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Ultimate Spider-Man Cheats

Ultimate Spider-Man cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS.

Ultimate Spider-Man Tips

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Beat Venom Easy for the last time!
After Venom hits the chopper hit venom in a 3 hit combo then run down the ramp and back up. venom will jump and block your path, dodge(L) and 3 hit combo again, Repeat
Submitted by: Shadow Creature on February 22, 2006
Corpse Sheild
Whenever you kill someone with Venom, grab their corpse before they dissapear, and you can still hold it and use it as a human sheild. This is especially useful with the floating bombs. Just use the corpse to take the blows for you and repeat as desired.
Submitted by: Joe Adams on April 16, 2006
Resurrect Venom
When Venom runs out of health, use the stylus to zip to a surface. Venom will zip to the surface, and the game will continue. You can also use this to hit a surface that is electric.
Submitted by: Super Vegeta on April 02, 2007
Unlock Multiplayer Characters
Carnage - Complete game at 80%.
Black Suit Spider-man - Complete at 100%.
Submitted by: tidus04 on October 25, 2005