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Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu Cheats

Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Android 18's Supers
Android 18:
Multi-Ki Blast: Down, /, Back, Forward + B.
Energy Wave: Back, Forward, Back, Forward + B.
Triple Rocket Attack: Forward, \, Down, /, Back, Forward + L.
dream cheat
First play the game as you would normally do and complete the tournament 5-11 times. Then go to the shop and keep buying secrets until you have "free supers" AND "one hit kills". Enable BOTH of these and choose a character whose special move you find easy to do ... and while the the game counts down to begin the fight, start doing your character`s move but time it so you hit the last button as the fight begins. keep this button held down and you kill `em in a few seconds ... you`ll also be awarded extra points for perfect,first move and super finish. keep doing this to earn billions of zee points and unlock all the characters faster.
Fast Money
First, beat the game and get enough Z points to buy Intant death. It costs 70,000 Z points, and you have to buy all the other bonus settings first. After you have done that, go back to the tournament and play Time Challenge. You'll get 5000 bonus points for every time you beat your opponent.
Gotenks supers
Kamehameha: Down, \, Forward, Down, \, Forward + B
Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: Down, Down, Back, Forward + L.
Super Buu Buu Volleyball: Back, /, Down, \, Forward + L. If theres any problems with these cheats P.M. me
Piccolo's Supers
Sonic Kick: B, B, A, A, Forward + R.
Special Beam Cannon: Forward, Back, /, Down, \, Forward + B.
Hellzone Grenade: Down, /, Back, Down, /, Back + L
Raditz Supers
Okay i just got Raditz's supers.
Flying Elbow Drop: Down, \, Forward, Down, \, Forward + B.
Karate Chop Beam: Back, Forward, Back, Forward + B.
Fireball Summersault: Back, Forward, Down, \, Forward + R.
time is precious ... NOT
unlock secrets " fast clock " and " one hit kills " ... play in time trial and you`ll ALWAYS have the fastest time...
Trunks moves
here Trunks's level 1,2,3 moves

1.Sword Slash=dwn,bck+dwn,bck,dwn,bck+dwn,bck+B
2.Triple Sword Slash=dwn,bck+dwn,bck,bck+dwn,dwn,
3.Burning Attack=B,R,bck,A,L,fwd

have Good destroyin day


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Super Charge:bck,dwn,fwd,fwd,dwn,bck,/+L
Hover Punch:bck,dwn,fwd/+B
buu's super moves
super buu back, down, forward, up, LEFT
buu sledge hand down/forward, down/forward B
Gokus Super Moves
This is how to do Gokus Super Moves:
Kamehameha: Down, \, Forward, Down, \, Forward + B
Super Kamehameha: Down, \, Forward, Down, \, Forward + L
Spirit Bomb: Back, Down, Forward, Up + L.

Note: \ means Down + Forward, / means Down + Back
unlock secret characters
unlock nappa: win time trial with piccolo