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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (DS) Cheats

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Tony Hawk's American Wasteland cheat codes.


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Secret Path and Messages in East LA.
Skate over to the large bridge. Ollie and grind on the right hand side of the bridge (coming from the original spawn point). Grind on the side of the bridge until the electrical wire bends down to a point where you can ollie over to it and grind on it.
Grind it until you see a brick wall coming up. When you get nearer to the brick wall, ollie off the electrical wire while pressing to the right, wallplant, and then right before you hit the ground in the place your not supposed to be (an area where if you land in it under any other circumstances, you will be respawned with a stupid message flashing on your screen trying to tell you how dumb you are) press X to grind. You will grind on an invisible rail that takes you through part of the graphics into another place your not supposed to be. When you land, instantly press down on the D-Pad to stop. DO NOT GO TOWARDS, OR PAST, THE POLICE DOOR. (remember... stupid message)
Go to the right against the wall you passed through to get to this spot and ride along it until it meets what seems to be a fence with a weird orange and white graphic on the bottom of it. Go along the fence and ollie into the next section where the fence and the wall on the left hand side meet. vouila, you will see youself teleported into the air heading down towards the area below the bridge, with the message on your top screen. Pause the game to see what it says!

Legacy camera and credits can be unlocked by beating story mode. Legacy camera makes the camera view similar to the gba tony hawk games.
Cheats can be unlocked by completing classic mode with each character. Classic mode can be completed by completing enough goals to unlock the warehouse level.

Crate-a-Skater - Beat classic mode once
Rail Balance - Beat classic mode twice
Manual Balance - Beat classic mode twice
Lip Balance - Beat classic mode twice
Tiny Mode - Beat classic mode 3 times
Giant Mode - Beat classic mode 4 times
Matrix Mode - Beat classic mode 5 times
First Person Camera - Beat classic mode 6 times
Replay Cam - Beat classic mode 7 times
Turbo Mode - Beat classic mode 8 times
Always Special - Beat classic mode 9 times
Paper Tony - Beat classic mode 10 times
Hoverboard - Beat classic mode 11 times
Nearly Always Ribbon - Beat classic mode 12 times
Ninja Skater - Beat classic mode with all characters (13 times)


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Prevent Unlocking Cheats
The cheats will only be unlocked if the runs are completed, by either running out of time or selecting 'End Run' from the pause menu. If after completing the required number of goals you either quit or select 'Retry', the goals will still be completed yet the cheat will not be unlocked. This prevents that particular cheat from ever being unlocked, so you will have to restart your file if this happens.