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1991 Developer Team Office
When you gain access to the armory and weapon shop in the dwarven kingdom, make your way to that room. walk behind the pillar that separtes the two counters, and walk back, into a seceret passage. This will take you into a secrete "Lali-Ho Pub" You can talk to the dwarf there, to watch him dance. whether or not you watch this, walk to the right, over to the black crack in the floor, and walk right, though the wall, until you reach a secret staircase. go down the stairs, and there you have it. you can talk to all of the orignal staff. if you run into the back of the red chocobo enough times, you will go into a battle,nothing to it, really, he never attacks, he just goes to sleep. all you get is 5 gil, and 2 exp, and that's it. also, you can go to the right and down the stair case to see 2 of the developer team members sleeping. 1 of which will "join" your party. not really, but it's fun to watch him try. Other then just talking to them, there isn't much down here, though.
Asura Battle
When fighting Asura, she will usually cast Curaga on herself to heal most of the damage she has taken. An easy way to stop this is to make Rosa cast Reflect on Asura. This will make Asura's Curaga spell reflect off of her and it will heal someone in your party instead.
To get Bahamut, you need to have beaten both Asura and Leviathan in the land of Summons. Then go to the cave of Bahamut on the moon. It's filled with strong enemies, so be careful. When you get to the end of the cave, there will be a man on a podium. Talk to him, and get reay to fight.

For an easy victory, just cast reflect on your whole party, and on him. This way, his mega flare will be reflected back at him, and you can heal yourself by reflecting your magic off him, or hurt him by reflecting your black magic off yourself.
Bahamut with no reflect
An easy way to beat Bahamut without using Reflect. Get to Kain's turn, and wait for Bahamut's countdown to go to 2. At 2, use Jump. Kain will jump just before Mega Flare hits. You can let everyone else die, and keep doing this at every countdown. The only attack Bahamut uses is Mega Flare, so every time the timer hits 2, just use Jump, to dodge the attack and come down for around 3000 damage after depending on your level.
Barbariccia Battle
Barbariccia has the ability to create a tornado around her, greatly reducing all damage done to her. When she does this, jump on her with Kain to remove the tornado. At this time, your party does not include anyone with black magic, but using just normal melee attacks is good enough to defeat her.
Bomb Kill ALL!
If you ever get a group of enemies with a Bomb(s), strike one with Lightning, it will then self-destructed in an attack called Chain Reaction, killing EVERY enemy! This is a fast and easy way to get easy EXP, Gil, items, and more importantly, The Bomb summon!
Bonus ends
To get to the level:50 dungeon, which has 50 floors, you must complete the game and save then go to your saved file then use your big ship around the moon till you see a faced-shaped rock land as near as possible then go in the cae then voila (monsters are based on your party's average lv)

To get sound test is that you have to beat the game and save it, then go in extra and there's the sound test

To get to the cave of trials you have to get to the part where you have destroyed the giant of babil and then all the guys are on the lunar whale and cecil tells Rosa and Rydia to leave then thay leave, but they snuck around somewhere on the ship, then Kain, Cecil and Edge are aout to go off then Rosa yels "WAIT!" and tells Cecil that she is not leavibg without Cecil and Rydia comes along too, anyways, a guy that looks like namingway comes up from the right side of the ship and says that you can change other characters to the other ones you have (Yang, Cid, Palom, Porom, and Edward) then go to Mysdia (where you change them) then change at least 1 other character then go back down the tower "right" before you leave and a white wizard will tell the elder that there is smoke coming from the mountain near them and then go to the mountai and it will show a little part where lighning will shock the mountain and will open the door to the cave of Trials, the cave of trials has 8 floors and the 7th before you go to the eigth make sure you pick up thr two megalixiers (which helas all the party members' fully) and head on to the 8th floor. There you will see a save point and a warp point in the middle, use a cottage and then save cause all the battles around you wil be extremely hard, and there is a boss for each other changed person.
Cagnazzo Battle
Cagnazzo is very easy to defeat. He is weak to Thunder spells and much weaker to them when he draws up water around him. If you know Thundara for Palom yet, cast that on him and cast Thundaga using Tellah on Cagnazzo and he will be defeated in no time.
Cecil's Trial
Cecil's trial requires that you always do the good thing. If you end up not helping someone or doing something bad, your reward gets worse. After helping all the good people and stopping all the bad ones, you must fight Lunar Odin. Defeat him to complete Cecil's trial.
Cid's Trial
Cid's trial requires that you do things fast and have a good memory of the Overworld. You must fly random villagers in between towns using Cid's airship. Once you have brought everyone to their desired destination, defeat Lunar Ramuh to complete the trial. The more people you get to their destination, the better the reward.
Defeating Lunar Bahamut
Lunar Bahamut's attack can greatly damage Kain. If you use items such as a Lunar Curtain though, Lunar Bahamuts attacks shouldn't or will rarely hit you, so just attack while you are protected by the item.
Defeating Mist Dragon
When fighting the Mist Dragon, only attack when it is in it's Dragon form. If you attack it while it is in it's Mist Cloud form, it will use more powerful counter-attacks against you.
Defeating Zeromous EG easily
After doing the trials and obtaining the Grimoires, use the Grimoires against Zeromous EG. The Grimoires will cause Zeromous EG multiple status affects such as slow and mini. Zeromous EG only has 200,000 and attacking it while he is mini will cause more than 100,000 damage!
Earn Asura Summon
To earn Asura as a monster that you can summon, you must go to the Land of Summons which is located in a cave in the Underworld. Defeat Asura to earn her as a summon for Rydia.
Earn Leviathan Summon
After defeating Asura, you will be able to battle Leviathan. Defeat Leviathan to earn him as a summon for Rydia.
Earn Odin Summon
After earning Leviathan as a summon, return to the basement where King Baron's ghost was in Baron. You will then fight Odin. Defeat him to earn his summon for Rydia.
Earn Sylph Summon
After you get far enough through the game, enter the Sylph Cave which is located in the Underworld. Reach the Sylph house and speak to one of them to earn them as a summon for Rydia.
Easy dark dragon victory
To easily beat the dark dragon ( after the dark elf) use tornado. He has around 4000 HP and I hit him once with tornado and a normal attack and he was dead. Easy.
Edge's Trial
Edge's trial can be very confusing. You must reach the room where Lunar Ifrit is. If you take the wrong path, you may find yourself plummeting to the floor below. Hit the right switches, defeat enemies in battle for keys, and go through the right paths (even if you see no path and it appears that you are walking on air) to reach Lunar Ifrit. Defeat him to complete Edge's trial.
Edward's Trial
Edward's trial brings him to an icy Damcyan Castle. In the castle, you must free the spirits by fighting them and using his harp's music against them. Once you have freed all the spirits, defeat Lunar Shiva to complete his trial.
Good Lance
To get an awesome weapon for Kain... go to Eblan castle in the bottom left hand corner of the map. Go down a hole and you'll end up in a passage. Go forward and you'll end up in a room with 3 chests in it.In the right hand one are 3 mad ogres( 2000HP each and VERY strong) beat them for the blood lance with an attack of 97 and an absorb health ability( e.g. hits 237 damage, Kain gets 237HP back). The only downside is it's not very accurate.
Kain's Trial
Kain's trial bring you back to the town of Baron. It seems someone has been murdering villagers in the town. Listen to what everyone says and follow their directions and you should easily advance through this trial. Kain however will be put under suspicion of the murders and therefore he must stay in the inn for the night. During the night, the guards will get knocked out, and you can go outside. Follow the dark figure you see outside and it will be a dark form of Kain. Watch out when battling him as he will transform into Lunar Bahamut. This battle can only be completed using just Kain, so you will not have the help of the rest of the party. Defeat Lunar Bahamut to complete the trial.
Not being able to defeat the Dark elf?
If you are one of the gamers stuck in the battle against the Dark Elf, and you are wondering how to defeat it, because he simply causes 9999 damage to each one of your party members killing you without problems, it means you forgot to trigger a cut-scene in Toroia Castle. So, go back there and search for a room where Gilbert in on a bed resting, a scene will trigger. Now go back to the Dark Elf's lair and fight against him, now he won't hit you physically and cause you 9999 of damage, instead he'll use magic against your party, nevertheless you will lose, there is no other possibility, but this time, you won't get a GAME OVER instead Gilbert will help to battle the Dark Elf with your "metallic" weapons. So be sure to re-equip everybody with their metallic equipment and fight the boss.
Palom & Porom's Trial
To complete this trial, you must have both Palom and Porom in your party together. You will have to split them up and control each one separately to open up paths for the other twin. You will also have to use the status effect buttons on the ground to help you advance through the trial. At the end of the trial, your party will all join up again. Defeat Lunar Leviathan to complete the trial.
Rosa's Trial
Rosa's trial requires that you run around the town casting Cure and Esuna on the villagers. You get a better reward if you can help all the villagers who need it. Watch out though, because some villagers are actually monsters and they will battle you to waste your time. Once your time has run out, you must fight Lunar Asura. Defeat her to complete Rosa's trial.
Rubicante Battle
Rubicante is weak to ice attacks, but only when he is not covered by his cape. Cast Flood with Edge and summon Shiva with Rydia to do more damage to him. It is also better if Kain and Cecil have ice weapons and Rosa uses ice arrows. If you cast an ice spell on him when he wears his cape though, it will only heal him.
Rydia's Trial
When entering the room for Rydia's trial, she will be transformed back into a child. As a child, Ramuh, Shiva, Ifrit, and Titan will not recognize her. Search the caves until you find her four missing summons and defeat them to earn them back. Finally, defeat the Lunar Mist Dragon to complete her trial.
Scarmiglione Battle
When fighting Scarmiglione in his true form, he is weaker to fire spells. The best way to defeat him is to use Fira with Palom and attack normally with everyone else. Tellah only can use the normal Fire spell, so your better off just healing your party with Tellah's white magic.
Secret room
In the waterway where you VS the Octommammoth, there is a secret room behind a waterfall with a few useful items in it.
Secret Summon - Bomb
To earn the secret summon of a Bomb, you must defeat a Bomb and it might give you it's summon as a rare item.
Secret Summon - Cockatrice
To earn the secret summon of a Cockatrice, you must defeat a Cockatrice and it might give you it's summon as a rare item.
Secret Summon - Goblin
To earn the secret summon of a Goblin, you must defeat a Goblin and it might give you it's summon as a rare item.
Secret Summon - Mind Flayer
To earn the secret summon of a Mind Flayer, you must defeat a Mind Flayer and it might give you it's summon as a rare item.
Summoning a Mist Dragon Tip
When you make Rydia summon a Mist Dragon, it will attack all enemies by damage that is slightly more than Rydia's current HP. Summoning it doesn't take much time, so try your best to get Rydia's HP as high as possible so that you can attack quickly with much higher attack power.
Ultimate Weapon Combination For Everyone
The ultimate combination of weapons and armors of everyone. Trust me, it IS the best, because it is tested by cheats and everything to get maximum stat boost, and now it is listed below:

Right hand- Lightbringer
Left hand- Hero's Shield
Head- Crystal Helm
Body- Adamant Armour
Arms- Crystal Ring

Right hand- Hero's Shield
Left hand- Abels Lance
Head- Dragon Helm
Body- Adamant Armour
Arms- Dragoon Gloves

Right hand- Mist Whip
Left hand- Hero's Shield
Head- Glass Mask
Body- Adamant Armour
Arms- Mist Ring

Right hand- Perseus's Arrow
Left hand- Perseus's Bow
Head- Glass Mask
Body- Adamant Armour
Arms- White Ring

Right hand- Mutsunokami
Left hand- Sasuke's Katana
Head- Glass Mask
Body- Adamant Armour
Arms- Hanzo Gloves

Right hand- Hand of the Gods
Left hand- Dragon Claw
Head- Glass Mask
Body- Adamant Armour
Arms- Discipline Armlet

Right hand- Hero's Shield
Left hand- Asura's Rod
Head- Glass Mask
Body- Adamant Armour
Arms- Twin Star

Right hand- Nirvana
Left hand- Hero's Shield
Head- Glass Mask
Body- Adamant Armour
Arms- Twin Star

Right hand- Fiery Hammer
Left hand- Empty
Head- Grand Helm
Body- Adamant Armour
Arms- Protect Ring

Right hand- Loki's Lute
Left hand- Empty
Head- Glass Mask
Body- Adamant Armour
Arms- Harmonious Ring
Yang's Trial
Yang's Trial is fairly simple, just defeat all of the monks that come to battle you. Once you have defeated them all, defeat Lunar Titan to complete his trial.