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change cop color

when driving on the sand in rio with a cop behind you (also on the sand) press L+R
Verified by: tele Submitted by: 55454 on January 04, 2003

Grand Theft Auto

Steal 25 cars while you have maximum wanted level.
One done, go to the options screen where you can access what appears to be a GTA mini game. IT IS CLASS!!!

Enjoy, Lots of luv to all the homos out there
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Mark Hill on May 06, 2004

Save Time

Especially in Rio, during Mission mode you can see little alleyways that help save essential time. Some you will discover as you're chasing perhaps...
Verified by: abu el 3am Submitted by: bri89 on October 08, 2003