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Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2 Cheats

Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2 cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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Enter the following codes in the "Codes" menu found under "Secret."
Blue Windows39356FWWBJ
Coffee JellyA7TJJ7Z882
Creme CaramelY5N2U2DU91
Melon Bread3427JF3TTG
Paper WindowB42E23M6NM
Small Cake93YVQVA137


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Burger Shop
To complete the customer's requests on this shop, follow these steps.

1. Look at the order shown in a small box on the upper left of the screen.

2. Find the first ingrediant as it falls "from the sky".

3. Continue stacking the ingrediants in the correct order, until all you need is the top bun. Make sure you don't get anything you don't need.

4. Press Ok, the top bun will be placed on the burger after you press this. It WILL NOT fall like the other ingrediants.
Gas Station Steps
Here are the steps to getting a three smiley face grade on the Gas Station shop.

1. Begin by filling up the tank with gas. Do this by matching the color of the tank on the car, and the nozle under the gas tab.

2. Now clean the car. Press the wash tab and then rub the scrubber across the screen until no more bubbles are left.

3. If the tires have patches on them, throw each tire into the trash by pressing on the bad tire and dragging it into the trash icon that appears. Then replace the tire by going to the tire tab and finding the tire that they had originally. If they're tire is perfectly fine, move on to the next step.

4. Wax the car. Press the wax tab and find the color of the car you are washing. Continue to rub the car until you hear THREE "shiny" noises. When you've heard all three, and the car is sparkling, it is waxed.

You're done!
Messing Up Shops
Princess Tamako doesn't care if you mess up her orders in any of the shops, she will still upgrade your shop to the next level


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Nintendo wii:
43426 93415

Nintendo DS:
14904 85918

Floral Wallpaper:
G172E M98PA

Sunny rug:
GV7V6 1HR38

Light blue floor:
E64ZB 947WH

Pink curtain:
814M1 1DBPJ

232FU YZR54

2838Z GMBV9

Purple flowers:
HJ98V 65VH7

Low table:
4Y7W7 7V3DV

UFO light:
6F36J K9ZD1

P5755 Q9FQQ

Heart chocolate:
UDUEQ 97251

Steamed Bun:
GV8TV G2756

HMA3Q P1631

Hot dog:
28TVG 641ET

Swirly Cafe mug:
86199 AKKWD

Big cake:
GMTZA 65456

Picnic set:
D3V25 UHN96

Creme Caramel:
Y5N2U 2DU91

Orange floor:
91249 WNTJN