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10,000 Simoleons

Enter this code at the unlockable menu to get a quick 10,000 Simoleons!
PasswordWhat it does
cashGives you a quick 10,000 simoleons!
Verified by: colinlet Submitted by: PR on April 23, 2009

Unlock A Zuppy For Your Sim!

Go to the unlockbles screen and enter this code: 4f3t2r. Then go to the table and tap on the book. Select "View Pet Memories" and enjoy!
PasswordWhat it does
4f3t2rUnlocks a Zuppy for your sim.
Verified by: colinlet Submitted by: Sims2Luva on January 03, 2009


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All The Simoleons in the WORLD

Get unlimited simoleans whenever by just typing CASH!!
To get free unlimited money go to the save screen (in the top left corner of the menu screen that looks like a floppy disc) and go to options. Then you should see a little lock that says unlockables. Type in CASH and press ok, then you should have 10,000 simoleans in your account...you can do this as many times as you want, whenever you want!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Verified by: colinlet Submitted by: SIMSLOVER2282 on October 02, 2009