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Transformers: Autobots cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Transformers: Autobots cheat codes.


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Allspark wars- Wi fi token Prizes
Funky Bus: Connect to the Allspark Wars server for the first time
Gunner: 750 WiFi Tokens
Infinite Energy Cheat: 1000 WiFi Tokens
Longhorn: 250 WiFi Tokens
Psycho Cars Cheat: 500 WiFi Tokens
Super Jump Cheat: 2000 WiFi Tokens
Top/Down View Cheat: 3000 WiFi Tokens
Transport: 1500 WiFi Tokens
To defeat brawl you just get the other tank and hit (not throw ) the tank at him
change couler of vehicle
Press start then click vehicle form.Select one car then you will see two buttons on both edges. Click them and there you go.Now just pick a couler.
Different Transformation
This only works if you are a Attack Copter, a Stealth Chopper or a Recon Chopper.

When in robot mode, hold out your weapon. while its out, transform. The transformation should look and sound like Optimus Prime's transformation.

Note: I don't know if it will work on your game. It does on mine.
Easy EXP
To get easy exp, do the mission "Fire Fighting" And at the first area where you protect ironhide, defeat as much deceptecons as you can, each giving you 500-900 Exp Each, when the 2.00 Minutes are over, restart, you should have grown 1-4 levels at the end if you did it right.
easy get out of threat
This cheat only works when you are on threat elavated.
Press start to go on the pause menu.
Go to veicle form and press confirm.
You can either choose a different robot or press B and VOILa you have lost threat.
enter sector seven
near the brige at the dam there is a gap jump in it and you fall into their base.
First Battle with Blackout
Blackout may look big and bad, intimidating you, but he's easy to beat. All you have to do is keep running around him in a circle while locked on and shoot at him. It shouldn't take very long to beat him if you do this.
Hidden vehicles
Here are some hidden vehicles for some players who wanna change.

TV helicopter - Find the structure, and fly up or climb until you see a pool. Go towards it, and scan the

Hippy van - if want to find this with ease, do the race challenge near where your first mission is in the Hoover. Go to the destination, and you will see a bit going up. Get to the top of that and VOILA! A Hippy van!

Sector 7 Spy helicopter and Cop helicopter - do the mission where you destroy the Sector 7 turrets as Bumblebee. For the cop helicopter, scan the white and blue helicopter. As for the spy helicopter, scan one of the black helicopters at the top of the buildings.

Raider: This can also be found in the previous mission. Find the circle of stacked containers, and climb up, and fall into the circle.
Maintenance Truck
Complete the story mode to unlock this vehicle form
Secret Vehicles And How To Get Them
SWAT VAN: In The Mission Where You Are Jazz And Have To Bring Optimus The Vehicles for inspection, When You Get To The Buggy (DO NOT PICK IT UP YET!) Look Behind The Building The Buggy's Parked At And You Should Find The Swat Van

NEWS COPTOR: On Top Of A Building In The CASINO STRIP level(the level you start the game in) It's Behind a Big, Needle, Skysraper thing,(Look for The ONLY building with a pool on it. (Note: Use a Helicopter to Find It, it Quadruples your chance of finding then that of a car)

ATTTACK COPTER: At Hoover Dam, there are secret rooms on the side of cliffs, just go into one of these rooms and scan the helicopter in that room (Note: The Room I'm Talking About Is The Room You Go Into To Download The Data As Jazz)

STEALTH COPTER: When You Are On The Mission When BUMBLEBEE has to destroy the turrets, Blow past the cop cars and 'coptors guarding the entrance to the First Two Turrets, and Find The First Turret and Scan The Helicopter Guarding The First or Second Turret

POLICE COPTER: When You are BUMBLEBEE and your on the Turret Mission Where you have to destroy the turrets, Find The Three Cop Cars And The Helicoptetrs Guarding The Entrance To The First Two Turrets, Scan The Helicopter.

PEACE VAN: When You Get To Hoover Dam, go to the Bridge and Right Before You Get To The Bridge, There Should Be A Hill, Climb That Hill, and you will find it

RAIDER: When You Are On The Level Where Your BUMBLEBEE Find The First Turret(Make sure nobody can kill you) and Find a Circle of Crates. Inside Is Raider(I Recommend Coming Back To The Pier In A helicopter and Flying Low Enough To see Over The Boxes and Crates).

SKYDIVE: Daownloadable at Target DS Download Play

FUNKY BUS: Connect to the Allspark Wars Server for the first time

GUNNER: 750 WiFi Tokens

LONGHORN: 1000 WiFi Tokens



SUPER JUMP CHEAT: 2000 WiFi Tokens

Top/Down View Cheat: 3000 WiFi Tokens

TRANSPORT: 1500 WiFi Tokens

Note: Every Time You Come Back To Tranquility On a Different Mission, There Will Be Different Vehicles To Scan.
To get Skydive either

1.Get 2500 Wi-Fi Points (Countries outside the USA only)
2. Download at Target from a DS download station (USA)
special vehciles
in transformers auto. there are special vehciles.

longhorn : earn wi-fi tokens
gunner : earn wi-fi tokens
maintenance truck :complete all story missions
transport : earn wi-fi tokens
skydive (jet) : get at target ds download stations

Special Vehicles
here are some special vehicles to find:

Peace Van: In the hoover dam level, go to the beginning of the bridge. To your right, there should be a hill. Climb the hill and the Peace van should be there.

Raider: In the Happy Landings level, there should be a circle stack of crates. In the middle, a Raider.

News Copter: In the Casino Strip, go to the large structure. At the top, a building with a fountain should be visible. On the building, A News Copter.

Skydive: The hardest vehicle to obtain. Earn 2500 tokens at the Allspark wars war center or download at DS download station at Target.

Racer: The racer will start driving around during Tranquility 3rd visit is unlocked.

Prison Bus: The Prison Bus will start driving around during Tranquility 3rd visit is unlocked.

Speedster: The Speedster will start driving around during Tranquility 3rd visit is unlocked.

Tricked Out Car: The Tricked Out Car will start driving around during Tranquility 3rd visit is unlocked.

SWAT van: During the Know Thy enemy level, the SWAT van should be behind the building where the buggy is.

Police Copter: Raise your threat a bit. After becoming at total threat, Police Copters should be flying around.

Stealth Chopper: During Happy Landings, Green helicopters should be flying. Those are Stealth Choppers. They are green but in the menu they appear blue.


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Get to the Second part of Trainquility Early!
When you finish your Systems check at the Casino Strip, You'll have a wimpy beater vehicle or one of the other ugly ones. Now, In order to do this without cheating, you'll need to train your Character up to a level by driving around and killing enemies(usually have mis-colored vehicles)
once you obtain the level where you can climb surfaces, Head on over to the middle of the casino strip, climb up to the tallest building and look for a pool on nearby buildings, Next to the pool is a "News Helicopter". Scan it and Put it on your Character Using the Menu, Once there, Complete your missions until You are assigned to work in Tranquility, fly towards the bridge, Usually this early in the game, You won't be able to pass on the bridge, Luckily though, you can fly over the water and around the barricades using your News helicopter! Once to the other side vehicles like the "raider" and other new ones you wouldnt find in suburban tranquility become availalble to scan... Yay? Yay!

Easter eggs

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So you want a Safari Truck.
To get Safari Truck hit the Hoover Dam button in location choose, then go to Eastern Strip. When in vehicle form choose any helicopter (it will get the job done faster). Transform and fly over to the Dam, when you see the first bridge out towards the two generator things follow it and stop at the last one from here fly towards the place where you fought brawl (aka the exit of the sector seven storage room, three jets & two helicopters are in it) from there take a right follow the river to a camp site and WALLA a Safari Truck!


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in freeplay (not a mission iknow it sucks!) go to choose vecile form, confirm, then exit your health should be full and threat level down to zero
New helicopter
Get a wanted level of 4 and then scan the copter that flies higher than a police copter
Play as Anyone
In completing the game (in both versions) any character is playable in any level
secret vehicle
Attack Copter: Go to Hoover Dam level, go to the place that is inside the mountain, scan all three jets and the two helicopters then you scan the two computers (pretty much scan everything in the room) and the attack copter is unlocked!
(When you transform it looks like Blackout)