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Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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$unny clog$ and money!
if you want either many $unny clog$ or money then read thi$!

anyway in the Ruins undead dungeon by the part with the 3,5,7 switches if you go to the left where there are 5 bats if you go to the left and walk along the edge *gasp* an invisible path! along the way when you find you are up against a wall if you press A on the last square you will find a sunny clog. repeat for more. if you also go to fill up your inventory and your warehouse boxes if you fill all 3 of those up then you can make 7200 sOLL! for me, it took me about 2 days. but I took alot of breaks. if you do it non-stop it should take about a few hours. have fun!
3 Fencers
In the Aquaduct, there is a trap where you battle 3 skeleton fencers. Having trouble? I tried this just recently as an experiment, and it works! First turn into Black Django, you need his ability to attack rapidly and push enemies back, then get all the fencers to follow you, then hit them with a spear( for safer attacks, use a spear) to direct them into a small cluster. It is recommended that the skeleton group is pushed into a group as small as possible, maybe to make it look a bit like you're fightin one skeleton. Anyway, push the group against a wall and CONSTANTLY hit them or hit them when one manages to get out of the group. If you only hit when you please, one fencer can finally hit you, so just keep hitting them constantly. Make sure when you use your spear, you hit the skeletons along the back too, not just the one on the front.

Beware, use at your own risk: If one skeleton can get itself out of your onslaught, the results will go AGAINST your favor and it may get chaotic. I realized that while using this method, so I was frantically hitting as fast as I could.
Black Hole Sun
Just like boktai 1, you can use an ultraviolet light to trick the solar sensor to about 3 bars or more, depending how strong the light is.
Boss Battle Walkthrough
ok. i just made this up for peeps having trouble beatin the bosses. nothing much. The numbers next to the atk indicates how much dmg they do.

White Duneyrr the Sky-ruling Immortal

HP: 500.
Atk: Poison Powder: 1 Touch: 13. SkyDive: 30

Ok. She's just annoying. Use a hammer to hit the switches in the 4 corners of the room. or u can just use ur flame enchantment with spear and light the candles in the middle. avoid her poison powder atk. i'ts easy to dodge. once u lit the fire, she's attracted to it and lands behind it to put it out. this is ur chance to atk her. use a sword for fast dmg or hammer to do more dmg and hit her from behind. once a while, when you do this, she'll release about 7 maggots at you. just kill them. they get pretty annoying. good thing is that they drop solar fruits once a while. repeat this a few times to defeat her. just watch out for her Sky Diving. it does tremendous dmg for beginners. just dont stop moving unless atking her from behind...

HP: 640
Atks: Swords: 20 Solar Gun Blast: 20 Tri Sword : 20 Swipe: 20

Sabata will be in the middle using the Gun De Hel charging a black hole in the middle. while he's at this try to avoid the Vampire's atks. Strking him with any weapon will only do 1 dmg. if you hit him while he's not using the swords, he'll blast you with the solar gun. if his HP drops low, the gun will fire a tri-prong atk. his swords are annoying. they will turn in the direction you are in before launching themselves. you can smack them with your sword. Or once a while he'll swipe at you. just avoid it by moving out of his way. When Sabata Charges the black hole big enough, atk him to send him to the middle of the Black Hole. When he's in the middle of the Black Hole, this is your chance. he's very vulnerable to you atks. use the Sol Enchantment to deal some serious dmg on him. just keep doin that when Sabata forms the full black hole to defeat him. Note: the Tri Sword dont targets you. it targets Sabata. if 2 or all 3 of them hits him, he'll get knocked out and the black hole disappears and needs to be recharged. smack the swords with your sword to get rid of them.

Red Durathror the Earth-ruling Immortal.
HP: 1200
Atks: Leaf: 15 Touch: 15 Spike Ball: 33 Vine: 48

When you begin your battle, she will be a bulb that fires leaves at you. there will be roots of darkness around so avoid them as much as possible. smack her with your sword in her bulb form to deal dmg on her. use the Flame Enchantment to do a bit more dmg. once you knock about 1/5 her HP, she'll change form. there will be 5 rose bulbs. smack them 3 times to open them. only 1 out of the 5 of them is Durathror. If you find her, hit her 3 times and she'll retreat and start the bulb form again. you cant tell which one is her normally so it's luck and chance. however, you can use the Bat Form ability of Black Django to see which bulb she's in. but that'll drain 10 SOL each time. When you get her health real low, she'll finally knock some sense in herself and reveal her true form. it's a vine creature. hideous. She'll burrow in the ground and then jump up and land down. she'll summon the Vines from the ground. they deal serious dmg on you. you can stop her by hitting her 3 times with your weapon or twice if you use the Flame Enchantment. If you manage to knock her out, she'll burrow again and jump up again. this time, when she lands, she shakes the room and Spike Ballz fall down. it's easy to dodge. she'll jump 3 times and release the ballz if you dont hit her 3 times or 2 times wiht Flame Enchantment. after this, she'll just use the Vine->Spike Ballz->Vines, etc again and again until you defeat her.

Blue Dvalinn the Sea-ruling Immortal
HP: 1600
Atks: Tentacle Slam: 41 Bubbles: 2 Poison Breath: 1+ Ink Squirt: 4 Rocks: 21 Slam: 51

Very annoying and long battle, and hard. you will need over 65 Strength to deal dmg more than 1-2 to her. her main weakness is the Flame Enchantment. when she slams her tentacles around, you can hit them but deal small dmg. then she'll throw rocks around and try to hit you. then she'll come up to the surface and release 4 rocks again. but then she'll move back to Slam the Platfore causing serious dmg. you can evade that with the Bat form or just hit her with a spear with the Flame Enchantment before she Rams. Once a While, she'll release a series of bubbles. you can destroy the bubbles with your sword. or you can just run through them (taking 2-3 hits) and hit her on the head with your sword with Flame Enchantment. That'll deal alot of dmg on her. When She releases the poison breath, it can get a bit ugly. evade it. dont ram it. you can take serious dmg from it. and if she appears very far out in the water, that means she's fireing acids pods at you. avoid it. it's annoying cuz it deceases you runnin space. i'll go away in a while. just keep repeating this around to defeat her. just one thing: when she gets to low health, the tentacles strike real fast.

I'll Update ASAP when i get more info. i needa studdy alot.
Collect Easy Sols
Since they seem to have removed the glitch where you can simply advance the clock by a year to max out the solar bank, here's an easy way to quickly collect sols to fill your solar bank and solar station.

This method can be done as soon as the fruit stand is open, but it works much quicker once you get the Thief's Clothes. In the first room in the Undead Dungeon, 'Ruins' is a set of four Klorofolun. These each randomly drop red medicines or solar nuts. Simply run in and out, continuously defeating them until you get enough to completely fill your item bag. Then take them back to the fruit stand and sell them. They each sell for 50 sols a piece, and if your bag is completely full of them, you get 800 sols per trip. After that, simply go back and do it again, and again until your solar bank is filled.

Once your solar bank is filled, transfer the energy to the solar station, and continue to collect solar nuts and red medicine till the solar bank is filled again. Then between the two of them, you have almost 20,000 sols.
Crimson Enemies
Throughout the game, you'll encounter rare crimson enemies. In order to get 1, kill 100 versions of that enemy you want. Ex: to get a Bok+, kill a total of 100 Bok's OR Zombies. They are called ( )+. Here's a list of 'em: Bok+, Bandit+, Mummy+, Golem+, Skeleton+, and Cockatrice+. BEWARE: although they're rare, they faster and a LOT deadlier, so try to stay out of sight until you're stronger; they'll kill you very quickly.
Crimson Monster
The best way to beat crimson bok and golem is to change into a vampire and use sword. Corner them, if you are a vampire, you should paralyze the monster so they can't attack. Change into a vampire and use spear to beat the mummy +, cokatrice and bandit +, you need to walk around a lot to dodge their attacks. Equip hunter's cloth or theive's clother to get extremely good items.
Easy Skill Levels
The easiest way I have found to quickly raise your skill levels, is to go to the room in the Undead Dungeon, 'Ruins' where with the seven bats and the lever which is part of the 'five, seven, three' puzzle. Just switch to whatever weapon you need to build skills on, and go in, kill the bats, leave, enter again, and repeat. Every four or five times, your skill level will go up.

Doing so with the gun weapon is a little tricky, cause they use so much energy. The best way to go about this is to use the Megabuster, until you get down to 100 Energy units, then leave the room, and recharge using Rising Sun. Since you start off at 80 on gun skill, it shouldn't take too long to get to 99.
Easy Solar Forging
This trick only applies to those who have gotten the "Rising Sun" enchantment magic. Buy or find the weapons that you wish to forge together to create a new weapon then go to Smith's Forge. Save your game (optional, but is recommended in case you want to make your weapon stronger than the first time you tried it; for example, Bastard Sword+6 on a first try to a Bastard SwordSP on the second attempt). Activate the "Rising Sun" enchantment, but before the ball of light that Django tosses into the air explodes, talk to Smith. If you talk to Smith before the ball explodes, you will not use any energy (making this trick repeateable without searching for Solar Bugs or wasting Sol). After talking to Smith before the ball explodes, chose the weapons that you want to forge together and begin forging. You will have four Sun bars until about the five or six seconds left area, when the bar will drop. When this happens, try to get the bar at least into the black highlighted zone, where you can punch up easy "Good" ratings. This trick is good for beginners who have a lot of weak weapons.
attacks: bite, swords, axes, dark breath, eye lasers
This battle will be impossible without sunlight due to his dark guard. The battle starts out with him backing off a bit launching into 3 bites. He will repeat this pattern a couple of times. When the battle starts, charge up for a powerful shot with your solar gun. When he backs off and opens his mouth, shoot. It will hit 1 of his eyes. Go to the other pair of eyes and launch a powerful shot, then blast his tongue as many times as possible. If you run out of energy, just do a solar charge. If you decided to dodge his bites, he will do it again. After that, he throws axes and swords at you, which are easy to dodge. Keep repeating, and then after a certain point, smoke will come out of his mouth and he will launch into a dark breath, or he will shoot eye lasers at you. Each laser has a property depending their color. Good luck battling him.
Whenever you get the Dark Loans, payment will be tommorrow. So always go to the clock tower and move the time forward by only one day so you can pay off the loan and after you pay it, you'll have 2000 extra sols in the bank.
Need a little $$$$$
Use the rising sun magic, and regain your energy. Goto the building with the to types of banks and you will see that the green machines energy increased by 5 to 7 , and then exchange it.
Puzzle Reset
Exit and re-enter a puzzle room to reset the puzzle.
Solar Tree
After you defeat the Darkness tree immortal in Dark City, the Solar Tree will be able to grow depending on the amount of Solls you collect.

stage 1: 0- 86399 Solls
stage 2: 86400-129599 Solls
stage 3: 129600-172799 Solls
stage 4: 172800-215999 Solls- Fully grown solar tree, recieve Earthly Robe
stage 5: 216000 and onward- Pink Solar Tree, recieve Mail of Sol


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Cheat Codes/Passwords
Unlock Sabata

Successfully complete Spiral Tower to unlock Sabata for multi-player mode.

Continuation Passwords

Use the following passwords to continue the game from Boktai with the indicated character:


0C+c-j21 2p8qg0:Z
5#7lmnCw N#l+3+Mc


>tZ>>YG_ ?gLLDX+3
Zwm-^zmn CwNKQmJ:


NM?sdMJz !LNND8+3
Zwm-^zmn CwN#lmJ:


NzWQnfdK F!K8^w#1
/8j48znC wN#lmJ:M

Solar Boy:

>W+Jdj-c 0^^qgs7G
5#Mv8yCw N#lmJ:Mc

Solar Boy (alternate):

NSf#fj4L 1-^qMs7G
5#Mv8yCw N#lwJ:Mc

Dark Boy:

h9bfvCgX +>@Hf3>-
9Sm^0smm nCw86jmJ


DF74Lj@p +-_7yTsk
4+dlmnCw N#lmJ:Mc


X5zw6j>h MY^qg/:Z
5#7lmnCw N#lwz+Mc

Trigger Of Sol:

N0#:7j@B -F_q^::Z
5#7lmnCw N#lwM=Mc

Trigger Of Sol (alternate):

D??:7j@G -F_q^::Z
5#7lmnCw N#lwM=Mc
Crossover Battle Mode
Enter this password in the Links section to unlock the Crossover Battle Mode. This allows players to link up with Mega Man Battle Network 5 to see who is fastest to defeat ShadeMan.