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Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II: Future Shock Cheats

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II: Future Shock cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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How to get Hercule's secret ending
When you unlock Hercule and get him to level 50. (For an easy way to get him to level 50 read my other cheat titled "How to get Hercule to level 50 fast") Go to Hercule city and look for the Hercule's level 50 locked door. When you break it and go in it you will see people interviewing Hercule about "how he beat cell." (which he didn't.)

ALSO: When you play as Hercule and talk to Goku's friends they will say stuff like "Your a coward" and "Get out of here" and other stuff.
A way to help keep health and energy up when fighting Cell
When Cell is chasing you run behind a rock and Cell will be running against the rock leaving you save to recharge make sure all the rocks aren't destroyed may take up to 30 min but it is a life saver for weaker people!
Beat Android #17 easy
This might take awhile but it is worth it. First run around until 17 starts using ki. Now go behind the tree trunk and recover ki. You then turn super namek and stand there to recover health. After that turn super namek and beat the heck out of 17
Best Places To Train
The BEST places to train are the snowy highlands, Goku's level 40 door at the northern mountains and Mr Vodar's castle I hope this helps as at these areas I got all My characters to level 50 there in 1 or 2 hours only
first use gohan and go to northern mountains and find the lev40 door of goku. then go behind the door of goku and kill the triceratop. then move (W) on the same screen behind the fence. there you can see another triceratop moving use the masenko ball(because it can fire in arc)to hit the triceratop then move (S) you will fin another triceratop moving then hit it again. you must have a good timing to hit the last 2 triceratop. in all you can get over 100,000 exp.
easy way to fight for triceratops king
an easy way to beat the triceratops king
is touse piccollo then keep punchingwhen he is on low health use ki
Get Hercule to level 50 fast
When you unlock Herecule he only has one energy move which when you use it it will stun all of the enimies in that area for a little bit. So just keep on using it to stun them when they start to move again and you should get to level 50 without getting hurt.

Please note that this will use a lot of energy so it is a good idea to go to an area with a lot of rocks.
In order to glow in the game what you do it pick a character first that isn't Hercule. Become a Super Saiyan or Super Namek. When you energy is low hold the A button until your energy finishes. You will now have a white glow.

NOTE: If you are hit, bumped hard into a wall, or move to the next screen, then your glow will go away.

You can go Super Saiyan or Super Namek when glowing by using a Senzu Bean and then become it.

NOTE: To have Hercule have the glow you must have already done it with someone other then Hercule. What you do is go to a save point and switch to Hercule.
Hint:Gohan:Super Kick Punch
Use his Super kick and immediately after you release A,quickly press it again.Note:the timing must be precise.if done correctly,it will do more damage
Ingame Reset
If things aren't going your way and you need a quick reset, hold down A+B+Start+Select+L+R and your game will restart from your last save point.
Level up to 30 quickly!
To get to level 30 quickly, fly to gingertown and go left in the forest. Save your game and choose your character on the pad. Keep going inside the forest and kill everything and walk out, save your game. Keep doing this until you reach your level expectation.
Most Powerful Blast
Want to kill ANYTHING in 1 hit?

First thing you need to do is make sure you have 3 senzu beans. Then you get out either Goku or Vegeta. Select either Spirit Bomb or Big Bang Start charging up until 0 energy left. Keep holding the B button and then hit start and use a senzu bean, exit the start and continue to hold B. Repeat until out of senzu beans and you will hit for over 30k (If they are level 50).
punch chi-chi
when you see goku getting all better in master roshis house you can punch any thing you want in the room


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99 Cookies recovery trick
Go to Capsule Corp. and keep talking to Bulma's mom until she says you have 99 Cookies. Cookies recover 5 HP.

Cheap Recovery
Save and reset, then chose another player. Switch back and you should have full health.
Control Text Window
To move the text window around, press L or R to move it up and down.


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Easy Exp.
To gain some real easy experience just go to Gohan's level 15 door in the Southern Continent and go to the part where there is a huge dinosaur. Stand on the ledge above the dinosaurs pit. Just keep waiting 'till he charges and then charge your melee attack. After a few minutes he should die giving you around 2,000 exp. points.


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Easy friend battle
At the start of the game when you can fight your friends at the atrium in the Capsule Corp. building, stand to the right of one of the pillars. You can hit them, but they cannot hit you. They will keep coming towards you; stand there and hit them when they are close enough.
Fast Fish Deal
Korin tells you that you can find fish near water. It is rare to find it anywhere but one place. Go to the tropical island and normally on the first island, go to the second island and fly back to the first and you most likely will get all 3 fish from the alligators.
Faster leveling up
To level up your guys faster and you haven't got past the nortern mountains here's what to do. First go to where the goku level 40 barrier is. the dinosaur will see you and come over. Attack him through the fence you can hit him but he can't hit you. When he dies you will get alot of exp. points. Keep doing this till your at a higher level.
flashing charecter
Turn super sayin and then right before you run out of energy hold a down to where you are powering up your attack and keepholding it till you turn normal again. Then let go and you should still be flashing
Golden Capsule Award
After you've collected all 25 Golden Capsules, return to Dr. Briefs in the Capsule Corporation Laboratory. In exchange for returning them, he'll let you keep one?yeah, I know, it's kind of a bum deal. At least the one that you keep allows you to teleport back to the world map from anywhere except inside buildings and caves. Just select it from the Items menu to use it.

Hand to Hand Combat!
You know that the hand to hand combat is varried, but the best way to land you punches are to run (double tap direction) and then just keep on punching. You'll keep reeling that one charecter 'till they die. If you are fighting a boss that spins around you then this is good because you will keep running and have enough space to regroup and try again.
How to get hucule
First to get hurcule you have have all the charaters. Then you have get all of your charaters to level 50. Then you will find a door for each one and inside will be a trophy of them. Gohan's door islocated north of the gingertown save point. Vegeta 's door is in the northern mountains. Piccalo's door is on namek , you get on namek after your collect all 7 namek's. Trunk's door is south of west city in the trisaatops jungle.I hope my tip is useful it is realy worth the effort to get hurcule beacause it will get you an altnet ending.
how to glow
okay this cheat lets you glow all you have to do is get goku then charge his fulry punch then when your chargeing let your energy run out hope this helps
New Nameck
You must have all 7 missing namecks
Then at CC head left to vegeta's spaceship talk to the man by the ship and go inside the ship. When you get off talk to the first nameck he will give the key to goku shed thing go to the cave at the to and fight Cooler he is easy then a level 50 picalo gate
Play as Hercule
Get to Level 50 with Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Trunks. Go to the character specific gates marked with 50 to collect trophies. The locations are as follows:

Gohan: Outside Gingertown
Piccolo: New Namek (you must find all seven Nameks to visit)
Trunks: West City
Vegeta: Northern Mountains
After you complete the Cell Games, Hercule will become available.

Quicker Leveling Up!
Go to the northen mountains, and go to the the place where Goku's level 40 Barrier is. Keep on destroying the Triceratops and you'll get something like 25,000 EXP. POINTS for each one you destroy.
Senzu Beans
If you require more Senzu Beans you need to collect 3 fish and take them to Korin. To reach Korin you need to go to Kamis/Dendes lookout, then go as far left or right as possible then up, you will come across a fly pad which takes you to Korins place. In exchange for your 3 fish he gives you another Senzu Bean.

To get fish you need to defeat enemies that are near and around the water. Once defeated instead of a health or Ki restore a fish will pop up instead.

You can only carry 3 fish at a time.
Stuck energy attacks
Take Gohan and switch to Masenko ball, charge it up and while charging press R. Then exit the map and Gohan will be charging his Masenko ball even though your finger is not on the button. Do this same thing with Trunks except with his burning attack and Vegeta with his big bang attack.
Super Saiyan Save
When you save as a Super Saiyan,turn off the game and back on.Then go to the story on which you saved as a Super Saiyan and you'll be one!!!
The real New Namek
Once you've found all 7 of the Missing Nameks, return to the ship near the Capsule Corporation and speak with the scientist. He'll ask you to accompany the refugees home to New Namek! Hop in the ship and you'll be taken to this bizarre world. The first thing you want to do is speak to the Namek in front of the ship. In gratitude, he'll give you the key to Grandpa Goku's house. You know, the one right next to Goku's house that you've never been able to open. When you return to Earth check here to grab +5 Power, Strength and Endurance Capsules.
Next, head into the cave at the north end of the settlement. Here you'll meet up with Cooler. He still has a grudege against you so well you're going to have to fight him again. Other than his rather large amount of life, this battle isn't particularly hard. He doesn't seem to have any incredible attacks whatsoever, so don't be shy about putting distance between him and you if you need to go Super Saiyan. Other than that, just beat him up like you beat everybody else up in the game.

Once he's dead, collect the +5 Power Capsule that he drops and head through the door to the north. Here we have a level 50 Piccolo Door. Assuming that he's appropriately leveled up, enter to find the Piccolo Statue.

To get Hercule level 40
This is a easy cheat first get Gohan,Trunks,Vegeta,and Piccolo on level 50 then you get there statues before you kill cell. you wont have to worry about goku yet.as soon as you go to the cell games and kill cell you get goku's statue then you will get hercule on level 40 automaticly.this will not work if you don't get the statues first before you kill cell in the cell games.
Turn off Vinnie's music
In the cave where you have to turn off Vinnie's music, turn the blue, green, and black switches on.

Turn Super Sayian/Namik during the Cell Games without getting hurt
Hide behind the hill near the cliff (what everybody is standing on) and Cell (and Cell Junior) won't even touch you.


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Unlimited cookies
To get unlimited cookies, talk to Bulma's mother until you have 99 cookies, then save and turn off the game, after that switch to a different player to have unlimited cookies!