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Completing the level for when lucy is hungry.....

Ok look around , you see a forest go in there and too get the apples keep touching on them and they will fall to just simply walk toward them and you know get them... Also you will see a chest and one more tree with an apple but you cant go onto it ,, so theres this white stick thingy or w/e it is ,, keep clicking on it and it makes like a bridge so go walk over it and your problem is solved ,, Also After you get all the apple suzan will say go talk to lucy or sumtin .. after she says that ,, DIRECTLY GO TO HER ,then TO TALK TO LUCY JUST KEEP CLICKING ON HER WITH UR STYLUS ,, LIKE HOW U DID WITH THE APPLES. and thats pretty much how u complete that level / task ..
If you want me to post any cheats just message me .
Verified by: keithend, lightingtree Submitted by: Sherocks108 on July 15, 2008