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Wipeout: The Game Cheats

Wipeout: The Game cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS.

Wipeout: The Game Unlockables

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Unlockable Characters
Complete 1 round of TV Mode, (first stage, sweeper, and wipeout zone) and complete the obstacles you unlock.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Most Likely to Succeed (Outfit 2)Complete "Breaking In" Course 1
Virginia Wolfshirt (Outfit 2)Complete "Breaking In" Course 1
GrasshopperComplete "Breaking" Course 2
Valley Girl (Outfit 2)Complete "Fenced In" Course 1
Flash DancerComplete "Fenced In" Course 2
Knockout (Outfit 2)Complete "Swept Away" Course 1
Mad CowgirlComplete "Swept Away" Course 2
Cannonball (Outfit 2)Complete "Gathering no Moss" Course 1
Tattoo PracticeComplete "Gathering no Moss" Course 2
Super Zero (Outfit 2)Complete "Going Bananas" Course 1
Chef MuttonchopComplete "Going Bananas" Course 2
Grasshopper (Outfit 2)Complete "Planks A Lot" Course 1
Glass SlipperComplete "Planks A Lot" Course 2
Submitted by: WildfireHybrid on August 15, 2010
Unlockable Obstacles
After you win 1 round of TV Mode(first stage, sweeper, wipeout zone), you get more challenges. After you complete 3 courses, you unlock an obstacle.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Breakaway PlanksComplete "Breaking Point" Course 3
Fence FlapperComplete "Fenced In" Course 3
Butt KickerComplete "Fenced In" Course 3
Sweeper TreesComplete "Swept Away" Course 3
Rolling StonesComplete "Gathering no Moss" Course 3
Banana HammocksComplete "Going Bananas" Course 3
Plank in the FaceComplete "Planks A Lot" Course 3
Submitted by: WildfireHybrid on August 15, 2010

Wipeout: The Game Tips

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Sweeper Trees
If you're having trouble with "Sweeper Trees" I know a great way to help. When the first bottom bar is where you can see the whole side, crouch down, and walk across. Do the same for the next bar, jump onto the platform, and do what you did for the other bars.
Submitted by: WildfireHybrid on August 15, 2010