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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Cheats

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Unlockable characters

In order to unlock the required character the cheat must be inputted into the in-game cheats menu exactly as seen below.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Makes the skater Boneman playableInput: CRAZYBONEMAN
Makes the skater Spence playableInput: Dapper
Makes the skater Eric playableInput: Flyaway
Makes the skater Rube playableInput: LooksSmelly
Makes the skater Bosco playableInput: MoreMilk
Makes the skater Shane playableInput: Movers
Makes the skater Cam playableInput: NotACamera
Makes the skater Mel playableInput: NotADude
Makes the skater El Patinador playableInput: Piledriver
Makes the skater Mad Dog playableInput: Rabbies
Makes the skater TV Producer playableInput: Shaker
Makes the skater Eddie X playableInput: Sketchy
Makes the skater Cooper playableInput: TheCoop
Makes the Invisible skater playableInput: TheMissing
Makes the Small Skater playableInput: TinyTater
Makes the skater MCA playableInput: INTERGALACTIC
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Phi on January 30, 2009


The codes must be inputted exactly as seen below into the in-game cheats menu in order for them to take effect.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Unlocks perfect rail slideInput: AintFallin
Statistics become fullInput: BeefedUp
Super Check is unlockedInput: Booyah
Branch completion become 100%Input: FOREVERNAILED
All CAS items are unlockedInput: GiveMeStuff
All rig pieces become availableInput: IMGONNABUILD
All Lounge themes are unlockedInput: LAIDBACKLOUNGE
All Decks can be usedInput: LetsGoSkate
All Specials are unlockedInput: LOTSOFTRICKS
No board skating is availableInput: MagicMan
Gain unlimited focusInput: Myopic
Fifty skill points are unlockedInput: NeedsHelp
Fun items are unlockedInput: OverTheTop
All video editor overlays are unlockedInput: PutEmOnTop
Perfect ManualInput: STILLAINTFALLIN
Gain unlimited slash grindInput: SUPERSLASHIN
All Lounge bling items become availableInput: SweetStuff
Unlocks the Air and Space museum for skatingInput: TheIndoorPark
Unlocks Lansdowne for skatingInput: THELOCALPARK
All video editor effects are unlockedInput: Trippy
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Phi on January 30, 2009