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Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 Cheats

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screen found in the city

AUYFAK Black Dragoon blade
JBNREA Black Dranzer blade

Part passwords
Enter in password screen found in the cityassword Effect
23UBR8 get AT042, WD000, BB046
3FH21O get AT112, WD056, SG009, BB072
GF4JB0 get AT115, WD059, SG011, BB074
8976AW get AT121, WD002, SG001, BB082
JREQBN get AT122, WD045, SG002, BB083
9E5IGA get AT164, WD052, SG020, BB128
EFWQ98 get AT170
4KJ2N3 get AT175
R1QT1B get AT185
FDBW3E get AT203, WD009, SG001, BB154
4897W4 get AT206, WD052, SG002, BB155
BR2876 get AT213
9HTN23 get AT226, WD049, SG046, BB172
HRGQW6 get AT233, WD056, SG010, BB181
7EF248 get AT240, WD042, SG055, BB190
H29385 get AT248
URG284 get AT254, WD049, SG064, BB217
7RY93R get AT259
2HT97Y get AT329, WD035, SG007, BB277
3NR87F get AT392, WD119, SG097, BB349
EGH24I get AT423
UB5R32 get AT430
2897RY get AT513, WD098, SG093, BB399
WTEYGA get AT514, WD098, SG092, BB400
KJDBVI get AT515, WD098, SG094, BB401
TYB34J get AT516
TUNBKS get AT517
AJHQBE get AT518
Y49083 get AT525
EGY45I get WD144, LN11
F94E2N get WD145, LN11
H23BF1 get WD146, LN16
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: marylim on March 20, 2004