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A easy way to lv up and get gold:
Here is a easy way to lv up your charaters and get gold in 10 easy steps.

note:You must have Nina in your party in 1st position and have beatin the part where Nina's sister turns into the bird.Also you must be over lv.40 to beat these monsters.

1st fly to capitan
2nd then go over to the place where you got the fire shamon and the woods burnt down
3rd then call the bird from Nina
4th then fly up a little and go to your left and fly until you reach a little island with a house
5th this is MONSTER ISLAND
6th walk around and go into a battle
7th they's monster give you alot of exp and there hard
8th If its a Giant slime cast the spell (death) on it if its a Big bug use the spell (chopchop) on it.
8th if its any other monster use Gdragon on it
9th after the monster dies you will get a lot of exp and gold
10th go into the house to find 2 people off breath of fire 1.
Best charaters shamon combo's:
Here are the best shamon combo's for each charater:
Bow: Holy and Devil Shamon's
Jean: Holy shamon or Holy and Water shamon's
Katt: Devil shamon or Devil and Fire shamon's
Nina: Wind and Holy shamon's
Rand: Fire and Earth shamon's
Spar: Fire and Devil shamon's
Sten: Fire and Wind shamon's
Character preview:
Do not press Start or any other button to see what the characters were doing before they met with Ryu.
Defeating Tiga:
Note- you need 18 roasts if you hp gets Really low and ryu's guts don't work. Also you need a Medusa shiels and a Giant shield.

Medusa shield
Giant shield

After you beat the part in the Thefts Timb and you got the sponcer go back to Cotland and talk to Tiga... there talk for a while and then he will want to battle you say no were not just friends and he will battle you.


You can kill him first use the Medusa shield
to power you atk up so you do 226 damage! Then use your Giant shield to put up you def do he doesn't do as must damage! He has a lot of hp more then the final bosses you should be at lv.48 or more. He has 65,535 hp this battle lasts about 3 hrs to kill him! When you hp gets to be around 150 use Ryu's Guts to charge up your hp by 157 or less. Just keep doing that and you should kill him. Watch out and don't let your hp go under 100 because Tiga might use a slammed hit that does about 100 damage!
Easy money:
Talk to the priest that saves the game and ask to give a donation. If you have less than 100 coins he will give you 10 coins until you reach 100 coins. After this happens, deposit the coins, return and repeat as needed. Note: If you try to have the priest give you more than 100 coins he will take them as a donation.
Easy/fast exp and gold.
Go to the first town where you start out "Gate" and walk around and after a while you should come in a random battle with a Kimaira and cast death and it will instuntly die.If you don't have death just use attack then kill it you should get 30963 exp and 1656 gold!
Fishing for Fun and Treasure
There are several fishing spots in the game where treasure is visible on the ocean floor. You can catch these chests using a peice of Gold as bait, or using any bait and the Charm Rod. Let the bait sink near the treasure chest. When it hooks, press A repeatedly until it is brought up to Ryu. You should see a message when it's close enough telling you that you caught it.
Flying Township
Go to Township and enter the well, you'll find Eichi there. If Eichi isn't there go to Guntz and search the bookcase in the largest house, talk to Eichi and She'll go to the well in township.
To make Township fly do not kill the old man when you fight Guardeyes in Evrai. Once you done that go back to township enter the well talk to Eichi and Ganer will enter and enable the township to fly.
gettng bleu
to get bleu you can either use grandpa the whale to get there or the bird. its around the highfort island so u need grandpa or the bird. as you get nearer its gonna look like a desert. on the top is highfort and in the middle is thieves tomb. next to all of that will be mountains so next to the mountain is a small space so go there and there will be nothing. walk around and youll enter an invisble home and talk to the ghost and theyll say bleu is in th magic school. go to he magic school which is in hometown. talk to everyone there and there wil be a girl in disguise an she will talk to you and join your party. remember the desert is in the lower right hand corner of your map. beat that klb!!!!
You can find Gold (which is used as bait for Manillos and Treasure Chests) in various places, but it's scarce. However, they are dropped by K.Goblin's near Windia, Mimic's near Namanda, and Poltergeist's near Simafort.
How to beat the last boss ( Deathevn )
Here is how to beat the last boss:

HP: 10000

Note: The best team to beat deathevn world be Ryu , Katt with devil shamon , Bleu , and Bow/Rand

First have Ryu use Anfini. You then get the rest
of your characters back. Have Ryu use GDragon throughout the battle. Whenever he runs low, use a Wisebl. If you are out, start having one or two characters using WFruits on Ryu until it regains strength again and then use another GDragon spell. His attacks aren't TOO strong but if you have somebody in your party that can heal such Bow or Rand. If so have them heal every 2 turns!After a while he will die and you beat the game.
How to get the legendary StarBringer Sword:
The StarBringer Sword (StarrSD) can be found by standing on a blue "chance" square in the Thieves' Tomb and fighting repeatedly.

Life Armor:
The Life Armor can be found in the fishing spot northwest of Gate, directly next to the cave. This is the strongest armor in the game for the Hero.
Life Bracelet:
Immediately after you fight Barubary with Ryu alone, he gives you a hint to find the Life Bracelet. Go directly right with Katt and smash the rock ahead. Continue right and reach across the gap with Sten, then open the treasure box to find the Life Bracelet.
Like in other Breath of Fire's, Manillo's are the mechant-fish race of the series. As in Breath of Fire III, they live underwater. If you manage to fish them out (by using Gold as bait), they will sell you items. They can be found in the following locations, and sell the following items.


Cond.Up 1000Z
F.Spice 100Z
ShaveIce 100Z
Frizbee 100Z
Medicate 500Z
FireRock 800Z
KamikazeBl 800Z
IceChunk 800Z

Near Cat's House
(Great Sea of Trees)

FastShoe 10000Z
HolySF 5000Z
HeroBT 2000Z
KramerBR 2000Z

West of Thieves Tomb

BrassST 8200Z
ThunderRP 8400Z
LopOffWP 2000Z
MysteryHT 3100Z
SlashGL 4100Z

Island near Guntz
and Tunlan

DamageSD 12000Z
EmblemRP 12000Z
WorthRG 9500Z
SlicerDR 20000Z

On an island south-
west of CotLand

BraveAR 10000Z
SpiritRB 7500Z
MedusaSH 50000Z
ThunderGL 9000Z

Near Coursair

SilverDR 1200Z
IronSH 1200Z
SilkGL 1200Z
IronML 1400Z
KnightHT 790Z

Near Wild Cat Restaurant

BusterSD 2200Z
WiseRB 3000Z
NationHT 1800Z
To get Katt's ultimate weapon the MeowST go to infinity go past the dragon clan town to the under layer and battle "Carms" and after a while they will drop a meowst. It boost your Attack power by 355.
Monster Island
Once you have Grandpa the Whale, you can reach Monster Island. From the beach South of Capitan, head slightly West and North, up around the coastline. Carry on around the coastline, North of Capitan, heading East. When you reach the burnt peninsula signifying Granny's forest, carry on straight East, leaving the coastline. After a while, you should see a beach at the ery top of the screen. Land on it, and you should be on an island with a small house. Bo and Karn from the first game live here. There's also a fishing point to the North where you can find the LoveBR.

The main point of Monster Island, however, is the levels. There are four types of monsters. All of them are tough, but give large amounts of exp and money. However, they do have their weaknesses.

A.Sludge - A giant green slime. Use Death (Bleu, Nina, Jean). They give you 25404 EXP and 2850 coins.

Chorking - This thing only has 25hp, but most of your attacks will damage him for only 1hp. Use an attack item such as the FireRG, or the ChopChop skill. He gives 27100 EXP and 4839 coins.

Gonghead - Use Bow's shot or physical attacks once you're strong enough. He has around 900hp, and will cast Cure4 on himself. He gives you 22018 EXP and 3633 coins.

G.Sludge - These are very rare (I've seen five in this playthrough), and very powerful. They usually attack in groups of two or three. Use Ryu's Dragon attacks, and whatever else you have. Unforunately, I can't get the exp and gold stats, but it's definitly worth it.

These monsters will sometimes drop Extracts and Van.Ext's. These items don't stack, so each one takes up an inventory slot to themselves. However, Extract's restore all of one characters HP, while Van.Ext's restore 120hp to all characters.
Quick and Easy Recovery!
To quickly restore your HP and AP for free, simply go into the house in Township next to the Dragon Statue. When you come out, all your characters will have their HP and AP fully recovered.
Rest for free:
Early in the game in the pub in the second town, you can rest for free. Talk to the person at the table and ask him to pass the time while it is day. You will be healed fully. You can do this until you get Katt.

Revive your people
You can make your guys revive at the dragon statue for free. All you have to so is switch them ut than switch them back in and they will be revived.
Seny the Holy Shaman
Go to Bando and enter the basement via the hole in the altar. Enter the first room in the basement and talk to Seny, and she'll go back to grandma in Township. But before doing this you must have the Earth Shaman before her.
Seso the Water shamon:
Note: You have to beat the witch in the tower by Simafort 1st before doing this to free the water shamon from a statue.
Warp or fly to Simafort then go up and go into the Witch's tower go to the 2nd room from the top. It will have little things you step on and they move go to the 1 on the far right and push up and it will take you to the upper left part of the room go up the stairs until you can't go any more and then your see the WATER SHAMON talk to her and she will go to Hometown.
Shin the Devil shamon:
Note: You have to find the thief that you need to bring to the guy in Gate at the back forest and have beaten the fake priest.
Warp to gate if your not already and go to the back forest and after you kill the boss you can enter Infinity go down one screen from where you fought the boss and go to the far right gate to enter Infinity. Go in the door and get on the thing that's moving to your right when you get off your see Shin the devil shamon talk to her and she will go back to Township.
Solo the Earth shamon:
Note:You need to be at the part of the story line with RAND after you clear Rand's mothers graden then she says go pray for a good crop.
Warp to farmtown then make Jean turn into the giant frog and hop up and your see a cave its called Namada enter there put Rand in 1st position and talk to the guys and there let you in. Go up and turn to your right DO NOT ENTER THE DOOR STAIGHT UP its the wrong way. If you wen't to your right you should be in a room with a bucket in it talk to it to donate 100 coins do that 20 times ( 2,000 coins ) go and finish the game up until you beat Grand Curch.Then go back to Farmtown and go into Rands mothers graden to fund the Earth shamon.
The 3 endings:
There are 3 different endings in this game this is what they are:

Ending #1
After you beat Habaruku in gate you can wait till the door to Infinity breaks open by demons or you can go in after them. If you pick WAIT the game ends and you never battle Deathevn and then the demons get so powerful that Ryu can can't defeat them and the demons take over the world. Then the game restarts its self.

Ending #2
If you never get Ganer (Ryu's father) to come to your town. Then Township will never be able to fly then after you beat Deathevn Ryu turns into a Dragon and blocks the doors to Infinity.

Ending #3
-The true ending
If you have Ganer in your town and it can fly then after you beat Deathevn then Ganer lands Township in front of the doors to Infinity and Ryu never turns into a dragon to block the doors.

Three Endings, One Playthrough
Firstly, acheive everything you need for the Flying Township. Then, just before you battle the old man in St Eva's Church, leave and save your game. Quick save the game at this point, then load and keep playing on your real game file. Do not load the quick save or create a new one at any point during the following.

In the battle with the old man, destroy him. Then keep playing through the game. Save your game just before defeating the monster in Gate, and when Valerie asks choose 'Wait' to see the bad ending. Then reload your file, and choose the other option. Complete the game and you'll see the good ending.

For the final ending, load your Quick Save file, to take you back to before you battled the Old Man. This time, don't hurt him in the fight, and you should be able to get the flying Township. complete the game for the best ending.
Township Upgrade
After paying your carpenter to upgrade your Town, it will be a certain number of days before the upgrades appear. To hurry it along, stand outside and spam Ryu's "Timewarp" spell, causing the days and nights to pass instantaneously.

This is useful, for instance, if you want Barose in your town. You must have the town fully upgraded before you pass a certain part of the storyline.
Treasure Chests on the Ocean Floor
You find all of these items in treasure chests in the fishing spots listed. For some reason, when landing after using the Great Bird, the fishing spots might not be visible. They'll appear after a battle.

EmpireSD - You can find this in a fishing spot to the east of your Township. Use Nina and the Great Bird to reach it. Go slightly East, and just when the coastline turns to the South, just to the left of the huge mountain range, there's a little patch of land that you couldn't reach on foot. You should still be able to see the very edge of the little beach south of the Township when you're standing there. The mountains are to the right, the ocean to your left.

JahAR - Fishing spot north-east of Tagwoods. There's a tiny little valley, which the Great Bird can access.

LifeAR - Fishing spot near the cave near Gate. Remember the cave Ryu and Bow got their asses kicked in as children? It's on the Gate side of the Cave, slightly to the east.

IronBR - Just a few steps North of your township.

LoveBR - Fishing spot on Monster Island, where Karn and Bo from the first Breath of Fire are living. The LoveBR is an accessory that restores HP as you walk.

Moondrop - Fishing spot just to the north of Bando, the town on the very Southern edge on the Western continent.

Tolen - Near Gate cave again, on the Northern side.

Tolen - This one is a little tricky. From the Township, head straight south until you see a small house on a peninsula slightly to the east (the man in the house says "it's nothing to do with me"). Just to the West of here, there's a tiny island, with the Fishing spot.
Unlimited money:
Note: This trick requires two Game Boy Advances, two games and a link cable. Select the best file and put the best item you can spare in the bank (for example, the Shadow Dagger or lots of Herbs). Copy the file and link the Game Boy Advances. Trade the best item from the copy file, but not from the original. Then, erase the copy of the original and repeat entire process. When you have as many items as desired, trade them back and sell them.Or use the following trick for unlimited money after the township upgrade. When you choose your carpenter in Capitan, choose the standard house carpenter from the right most house. He will go to your township and cook any king of ingredients plus build a new set of houses (3). When you get the second set of houses (6), recruit Hanz from Hometown. He will supply you with items. Buy three Cond. Up at 1000 Z each. For a total of 3000 Z, cook it to get the GoldBar that you can sell at 6000 Z. Repeat this as needed to get a lot of money very quickly. Sometimes the cooking produces a charcoal, but it is very rare. Once you have enough money you can spend some to raise your stats. Go back to Hanz and buy two Cond.Up for 2000 Z, then cook them to obtain one Dinker (+1 Agility); or buy two Medicate for 1000 Z, then cook them to obtain one PwrFood (+1 Strength).


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Earth Shaman
The earth shaman is the hardest one to find.
You can find her in the Namanda Cave but you must first offer 20 times there and then the Earth shaman would appear.
The game has 2 endings. One Ryu would turn into a dragon and fall asleep for all time.

And the next would be, he wouldn't turn into a dragon.

If you play the game like any other game most likely you will end up having the ending number one. But if you don't kill Ganer (His father on a battle in the big church) then you will get the happy ending.
This glitch is when you are about to get anfini. The old man will ask if you have any more questions and if you say yes there will be no more questions. If you say no there will be a whole bunch more questions to be asked.
Glitch #1:
First have 2 shaman's on a character for they look different. After you beat Habaruku in Gate DO NOT EXIT THE TOWN when you still have you shaman's on your characters go to the Dragon God in Gate and save then take a rest and let it restart you game. When you continue your game check the characters that had the shaman's on look at there stats they should be the same as if you had a shaman on but they won't look like they have a shaman on. I had Katt with the Devil + fire shaman's on and Katts mp said 25/17. I also had Nina with Wind + Holy shaman's on her map was 322/200.
Glitch #2:
When you're in the Grand Church and you about to battle the 3 Guard eyes and Ganer (Old Man). When you walking up to battle them and the eye statues are shooting red beams at you when you at the last eye statue and rate after it shoots the red beam at you. Hit the SELECT button and your screen should have a whole bunch of white lines going downwards hit SELECT again to go back to your game.
Glitch #3
When you are going to fuse with the Shamans, the lady says, "Do you need to know how to fuse?" (or something like that) and you have to say "Yes" to be able to skip the instructions. If you say "No" then she tells you the instructions.
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