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Command codes

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evade many attacks
If you hit an enemy with a counterattack,press B many times.You will see that he didn't had damage.


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1 Chance
You have only one chance to get this blue mage ability: Limit Glove
it does 999 dmg (though it is very hard to hit with it)
You can get it in the mission where you need to help Ritz kill a "tough bladebiter" (it's a purple toughskin)
Have a beastmaster and a blue mage join the team and get the bladebiter in critical status
Then control him and make him use limit glove on you're blue mage (make sure you're blue mage has an Angel ring wich revives him after he gets decimated by the limit glove)
this is stronger then ultima, have fun destroying all with ease
P.S. blue mages in the same clan can't teach eachother blue mage abilities, so make sure you select the right one
1 hit KO Holy Blade
Make Marche a Paladin and make him learn Holy Blade (Excalibur) and then make him a white mage and learn Turbo MP (white robe) this makes a ultimate Attack
100% steal ability
When you steal an ability you just got 20% most of the time. To increase the chance of stealing the ability from others, make them stop. Use for example an assassin with ''shadowbind'' or a time mage with ''stop''. If you then try to steal an ability you get 100% surety of getting it.
550+ damage in one hit!!!
This cheat works best with 2 soldiers (Marche and a soldier) between level 30-40. Marche has to be able to use a combo and the soldier must also be able to use a combo, but doesn't have to have any judge points, just has to have the combo ability, and Marche has to have the weapon Chirijiraden, which you get from a mission where you have to fight a legendary fighter, and the soldier should have a pretty strong weapon. The soldier has to be able to attack the enemy, but DON'T. Then, make Marche use a combo on the enemy, but make sure the soldier is flashing then use the attack. The soldier should attack then Marche should use the combo and the attack should do 550-600 damage. Enjoy doing massive damage. You can do this with multiple people. Example: Multiple people who have a combo ability surround a target and one of them uses the combo, MASSIVE damage, probably 999, but I've never tried it.
99 Angel Rings
First have a thief learn Steal: Accessory. Then there is a Clan Borzoi mission (I forgot what its called) with a Sniper, a Time Mage and a Black Mage. Steal from the Black Mage to get an angel ring early. Then flee the battle and redo it when it comes back up at the pub. Do this for as long as you have patience for. Its guaranteed not to fail!!!!!
A Tip on increasing your speed and more
Don't bother with learning too many abilities for humans and moogles. Make them thieves (or ninja/thief for human) and just let them learn the thief abilities and level up until you get the cinqueda. The cinqueda lets them steal abilities so they don't need to waist time learning them. While they're leveling up, their speed increases by 1-2(most of time two for thieves) so you can attack sooner and more often than your enemies. Do you really want someone who can do around 200 damage a turn but is the last to move (meaning has more of a chance of being KO'd or disabled/frogged before he can attack) or someone who can do 100 damage or higher but can move 2-3 times a round? Think about it. As for vieras, let them get the job assassin cause they gain 2 speed points a level and 6-7 attack points a level. And let the no mous level up as a beastmaster or morpher for the same reason. Trust me, this game lasts over 200 hours, if you are lucky and know what you're doing. Your characters will have plenty of time to learn those fancy tricks after leveling up and it'll really help in those totema battles, especially when the human totema is using starcross on your characters. You can get their speed up to over 200 by mid to late 30's and you'll be able to defeat Queen Remedi so fast it'll make your head spin.
Air Render
Early in the game, it is not hard to get a White Monk Bangaa in your clan. If you have the weapon Kaiser Knuckles, it can learn the ability Air Render, which is a medium ranged attack and is fairly strong. It will be very useful during the game.
Babus & Ritz!!! Comeback to me
If you somehow accidentally got rid of Babus or Ritz, they do come back.

But if you just want a good tip...

First, take away all of Babus's and Ritz's items. Next, dismiss Babus and Ritz from your clan. It doesn't matter what order you dismiss them in. Now go to a town, preferrably Muscadet, because thats were i went. Noww tak the missions "Doned here". Now once you get them back, they should be at least on Lv. 35. They should also have their old items with them. BUT Ritz will be at a Fencer again, and will have forgotten whatever you taught her in any other job!
Beanstalk Strategy
This trick is awesome. I leveled up every member of my clan to level 50 in a matter of hours by doing this. You work on leveling up one single character as fast as possible to level 50. Then, cast auto-life on him/her. After that, have your waeker members attack the stronger one. They'll gain a HUGE amount of experience because they are low leveled and they damage a high level character.

Example: My friend, Dan, had this character named Skimble. He was only level 4, so he traded him to me so I could raise his level for him. Anyway, I had him attack one of my level 50 characters, and it got 96 exp.
Best Main Character
First, make Marche a Ninja and make him learn Double Sword. Then equip Masamune and Masamune 100 on him, an Acacia Hat, Genji Armlets, and Ninja Tabi. He will move around 8 and attack around 300 for the first attack and 400 for his second.
Best Viera Combo
After hours and hours of playtesting this theory, I have found what I think is the perfect viera.

First train one up as an Elementalist to get the MP boosts that you will need. After she hits over 100 MP, train her as an Archer and teach her 2 Abilities and especially Concentrate!

After you teach her the two abilities, Change her into a Sniper. Teach her every single ability they can learn and then you should have the pieces for her to become a Assassin if you trained her as an Elementalist first.

Put Sharpshoot as your secondary ability and Concentrate as your Support Ability. Teach your assassin Last Breath, Rockseal, and Ultima Masher, and you have the deadliest Viera in the game! Hope this helps!
Blue Mage/Beastmaster
Have you ever had trouble with getting your Blue Mages to learn healing monster abilities, or any ability at all? Nu Mou starts out with a job called Beastmaster, which allows the user to control certain creatures. This way, you can have the chosen monster use the ability on your Blue Mage. This only works with some abilities and make sure that when you want to learn the abilities, you have the Blue Mage Support ability "learning" taught by the weapon Blue Saber equipped; otherwise you'll just get hurt. When trying to learn the ability "Roulette" taught by Floateyes and Ahrimans, have the Angel Ring or some other form of Auto-Life on; the only way to get Blue Mage abilities is by staying awake and alive!
Blue Magic Lessons
You don't have to rely on monsters alone to learn blue magic. Anytime you fight a clan with a blue mage, use you're blue mage to attack him. Any spell he uses, your blue mage will learn. A little random, but it works. Note: You can't learn blue magic by having two of your mages attack each other, I've tried...
Character Job Conditions
To gain new jobs you must master a certain number of Abilites from a starting job (e.g. to become a Paladin that character must master 2 Solider abilites).

Solider: Starting Job
Thief: Starting Job
Archer: Starting Job
White Mage: Starting Job
Black Mage: Starting Job
Paladin: Soldier Abl. x2
Fighter: Solider Abl. x2
Ninja: Thief Abl. x2
Hunter: Archer Abl. x2
Blue Mage: White Mage x1 & Black Mage x1/ Black Mage Abl. x2
Illusionist: White Mage Abl. x3 / Black Mage Abl. x5

Fencer: Starting Job
White Mage: Starting Job
Archer: Starting Job
Red Mage: Fencer Abl. x1
Elementalist: White Mage x1 / Fencer Abl. x1
Summoner: White Mage x2 / Elementalist Abl. x2
Sniper: Archer Abl. x2
Assassin: Elementalist Abl. x2 / Sniper Abl. x1

White Monk: Starting Job
Warrior: Starting Job
Bishop: White Monk Abl. x2
Templar: White Monk Abl. x2
Dragoon: Warrior Abl. x2
Gladiator: Warrior Abl. x2
Defender: Warrior Abl. x2

Nu Mou:
Black Mage: Starting Job
White Mage: Starting Job
Beastmaster: Starting Job
Time Mage: Black Mage Abl. x5
Morpher: Beastmaster Abl. x5
Illusionist: Black Mage Abl. x5 / White Mage Abl. x3
Alchemist: Black Mage Abl. x5 / White Mage Abl. x3
Sage: White Mage Abl. x3 / Beastmaster Abl. x2

Black Mage: Starting Job
Animist: Starting Job
Thief: Starting Job
Time Mage: Black Mage Abl. x5
Gunner: Animist Abl. x1
Mog Knight: Animist Abl. x1
Juggler: Thief Abl. x2
Gadgeteer Abl. x2
Clan War Tip!
This Tip has been tested many times. The Clan war people move once every 2 days! I am absolutely sure! So if u are avoiding clan battles, make sure you remember this tip!

Note: Sometimes the clan will not move at all.
Combo Units
Human(Hunter/Chivary)-use a long distance holy blade
Viera(Summoner/Red Magic)-Double cast Red and summon magic together
Nu Mou(White Mage/Black Magic)-Cure and Attack at will
Moogle(Gunner/Charge)- Long range Knight
Bangaa(Dragoon/Defend)-Attack then Defend
DeAfeAt ExOdUs EaSy
Find A Blaze Robe or Flame Sheild and Connect it to your player and get ten judge points for your other character. Walk In to Muscudet and you will receive the mission Scouring time. Use your other charecters with the 10 jugde points to use totoma. And after that you will fight exodus and babus. Don't worry about babus he will only be able to use demi(half you hp) on you.

Note: Babus not only uses Demi, he also uses two other devastating attacks: a Rune version of stop, and Explode, the Rune version of Giga Flare. Either attack can cripple you if he uses them at the right time. Be warned!
Defeat Li-Grim (queen Remedi) easily
first i recommend that you get the semi-secret character Cheney(hunter knows ultima shot & capture). once u get him fight against remedi and win (DO NOT USE HOLY ON HER!!!) Once you defeat her first form use Cheney to hit her with Ultima Shot (doing this will probably do over 300 damage!). repeat this tactic to defeat her easily and quickly.
devastating assassin
i found a good combination of abilities for strong assassins (its not wonderful, but it works). Alright, make sure you have a powerful assassin, and turn it into a sniper and learn \"conceal\" to turn it invisible. now unless the target is either a panther you can sneak up behind them without them noticing. Now if they know the \"last breath\" ability (which every good assassin should) you can kill them easier from behind (unless they have a ribbon). Works 90% of the time for me.
Do Extra Damage using Rush
First have your character learn figher A-Abiliy Rush, then change his job to hunter or archer

When you are on the hill top, use Rush to push enemy down from a cliff

it would do extra damage(ie. two damages would appear in one shot)

I killed my Montblanc in a Jadg
I want to know if some mission would lost or not
double an attack with a vierra
This cheat requires the ability of a vierra to have double shot a sniper ability by using twin bow

any job of a vierra fits this trick(NOTE:YOU CANT DOUBLE SHOY WITH MAGIC)first gwt a weapon any kind that fits the vierra's job and then place the sharpshoot ability on the 2nd ability slot and when an opponent comes use double shot on the enemy.

theres a 40% chance of increasing and decreasing the damage.
Double Insignia
If you use two insignia's on a 80AP mission you will get 240AP.
Easiest exp. people can STEAL
ok first go up against a clan with low levels. next kill everyone until you have one enemy left. get two useless people to crowd the bottom left or right but not the TOP. thats the easiest place to steal so if your a high level character and if too lazy to get exp. the hard way then use this the easy way
Easiest way to kill magic users
Doesn't it annoys you when enemy white mages run around reviving and healing? This is the solution. Teach any character to learn the provoke technique. You'l force the mages to physically attack you and their attacks sucks and they are weak against reactions such as counter or strikeback or bonecrusher. Provoke them and there's nothing they can do about it.
Easy Abilities
If you have a thief, teach them Steal: Ability. Now attack enemies that have jobs your thief's race can have.
This is a far quicker way to get A-abilities. You can then equip them in the abilities menu, even if your thief has never changed to the job before. It doesn't work on abilities the enemy is in the middle of learning though.
Easy abilities without doing the dirty work
To do this, first have ezel in your party, then, have a theif with the steal: ability skill.

On battle, during ezel's turn, make sure there are no laws saying steal, target all, status and sleep. cast azoth onto your enemies. Once they're asleep, slowly take your thief and steal their abilities..... without waking them up!

Note: Humans can only steal abilities that are with the same race, like archer, theif, and their own. Moogles can steal from theives, black mages and others. But they cannot steal abilities from jobs they can't reach. For example, your theif does not have white mage abilities X 3 and black mage abilities X 5, and try to steal from a blue mage, you won't get the skill, even if you have stolen the requirements. Only after battle, or the second battle they will be able to steal from them.
Easy ability points
To get easy AP complete a help________ mission. You will get roughly 80 AP for everyone that particapated in the battle
Easy Exp
You need to fight in a clan war and have one white mage and the other clan must have a flan or a white mage or some enemy that has lots of hp or good weapon defense but bad attack cause you don't want to get stuck fighting a dragon those things are a pain in the butt. what you do is kill all enemies except for that one enemy then have the person you want to level up fight this enemy attack untill it has just a few hp then with your white mage heal the enemy and continue to attack and heal this way you'll get easy exp.
Easy EXP 4 Weak characters and thief's
Weak characters get them to attack one of your stronger characters for 20 exp or when an enemy attacks use Steal EXp to gain extra experience
easy exp for characters and easy negotiation
first you will need two jugglers that know smile then use it on each other to get really high levels keep doing till level wanted then use other clan members to attack jugglers

and for easy negotiation need 5 members in clan for this after you have 5 get in a battle and run or fight or lose (run is best and still works) after that go to the pud and find ____ <- (enter race here) wanted send some one on it and do not accept the clan member you will get keep doing this till level wanted*

*negotiation has good weapons in level ups
Easy Exp for Marcus
When you fight Exodus make sure Marcus is a ninja and knows metal veil and unspell. Next be sure to kill Babus. (he is real easy just use metal veil to blind him and attack.) Next destroy all the seeds (or whatever you want to call them.) except for one. then keep casting unspell on it. it only takes 4 mp plus you get 5 extra mp every turn so you wont run out. (I started with Marcus at level 13 then got him to level 20)
Easy JP!!
Get a human character to become a Hunter with Hunt Bow. Go into a battle and whittle down an enemy's HP. Use the 'Hunting' A-Ability to finish the enemy off and recieve 10 JP!!! I think it's 10 all the time or maybe sometimes just 2 and +? Oh, well I garauntee you that you will get a lot! You this trick if say, a human character has been imprisoned and has 0 JP, go into battle and get it all back!! Cool!! Enjoy fellow gamers!:]
Easy JP/ Easy Battle Victories
First, have a human learn the hunter ability: hunting. This skill allows you to recieve 10 jp automatically if you kill an enemy with it. I recommend that you use marche or another human whose attack power is quite high. Then, if you have it, equip Excalibur 2 (it also helps to know double sword, though you wont attack twice when using hunting ability) and kill an enemy wiht hunting.

If you are strong enough, you will kill them instantly, but if you are not then weaken the enemy first. You will have 10 jp and can use the powerful human Totema in your next battle.

Here are the skills I use with my human:

Paladin, with hunting abilities, doublesword, strikeback, hunt combo. (P.S. this is also one of the most powerful combos I've ever seen)

Items: Bangaa helm, Peytral (I have raised its defense very high by going to the clan league battles MANY times), Excalibur 2, sequence (I've also raised this by going to battle tourney), and Nija Tabi.

With this setup, your paladin should be almost invulnerable to normal close range attacks and should posses the Ultima shot and holy blade (both are very powerful attacks; Ultima shot does 999 damage). Plus, with these itmes, my paladin can move 7 spaces!
Easy Level Up
On the mission a frosty mage, kill everyone but the targets. Since they can't attack, keep using first aid or some other healing spell on yourself and you will gain 10 xp every time. You can keep doing this till you are bored or reach level 50.
Easy Levels in Giza (with melee enemies only)
Get into a battle at Giza Plains (make sure the map is the one with the two rivers. I believe it is the one used in the "Help Giza" missions). If there are any enemies with ranged attacks, kill them off first. Once there are no ranged enemies left, move your characters to the one square strips of land that have rivers next to them. There is one in the lower left and one in the upper right corners of the map. Move your characters into those edges and put a character with high health in front of the lines. The enemies can't attack from the water, so they have to come in from the front. Once you have killed one enemy, the body will be blocking the only square where another enemy can attack from. Then just use healing techs or have weaker units attack stronger units. I find it best to change your characters to units that have actions that aren't attacks. What I did was master "first aid" with Marche and got a white mage with cure and then put them in the corner.
easy lvl. up for humans and bangaa
as soon as u get a human and bangaa give them a shortsword and master first aid, and keep using it until u get alot of lvls. will give u 10 exp. evry turn
Easy second crystal win
All you have to do to win the second tottema mission is this :
1. Buy a card from Ezel Barbier that adds the Charm Prohibitation law(the white and red card).
2. On the mission activate the card
3. all you have to do is use long range attacks and the Totemma can't do anything(since you made there only long range attack prohibited)

Anoter easy win strategy for this mission is:
1. Get 10 jp with a moogle
2. use the tottema skill during the mission
3. it will enialate almost every crystal(there might be one or two left)
Easy totemas and EXP
This can be used by Humans and Moogles, and can be a theif. For easy exp, get the ability "steal EXP" use this on someone and wil get thier EXP. To get even more exp, wait until thier EXP gets high, and than steal it. You can purchase the this weapon at shops in Cyril and Shprom.

This comes in handy after you have all the totemas. All you need, is a thief who can learn "steal Judge point." The weapon is rare and can not be purchased. You need 10 judge points to create totemas, so this comes in handy. Also you can use combos and killer combos
Easy Undead Defeat
Have a Summoner Learn Phoenix. Since it is Holy and completely revives, it will do the opposite to Undeads, instantly defeating them.
Enemy go to Jail
You know that you can make monsters go to jail? well, heres how to do it! First have a Beastmaster control a monster.Then,have it do something against the law,like control a yellow flan and say that ligntning is forbidden.Have the beastmaster to force the yellow flan to use thunder and keep doing it until it goes to jail.Have fun sending them to jail.
expert players
once u master ALL the abilities / supports / reaction,
ur character will have a star above its head when u pick "change job".its so hard i only got the gunner and the hunter to have this...
extra exp! (sorta)
Whenever you're battling, instead of using wait when you cant reach anyone, use a move like defense, conceal, first aid, cure, or any stat increasing skill or tech. You will gain 10 exp every time(more if you use moves that affect more than 1 person)!
Extra Experience
If you ever run into a gel-type creature called a flan and need a little exp, here is a tip. First kill off every other enemy on the field, and then surround the flan with your people. Use regular attacks on it, which will only do 1 damage, and if the enemy is of sufficient level, you'll gain a few levels while slowly killing it.
Fast way to receive AP
Another way to get AP without Ezel or a theif with steal: ability in your party is to rely on one extremely useful item. THE FEATHER BADGE.

Getting a feather badge is easy. accept the mission where the guy says the "muse of the sea" is a fake. Once you receive the feather badge, always take the Feather Badge as well. It doubles up the AP received in the mission. Very Useful!
Faster Way to Learn Abilities
If you want a party member to learn abilities faster, send them on a whole bunch of dispatch missions. The AP will add up fast if you send them out on missions that are completed by a certain number of days. Now, all you have to do is walk around on the map to gain AP for your party (note that the more difficult dispatch missions give more AP). This is a very efficient method, and I use this method for almost all the people that I want to master their trades faster.
Faster wins in engagments
First what you want to do is kill off your opponents white mage, if they have one, the their distance attackers, such as archers, snipers, hunters and gunners. It should be a sinch after that.
For People trying to get Drak GEar
You can get it bye fight clan jadg dimmarisse or somthing the assasian in the front has Dark GEar!
Four way strike back
If there is an oppent that uses mainly close range or offence then this will work nicely on them.
Requires 4 units and the abbity strike back for best use, also can use conter and so on...
Surround an enemy unit with your four units equipped with strick back and then just gang up on him. And if it tries to attack with a weapon his attack will be canceled out and will be countered by your skill. The skill strike back can be learned by fighters and gladiators.
Gain Many Levels at the First Battle
The first battle with the Bangaas is very good for gaining many levels. First you have to kill the soilder Bangaa and Monteblanc, then walk away from the White Bangaa and use first aid.

Keep doing that until your level is at its maximum. White Bangaa will level up too if he attacks you.
get a lot of exp and level fast
1st look for a clan or battle with flan. Second get anyone who doesnt use magic then attack the flan. You will only do 1 damage to it but you get a lot of exp in a battle.
Get a time mage to a high level
This will only work if you have a time mage.
first use a mage to use barrier or carbuncle on one clan member (not the time mage).
then use a time mage's quicken on the barriered clan member. The effects should bounce back causing the time mage to go again. Everytime you do this, the time mage will gain exp until he runs out of mp. Then win the battle and do another one. This way the time mage will grow levels very quickly
Get EXP quickly
If you keep using spells that heal the party, or protect you for one or two turns, you wil get alot of EXP, and if it can target more then one person, you will get even more EXP.
Get Extra Jobs Faster
At any point of the game you can do secret missions dispatch missions (they don't count towards anything however) by letting all your clan members besides for Marche, Montblanc (who are perm) and any other clan member. When you check for new missions, Montblanc will post a job saying: "Kupo, we need fresh new members for our clan how bout a nu mu, moggle, human..." and you will be asked to dispatch your only clan member to search for a new member for your clan. The race of the new clan member is solely dependant on the season on which you take the mission.
Get LOTS of EXP (1 Chance)
On any Deystroy The Targets mission, Defeat all the guards, Now use Boost, First Aid, Advice, An Item Or Anything Else That You Know That Gives You 10 EXP.
Get Lots of Experience Points Early On
During Mission One, send all of your party members except Marche to the right to defeat the short enemies. Send Marche forward so he is in front of the sprite (the fairy-like creature). The sprite will do about 5 damage to Marche every turn. Marche can heal himself 7 points each turn, and he gets 10 EXP each time he does it. Keep having Marche heal himself over and over, and this way you can get him to a high level very early in the game. You can also have your other characters attack Marche, and they will gain a lot of EXP because Marche is at a much higher level than they are.
Get Rid Of Undeads
To get rid of undeads with no return with doom, you need a with monk with the ability Exorcise (Rising Sun)Them Use It On An Undead, The monk will exorcise the undead Making desapear for never return.
Get the Calling Gun
You can get one of the strongest guns called the Calling Gun by beating a quest when you have nearly finished all 300 missons, however you can get it earlier by mastering the ability Steal Weapon and use it to steal the weapon from a gunner in the misson called "Flesh and Bones". You must wait until after you kill all the people except the gunner to steal his weapon. At first you will steal a weapon called outsider but after he takes another one out, steal it again. After 2 or 3 times he will take the Calling Gun which you can now steal. The weapon has an attack of 59.
Good Items
This is not tested so let me know if it works Load up your FFTA and save your current file in the other slot (Which I hope is empty or you don't care about it) then turn it off and link up using your copied file trade with your friend and tell them to save turn your game off and turn it on again then have your friend trade back the item you traded him U should now have to u can repeat this to get 99 of anything if it works this would be great for the Masamune 100 or Excalibur 2 e-mail me to let me know if this worked I don't have a link to try it
good way to learn blue mage skills
Have a Beastmaster control
a monster and use the skill that the blue mage may learn.

Best way to do this.
Have the beastmaster next to the monster you want to control.Behide is best.
Then each turn control that monster until
your blue mage learns the skill.
Best time is when all the other people had died.
Harder To Kill
If you want to become harder to kill, master Damage>MP, change to a job that doesn't need MP, and master Double Sword (humans only).
How to beat Lidnar
Sup! For all yous guys who have the game and are stuck on the Royal Valley (Amberville), I have the way to beat it, so LISTEN UP! Lidnar is probably the easiest to kill. After Cid take the fortune law off of Lidnar, probably the quickest way to defeat him is equipped Marche with the Double Sword technique and two strong swords. Do a combo on him and that is how to defeat him and move on.
Hunter Immunity
Have a human become a fighter and teach him the reaction abilitie "strikeback" and change him to an archer or hunter. If you activate the reaction ability your hunter will be immune for non ability close combat attacks and long range attacks (exception for guns they still hit) the only thing that can hit from now on are only ability attacks. Hunt will be your primary skill. What you choose as your secondary skill is your own choice.
Hunter's Ultima Weapon
During the mission "over the hill" when you fight against Ritz and her clan, use a thief with the steal weapon ability to steal Shara's weapon, called SeventhHeaven. Equip it to a Hunter and it will learn Ultima Shot
Infinite Sleet Rod and Scarrab
When you do the Frostly Mage quest, the mage will have infinite Sleet Rod and an Great Flurry Robe ( absorb ice ), Plus you will get a chance of he have an infinite scarrab ( ive seen it one time only ), just steal the weapon and when the mage turn come, it will equip a new one again, and for the scarrab steal it and it will get back after one or 2 turn ( it doed me this in my game ).
Ok,first you get a team of ninja's make them all able(master) dual wield then make them Paladins. Once you do that give them the best weapons you got to them, they can do around 200-400 damage if you rig them up enough. Not only that if you wanna do over kill. (BONUS)Befor you make them into ninjas make them white mages, master life. And boom unstoppable force. They die, get back up.(untouchable) fighter(strikeback),master, that is all I have to say
Intersting Character Combinations
Here are some character builds that worked for me:

S-Ability: Half MP (Mastered from Illusionist)
A-Ability: Holy Blade (Mastered from Paladin)
Description: With Half MP equipped as an ability, you can practically strike an enemy with Holy Blade every turn. Guaranteed to knock the snot out of most enemies, if not their life!

[Friend of Madeen]
Red Mage:
S-Ability: Half MP (Master from Summoner)
A-Ability: Madeen, any other attack summons (Mastered from Summoner), Doublecast (Master from Red Mage)
Description: Basicly, doublecast Madeen Every turn. At high levels, you probably won't run out of MP. Of course, have other attack summons ready if using a holy attack isn't in your best interests at the time.

[Shadow Magician]
A-Ability: Lv. ? Shadowflare (Master from Blue Mage)
Armor Equipped: Bone Plate
Description: Although you can use this build with any class that can equip the Bone Plate, I used it with a fighter. Whenever you use Shadowflare, it will always hit you, but if you have the Bone Plate equipped, you will absorb the damage and be healed, while any enemies at your level will be hit with an agonizing burst of dark magic! (Unless they're undead)
Invincible Bangaa
Make your bangaa a white monk and teach him counter as soon as possible

Next make him a defender and teach him expert guard (Save the Queen teaches it I think). Use expert guard every turn, if somone attacks you it will do nothing then you will counter.

Double hand or weapon attack plus will also help a lot.
If someone dies in Jagad then there gone at the end of the battle (if you win) now that's changed if someone dies revive them with a white mage that knows life of a Phoenix Down.
Job Chart
Yeah... This sight could use this

Human Jobs

White Mage
Black Mage
*Ninja = 2 thief abilities
*Paladin = 2 soldier abilities
*Fighter = 2soldier abilities
*Illusionist = 3 white mage + 5 black mage abilities
*Blue Mage = 1 white mage + 1 black mage ability
*Hunter = 2 archer abilities

Bangaa Jobs

White Monk
*Gladiator = 2 warrior abilities
*Bishop = 2 white monk abilities
*Templar = 2 white monk abilities
*Dragoon = 2 warrior abilities
*Defender = 2 warrior

Moogle Jobs

Black Mage
*Time Mage = 5 black mage abilities
*Gunner = 1 animist ability
*Mog Knight = 1 animist ability
*Juggler = 2 thief abilities
*Gadgeteer = 2 thief abilities

Nu Mou Jobs

Black Mage
White Mage
*Morpher = 5 beastmaster abilities
*Sage = 3 white mage + 2 beast master
*Alchemist = 3 white mage + 5 black mage abilities
*Illusionist = 3 white mage + 5 black mage abilities
*Time Mage = 5 black mage abilities

Viera Jobs

White Mage
*Elementalist = 1 white mage + 1 fencer
* Red Mage + 1 fencer ability
*Sniper = 2 archer abilities
*Assassin = 1 sniper + 2 elementalist abilities
*Summoner = 2 white mage + 2 elementalist abilities
Kill Babus (Exodus Mission) in your First turn
In the mission "Exodus", where Marche and Babus fight one on one (Judgemaster Cid is the judge of the battle), you can successfully kill Babus before he can even unleash a single spell. First, make sure Marche is a Ninja and he has learned double sword (Nosada Katana). Next, equip him with two of your best Katanas as well as Ninja Gear and Dash Boots (These Equipment will ensure you that: 1. You Attack First and 2. You can go behind Babus on that turn). Lastly, move to the square directly behind Babus and attack him as usual (Make sure to use a "Fight" Antilaw if normal attacks are forbidden, if both hits land on Babus it's a sure KO, then proceed to destroy all of Exodus' seeds.
Kill Lendar Easily
1. Learn auto-life as a white mage.
2. Find an angel ring and equip it
3. You now have the ability to survive his ultima blade thing once if your not a high enough level
4. Now after his turn use auto life on yourself
5. Then beat him up with your primary or secondary skill (like ninja skills or swordsman techs)
6. If he uses ultima blade again repeat step 4 and 5

He doesn't use ultima blade thing all the time to you can survive but remember to equip another battle technique and have a strong weapon. This can work in any one-on-one battles or a clan battle... Lendar is just such a good example.

That's all, hope I helped.
Learn Blue Mage Abilities Faster!
It is true that you cannot learn abilities from another Blue Mage in your clan, but it doesn't mean that you can't learn abilities from Blue Mages in OTHER clans. ^^

I already tested this, you could learn Blue Mage Abilities from the opposing clan, and here are a couple of them:
- Clan Hounds
- Gertai Band
- Tubola Bandits

Just make sure that in engagements, you position your Blue Mage near the other clans Blue Mage so that when it casts a spell, there is a high chance that your Blue Mage would be the target.

I Learned spells like Poison Claw, Magic Hammer, Twister, etc... from this method, without the need to control monsters using a Beastmaster.
Learn two abilities at once
First get a ninja by mastering 2 thief a-abilities then get the weapon "Nosada".Equip it to the ninja then let him master it (it will take a looooooooooong time to master).For faster results, equip him with 2 nosadas(make sure the "double sword" ability is the ninjas "s" ability.Then after you master double sword, change both weapons to others, so you can master 2 abilities at a time.
when you start a new game train a human character to become a blue mage,untill you get two nosadas that way you can master some magic while you train what ever you want.(For those who dont no teach them learning,it allows u to master some monsters abilitys.)
learning ability for blue mages
well i always control the monsters using my beastmaster to attack my blue mage,
but i think u will only learn the ability if the monster's attack will use MP.
if i ddnt help im sorry ^^
Lots Of Levels Up!
On a mission where you have to destroy targets to win, kill all the enemies first then use abilities like first aid ,boost, smile and you get 10 EXP or higher so you level up to 50 on 1 mission. Keep doing it until you are bored... this WILL work!
Lots of Quick and Easy Exp!
First, get your archer to learn blind and preferably aim:leg skills also get your white mage to learn cure.
1. Look for a target who has a high level
2. Kill everyone else except your target
3. Get your archer to blind and immobilize him. Blind will make it easier for you to hit him and it will make it harder for him to hit you and aim:leg will make him stand still.
4. Get your units to surround him and do anything to him (yes i mean anything).
5. Keep blinding/immobilizing with your arch.
6. Once you have the same level as him, either keep your arch blinding/immobilizing him or charm/disarm/anything that makes him unable to attack you.
7. Move to another place where the target has no chance of hitting you and select another target with the highest level among your units.
8. Surround that target with your other units and keep attacking/blinding/immobilizing/curing/etc. him.
9. Get him to use skills that would affect his status and never misses(ex. first aid, concentrate, etc) make sure he has his reaction skills turned off if he has any.
10. Once you've gotten the levels you've wanted, kill the target.

*you don't have use archers for the stat-affecting skills, you can use gunners/ninjas/etc.

**you can do number 7-10 alone, just keep your target immobilized/charmed
Marche Easy Exp.
When Facing the 4th Totema make sure Marche has mastered First aid/or equip shorsword. Train Marche to level 18 or a level high enough to beat a level 21 Babus After you defeat Babus you can keep using First aid to get 10 Exp. and the Totema or the judges can't do anything!
Marche is Gaol
Marche is obviously supposed to represent Gaol. In the beginning of the game name him Gaol. Teach him double wield. Once you complete the missions and get auvyer red and blue, have Marche be a paladin or fighter. Have him equip auvyer red and blue at the same time. Now he's Gaol. This is just fun, it has no purpose.
Marche Level up in Exodus Battle
Make sure that before your battle with exodus, Marche is strong enough to actually beat Babus. For a second A-ability, master first aid in battle tech for soldiers. Take out Babus first, then start using first aid on yourself. The only other one moving will be Cid and he's no real threat. Exodus won't even attack you because it can't. Keep on doing this and you'll earn 10EXP every time. This is an easy way to catch up on leveling Marche. See if you can level him up to 50!
Master Double Sword in 3 to 4 battles
There's actually a way to cut the time it takes to learn the Double Sword technique down to less than one quarter of the time it would normally take. It works using 2 Nosada Katana's, the Feather Badge, and the Insignia (Feather Badge is a mission item that increases AP earned, and Insignia (also a mission item)doubles AP earned). Simply have your Ninja hold 2 Nosada Katana's, then have the Feather Badge and the Insignia as your mission items, and where you would earn 80 AP, you'll earn at 320 (80 times 2 for the two Nosada Katana's equals 160, then multiply by two again for Insignia to get 320. (I'm not sure exactly of the amount of increase with the Feather Badge, so it's not included in the calculations)). After 3 battles that normally give 80 AP, you should have the Double Sword skill mastered.

So you know, this is how to get the Feather Badge and the Insignia:

Feather Badge - Mission 159 - 'The Deep Sea'. Don't do mission 160 - 'A Worthy Eye' right away, as you may lose the item (I haven't actually tested this method, but if it works as advertised, then logically, this will work. I'll test it myself in my new game on a random human). I've not completed mission 160 in my current game, so I'm unsure if you lose the item or not, but it's better to not take the chance.

Insignia - Mission 160 - 'A Worthy Eye' (so this probably won't work unless you do get the Feather Badge back; like I said, I haven't tested it yet)
Mission 192 - 'Alchemist Boy'

After typing this, I realize that this method will probably only work later in the game, but it's nice to know that you can master a 999 AP skill in only 3 or 4 battles if you so desire. Anyway, hope you all like this method.
More than one way to acquire Limit Glove
you know how people think that there is only one chance to get limit glove which is learned from a blade biter specifically from the one where you help ritz . if you think that is the only way you're wrong on the mission "help nargai" there is a blade biter with limit glove "note":this is not the dispatch mission you get at the pub to make nargai cave one of your territories it is after it is one of them then later nargai cave will shake and a window will pop up and say Nargai cave is under attack. so the you go to it and do the mission "Help Nargai".
First you need to capture monsters, which gives you equipable items that allow your morpher to turn into different monsters. Get a human archer, and make it master two archer abilities. After that, change your archer into a hunter! Give your hunter a Ranger Bow, and they will be able to use Capture. Capturing is a very annoying ability, and it's percentage depends on how many turns have passed and how hurt the monster is. You may have to use the ability MANY times on a hurt monster before you'll be able to capture it. Every time you capture a monster of a different species, you will be given an item that your morpher can use. Catch quite a few monsters. (Undead monsters and some others can't be captured)

To get a morpher, you have to have a Nu-Mou, and change its job to Beastmaster. You Beastmaster has to have mastered 5 beastmaster abilities, which can get quite tedious since they aren't exactly the best job choice for fighting. Sending your beast-master on dispatch missions will help though. Once you've learned 5, you can turn into a morpher! A morpher is practically the most sought after job class, and can be very useful. Equip an item that you recieved before, and enjoy!

Move In 8.
You could move 8 tiles using this Tip. That's more than a Whole Stadium Of Bervenia Tourneys If You are standing on a piece of the middle!

Turn yourself into Paladin/Defender/Templar.

Equip Peytral, Nagrarok, Sequence And Ninja Tabi. This Way Someone So Far From You You could Just Run Run Run to them And Deystroy 'Em.

Once I Defeated Clan Shalo With Only One Unit Using This Tip!
Ownful Team
Trust Me, This team OWN's.

Unit Requirements: Assasin X2, Alchemist X1, Paladin X1, Theif X1 And Ninja X1.

Assassin #1

A-Abilities: Last Breath, Ultima Masher, Rockseal, Shadowbind And Nightmare.

Support: Concentrate

Equipment: Masamune 100, Genji Armlets, Ninja Tabi, Bone Plate And Acacia Hat

States: Moves Around 7. Jumps 5.

Info: You could move around the range of The Judge But can't jump as high as the Judge. Uses Last Breath On Normal People (Not Bosses). If They Have A Equipped Item With [Nullify] KO Use Rockseal. If The Laws Say Petrify And/Or Status, Use Ultima Masher. For The Boss, Use Nightmare. If You Want To Steal From The Boss Or Someone, Shadowbind. 100% Steal Until They comeback to time.
Assassin #2

A-Abilities: Shadowbind, Nightmare, Last Breath, Aphonia, Ultima Masher, Ague.

Support: Concentrate

Equipment: Max's Oathbow, Genji Armlets, Dash Boots, Bone Plate And Ribbon.

States: Moves Around 5 And Jumps 4.

Info: This Is What I Call Slowing. Is There a Person Way Too Fast? Shadowbind Then Ague. Keep Ague Until Her Speed Is Low Enough. Also, If Your Opponents Are A Real Pain (They All Have Bone Plate Expect The Paladin) Shoot Max's Oathbow At Them Then They Will Be Healed Because Of Boneplate [Absorb] Dark.
Alchemist #2

A-Abilities: Death, Meteor And Flare

Support: Turbo MP

Equipment: Vesper, Magic Ring, Dash Boots, Bone Plate And Any Headwear.

States: Move Around 4. Jumps 3.

Info: Cast Death At Non Protection From [Nullify] Ko. Meteor For Heavy Damage In Areas And Flare At Those People Who are Scared Of Fire.
Paladin #1

A-Abilities: Holy Blade, Saint Cross And Parley.

Support: Double Sword

Equipment: Excalibur 2, Sequence, Peytral, Bangaa Helm And Dash Boots

States: Moves Around 5, Jumps 3.

Info: Use Holy Blade For Incredible Damage, Saint Cross For Quarter Of Holy Blade's Damage To Sorounding Enemies And Parley For People Allowed To Leave.
Theif #1

A-Abilities: All Steal.

Support: Concentrate

Equipment: Tiptaptwo, Bone Plate, Theif Hat, Dash Boots And Theif Armlets.

States: Moves Around 5. Jumps 3.

Info: Steals Always Succesful. Good Speed Is The Key.
Ninja #1

A-Abilities: All Ninja Abilities.

Support: Double Sword

Equipment: Masamune, Masamune, Bone Plate, Dash Boots And Theif Hat.

States: Moves 5. Jumps 3.

Info: The Veils Should Be Powerful Now, And On Hit With The Katanas Should Do 300-500 Dmg. And You Can't Be Disabled/Immoblized.
The Worthy Team Of Owning Is Here! You Could Beat Every Battle Without Ever Losing!
Power Down Enemy Easy
Have a gunner who knows charmshot(learn with peacemaker gun) and a soldier who knows powerbreak(learn with the Barong Greatsword). Then, when in battle, shot any person with charmshot and than go up to him with the soldier and use powerbreak. Repeat s many times as wanted. No matter how many times you use powerbreak, the enemy wont break from charm!
Powerful Weapons for Marche
The best combos are to equip Marche with a superpowered-up Sequence and Excalibur 2, Ebon Blade with Adaman Blade, Masamune 100 with Masamune, Chirijiraden with Laglace Sword, and whatever other combo works for you. Actually, I can't say 'best' because everybody has their own preferences or their characters can still decimate enemies with powerful spells like Ultima without weapons. 'Good' is more like it. Oh yeah, the damage range is between 300-500 total. It depends on the characters class. The higher the attack the better!
powerhouse marche
make marche a thief and master the steal "ability" move then get someone who can put others to sleep then go into a battle with other humans. use the sleep ability and go steal there abilities. have fun
Quadruple Experience
This cheat is easy and helps alot. First you get the Ninja S-Ability Double Sword (999 AP). Next you beat mission 192 ("Alchemist Boy" must have cleared mission 024 and 189) or mission 160 ("A Worthy Eye" Must have cleared mission 011). Equip two of the same weapon and use the insignia as a bring-along item. Quadruple Exp!
quick dispatch missions
this is how to complete dispatch missions quickly.
if you chose a dispatch mission that requires a certain number of battles, eg: 2 than go into a random battle and lose it, cos it still counts towards the number of battles neccessary to complete these missions. and do it again for the number of battles needed. it saves a whole lot of time and quickly gains ap
Quick Tips
Get Nosada Katana - Do missions in Madmoon and Bardmoon seasons (Especially Metal Hunt, Swords in Cyril and Materite, which makes your Smithing skill level up), until your Smithing skill is Lvl. 20 (Smithing skill is the one with the Hammer icon ^^), when Smithing is Lvl. 20, finish any mission and it will give you the Nosada Katana which teaches Double Sword (Support skill which lets you equips 2 swords, lets you hit 2 times as well when you attack)

Cheap Experience - If your character does not have skills which they can cast on themselves (Ex. First Aid, Defense, Nurse, etc...), buy 99 Maiden Kiss, they are way cheaper than potions but still give you 10 exp every time you use them on yourself, even if you're not in frog state.

Kill Babus in 1 turn - In this mission (Exodus), you will battle Babus 1 on 1 because Exodus and Judgemaster Cid can't attack. Make sure that Marche is a ninja (So that he gets to attack first) and he has learned double sword, just give him Nosada and Kikuichimonji as weapons, Ninja Gear, Headband, Gauntlets and Dash Boots as Armors and Accessories. If you have these equipped your Speed stat would let you attack first and your Move stat will let you attack Babus from the back which assures you of a hit rating, Nosada's double sword will let you hit two times and if they both hit, Babus instantly faints! then proceed to destroy all of Exodus' seeds at your leisure.

Recruit band members as you go along - Because from what I notice, low level members don't jump (meaning they have a high chance of completing a dispatch mission) when you pick them for dispatch jobs, so recruiting new Clan members assures you of characters which have levels suited for missions as you go along the game.
really good character!
If you get a Templar at lvl.50, you can him make really mobile and strong by giving him the following items:
1: Acacia Hat
2: Peytral
3: Sequence
4: Ninja Tabi
5: Angel Ring
If you give him those items to equip, he will have a move of 9(I think it may be 10), a jump of 5, a re-raise status, and a varying Atk.,Def.,etc. depending on how much you have improved his Acacia Hat, Peytral, and Sequence by winning Torneys.

I hope this helped:)
Recuit Quin
To get Quin to join your clan, complete the "Missing Professor" mission. After the battle, Quin may ask to join your clan. Be sure you have room in your clan for Quin or you will miss the opportunity.
Red Card For Monsters
Give A Red Card For A Monster! You'll need a beastmaster. Control that monster and break A Law 2 Times Or Deystroy Someone Against The Law. (Don't Worry. You Won't get A Penalty Yourself.)
Babus-Clear the Left Behind mission, then enter a town and clear the With Babus mission.
Cid-Clear all 300 numbered missions.
Ezel-Choose Gossip in the Card Shop, then clear the Reconciliation mission.
Ritz-Clear the Mortal Snow mission.
Shara-Clear the A Maiden's Cry mission, then enter a town.
Sniper Level-Up
If your Sniper has mastered conceal and it is very hard to gain EXP, try this. While every one else on your clan is battling use conceal and get around 10 EXP each time! It really adds up.
Sweet Combo!
Aight, get a blue mage, teach him blue combo. LOL can't tell you the items that mine has right now, in the middle of a battle. Anyway, do that and then gang up around a player (should be especially usefull around Mewt's mother and Llednar)then click blue combo. All of your clan members around that player will combo. If you have powerful characters around the player you are trying to KO, you will easily destroy it.
The Perfect Killer
There are many tips like this, but I find this to be the most effective:

Train a Viera to be an assassin and have her learn all the moves she can. Obtain a Light Robe and turn her into a Summoner, making her learn Half MP. Then, she will be able to use Last Breath and all the other ass-kickers twice for the price of one. Except there's only one per turn. >.> The move halves each MP usage. Very good for preserving MP.
The Team Never Loses
Want the best team ever?! You'll need special Characters. Marche, Montblanc, Ritz, Shara, Ezel And Babus.

MARCHE: Make him master all Paladin And Fighter A-Abilities, Master Bow Combo (Long Range Combo) And Make him a paladin, Train Peytral And Sequence Up to 70+ ATK. Equip Sequence, Peytral, Excalibur2, Ninja Tabi And Genji Armlets. When i tried this at level 50 I got my ATK over 700 And A Hit Will Be 750 Dmg And The Second 800! UNBELIVEBLE!

MONTBLANC: Master All Time Mage And Theif A-Abilities. While His ATK isn't very strong, He can also cast quicken on the ally who moved just before him. He is also good at stealing with Theif Armlets. You Could Steal All The Good THings And His Speed WilL Go Up Fast!

RITZ: Master All Elementalist And Red Mage A-Abilities (Especcialy Doublecast) And Equip Aerial Hole. Her ATK And MAGIC will be strong. And POWERFUL!

SHARA: Master All Assassin And Sniper A-Abilties. Master Concentrate. Make her assassin. Equip Max's Oathbow And She Could Shoot A Powerful Ultima Masher. Also She could Also 100% KO A Malboro With Last Breath On The Side!

EZEL: Equip Cactus Stick, Temple Cloth, Headband, Feather Boots And Genji Armlets.

BABUS: Equip Vesper, Circlet, Sage Robe, Dash Boots And Magic Ring.

There you have it. Extremely Powerful Unstopable team. You could beat the Shadow Clan Easily And Become The Strongest Clan Ever! Anything Else Contact Me.
Ultima Characters
There are five special characters you can unlock in a special process, and they all know their race's ultima attack to start!

Cheney: Human, knows Ultima Shot: Complete a mission with Snake Shield as a mission item.

Pallanza: Bangaa, knows Ultima Sword: Complete a mission with Wyrmstone as a mission item.

Quin: Nu-Mou, knows Ultima Blow: Complete the "Missing Professor" mission.

Aurelie: Viera, knows Ultima Masher & all assassin/red mage abilities: Win a normal engage, only sending out one character, with no items equipped, and no second A-ability, or R/S/C-ability. Repeat 5 times total.

Lini: Moogle, knows Ultima Charge: Complete a mission with The Hero Gaol as a mission items.
Ultimate assasin
Make a viera a red mage and learn it sleep and doublecast.Then switch to assasin and learn last breath/rockseal,now you can put atleast 2 enemies to sleep and then use last breath(it will have 100% chance to hit when an enemy is asleep)
Ultimate Blow
Who wants Sequence deal 800-900 Dmg in no cost? Just master double sword from Ninja, Get Sequence and Excalibur2 And Train your Sequence then POW! You could deystroy anyone in your path!
Ultimate Fighter
Wanna create a fighter who can deal 999 Damage with Beatdown and Holy Blade?! Get Marche Or A Fighter.

Turn him into a paladin master Holy blade, Defense (For EXP Gaining), Saint Cross And Nurse.

Then master double sword in Ninja form.

Put him back to Fighter. Master All the A-Abilities a fighter can. Equip Ebon Blade, Adaman Blade, Bone Plate, Acacia Hat And Ninja Tabi. It's Superior! All you need is alot of MP to use Holy blade and deal 999 dmg! It's more better than Last Breath! Admire.

Ultimate Team
Ok so here's my ideas for the Ultimate FFTA team.

--Materia Armor
--Ninja Tabi
--Angel Ring

Other Job abilities
--Double Sword (Ninja)
--Strikeback (Fighter)

Montblanc... Gunner
--Temple Cloth
--Calling Gun
--Dash Boots

Other Job Abilities
--Counter (Theif)

--Temple Cloth
--Masamune 100
--Dash Boots
--Genji Armlets

Other Job Abilities
--Strikeback (Fighter)

--Temple Cloth
--Ebon Blade
--Dash Boots

Other Job Abilities
--Weapon Atk+ (Templar)

--Acacia Hat
--Temple Cloth
--Dash Boots
(Make sure your assassin knows either LAST BREATH or ROCKSEAL.)

Other Job Abilities
--Concentrate (Archer)
--Reflex (Fencer)

Cid... Judgemaster
--Sequence (As long as you've done Battle Tourney enough times so it has a high attack)
--Dash Boots
--Reverie Shield


Note:: This is primarily a melee based team. (In case you didnt notice) With this set most characters will be able to move up to 5 or 6 spaces per turn. You will be able to do very high amounts of damage, especially with Marche and your gladiator. So see what you can cook up and try it out.

Unlimited Mandragoras and a Cactus Stik
in the mission you first fight babus you'll notice there is an alchemist if you have the steal weapon ability you can steal the mandragora if you wait until his turn he'll re-equiped another mandrogora. If you steal enough of them you'll eventually steal a Cactus Stik after that it will be a lot more Mandragoras. Do for whatever need possible whether it's money or any other reason.
(Note the Cactus Stik is powerful but has no real abilities)
(Note 2: DON'T Forget To Steal Babus' Lotus Mace it has a POWERFUL ability
Water Battle Tourney
Occasionally at Bervenia Palace, a tournament will be held, in which 90% of the field will be covered in water. Before going in to battle, remember to give the 4 clan members you are using Feather Boots if you have them, as they allow you to walk on water, and give you a big advantage for this tournament.
whitemage easy lv. up.
If u have a weak wightmage and a cure staff.
Give the cure staff to him/her and have him/her
atk your strongest party members.
It will cure them and give you some good exp.
Winning Tips
First get a Mog Knight and teach him Ultima Charge ASAP. Or you can get Lini the secret mog knight who comes with Ultima charge.

Next make the Mog knight into a gunner after he learns ultima charge. Now you can use ultima charge at a long range.

Another tip is get a red mage and teach it double cast. Now get the red mage to be a summoner and teach it Madeen(the strongest holy magic attack in game). Turn it back to a red mage and teach that sleep. Now use double cast on multiple enemies with sleep and then madeen. So it would be

Step 1. Ultima Charge
Step 2. Sleep+Madeen
Step 3. KABOOM!

I hope these tips help you.


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100% Steal
Change your theif to an archer and to learn concentrate. Combined with theif armlets (accessory), you will be able to steal at 100% from the sides and the back and around 94% from the front. Steal: Ability is the one exception.
an easy way to win in Jagd
go in with as many totemas as possible, then use them as soon as you can. If any are still alive, it will just be mop-up work.
An Incredible Morpher or Black Mage
With enhancements, game code says you can only enhance elements once. However, with the exception of the Fire, Wind, and Earth, the game forgets when it's applied the bonuses. This means that a Morpher or a Black Mage can do incredible damage with the right setup. Here's what you need:

1. Geomancy Ability mastered
2. Thor Rod or Chill Rod
3. Black Robe
4. If you have a Morpher, you'll need to have caught all 3 flans (Jelly, Cream, Ice Flan), mastered the morpher ability 'Flan', and maxed out their stats at 999)

Setup is simple. Equip Geomancy as Support, Black Robe as Armor, and either Thor Rod or Chill Rod. Three enhancements takes an enemy who absorbs either element down to taking normal damage. Anything below that is weak to the element.
Awesome class
To get an awesome human class, teach a paladin bonecrusher and double sword. When they attack it, bonecrusher activates with doublesword to do basically a 1hit K.O. I call it a naladin.
Best Jobs for special chars(marche, ritz, shara)
-=Trust me. after a year of playing this game with 2 cartridges, i made my team a killing machine(but i ddnt complete all 300 missions!!!haha)=-after having marche become a hunter,and making him learn Ultima Shot(and all the others, the weapon is the Seventh Heaven), make him a paladin. then have hi learn all the techs.
you can use marche as a hunter all the time, if you want to, or vice versa as the 1st one(paladin-hunter). ritz a red mage, then after doublecast(burden, i tell you,but this will pay)
, let her become a summoner. master all abilities.

make shara a sniper, master all, then make her become an assasin. master Ultima thingy,and all the techs.(also make her master Concentrate, so the accuracy of Last Breath would increase. so KO them all, shal we???)

montblanc as always, you choose.
xcept 4 thief. Nuthin will happen. Animist and/or Gunner will do.

That's all!! email me for more and if you want me to make a FAQ here.i'm happy for your suggestions.
Clone: Characters, Items,Mission Items and Law Cards.
Required: Two GBAs, a link cable, two FFTA cartridges and both of the saved games most be able to trade.
*A friend that you trust is recommended*
When I say "stuff" I'm refering to whatever you traded.

1. Trade all the items/characters/mission items/law cards you want cloned to one file.
2. Duplicate that file.
3. Trade the the important stuff from the clone version to the person who lost of his good stuff.

Note: You can do this as many times as you want to get really good items/characters duplicated. For ex: I can have two complete Blue Mages and I can have a Paladin with 2 Excalibur 2s.
Cover Weak Members on Mission
have march learn strickeback & cover (job= palladin & fighter) Use cover on weak members to avoid being attacked by enemeis, if the one being covered is attacked marche will substitute the covered person and do also strickeback on the enemy.
Cure Trick
Cast reflect on a couple of guys (comrades or enemies). If you have a White Mage or Red Mage with the Cure ability, then use Cure on the guys (at least two for good results) that you casted reflect on, you comrade with the cure ability will have cure reflected onto him/her (the number of cures that bounce back to him/her depend on how many people you cast reflect and cure on). PM if you have any questions.
Don't pay for your long distance!
Do you love the archer's range, but hate the weakness it delivers? and do you love your paladins punishing chivalry skills, such as the powerful holy blade, but dislike the one square range for your attacks? Well raise a Fighter until it does a great deal of damage(150-200), then change it to an archer. The attack will be relatively the same, but the radius will have increased from one square to around 6. This even works with holy blade!( note: this only works with humans )

Mod Edit: It also works with any long ranged character class except for Dragoons.
Double AP
Get one of your clan as a ninja ASAP, then get the double weapon ability. You can now learn two abilities at once, or if you get two of the same weapons you can learn it twice as fast!
duplicate certain items without extra GBA
if you have access to ezel or you've beaten the game and can get ritz, shara and babus (and you have an extra slot in your party) then you can let them into your party, un-equip their items and let them go. after a while of walking around the map you will get a mission to get them in your party again. rinse and repeat. you can get unlimited ribbons(x2), galmia sets, brint sets, fleurettes, seventh heavens, lotus maces, mirage vests, black hats, gaia gears, and some other things. even if you don't want any more of these items you can still sell them for a pretty penny (ribbons are 20,000).
Easy level up for Moogles
Have two jugglers and let them use smile on eachother every turn. That'll amount to about 10 experience each turn.
Easy Level Up-White Mage
To easily level up a white mage move your white mage next to two or more party members and use cure and u will gain anywhere from 12 to 24 EXP.This will really help your white mages.
easy level up.
easy way to level up is to buy 99 potions it will take around 4500 gil.then keep using one potion on ur self every turn that way u cant die but u also gain 10 EXP every time u use a potion.
Easy Ultimate Shot
train a thief with the steal weapon ability(you get it from the weapon "swordbreaker") When you fight Ritz on the mission "over the hill" steal sharas weapon...(it's seaventhheaven) it costs 60 mp to use so train your hunters mp up!
Excalibur 2
First you need the mission items "Rusty Sword" and "Mysidia Alloy". Beat the game and clear "Carrot", and "Den of Evil". The mission "The Hero Blade" will appear at the pub, clear it and you'll get the Excalibur 2. It has an attack of 87, a boost of magic power by 3, an evade of 5, and a speed bonus of 4. However, it does not absorb Holy spells like the original Excalibur.
Ezel strategy
If you have Ezel on your team, simply use Azoth (sleep on all opponents) and then use the Beatdown skill on every opponent. When asleep your attacks have 100% accuracy and not accountable to any Reaction ability. They won't stand a chance! Also, you can cast stop (or use the appropiate Rune skill that Babus has) to prolong the effect.
Fast Leveling Up!
There are a couple of ways to do this. The easiest is defeat all but one enemy. Disable it then have your weaker members attack your stronger members. Experience will rack up. Make sure you have heal to get the most out of the session.

Another way is when fighting a team much stronger than you, kill all but the strongest target. Surround the enemy and keep attacking it. Don't forget to heal everyone including the enemy to get the most bang for your buck.

In the late stages of the game after you reach level 29+ its tougher since not many enemies are stronger than you.
Get Ezel
This is a faster way to get Ezel Berbier. You don't have to beat the game; after you finish fighting Rizt and her clan, go to Ezel's shop and chose gossip. He'll put up a mission at the pub(you have to find some amber), clear it. Then go back and talk to him, he'll put up the " reconciliation mission", clear it and you'll get Ezel. He had no offensive magic, just Ascaroth, astra, block arrows,weapon def atk(may differ).
Get the Steal: Weapon ability early!
Complete the Thesis Hunt mission early in the game. Doing this unlocks the clan wars. Afterwards fire your clan units until you have only 5 left (Marche, Montblanc included).

Get into a random clan fight and flee, then return to the pub and check the missions for either human wanted, bangaa wanted, vierra wanted, nu mou wanted, or moogle wanted missions.

These are dispatch missions that allow you to hire new clan members and usually 2 of these missions pop up every month. Accept any of these missions but don't recruit any new members until your negotiate skill level reaches 30. You recieve the Cinqueda once you do reach that level and it teaches Steal: Ability.

Change one of your clan members to a thief and equip him with the Cinqueda and accept the Wanted! mission with Diaghilev the Alchemist.

Enter the battle and you can steal the Steal: Weapon ability from the thief in that mission.
Glitchy Glitch!
This glitch can make your Dpatch people in missions stand still when jumping, kneeling or walking. For the first available clan member, press L and up for your last Clan member press L and down. They will stand still no matter what they were doing before!
how to beat the queen ez
this is for all of you people who are stuck on beating queen remedi in her second form. all you really have to do is dispatch ur original bangaa member (the bangaa white monk who was with you from the start) montblanc, marche (necesarry) and all of the others just make shure they have attack totema's (i.e. famfrit, adralemach and matues) and just use all of the totema's when ur turn comes around and the last one should kill her
How to finish dispatch missions with a sinch
All you have to do when you are accepting a dispatch mission is pick the person that is jumping up and down not the person that is sitting or standing(walking i think)well that is true and you'll complete the mission in no time

the has about a 80% chance of making compleating the dpmission(dispatch mission) and standing/walking has about 50% and sitting has about 25%.
Infinite Nagraroks
First choose the 'Decision Time' mission(the last one you can do with Cid).Then go to Sphrom and SAVE YOUR GAME. Then start the 'Decision Time' mission. One of the three Judges has a Nagrarok equiped. Steal it than lose the mission(yes lose, don't worry you won't get a game over message, just Marche saying something about 'got to focus') After losing, walk around until 'Decision Time' pops up again and repeat. This is espesally useful if you don't have friends to trade with.
Level 50 Early
Ok to get to level 50 early you need to be in one of the missions where you have to defeat all the enemies and then two targets. The targets dont move or anything so just kill all other enemies and then just heal your characters continously. You can get up to level 50 quite early this way. It takes a while to level up but it is worth it. You could always save during battle and then finish later. Another thing is you could just level up one or two character and then level the rest up at another time. Like in a later target mission. After you are done leveling up then just kill the targets and you will have your strong characters.
Level tip
This method will help you to level up faster on earlier games, at first you need to buy 99 potion or hi-potions.
Then when you enter a battle, use potion everytime when you have nothing to do in your turn, this will prevent you from damaging yourself and you'll get 10~18 Exp. points everytime you used potion.
This means you'll gain more Experience points than using magic or attacking actions.
Also, set all of your clans to counter mode, you'll counter your opponent's attack and you'll get experience points also.
Leveling Up Weaker Clan Members
Right now I'm on a weak file, (I accidentally broke my old cartridge, which had a pretty sweet file ... But to level up my weaker players, I go into a clan battle and get my 2 top characters, (Marche and a fighter, both lv 22 right now) and 4 weak players. (Oh, first make sure you take counter or bonecrusher or anything like that off your 2 main players first.) Then go into a battle and kill off all but one of the opposing clans members. Now have your weak characters gang up around your mains and hit them.
Raising up lv 8's against my lv 22's brings about
34 exp every hit and it goes down by 2 every lv they gain. I usually stop around lv 18, because it's to raise them anymore after that.
Lini can have career penalty lifted
change lini into a thief. Teach him steal:ability, and have him steal every ability a moogle has. eventually, you will be able to freely change between his available careers without having to not be the career you changed from. Ex: lini is a mog knight, you change him into a thief and it says once you do the change is irreversable. if you do this trick it will be like a normal character.
This is the Ninja & Assassin's strongest weapon. You can get it through the mission, " The Fey Blade". This katana possesses the power of dark. You'll need a Zodiac ore and a bent blade.
mastering double sword easily
i used this cheat to master double sword on marche easily. after 5-6 battles i mastered it already. to master double sword easily, equip 2 nosadas then on the abilities section of your selected character choose double sword on support and counter in the reaction section. after 5-6 battles you'll master double sword. hope you like my cheat!!!
Misc. Cheats
Unlimited SavetheQUEENS make Marche a thief whenever you hafta fight llednar. steal his weapon, or just steal from the templar in the back in the mission prison break

Stronger weapon than Excalibur2
Get a sequence from the mission battle tourney.
every time you beat that mission the attack for the sequence will grow.

easy ex.
Make a solsier learn 1st aid. keep on using it on really easy clan battles and you'll get 10 ex every time

well, good luck defeating the game. i finished(Without even having a white mage for main battles!), but started over and now need tips for all the totemas. peace out
Move As Far As You Want!
You can move as far as you want to! Just get two jesters (moogle only) and have them both learn the smile ability. Have one of them move, and use smile on the other jester. Move him and repeat the process. Very nice! Especially when you have four of them, you can surround a guy and do mass combo damage!
Obtain a Ribbon from Treasure Hunts
Have all your town in a circle with one spot in the middle. Place a jadgd in it and you'll get a ribbon from the treasure hunt.
perfect assasian
first of all get a veira with high mana and train her to be an assaian. i think its 2 sniper 3 elementalist???. After she can become a assain turn her into an archer and teach her concentrate. After that her last breth has 70 accuracy from the front, 80 from the side and 90 from the back.
Quick Level Up For High Level Charaters
Are you at a high level and cant level up? Well heres the answer! Just follow the steps below.

1.Get the ability,"Steal:EXP"

2.Get into a battle in which the opponets are weak.

3.Let them attack you and they will get alot of exp for attacking you since you are at a high level.

4.Now just steal their exp.

I once got 75 exp. points by doing this cheat!
Ritz & Shara Combo: Deal Extra Damage!
Ritz and Shara do interesting combos. Have that Topaz Armring on the mission, Shara A Killer Combo And Ritz With Red Combo Or Lunge Combo. Have Shara stand on the back and Ritz on the front of the unit you want to do incredible damage on with a combo, Now combo with Ritz. This combo does 999 Damage With 1 JP Also!
Special Recruits
Quin - Sage : Comes with Ultima Blow and Giga Flare. How to get: Comeplete mission 64 (Missing Prof.) in the month of Sagemoon. Note: You might not get Quin so restart the game and continue where you last saved. Save before this mission.

LittleVili - Sniper : Comes with Doom Archer and DoubleShot. How to get: Complete the Clan League finals in the of Huntmoon. Note: Might not get LittleVili Save before this mission just in case.

Cheney - Hunter : Comes with Capture and Ultima Shot. How to get : Use the Snake Shield on any mission in the month of Kingmoon.

Pallanza - Gladiator : Comes with Blitz and Ultima Sword. How to Get: Use the Wyrmstone before you use it for the "A Dragon's Aid" Mission (#66) and in the month of Madmoon

Lini - Mog Knight : Comes with Mog Guard and Ultima Charge. How to get: Use "The Hero Gaol" on any mission in the month of Bardmoon.

Eldena - Red Mage : Comes with DoubleCast and Barrier. How to Get: Use Elda's Cup in any mission in the month of Huntmoon.
Super Auto Regen
Get a Summoner. Then get all the people in your party to go to a place where they are all connected to each other. Summon Kirin on your party. The will all get Auto Regen
The 4 Growth Items
There are four items whose stats increases infinitely:

The Peytral - Rises in defense.
Sequence Rises in attack
Sapere Aude - Rises in magic power.
Acatia Hat - Rises in magic resistance.

They all grant stats in every possible category (defense, jump, move, etc.), but each have their own respective stats that can be increased as much as you want, as long as you have the time. ***YOU MUST HAVE THE ITEMS EQUIPPED ON A UNIT TO USE OR THIS DOES NOT WORK***

The items stats increase every time you use them in the mission that you go tthem from, i.e. battle tourney for the sequence. when you use them they wil increase theirs stat by one. They start at very low levels, so its very frustrating at first, but if you keep at it, you can make them your most powerful items in the game; my Sequence has a 93 attack and my Peytral has 78 defense!

Here are also othere ways: link battles. The Petral however cannot be raised by link missions and is the hardest of all to grow. Below is a list of every growth item and their respective growth missions:

Sequence: Link missions Pam le Fay, Dark Wanderer, and Demon Redux. Normal mission Battle Tourney.

Peytral: *normal mision only* Clan League (clan league is only available after you defeat the 4 preliminary clans Yellow Powers, Blue Geniuses, Brown Rabbits and White Kupos **these steps MUST be repeated every time you want to reapeat the clan league**)

Sapere Aude: Link missions Newbie Hunt, Real Hunt, and Expert Hunt. Normal mission Mage Tourney.

Acacia Hat: Link missions Ezel's Letter, Rit's Letter, and Cid's Letter. Normal mision Swimming Meet.

Mod Edit: There is also supposedly a great bow named the Nike Bow. It supposedly has the ability to grow in attack power.
The Ebon Blade
To get this powerful blade you'll need to clear the beastly gun mission and possess the rusty sword and mysiadia alloy.It has a strenght of 84 and a dark element.
Unlimited Zanmatos!!
do you absolutely adore Zanmatos, the killer weapon? well, with this cheat, you can get as many as you want! First, teach a theif Steal: Weapon with a sword breaker. then, get into an engage with clan Belmia from Muscadet. Steal from the assanin up in the front. (Note: adding thief armlets will up the stealing percentage by 20% so i reccomend wearing one of those!)
Unlock Babus
Beat the game, and clear the mission called "Left Behind" after that enter a town then the pub, accept and clear the "With Babus" mission.
Unlock Ritz
After you beat the game, go to a pub and take the mission called "Mortal Snow" after accepting it, Ritz will come up to you and ask if she can tag along. After the mission, she will join your party.
Unlock Shara
After beating the game, go to a pub and look for the mission called "A Maiden's Cry" accept the mission and clear it. After that enter a town and she will join your party.
Using Doublecast to Bypass Laws
The game thinks spells cast with Doublecast are only red magic (because Doublecast is red magic) so any spells cast through Doublecast will not count towards anything more than Red Magic. Bypass Anti-Summon and Holy laws in a sinch!
Very Rare items That you can't Miss!!!!!!!
There are some essential items you can get very easliy...

What you need:
a human with all the theif abilies (or at least wep, armor, helm, and accesory)

A watchful eye

Just a few:
Babus- lordly robe, zues mace and one of his partners has a mirage vest in the mission at the bog...
Llendar- ##### Peytral!!!!!! very rare armor, in the last story line mission with mewt and the wish monster (first battle)...
Scouring time 2 (i think)- one of the misssions where the goverment chases down Marche
Bangaas have genji gear(wowee)
Last fight with Ritz- Assasain has nija tabi, shara has 7th heaven, ribon, rits has femme fatal and ribbon and plenty of rare armor too
Heres a tip-always check the gear the enemy has in story line essential missions like the ones with ritz, or ultimas, or judge master cid- some of them are one shot deals for really rare stuff!