Donkey Kong Country 2 Cheats

Donkey Kong Country 2 cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Donkey Kong Country 2 cheat codes.


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Lost World Levels
Collect the required number of Kremcoins, then give them to Klubba at the following levels to unlock new levels
UnlockableHow to unlock
Animal AnticsGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins at K.Rool Keep
Black Ice BattleGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins at Krem Quay
Fiery FurnaceGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins at Gloomy Gulch
Jungle JinxGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins at Crocodile Cauldron
Klobber KarnageGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins at Krazy Kremland
Krocodile KoreComplete game and all five Lost World Levels


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Gangplank Galley Level Warp
In the Gangplank Galley level, jump up the first set of barrels at the start to where the first Bonus Barrel is. Don't jump inside the Bonus Barrel, instead jump to the right of it, toward the sun in the background. You should warp away and reappear in a special "Level Warp!" area; walk through the door to the right to reappear right before the end of the level!
Kloaks are sometimes helpful
Sometimes Kloaks that throw barrels will throw something helpful if you wait for a bit so if you want to hang around a while it might prove useful.

Easter eggs

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Cranky's Video Game Heroes Hall of Fame
Anytime you are walking between levels (and NOT on the Gyrocopter), press L + R simultaneously to travel Cranky's Video Game Heroes hall of fame where you can view your medal rankings against other well-known Nintendo characters.


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level select: FREEDOM

start with 10 banna coins: RICHMAN

start with 50 banna coins: WELLRICH

view cridts: KREDITS

start with 15 lives: HELPME

start with 55 lives: WEAKLING

musictest: ONETIME

no dk barrels durng the game: WELLARD

no DK or half-waybarrels during the game: ROCKHARD