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WarioWare Touched! Cheats

WarioWare Touched! cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more WarioWare Touched! cheat codes.

WarioWare Touched! Tips

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Ashley's Theme
If you have Ashleys theme song play it on the record.

hear it first then fast forward it really fast. Listen and it will say

Submitted by: Hikari on November 25, 2005
Easter Egg
If you get the turntable and speed up Ashley's song, she will say "I have granted kids to hell."
Submitted by: Deathman48 on July 13, 2005
Fool with end credits
In the end credits souvenir, if you touch the symbols in the background they'll bounce off. At some points the symbols will appear where your stylus is touching the screen. These symbols are W's, Hearts, Triforces, and Gamecube signs.
Submitted by: Krunal on February 21, 2005
Get the Gold Crowns!
Play all the minigames and get all the gold crowns! You will get a neat toy for doing so!
Submitted by: Sakura on October 25, 2005
Gnarly Mix
Score at least 15 points in Hardcore Mix to unlock the Gnarly Mix.
Submitted by: Krunal on February 21, 2005
Golden crowns for a character.
When you choose a microgame and read the description on top, it will tell you how many points you need to pass it, if you pass a game a red rose will appear on the top right corner. If you pass all microgames for a character, that character will have a gold crown on its head.
Submitted by: Krunal on February 21, 2005
Hardcore mix
After unlocking Monster Megamix (pink teddy bear), get 25 points or more on it. After that, a white teddy bear will come out of the taxi cab.
Submitted by: Krunal on February 21, 2005
Mario Paint Remix
If you listen to the Mario Paint song in the Turntable souvenir, it'll turn into a remix. eventually.
Submitted by: Krunal on February 21, 2005
Monster Megamix
After you beat Wario Man and watch the credits, a teddy bear thing will come out of a taxi. Touch it, and you can play Monster Megamix.
Submitted by: Krunal on February 21, 2005
more toys/souveniers
If it tells you to score over so many points, do it and you'll get another toy!
Submitted by: marioking on April 05, 2008
Move your ship
To move your ship much faster and easier, blow into the mircophone and your ship will move.
Submitted by: Krunal on January 11, 2005
Own Amusement
Here is a little game you can play on Light Show, the Toy. Just draw a little thing like a diamond, and try to retrace it before it disappears. If you mess up you have to copy it like that. So keep on retracing and retracing.
Submitted by: kirbymiester on March 06, 2005
Removing More Clothes in "Hot Flash"
In Wario-Man's "Hot Flash" level, once you take enough clothing off of Wario to pass, you can drag his boxers off, too. Wario will give you an embarrassed expression once you do this.
Submitted by: Krunal on February 21, 2005
Silver Crowns
You get silver crowns on top of thier heads by unlocking every microgame for that character. You can unlock all of these microgames by pressing the games button at the bottom and choose a character.
Submitted by: Krunal on February 21, 2005
If you click on any toy, or character, watch the black description. If it challenges you, accept it, and you will get a toy!
Submitted by: Sakura on October 25, 2005
Turn Wario Man back to Wario
To turn Wario Man back into Wario, drag the bomb over Wario Man
Submitted by: Krunal on February 21, 2005
Unlock Charachter Minigames
To unlock the character minigames you must score 30 or more points for each character to unlock there minigame. To receive the minigame, touch Orbulan's UFO to make it pop out.
Submitted by: Krunal on January 18, 2005
Unlock Charachters
Here's how to unlock each of the characters:

Wario - already there
James T - beat Dr. crygor Ashley Kat and ana's microgames
Mike - Beat James T's microgames
9 volts - Beat james T's microgames
Ashley - beat Jamie T's microgames
Dr. Crygor - Beat jamie T's microgames
Kat and Ana - Beat jamie T.'s microgames
Jamie T - beat jimmy T's microgames
Warioman(First time he'll transform by himself) - Beat mike and 9 volt's microgames
Mona - beat wario's micro games
Jimmy T - beat wario's microgames
Submitted by: Krunal on February 21, 2005
Unlock More minigames
To unlock more minigames you have to beat the highscores on each of the mini-games that have high-scores:

Air dude - 100 yards
Orbit Ball - 1000miles
Snore rope - 15 points
Pyoro T - 3000 points
Juggle boy - 40 points
Big hurl - 80 meters
Submitted by: Krunal on February 21, 2005

WarioWare Touched! Cheats

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A Lot Of Points On Mona's Snivel Disobedience
All you have to do is put the stylus at the top of the touch screen, run it back and forth (while the game is playing). Just keep on doing this. You can carry on for a long time.
Submitted by: kirbymiester on March 06, 2005
NOTE:You need to have unlocked the cd player (a toy)
When you have gotten the cd player play the hogan's alley and then start to turn it fast. It may start to sound like country music. Then you can start to play the other songs, you can play the DJ on them and make cool new music all by yourself.
Submitted by: 303031 on July 09, 2008
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
On Ashley\'s birthday cake game, light the candles
really quick and then blow into the microphone!

Happy Birthday!!!!!
Submitted by: champ4ward on February 17, 2007
Mona Pizza PV, Mona Pizza's Promotional Video
To obtain this bonus, you'll need (1) Sawaru Made in Wario DS game and (2) Mawaru Made in Wario GBA game.

Insert Mawaru into the GBA cartridge slot of the DS and Sawaru into the DS game slot.

Turn on the DS and start Sawaru. After pressing the Start button in the game, a new bonus item will appear and you can click on it to watch Mona Pizza's promotional video.

The video uses 2 screens with cut-scene animations of similiar quality to the other cutscnes in the game and the voice of the TV girl singer in the Mawaru game will can be heard singing Mona Pizza's theme song and lyrics to the song is displayed.
Submitted by: Krunal on December 30, 2004
Other toys
You can get extra toys by accomplishing the minigames of a character. Read the description at the top screen when you click on the game. It will tell you how many times you have to accomplish the minigame.When you have accomplished the minigame then a red rose will appear in the top-right corner of the minigame. Accomplish all of the mini games and the boss stage and you will recieve an extra toy.

Also, you can get other toys by getting a certain amount of points:
*Snore Rope- !5 points *Pyoro T- 3000 points
*Big Hurl-80 metres
*Orbit Ball-1000 miles
*Juggle Boys-40 ponits
Submitted by: 303031 on July 09, 2008
Random stuff with Wario Man's credits
During the character credits in Wario Man's end movie, you can touch the text and make it to random stuff like explode, fly into space and bounce towards you.

When the text disappears you can just scroll down then back up with the crank and it'll reappear.
Submitted by: Krunal on February 11, 2005
Unlock Wario Man
To unlock Wario Man you must first beat every character. After that a piece of garlic will appear on the character selection screen, drag the garlic with the stylus into Wario's body and he will turn into Wario Man.
Submitted by: Krunal on February 11, 2005
Wario man
Your will automatically get Wario man when you finish all of the Microgames. Wario will turn back to his old self. you can change him back into wario man by feeding him the Nasty Garlic. He will automatically start to transform. Then he will turn into a man with a purple cap, cape, body suit and pick gloves. After a while if you want to change wario man back into wario, just feed him the bomb and he will turn back to himself. You can do this over and over again and play their microgames.
Note: when you are doing the minigames in the album, dont forget to do wario man as well as wario.
Submitted by: 303031 on July 09, 2008