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Ultimate Spider-Man (DS) Cheats

Ultimate Spider-Man cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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Beat Venom Easy for the last time!
After Venom hits the chopper hit venom in a 3 hit combo then run down the ramp and back up. venom will jump and block your path, dodge(L) and 3 hit combo again, Repeat
Corpse Sheild
Whenever you kill someone with Venom, grab their corpse before they dissapear, and you can still hold it and use it as a human sheild. This is especially useful with the floating bombs. Just use the corpse to take the blows for you and repeat as desired.
Resurrect Venom
When Venom runs out of health, use the stylus to zip to a surface. Venom will zip to the surface, and the game will continue. You can also use this to hit a surface that is electric.
Unlock Multiplayer Characters
Carnage - Complete game at 80%.
Black Suit Spider-man - Complete at 100%.