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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Castlevania: Circle of the Moon cheat codes.

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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Cheats

Different Modes
To enter the different modes, enter the given name when starting a new game. Please note that you must earn these modes by finishing the game a certain number of times before you can play them. When you enter the code correctly, you will see the mode show up on the option screen.

Magician modeFIREBALLall trading cards become available under DSS option. Finish the game as Vampire Hunter to unlock.
Shooter modeCROSSBOWNathan will have more hearts, extra sub-weapon damage, and he will have use of the Homing Dagger sub-weapon. Finish the game as Magician to unlock.
Fighter modeGRADIUSNathan will be stronger and have more health. Trading cards are disabled. Finish the game in Shooter mode to unlock.
Thief modeDAGGERthief stats are visible. Finish the game in Fighter mode to unlock.


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Easiest but longest way to level
Put on the dss cards venus + cockatrice and walk on a wall, then put a book on your arrow key so that he walks against the wall gaining exp.
Extra Transformation AND insane high level xp
Last two DSS cards combined and activated turn you into a skeleton right? Well, if you drop down that really long hole (think the one Dracula dropped you down in the begginning) with the Ice, Fire, or Holy (bubble) shields, while falling along the left hand wall, you will break through and come into a room with a powerup. after getting this, jump up and hit the ceiling with either whip or afore-mentioned shields to find yet another secret room. Now, you need a crap load of strength to do this next part: I would personally recommend putting your GBA on ac power and leaving Nathan in a room with ghosts or zombies for a few days, so you level, and have 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds on your game timer to use the Pluto+Thunderbird DSS combo (Strength increased by amount of time played). So to kill this skeleton medalist dude that runs down the secret corridor, you have to start in the lower room, dash and roc wing up into the room. You will land pretty near the skele medalist and (with the Pluto+Thunderbird combo on) start hitting him with your whip. You pretty much need to one hit him, so equip all your strenght gear. after killing him a few times, he will drop something called a Bear Ring, which has the worst stats of anything but will turn you into a goofy looking bear if you have it on when you use the Pluto+Black Dog Combo.

Also, Killing the monster called Lilith is awesome xp. shes in the underground warehouse in a hidden wall on the right side of the well where your first meet those flying succubus people. Two ways to kill her: either whip out a thunderbird summons repeatedly, or use the Pluto+Thunderbird combo to do massive damage. She gives 20k xp per kill and drops Sage Robe (best caster robe in the game) and mind Ex's which restore all magic points.
Finding Hidden Rooms
I have found an easy way to find hidden rooms. Equip the Jupiter Serpent combo so that you have the 4 ice balls circling you. Now when you run up to the walls if there is a secret room there it will break and be open to you. This way you dont have to whip every wall to see if there is a secret rooms there.
Infinite EXP.
Somewhere after the 1st incounter with an earth demon there will be a room with a blue potion. Get the potion and hold down the attack button. If you keep on spining your whip and killing the spirits you will eventually gain levels.
Unlimited Exp. the easy way
To constantly gain levels just go to one of the poison worm things on the roof of the caves. Get under the worms. Tape the down button down so you are in a kneel. Then tape the B button down so your whip is constantly turning. Then You just have to leave you gameboy on and you will get constant Exp. If you have a Gameboy advanced SP then just plug it in with the adapter so that the batteries dont run out. Leave it for a couple hours and see how many levels youve gained.


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All DDS cards without beating the game
first you need at least 2 dss cards, now, press the dss button {L} to turn the combo on, however right after you press L you need to pause the game so youre doing the activating pose as you pause, now highlight the cards you want on the dss screen (it doesnt matter if they are not there just highlight the 2 slots) now when you go back to the game you will have the combo you highlighted. this code works best once you get alot of hearts because even though you have the combo it still takes up hearts.
battle arena cheat
when you finish the battle arena(BA) and get to the shining armour room,go toward the end of the room and stand slightly away from the hole that leads out to the entrance of the BA and slide,however don't slide all the way out, as soon as you slide out of the shining armour room change direction and slide back in (be careful no to drop out, or it will not work)if you manage to do it, when you get back to the shining armour room the door to the devils room should be open for you to go in,and so will all the other rooms.this is very useful to level up as you can just keep defeating the devil to gain 30000 exp continously.
DSS Cards
To use any two DSS cards, you must have at least one action card and one attribute card. Activate the two with the L button, but before you stop glowing, go back into the DSS menu and choose any combination of unknown cards. Then, you can use that combination.
DSS cheat
First you need at least 2 DSS cards, then you pick your 2 DSS cards and activate them, before the combo gets started push L, then pick 2 DSS card blank slots and push L, then you'll have the combo without having the cards!
DSS trick
How to use a DSS although u don't have the card needed.

1.Use two of the cards that u already have
2.Activate the DSS by pressing the L buttton
3.Quickly pause the game by pressing the start button
4.Then chose two empty slots [ one on top one below]
5.Then continue the game press the B button and u can use the DSS.[u may have to use the down to up sequence]


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Easy way to Defeat Hugh
Have lots of hearts, plenty of Crucifixes, and both the Jupiter and Golem DSS cards. Use the Jupiter and Golem card combination for the Invincibility Duration X4. Attack him with the whip for a while and when he hurts you start launching crucifix. He won't be able to hurt you due to the invincibility duration. This lets you do a lot of damage to him without him doing it to you.


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Enemy hints and Boss hints
1. Enemies if you are stuck on the following read on : were animals, armour and demons/shades ----- werecheaters or jaguars i think fairly annoying when you first meet them my advice is to retrace your steps to a room filled with were bears and a demon thing that shoots purple flame balls and keep training its about 2000 exp every time you go in and kill all the monsters train to level 25 (also you get really good rings of the thing that shoots stuff ) fight in the room in and out until you get 2 strength rings wear them both and if you have a salamander and athunder bird card these will help a lot then go back to fight them . if u use the combination of dss cards then it will be relly easy whip the cheater before it runs away and hold whip ( only if you use the cards ) and th e whip will turn electric and let the cheater run into it killing him self ------ were bear-- piss just stand back a bit and whip----- were wolveannoying because there fast whip run and then again-------demons - earth easy get to lvl 20 and 1 whip will kill it - fire use the poison spray shiled and it cant hit yo with the giant fire balls more to come bosses ------- nymphronic make you have holy cross run and avoid him util he starts bringing up zombies then chuck the holy crosses at him --- goat head stand right of it and chuck crosses at him ---- iron golem just run at him and do as much damage to him as u can ----twin dragons stand on the platform in the middle of them and chuck 3 crosses then make sure you dont cxatch them also when 1 dies quickly kill the other or else hell eat the others head and gain 100 hp back every bite and also use the poison shield .
Find the Trick Candles
After you kill Camilla return to the room where you fought Iron Golem and one of the candles will turn into a Scary Candle. It disappears quickly, so kill it fast. It's the only way to get a Uranus card. You may have to kill it several times before it drops the card. Also, go to the room where you fought Cerebrus and the center candle will turn into a Trick Candle. Like the Scary candle, it disappears quickly, but it can be worth it if you really want the Pluto card
Get past any boss
First, you need at least two cards(attribute and action cards). Choose those cards and exit DSS and exit the menu.Hit "L" and then quickly hit start while the game is activating the DSS. Go to DSS, and choose the Saturn card(Third one to the left, top right hand corner),and the Manticore card(sixth one the right, bottom). If done correctly, a purple cloud should appear. You must get this cloud to actually touch the boss. Once that is done, it will begin attacking it and it won't stop until the boss is dead. Then, you can sit this fight out and enjoy the match from a safe distance.
how to heal without going to a save/heal station
you know how you alwas get pised of because your almost dead well use the card combonation/DSS mandragora+jupiter activate it with the L button and stand still and a number eight will apear above your head and besides looking for the 8 your health bar will go up if it wasn't full you would also turn green
How to kill any enemy (even Dracula)
Use the Pluto-Black Dog Combination. Every few attacks you'll throw a giant bone that does massive damage. Just don't get hit with anything or you'll take 9999 damage and die instantly.
skip straight to dracula
At the beginning, use the DSS cheat and use the 6th card on top and the 4th on bottom. Press down forward up and youll summon huge stalactites and jump super high.Do this at the abyss. Keep doing it to crash through the ceiling. Keep doing this in Dracula's room to land on the ceiling and then use pluto black dog and throw giant bones hell take like 529 damage per giant bone hit.
Super easy LEVEL!
When you get to the part of the game b4 the first boss ( the three or two headed dog) go all the way to the left and keep going to the door. If you go the right door when you keep walkin you should see some Mummy monsters that come out of a coffin that is in the air.

Let tons of mummys come out and then hit them with your whip, two hits should kill them. Each mummy will give you 3 xperience points! If you do this for about 5 minutes you should at least gain 2-4 levels.
Unlimited exp.!!
Find a poison worm nest (hanging on ceiling). Stand under it and hold down whip attack button so you spin it around. Hold down button forever, or tape it down, it doesn't matter! The poison worms will fall on you and die instantly, giving 1 exp each. This also gets you tons of antidotes and Magic Gauntlets. This really works!
Use all Cards
To use this cheat you must have obtained at least two cards. Select any two cards you own in the DSS menu. Close the menu and hit L button to power up and use the cards. While powering up press start and bring up the DSS menu. Select any cards that you own or don't own and they will work. (very usefull for defeating earlier bosses)