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Transformers: Decepticons Cheats

Transformers: Decepticons cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Transformers: Decepticons cheat codes.

Transformers: Decepticons Tips

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Allspark Wars Unlockables
Cheat Psycho Cars: Get 500 Wifi Tokens
Funky Bus: Connect to the Allspark Wars server for the first time.
Infinite Energy Cheat: 1000 WiFi Tokens
Love Cruiser: Receive 250 wifi tokens in the allspark wars
Scout: 1500 WiFi Tokens
Stunt: 750 WiFi Tokens
Super Jump Cheat: 2000 WiFi Tokens
Top/Down View Cheat: 3000 WiFi Tokens
Submitted by: BluePhoenix on October 27, 2007
Defeat Optimus Prime easily
When you fight Prime when your Megatron, simply jump round in him circles while firing and you'll take him down with hardly any damage.
Submitted by: BluePhoenix on November 01, 2007
defeat optimus prime easily
To defeat optimus prime easily, just transform, go up a bit and fly back and forth shooting him.
Submitted by: matthew on December 08, 2009
defeat optimus prime easily
To defeat optimus prime easily, just transform, go up a bit and fly back and forth shooting him.
Submitted by: matthew on December 08, 2009
Fighting Bumblebee with Barricade
On the level where you are Barricade against Bumblebee, everytime bumblebee drives away drive after him and shoot him to lower his health, so when he transforms into robot mode and fights you he is easier to defeat.
Submitted by: BluePhoenix on August 11, 2007
Funky Bus
To unlock the Funky Bus you must connect to the All Spark Wars.
Submitted by: battleboy645 on June 25, 2007

Transformers: Decepticons Glitches

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Screech the Tires
OK turn your volume up for this one!!!

Ever wanted to do something really really annoying? Well here is something to do. Do you know that noise it makes when you put on the brakes not the E-brake but the brake. (Down on the D-pad) It makes a screeching noise. This glitch gives you the continous screeching noise.

First unlock a car (or truck ,or bus)
Then use the B button to go forward while using the brakes Down on the D-pad!!! The result is SCREECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: BubbaDude45 on March 14, 2009

Transformers: Decepticons Easter eggs

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Car Army!!!!!
Glitch only available with the psycho cars cheat.

Go 2 Hoover Dam or Tranquility, play as any copter (I'd recommend Blackout, News copter, or attack copter) fly over 2 a place where cars drive through, fly only slightly over the, then you should see them circling arround your car, keep collecting cars until you have at least 10, they'll destroy every car or item in their tracks, except rocks. ( REally fun!)
Submitted by: shadow_zeriah on February 02, 2009

Transformers: Decepticons Cheats

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G1 Starscream
G1 Star Scream Acquire 2500 wi-fi points (countries oustide the U.S.A ONLY)

G1 Starscream Download Transformers DS trailer at Target (USA)
Submitted by: BluePhoenix on September 18, 2007
News Helicopter
chose the the location casion strip and make sure you have a wall climb or a flying vechile. walk near where the cube is go over that building and on the over side of it is a pool and the news helicopter it is red and has a 8 on the tail

Submitted by: Blitzacez on July 06, 2008
Firstly get a helicopter and fly to the docks. once you arrive there should be a circle of contaners there fly in the middle and drop and there it is.
Submitted by: Blitzacez on July 07, 2008