blade, so equip it on Ivan, and it unleashes Asura most of the time.
Incredible Bane
To get Bane first when in shulla desert you can do it 2 ways either defeat the Storm Lizzard and get more exp or instead of going down the cliff stay on top and use reveal and follow the footpath. There u'll find a tunnel. Not too flash just follow it until you find another giant tornado. Let it take you away to Crossbone Isle. complete it up to around the 6th level until ya get bane. (Note ya need Halt get it from Vale after Atlin Peak) Now once ya go Bane go back to the tornado and fight it. Have Isaac use bane on it until the lizzare inflicts the poison. Now there is no way you can't get defeated cause every time the lizzard attacks it kills 600 of it's hp.
Use the inns whenever needed. Inns are your best and cheapest source to get healed quickly. Use them even for minor damage, or just to recover lost Psyenergy. Inns are inexpensive and efficient.
Jecht X's Guide to Summoning
~~~~Jecht X's guide to summoning~~~~~

1 Djinn = Venus ~ The Elemental power of Earth
2 Djinn = Ramses ~ Guardian of an immortal pharaoh
3 Djinn = Cybele ~ The Great mother of the Earth
4 Djinn = Judgment ~ The might of an apcocalypse


1 Djinn = Mars ~ The elemental power of fire
2 Djinn = Kirin ~ A mystical beast cloaked in flame
3 Djinn = Tiamat ~ The queen of all dragons
4 Djinn = Meteor ~ A meteorite from deep space


1 Djinn = Jupiter ~ The elemental power of wind
2 Djinn = Atalanta ~ The heavenly huntress
3 Djinn = Pronce ~ A goddess in bird form
4 Djinn = Thor ~ The mighty god of thunder


1 Djinn = Mercury ~ The elemental power of water
2 Djinn = Nereid ~ Princess of the sea spirits
3 Djinn = Neptune ~ An incarnation of the sea king
4 Djinn = Boreas ~ The god of the north wind

hope it helped
Lets go for a walk with Mia!
If you get Mia, but leave Imil before doing the Lighthouse, she won't complain or anything? You can go through and complete the Tret Tree with her before you beat Saturos. Exelent way to build up exp. before fighting the big man on the Lighthouse.
Lotsa Potions
To get lots of easy potions go to the sulhalla desert and fight the lizard things inside the whirlwind things.(I recommend you have Lv4 summons to fight them with) Most of the time you should recieve a potion.
I got about 30 potions after fighting about 50 of them.(Potion restore all hp of a character)
lucky medals
If you go to the springs in tolbi you can turn your back and throw either coins or lucky medals into the fountain. I have tested and from a couple of emails from people i have figured out this much...
.Center blue circle: Assassin blade, 90%
.Center blue circle: Earth Shield, 10%
.First yellow circle: Earth shield, 70%
.First yellow circle: Assassin blade, 30%
.Second blue circle: Defense Bracelet, 50%
.Second blue circle: Spirit Armor, 50%
.Second yellow circle: Spirit armor, 50%
.Second yellow circle: Adepts helm, 50%
.Clear circle: Water of life, 20%
.Clear circle: Adepts helm, 80%
.Outer circle: Water of life, 70%
.Outer circle: Adepts helm, 30%
.Far outer circle: Potion,70%
.Far outer circle: Water of life, 30%
I also won a tiara that was good for mia all the way until i got to Venus Lighthouse and it banked off two turtles and landed in the outer blue. I've found that what you can win all depends on how many turtles and crabs the medal rebounds off of and that you can get a Ninja hood and a Burning axe. Good luck throwing those medals and if you find anything i didn't name please email me and tell me.
I also need to ask a Question i took the time to figure all that out because i couldn't beat the game...... I beat deathbeard but i cannot find flowing electricty to get past part of Venus lighthouse so if anyone sees this and knows where I can find this item please post it or send me an email telling me where the location of it is.... thanks and have a good day.
In the mercury lighthouse use ply on the statue after u go through the rainbow and ull go up to the lighthouse aerie!!!! Saturos has 1200 hp so u should be leveled up to about 9-11 around there
use summons on saturos and sum times djinns, AND HAVE MIA USE PLY, PLY WELL, WISH, OR WISH WELL EVERYTIME!!!
his attacks r powerful so beware.!!!!
ENEMY- Saturos
HP- 1200
good luck hope my info helped u all!
if you see brown things in the trees, use catch on them and they turn into free nuts!!!
GROUND and FLASH are your friends throughout the last great battles and some others too. Both of them can protect you from taking in enormous amount of damage (usually about 2-19 HP). Use them when you must and when in great trouble summon and return them to you.

KITE is also great for helping you out in battles because when you use him, the next turn with the party member that you used him on can set the djinn that you want back to you or attack twice the next round.
Use your Psyenergy wisely. You should not just use your Psyenergy at any time, because you will quickly run out. You should only use it when needed or when it will stop you from receiving considerable damage.
really easy way to gain levels
go to the sahula desert and after u battle the storm lizard (big green ugly lizard) use reveal and u will see a path of foot prents.follow them and it will lead you to a ledge use reveal and a log will apear.jum across and go thro the is short.outside the cave there will be a pink tornado.(DON'T USE DOUSE)the tornado will send u to a island not on the map(cross bone island) go between the upside down 'u' mountains. find a way to get in the cave right in front of you cause i dont feel like describing how.go down the stairs in the cave there will be a door when you get infront of it you will be attacked by some strong guys on every floor.(NOTE:theres bout' 15 floors)theres lots of items in there u will exit thro another door.go down the stairs and continue going thro the the end there will be a pirate ship there u face deadbeard who i think is the strongest guy in the game.he has a heck of alot of heath.beat him then go back to the top of the island and put all djinn on standby.(you need bout' 6 or 7 of every kind)go in the tornado and use douse and face tepest lizard.then use all the summuns strongest to weakest.he will only be able to attaack you about twice before he's dead.repetitivly face the lizard about 30 times.(to make the tornado back walk in the cave and come back and make sure your djinn are healed and you re-standby'ed them)you should have easily gained 10 levels bye this time which helps a tonfor the final battle.
Shortcut to Cave
For a shortcut to the cave leading to Bilibin got to Lunpa and head east. There is a passage between two mountains leading directly there.
Suhalla Desert mega lizard boss no more
Stuck at the boss in Suhalla Desert? Dont be! For I've got a tip that will make you one happy person. This is for people who just want to get through the game, with the least amount of leveling.

The boss comes at you in a tornado, and chases you till it catches up and you start a battle with a mega green storm lizard. Well some people just aren't a high enough level in the game and don't want to level up. Heres the easy solution. Climb down the small cliff, and then shoot down and leftish in a diagonal. Always running, you'll notice the tornado by now. If you stop, your hit. Don't stop. Follow the right cliff, all the way down, and run straight to the right following the wall. You'll come to a small opening which is the exit to the desert, watch the cutscene, the tornado becomes immobile during regular battles and during the cutscene, but be ready to start running as soon as it end to get out without ever battling the boss.

WARNING!: If you do this, then you can not get back through the desert without battling that Mega green lizard. But hey, if you did this cheat in the first place, why would you want to go back in the first place?
The best class for the whole party
The Best Class
6Mars djinn
1venus djinn

6Venus djinn
1Mars djinn
Berserker class is much stronger than ninja or samurai class because the attack power of isaac in berserker class w/ only the swift sword is at 507 and garet w/ the demon axe is 502!
The critical of isaac w/ the swift sowrd w/ impact is 1k in normal monster and 800 in the fusion dragon. equip them with critical armors like warriors helm hyper boots and spiked armor!

6mercury djinn
1jupiter djinn

6Jupiter djinn
1mercury djinn

Sage is the best healers because both mia and ivan can learn the pure wish skill and they can learn the freeze prism and spark plasma. Sage class is the best support and offensive class

Berserker skill:
Planet Diver
Clay Spire
Stone Spire
Mad Growth
Wild Growth
Super Nova

Sage Skill:
Wish Well
Pure Wish
Hail Prism
Freeze Prism
Shine Plasma
Spark Plasma
High Impact

with this guide you are almost invinsible.
The Gamefreak 333 Method
Ok. All credit here goes to Gamefreak 333, who found this glitch, I am merely adding this (I'm the mod of the forum). Its a glitch, which is rare in a game so polished as Golden Sun. I'll now quote a post from Gamefreak.


Hey if anyone wants a Unicorn Ring, all you have to do is get to the last room of the Venus Lighthouse (the one with a psyenergy stone and the hole) and save you game. After that reset your game and load that data. Your first fight you'll get is with 3 Willowisps and 1 Recluse.

*Note: Recluses drop Unicorn Rings

*Note: This is a good way to get exp. (923exp. for each battle.)

Tolbi slots
When you gather up alot of game tickets, go to the slots in Tolbi and save before you use them. When you use the slots, on occasion, you will a get water of life or a psy crystal. If you don't get one, just restart by pressing A+B+SELECT+START at the same time. When you do get one, just save and keep doing it until you have as many as you want. I got about 20 of each in 1 hr!
Turtle Boots
To get the turtle boots, go to the peninsula after you pass the barricade (near Bilibin). At the very end, there is a clump of forest. Press A and you should find the turtle boots.

TIP: In my opinion, the turtle boots suck, so you should just use them if you're desperate. If you're not, just sell them ( they won't give you a lot of money, but every bit of cash helps)

Any Questions?? E-mail me.
Using reveal to find useful things
Use reveal at a circle of grave stones to usually reveal hidden items. You can also use reveal to find useful items in caves.
Walking through walls..........
In venus lighthouse, remember you can walk through watter in mercury lighthouse, so you can walk through falling sand in venus lighthouse to.......
xtra money at start
when you go to mt. aleph. remove all of jenna's items and sell them in Vault or Vale etc.
You want easy experience?
Look...Personally, I got sick and tired of trying to beat so many tornado lizards, or just doing regular training in Crossbone Island or whatever the eff. Screw that. You want easy quick experience? Give that lure cap you get for beating Colosso to the member of your party with the highest defense, and the run around in that first floor of the real Venus lighthouse with the psynergy stone in it. I was at about level 32 when I started doing that, and I managed to go up 2 levels with all my characters in under an hour. That's a lot. Trust me. If you want the most experience, this is probably the easiest and quickest way.


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Complete Game "2ND Time easy cheat"
The second time you complete it on all 3 saves.

You may get a Nokia ringtone code.

If you can't complete it.

Your code is most likely to be printed.

You may find it on the back of your box.

This was my code:

If you keep pressing B wile moving it will look like you are hopping.