Gameboy Advance Hardware Cheats

Gameboy Advance Hardware cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Colour Themes for GB Classic Games
When you insert a GB Classic game (e.g. Tetris, Pokémon Red/Blue, Super Mario Land) and the Game Boy logo appears, press the following button combinations to access the associated colour scheme. These change the colour the classic game appears in and some can make old-skool games look very nice.

Up- Brown
Up+A- Red
Up+B- Dark Brown
Down- Pale Yellow
Down+A- Orange
Down+B- Yellow
Left- Blue
Left+A- Dark Blue
Left+B- Grayscale (Black and White, classic style)
Right- Green
Right+A- Dark Green
Right+B- Negative Image (of automatic colourscheme)

These colour combinations will be reset when the game is turned off. Also, entering one will briefly extend the stay of the title screen, allowing you to change again if you're quick.
Make screen wider when playing a Gameboy Color game
To make the screen wide when playing a Gameboy Color game press L, To change it back to normal size press R.
Old-School Nintendo Loadup
When first turning on the console, press Star and Select at the same time just after the first sound (and the Game Boy logo appears) but before the "ting" and the loadup will pause and a classic Mario sound will be played. Press A to unpause and play another classic Mario sound!

Easter eggs

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Press select and pause
At the starting screen with the gameboy logo hold the(start)and (select)button and the logo will disapear