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Crash Nitro Kart (GBA) Cheats

Crash Nitro Kart cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes for more Crash Nitro Kart cheat codes.


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How to unlock n. oxide
Complete the whole game on adventure mode, when you have done that oxide will be avalable in arcade mode.
Unlock Fake Crash
Go to out of time in time trial and drive to the bottom right corner of the map. Search near the edge until you find an openning with a pink flower drive over it and you will be in the desert drive around a bit until you find a camp fire drive up and it shows you a movie and you get fake crash.
Unlock Spyro - Beat Velo with Bandicoot
Unlock N. Tropy - Beat Velo with Evil
Unlock N. Oxide - Beat game with both teams.
Get Krunk- Beat him in adventure
Get Nash- Beat him in adventure
Get Norm & Big Norm - Beat them in adventure
Get Geary - Beat him in adventure
Get Velo - Beat him in adventure
Get Fake Crash - Go to Out Of Time in Arcade. Go to bottom-right corner of map. You'll see a pink flower. Run into it. You are in a desert. There is a small and large patch of sand. Fake Crash is on the large one. He will give a short speech and you will have unlocked him
Play Crash Party - When it says GAMEBOY press L/R repeatedly until the sound 'ding' happens.

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Artillary Cheat (in options)
To get the Artillary cheat, get the Blue Gem in Adventure mode.
Crash Party USA mini-game
When you turn on you're GBA, right when it turns white (after it says Game Boy)immediately start tapping L+R repeatedly until little orange text shows. If done correctly, it'll show the mini-game title screen.
Lunar Cheat
To get the Lunar cheat, get the Purple Gem in adventure mode. Lunar: Jump like on the moon!!!(options again P.S, The other 2 cheats are also in the options)
R/C Kart Cheat
To get the R/C Kart cheat, require the Green Gem in adventure mode. R/C Kart: R/C Karts, of course!
Special Item
In Crash Party USA,Pass all ten rounds,then turn off the game.Turn it back on.Race Velo to get the item.
Thunder Struck Shortcut
When you fly off of the first ramp, turn a sharp left turn in the air, and land on the small platform. Then you will fly off of that and land on the track again, speeding past other players in adventure or arcade or saving time in time trial.
Turbo Cheat
To get the Turbo cheat, require the Red Gem in adventure mode. Turbo: go faster
Unloc,k N. Oxide
In Crash Party USA,make it to round 6,session 3.Screw up,then turn off the game.Turn it back on and N.Oxide is selectable
Unlock A Track (Velo,s Challenge)
Beat all four bosses to vs. Velo.Defeat Velo and you will unlockVelo another character and his track.
Unlock Characters
1.Krunk-beat him in adventure mode 2.Nash-Beat him in adventure mode 3.Norm-beat him in adventure mode 4.Big Norm-Beat him,along with Norm,in adventure mode 5.Geary-Beat him in adventure mode 6.Velo-Beat the entire game 7.N.Trophy-Beat adventure mode with Team Evil 8.Spyro-Beat adventure mode with Team Bandicoot