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Always Dodge

When you know your about to get hit, go into Slow VFX. Joe will do a little break-dancing motion and dodge it, taking no damage.
Verified by: Master_Xxxx Submitted by: Master_Xxxx on February 17, 2006

V-Rated mode and Easy Boss Deafeats

V-rated mode :
Sucsesfully compleat the game in adult mode

Easy Boss Deafeats :
One technique that is particularly helpful against most of the Boss stages is to use the Slide attack. Use Slow +
Slide repeatedly. This does a decent amount of damage in a short
time. You can hit the Boss four to eight times if you are fast
enough, while the Slow adds more damage to each attack
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: James (spitifref14) on February 05, 2006