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Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop (DS) Cheats

Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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All Shops
Takoyaki Shop - Here you will be making Japanese dumpling snacks.

Spa: Here you will be keeping customers happy during their spa treatment by giving them drinks, shampoo, and different types of bath powder.

Flower Shop: Here you'll be creating a bouquet of flowers according to the customers requests.

Cleaners: Here you will wash clothes, remove stains, and iron them for customers.

Music Club: Here you use the different instruments and keep up with the eat and rhythm to put on a show for the audience.

Accessory Shop: Here you will use stones and nuts to creat jewelry for the customers.

Dental Salon: Here you will use charms, letters, and teeth polish to decorate a customer's mouth!

Florist Jewler: Here you will use flowers to create jewelry for customers.

Dentist: Here you will clean teeth, fill cavities and fix your patients teeth.

Bakery: Here you will use different flavored icings, toppings, and creams to decorate cakes according to customer requests.

Here are the ranks for expanding shops:

Putchi - The small one-story shop that you will start out with.

Metchi - A two-story shop that you unlock by recieving a donation from a "stranger" after pleasing customers for awhile.

Gotchi - A three-story shop you get by the same way you unlock the Metchi level.

Royal - The four-story final shop you unlock by having the princess expand your shop after pleasing customers for a long time.
Dentist Cavities
1. Touch the treatment tab and then select the drill.

2. Drill the cavity until you've drilled through the tooth and exposed the "cavity fairy".

3. Select the tweezers from the treatment tab and then grab the cavity fiary and drag her to the trash can.

4. Select the wadding tab and then select the same colored cotton wad as the color of the drilled whole, then drag it into place.

5. Touch the toothbrush tab and select the same colored tooth paste as the color of the remaining spots on the tooth, then brush until it shines.

6. Selext done, and there you go!
Faster way of getting royal shops
Well if you find princess tamaga in your shop earlier than expected consider yourself lucky cause she usally apper when you have a gotchi shop (when your working in the gotchi shop). If your still a putchi or metchi shop well hope you can find her there early so you dont have to waste your time trying to wait for her to come and give you the flag. I dont know when she will come exactly but it happened when I completed a game. Try and see.
Get Royal Stuff!!!
make all the shops royal(approved by the princess)and you can buy chandellier(2000Gotchi)&royal deskchair(3000Gotchi).
How to play the cleaners game...
1. You must use the same colour detergent as the colour of the item of clothing. You should tap and hold the detergent box onto the clothes until it stops.

2. You then press the pink button in the middle and the washer will close.

3. Click and hold the pink button and move it around the front circle of the washing machine. You will have to spin it around 5 times till it opens.

4. Next you will have to use the iron to get rid of the creases [[ the long dark lines on it.]] You just have to select the iron and then rub it over the creases 5 - 10 times.

5. If there are any stains on the clothes you will then have to go onto the stain-remover tab. You choose the right colour stain remover and tap the stain with the stick a few times until its completely gone.

6. The Applique tab is used for if there is holes in the clothes. You choose the applique tab that is the same as the hole.

7. Once you have placed the applique onto the hole you go onto the sew tab and choose some thread and draw it onto the applique.

If u need anymore help with Tamagotchi Connection: corner shop or Tamagotchi Connection: corner shop 2 e-mail me x
Happy Gaming =)
Main Customers
Gozarutchi: Training to be a Japanesse ninja, he practices with his shuriken every day.

Ichigotchi: She loves dancing and hates being told things that confuse her.

Violetchi: A gengle and kind idol type Tamagotchi. She loves sweet smelling flowers.

Makiko: Her real name is "Madeline Paulmier." They call her "Makiko" for short.

Debatchi: He loves to smile. His buckteeth are his trademark.

Young Mametchi: Young Mametchi idolizes Mametchi and wants to be just like him.

Rikishipapapatchi, Papapolicetchi, Saikepapatchi: These Tamagotchi will make your shops grow bigger. Do they look familiar?

Ribotchi: A cute pink Tamagotchi who likes cute things. Her polka dot ribbon is well suited to her.

Hearttchi: A boy baby of a new heart shaped breed. He cries a lot, like a normal baby.

Heartchi2: A girl baby of a new white heart shaped breed. Her pink cheeks are very charming.

Darumatchi: A straightforward Tamagotchi who would never tell a lie. He rolls around making his opinions known.

Tengutchi: A Tamagotchi known for his long nose, red body, and sandals. He can fly using the wings on his back.

Gotchi King: A king who lives as an egg. He is very wise, but what will happen when he cracks?!

Princess Tamko: The very elegant princess ofthe Tamagotchi. Maybe something good will happen if you meet her!

*Not all of the customers are shown here, just the main ones.
Partner's Profile
At the beginning of your game you will choose a partner in your shop career. Here are the choices:

Mametchi(yellowish with dark "ears" and pink cheeks) - A very polite and intelligent Tamagotchi with an IQ of 250.

Kuchipatchi(green and oval shaped with light green cheeks) - A sweet and laidback Tamagotchi who enjoys daydreaming.

Memetchi(orange with bright eyes, a curl on its head, and pink cheeks) - Tamagotchi with sparkling eyes and has a gift for wooing customers
Princess Tamako's Sister
After getting all the shops royal, keep on playing until u see a lady who looks royal [of course] and looks like a queen. If it is your first time seeing her, you might think she is a queen. But when you get to her as a customer, your character will say her name which is Princess TamaGo. TAMAGO. Not TamaKo. TamaGo. with a g. Princess Tamago and Princess Tamako.
Steps to Making Takoyakis
1. Select the Oil tab and brosh the pan with the oil.

2. Select the dough and pour the dough into the pan.

3. Once the dough is poured in, select the ingredient tab and toss the ingredients into the dough.

4. Select the pick and use the pick to separate each individual takoyaki by drawing a line next to each takoyaki.

5. Use the same pick to flip the takoyaki dumpling and cook the other side. Do this by using a circular motion along the outer edges of the takoyaki to flip it over. Do this twice to each takoyaki.

4. Pick the layout tab, and select the pick. Take out each takoyaki from the pan and place them into the mixing bowl.

5. Staying on the layout tab, now select each topping and put all toppings on each takoyaki.

6. Press done, and you're finished!


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Cheat Code for DS Tamagotchi
To be able to buy roller skates, you need to type in this code in the "secrets" section of your DS game.

20689 94292
Apple Pie - 13596 78841

Beefsteak - 02657 45901

Blue Sofa and Desk - 59730 98764

Chips - 94637 80207

Donut - 64877 92064

Burger - 49570 50328

Hotdog - 16784 05478

Pizza - 54491 49607

Popcorn - 97026 43570

Roller skates - 20689 94292

Tacos - 37054 68902

Turkey - 66541 79018

Get The Apple Pie
to get the apple pie you enter this code in the Unlock section: 1359678841
Get the Beefsteak
to get the Beefsteak enter this code in the unlocks section: 0265745901
Get the Blue sofa and desk
To get the Blue sofa and desk you need to type in this code in the unlock section: 5973098764
Get the Blue sofa and desk
To get the Blue sofa and desk you need to type in this code in the unlock section: 5973098764
Get the Chips
to get the chips you need to enter this code in the unlocks section: 9463780207
Get the Donut
to unlock the donut you need to enter this code in the Unlocks section: 6487792064
Get the hotdog
to get the hotdog enter this code in the Unlocks section: 1678405478
Get the pizza
To get the pizza enter this code in the unlocks section: 5449149607 then you can but the pizza
Get The Popcorn
To get the popcorn you enter this code in the Unlock section: 9702643570 then you can buy it.
Get the Taco
To get the Taco enter this code in the Unlocks section: 3705468902
Get the Turkey
to get the turkey enter this code int he unlocks section: 6654179018