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Fire Emblem: The Sword of Seal (Import) Cheats

Fire Emblem: The Sword of Seal (Import) cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Gaiden Chapters
Gaiden Chapters:
Chapter 8 Gaiden Beat Chapter 8 and keep Lillina Alive
Chapter 12 Gaiden-Beat Chapter 12 in 20 turns or less.
Chapter 14 Gaiden-Beat Chapter 14 in 25 turns or less, and keep Sophia alive.
Chapter 16 Gaiden-Beat Chapter 16 and keep Douglas Alive (The General with a portrait)
Chapter 20A Gaiden-Beat Chapter 20A in 25 turns or less. Dayan, Shin, and Sue must be alive.
Chapter 20B Gaiden-Beat Chapter 20B in 25 turns or less. Both Zealot and Juno must be alive.
Chapter 21 Gaiden-Beat Chapter 21 in 30 turns or less. Zeiss and Miledy must be alive.

Improving your Army as quickly as possible!
Every time you see an arena, you should, besides beat the level itself, train your companions in that arena. This is an excellent oportunity because, besides you get lots of money, you can train the time you want, every unit you have,until level 20, including the priests (by healing the units). The only unit you can train is Merlinus, because he can't fight.
By the way...if you have a promotion item and you are waiting for a unit to get to level 10 to promoted right up, you should, first, train that unit until level 20. Then you can promet her and, then, train that unit, again, until level 20. This can very, very powerfull units.(e.g:I do that with Dieck and he can defeat Zephiel alone!I'm almost sure of that!)
Mighty Warriors
To have a mighty warrior, simply make your chosen character up to level 20 (not promoted yet), to maximize their stats and then right after that promote them. The best way to easily get them up to level 20 is by letting them fight at the arena, but be cautious on their enemy if you know your character will lose simply press B before you lose. Then you'll have a mighty warrior which can fight hordes of enemy but then again be cautious on what item they use to fight against..
More Lockpicks
When Cath shows up as an enemy the first two times, you can steal her lockpick after talking to her. She will get a new one the next time she appears. Be careful, because she tries to escape after you take her lockpick. Be sure to have Roy talk to her first.
Split Route at Ch10
There are two different versions of Chapter 10 and Chapter 11. To play the alternate set of these chapters then visit the village furthest to the topright corner of the map on Chapter 9. If you don't visit this village then you'll take the default route.

The default route gives you Lalum and Echidna as recruitable characters. Gonzales is also level 5 and Geese appears on Chapter 10.

The alternate route gives you Elphin and Bartre as recruitable characters. Gonzales is also level 15 and Geese appears on Chapter 11.

Both versions of Chapter 11 lead into the same Chapter 12.
Triangle attacks
Triangle attacks are attacks which ensure a critical hit aka boosting the hit and critical rate to 100% for one attack.

There are two different triangle attacks in this game, one involving all three pegasus knights, and the other involving all three Ostian armour knights.

To perform a triangle attack, position two of those three pegasus knights or armour knights around one enemy. Then, take the remaining pegasus knight/armour knight and attack that enemy.

If done correctly, the attacking unit will score a critical against that enemy no matter what.
Wendy Barth And Oujay
When you get Wendy Barth And Oujay do not break the wall!!! They will kill you fast, the strongest one there is Barth. Instead, wait for your main army to come and join them, raise Wendy and Oujay and they will become awesome.