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Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll Cheats

Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll cheat codes.


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Quadruple the trouble!
You know the little bit at the end of each level- the credits game? Wait till another monkey pops up- then see if you can keep two monkeys on at once! Then three, then four! Until you have a whole big bombardment of monkeys bouncing up and down...and what's more, you'll get more bananas and increase your chance of getting full bananas on the last screen!


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In desert sands
When you get to the one before the web matrix (I forget what it's called), don't steer! Then use the forward arrow to go on the thin bit!
To see a singing monkey...
At the start of the race, leave your DS lying for ten seconds. Then your monkey will tart to sing i.e. musical notes will come out it's head!!!
Wet 'n' Windy- Stage 8
The moving platforms with the bumpy bits- why wast precious time painstakingly rolling your way through all the moving platforms? Simply take a run and go STRAIGHT ahead! Yeah! Woo!
What do you know? ANOTHER cheat by me.
In monkey golf first one, pull the club as far as it will go and there's a ten to 1 chance you'll get a hole in one.
World 11
To unlock world 11 on challenge mode, you must get in a red goal at least once. One is in Meteorite Madness, in Hollow Diamond. Another is in Big Bang Boom, in Converse. If you get through one of the red goals and complete the rest of the world, you will unlock world 11, Studio 1.
World 12
To unlock World 12, you must first complete World 11, Studio 1. Then you will unlock the 2006 banana meter. Obtain 2006 bananas from any world in the main game, and then you will finally unlock World 12, Mesh Mosh.