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   (last update - Jun 17 2001)

Unlock all wrestlers
Go to the "Edit Wrestler" screen and choose "Name Entry". Set the following settings:

Nickname: "ALL"
First Name: "STYLE"
Last Name: "CLEAR"
Exchange to "Off"
Middle to the square Space icon

Press Start, and then B until you return to the Main Menu. You should now find all wrestlers are unlocked.
submitted by Masked017


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Unlock All Wrestlers

Select "Edit Wrestler", then choose the "Name Entry" option. Enter "ALL" for "Nickname", "STYLE" for "First Name", and "CLEAR" for "Last Name". Then, set "Exchange" to "Off", "Middle" to "Space" (Square icon), and press Start. Press B until you return to the main menu. All wrestlers will now be unlocked.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Q22 on September 02, 2004