Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku Cheats

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Strong by colors
If an enemy changes colors that means they get stronger; I was fighting a green snake hat had 150 hp and then the green snake turned blue and had 1024 hp.


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Beat Frieza's henchmen
Beat Frieza's henchmen

Some times while trying to fight Frieza's men you die, but I found an easy way to beat them. Use the Kamehameha beam to get them damaged then punch the enemy. If you are close to dieing you might wan to use herbs. Repeat this so they can die. If they stand near you and don't notice you, you should power up the Kamehameha beam then hit them.
Cheap Recovery Trick
If you are wandering around in an area and are low on health, you can try this (not-so-secret) trick to recover quickly. Save your game, then shut off the game and turn it back on again. When you appear back where you left off, you'll be back at full health/Ki without even using items!
Crtical Hits
To successfully get a critical hit on an enemy, just walk behind the enemy and punch or shoot a Ki blast. This acts as a backstab, but it is very effective, especially against Freeza's guards
Defeating the dinosaur
When you encounter the first dinosaur (the brown one, and not the pterodactyl), grab the orb then lead him across the river. Then, blast him until he walks out of range. Fly back across, grab the orb, and repeat until you kill it.
Easier Level Up
Go in front of the tmeple on Namek. Go around and beat Frieza's men, but don't go through the temple. If you go in, just come back out. After you beat everyone in the area, go to the entrance used to access the area. Kill all the dinos and guards in the area. Then, go back up and kill everyone there. If your is low, use herbs to heal. You can get more herbs near the entrance of both sides without getting hurt. I did this and got to Level 23 before going through the Temble. I hope this helps.
Easier Way To Kill A Boss
Easier Way To Kill A Boss

To beat a boss easier(Raditz, Ginyu Squad,ect.) Use the solar flare to stop them, them hit with a Kamehameha and repeat this until you have a little health left, save and quit, and there health should be the same as when you quit. And just repeat till he's dead.
Easy Boss killing secret
Fly away from the boss until he's about 1.5 - 2 screens away from Goku. You can keep shooting the boss with Ki Blasts from there and the boss won't move. You can find a place to shoot by firing Ki Blasts in the boss's direction and moving side to side until it makes the sound that it makes when u hit an enemy with a ki blast. Once you find the place where u hit the boss stay there and keep firing Ki Blasts. It works because bosses don't move when you are a certain distance away from them. For some bosses, after you fire ki blasts for a long time u might need to go up to the boss and punch him/her because there are some bosses where u need to be on the same screen as the boss.(ex. Raditz because Goku has to jump on Raditz so Piccolo can do his special beam cannon.)
Full enegry!
To get full energy, just save, then turn the power off. When you load back, you'll have full enegry, but you start at the begging of the level you were on.
Full Health
Find a save spot and save your game.turn off your GBA/GBASP then turn it back on.you should have full health.NOTE: my friend says this cheat also works on Legacy of Goku 2 and that it also restores Ki
ifnante health
at the beaging of the game when it is showing the video when you see the eternal dragon press up,down,left,right,b,a.

ps:you have to do this code every time you turn the game off and turn it back on.
In game reset
While playing press A+R+B+L+start+select to go to title screen.
Infinite Health
When an enemy attacks you with an energy attack just hit the R button to fly, when you get hit by the blast Goku will land but your flight meter will still show. This allows you to have Infinite Health. You can deactivate the glitch by pressing the R button again to fly and hit it again to land. Though you can not see it your Ki will go down when you shoot it.
Infinite Herbs and Senzu Beans
If you find an Herb or Senzu Bean, pick it up then leave the current map. Return and it will reappear, and can be picked up again. Note: You can hold up to six Herbs and three Senzu Beans
During the intro movie, press the following buttons:

Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A

If done right, a sound effect will confirm your entry. Start a new game or continue a saved game, and when an enemy attacks, you will not receive any damage.
To go all out un-killable, follow this simple guide.

Go to an enemy that can attack with the Ki Blast like Nappa, Vegeta, Freiza e.t.c. When they shoot the Ki Blast, fly right into the blast. Your Health/Ki Bar will be replaced with the fly meter instead. That means that your in Invincible, but there are some set backs, such as your Ki won't recharge. To get out of invincibility, just push the fly button.
invincibility cheat
when the game first comes on and it shows the dragon king, press up, down,left, right,b,a. if you did it right you should hear a noise. that lets you know that did it
You need to get some one that shoots ki blast (FRIEZA is good for this) you run around unitl u see him charge up and when he dose fly in to the blast<YOU MUST FLY INTO IT> when it hit you will fall but you are still flying but u can hit him and he cant hit u its an in game invncabilty cheat if you want to use a blast you must change the type of blast before you get hit by the blast and if you do you will have unlmited kai. EX IF YOU WANT KAMEHAMEHA U NEED TO SWITCH YOUR TYPE OF BLAST OVER TO KAMEHAMEHA THEN WHEN U GET HIT IT SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THE BALST.
Level up quicker
Level up quicker

When you're in the first village [were you have to find the missing girl] exit the village to the forest [when you enter the forest you'll see a brown dinosaur hide in the shadow of the tree in front of you, face the dinosaur and start shooting KI Blasts at it [B button] it will come toward you, don't move! Here's were the glitch happens the dinosaur will be on you but not hurting you!
there you can punch or Ki Blast it to death.exit the forest to the village then go back into the forest the dinosaur will be there again! repeat the code to level up faster.
To restart the game, and go back to the title screen, press A, B, R, L, Start, Select. It will not delete your saved files.
Start with either ability to carry 4 senzu beans or unlimited Ki
Successfully complete the game 50 times (including all the quests and sidequests). Start a new game to begin with unlimited energy. After completing the game, you should have one of two things: unlimited energy or the ability to carry four Senzu Beans
Temperary undestructability
Go to an enemy that shoots ki blasts. When they shoot a ki blast fly into it. This should make you land on the ground with your fly meter still on.


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To become unbeatable, at the title screen when the indution song plays, press up, Down, left, right, B, A. You should hear a sound that comfroms it.


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Unlimated Power and flight power
beat the game and complet all side quests and when you start a new game unlimatted power and flight power will be yours
Unlimited Ki and Health
Unlimited Ki and Health

fight an opponent that can shoot Ki Blasts
{like raditz] when he shoots a Ki blast at you press the right trigger button to fly stay there and get hit you'll stop flying but the glowing status will remain,you'll be invincible.
Vegeta Battle Hint
Vegeta Battle Hint

It may take you 5 times to beat him if not even more. There is a certain way to do it. You use the solar flare, go up and punch him a lot of times while he is blind. Punch for a limited time then back away before he breaks free. Send the Kamehameha beam at him while he's just wondering around looking for you. Fly up towards him and give him a solar flare. Then give him a bunch of energy blasts. Do this trick until Vegeta dies.
You may think you won but vegeta is still back in action. He says you are the best fighter there is next to him. dont go near him if your out of health because you could end up being killed. Instead grab some herbs and wing spears. Fly away towards Vegeta. Use all your power to do a solar flare, walk up to him with all of your punches and ki blasts. Do this process until you see him turn into a ape(don't worry, you dont' have to fight it). Yajarobi is shown cutting Vegeta's tail, as soon as Vegeta goes back to his normal state Gohan transforms(no you don't have to fight him too), Gohan stomps all over Vegeta while in his ape state. Then he shrinks which is the end of the Saiyan Saga.