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The Legendary Starfy cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more The Legendary Starfy cheat codes.


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Sound Test, Gachapon, Boss Mode, and World 9
By complete the game the first time (world 8) you'll unlock Sound Test, Gachapon, and Boss mode. All three can be found in the menu by pressing R in the stage select screen. You'll also unlock World 9 which explains Stapy's part in the story.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Sound Test Complete the Game
Gachapon Complete the Game
Boss Mode Complete the Game
World 9 Complete the Game
World Ten
UnlockableHow to unlock
World 10 To unlock World 10 you must complete boss mode at least once. World 10 consist of a series of time attack levels including a new boss.
World Ten Boss
In order to battle against the boss in World 10 you must complete the following levels within a certain time limit.
10-1 - 45 seconds
10-2 - 2 minutes 20 seconds
10-3 - 3 minutes 50 seconds
10-4 - 2 minutes 10 seconds
10-5 - 2 minutes 50 seconds
10-6 - 2 minutes 30 seconds
UnlockableHow to unlock


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How to defeat Big Squidy
It's so easy to beat him.Use your Star Spin and attack his tentacles.
How to defeat The Hot Spring Snapper
He's tough.Jump on top of him. He'll fall.Use your Star Spin on that pink dot.After a while you'll go into that water thing again. But this time you have to fight the boss while you avoid those rocks.
Lots of Money
Need money? Go to the level "The Royal Treasure Room" in the Pufftop map. You canget around 300 each time.

Easter eggs

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different feelings
Go to the title screen. Touch Starfy or Bunston/Moe and they have different feelings you see when you are talking.
walk the coddies
After you are finished saving the coddies in 1-2 , talk to Herman. He will ask you to walk the coddies. Say yes and then swim. The coddies will follow you wherever you swim.