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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010 Reverse of Arcadia Cheats

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Command codes

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GAME ID aka Master Code [North America]


Used when adding Reverse of Arcadia to your Action Replay
Verified by: yeremiakevinlohanda, yug Submitted by: dawn028 on April 30, 2010


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Booster packs

Come here to see what booster packs you can unlock!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Blaze of destruction (deck)Unlocked after you win first turf war
Dark Beginning 1Unlocked from start
Dark Beginning 2Unlocked from start
Dark Revelation 1Unlocked from start
Dark Revelation 2Unlocked from start
Soul of the duelistUnlocked from start
Flaming eternityUnlocked from start
Cybernetic revolutionUnlocked from start
Invasion of worms!Unlocked from start
Justice strikes backUnlocked from start
Warrior's strike (deck)Unlocked after you defeat Ida
Invincible Fortress (deck)Unlocked after spirit world
World Championship Edition 2Unlocked after spirit world
Tournament mode (in wifi section)Unlocked after spirit world
World Championship Edition 3Unlocked before you duel Zeman
Acceleration 1st GearUnlocked after your turbo duel with Crow
Acceleration 2nd GearUnlocked after you defeat all Dark Signers (Right before race with Goodwin)
Light of Destruction (Lightsworns)Unlocked after you win 10 wifi duels
Phantom DarknessUnlocked after you win 5 wifi duels OR Unlocked after spirit world
Tactical EvolutionUnlocked from beginning
Strike of NeosSee Phantom Darkness
Power of the DuelistSee Tactical Evolution
Shadow of InfinitySee above
Cybernetic RevolutionSee above
Flaming Eternitysee above
Rise of Destinysee above
Soul of the Duelistsee above
The lost MilleniumBeat all duelists 3x in satellite slums not including shop owners
Enemy of JusticeBeat all duelists 3x in the bad area not including shop owners
Force of the breakerBeat all duelists 3x in the daimon area ( down the stairs) excluding shop owners
Revival of the FabelsBeat all shop owners 3x
Ruler of ChoasBeat Yusei, Jack, Crow, Kalin ( both standard and turbo duels)
Pulse of trishulaBeat Torunka, Regulus, and Zeman 3x
All at RandomCollect 95% of cards from all other packs
Verified by: blades Submitted by: CswCullen2010, Marvin Paul on March 19, 2010