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Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure Cheats

Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes for more Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure cheat codes.


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All Game Gems
UnlockableHow to unlock
Silver Gem 1Break 42 Boxes on Jungle Jam
Silver Gem 2Break 63 Boxes on Shipwrecked
Silver Gem 3Break 74 Boxes on Temple of Boom
Silver Gem 4Beat Red Gem Route on Temple of Boom
Silver Gem 5Break 114 Boxes on Frostbite Cavern
Silver Gem 6Break 134 Boxes on Just in Slime
Silver Gem 7Break 92 Boxes on Snow Crash
Silver Gem 8Beat Blue Gem Route on Snow Crash
Silver Gem 9Break 34 Boxes on Rocket Racket
Silver Gem 10Break 154 Boxes on Just Hangin'
Silver Gem 11Beat Green Gem Route on Just Hangin'
Silver Gem 12Break 26 Boxes on Shark Attack
Silver Gem 13Break 89 Boxes on Ruined
Silver Gem 14Break 96 Boxes on Snow Job
Silver Gem 15Break 194 Boxes on Ace of Space
Silver Gem 16Beat Yellow Gem Route on Ace of Space
Silver Gem 17Break 54 Boxes on Sunken City
Silver Gem 18Break 97 Boxes on Down the Hole
Silver Gem 19Break 41 Boxes on Blimp Bonanza
Silver Gem 20Break 113 Boxes on Star to Finish
Silver Gem 21Break 49 Boxes on Air Supply
Silver Gem 22Break 56 Boxes on No-Fly Zone
Silver Gem 23Break 125 Boxes on Drip, Drip, Drip
Silver Gem 24Break 119 Boxes on Final Countdown
Silver Gem 25Break 111 Boxes on Mega-Mix
Green GemFind Gem in Sunken City level
Red GemFind Gem in Star to Finish level
Yellow GemFind Gem in Final Countdown level
Blue GemFind Gem in Ruined level


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100% (secert level)
After beating Cortex go back to the previous levels.Get all gems and get all GOLD relics to play the secertlevel with mutated bosses.
3 coloured gems
heres how to get the blue red and green gems

BLUE:defeat tiny to get death tornado than go to the level ruined when you get to the nitro swich crate jump on top of it and double jump to your left than glide(death tornado spin) in mid air to some iron crates keep going to your left on the iron crate path till you reach a iron bounce crate bounce on it to get the gem(snow crash secret route will be unlocked)

GREEN:go to sunken city and reach the first '!' crate than go past the start to reach a iron crate shield hit the tnt to create a hole in the shield go down this hole to collect the gem.I recomend to not hit the first checkpoint until you get the gem so that you will keep the gem when you die.(just hangin secret route will be unlocked.you double jump past the end teleporter to find it)

RED: find the nitro swich crate on star to the finish BUT DONT HIT THE'!' CRATE TO ACTIVATE A METAL CRATE BRIGE.just hit the nitro swich crate and fall in the hole be careful not to fall off the metal crates than continue to you right until you reach the red gem.(red gem path on temple of boom will be activated to find when you jump over a hole when you land you will notice stairs continue down that path till you find the platform)
Body slam
When you beat Dingodile,go to the bottom of the screen to get the body slam power
Double Jump
Defeat N.Gim to get the double jump power
Stay in the Air Forever
Okay first beat Tiny, then go to any level with a big leap; I suggest one of the space levels in Cortexes levels like the first one.

Double jump and then rapidly press the B button; you have to ensure you press it quickly or this will not work. If you can't do this trick at first - keep trying. Do not give up.
The names of the levels give hints on secrets!!!!
When playing Crash Bandicoot the huge adventure, pay close attention to the names of the levels. Sometimes they give you hints to some secrets.

For example.... The level 'Temple of boom' sounds a lot like 'Temple of Doom'....As in "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom". A key movie point is the temple itself, in which a secret area was hidden under the temple. likewise, in temple of boom, there is also a secret area underneath the temple, leading to the red gem path.

Many other levels also have cool things inside that are based on the name.
Time Trial
To get platinums on Time Trial, do the following on levels:
Use running shoes.
Beat the secret level to run faster and to change more boxes into time boxes.
Hit all time boxes.
At the start run back and forth 4 times to build up to maximum speed then hit the clock.
Tornado spin over gaps and double jump up higher ledges.
Tornado Spin Power
Defeat Tiny the Tiger,then go to the bottom platform to get the Tornado Spin Power.
Turbo Run
Defeat Cortex,with one of the powers,to get the Turbo Run Power