Super Mario 64 DS (DS) Cheats

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Secret Stars
UnlockableHow to unlock
Secret Slide 1Go into the room that you switch charicters in and immediately turn right. Jump into Peach's stained glass window. You get one star for completing the slide.
Secret Slide 2You get a second star for finishing the slide in under 21 seconds. To do this jump off the edge on the left; right before the first steep drop. With some practice you will land on the slide below.
Sunshine Isle Secret 5 Silver Star CourseFirst, get 1 star and enter the princess's room. Next, enter the princesses Rec Room through the double doors without the keyhole. Turn left and you should see a picture of an Island. Jump into it and you will be transported to the Sunshine Isle. There is only one star on this course (5 Silver Stars).
The Secret of the Battlefield 5 Silver Star CourseFirst, unlock Mario by getting 8 stars and defeating the "All-Powerful" Goomboss. Then, go in the door without any stars on it and follow the giant Boo to the door at the end of the hall. Turn to your Character's right and when you see the three red Brick Boxes, Ground Pound them. You should see a hole in the gratings. Jump in and you should be in The Secret of the Battlefield Course. Just collect the 5 Silver Stars and get the Power Star.
Red ? Block Tower CourseFirst, get 14 stars. You should then see a beam of light coming from the ceiling of the main room to the Sun-ish Painting-Mat. Go on the mat and use first person view to look up at the cieling(You should be Mario). You will be transported to a world with a Tower in the middle. Oh, and you will be wearing Mario's famous Wing Cap and flying in the air. There are 8 red coins and on the tower there is a red switch.
Under the Moat 2 starsDrain the moat surrounding the castle (if you haven't done so already by ground pounding the two pillars in the water in the basement) and use Wario to break the big black box. There are two stars, one with the red coins and another on the opposite side from where you start. You'll likely need to grab a Mario cap and then use his powerup to float to it.
Mirror Room StarGo into the room with mirrors upstairs as Luigi. There should be a power flower in there so get it and use Luigi to go right through the mirror. You can go through the back door also. Go through the door and then you've found a secret star.
Aquarium StarIn the room with the Jolly Roger Bay painting, there is a hole in the wall on left side. Jump up and enter it to get into a secret underwater level. Collect 8 red coins for a star.
Luigi Painting StarWhen you go into the painting where you rescue Luigi, go to the wooden platform where there is a red block in the center. You will need Luigi for this. Hit the block to turn Luigi invisible. Now run to the right if you didn't turn when you jumped onto the platform. When you go to through the door, take a long jump to the platform to your left. Next run over the falling stairs and jump in the painting of a ghost at the end. If you are not fast at this game then you need to practice a little more because you only have about 30 seconds.
Toad Star 1Talk to toad next to the entrance of the Hazy Maze level as Yoshi and he will give you a secret star.
Toad Star 2Speak to the Toad near the entrance to Tall Tall Mountain.
Toad Star 3Speak to the Toad near the entrance to Tick Tock Clock.
Boo Courtyard StarDefeat the boos in the castle courtyard when they appear and claim their red coins. If this is no longer possible then you can pick up the missing star from any of the three Toads that give you another star.
1 star extra in all the levelsin a level (all of them work)collet 100 coins and you will get a star
Unlockable Characters
Note that you can switch between unlocked characters by going to the right side room upstairs in the main hall of the castle.
UnlockableHow to unlock
MarioTo unlock the Mario Key, you must defeat Goomboss who is located behind the 8-Star Door in the Rec-Room upstairs and to the right in the main hall.
LuigiYou must defeat King Boo in Luigi's Painting on the third floor of Big Boo's Haunt. To reach that you'll need to go upstairs in the mansion and enter the right hand door. Wall jump up to the ledge above to reach the door into the attic where the painting is.
WarioTo unlock wario you first need luigi. Once you get luigi go to the floor with the mirror room. Go inside the mirror room (with luigi). Now grab a flower and jump through the mirror. Once on the other side jump into the wario painting.
YoshiYou need to survive the first intro of the game


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2 easy ways to bypass obstacles in the final bowser course
When you come across the first ferris wheel type thing you can jump on it, then backflip when it is at it's highest point onto the gray platform next to it and bypass the rather difficult part with the giant purple bob-omb that throws you and the whomp. Also right after you backflip and land on the platform, if you run up to the first relativley flat portion of the gray slope thing with the fire blasters you can long jump to the black and white checkerboard platform.
Avoiding damage
When you jump from a high place,before you land,ground pound the ground.Or you can land in water.

NOTE:you won't take much damage this way.
Beat Goomboos easier!
Ok. I sometimes get bored and I fight some of the bosses. Then I wanted to fight the Goomboss and I was Mario. When I fought him I jumped high and kicked his face, then a Mega-mushroom appeared! I used it and fought him in giant. It was cool, a giant vs. giant battle. I dunno if this works with Luigi and Wario. But I'm sure that with Yoshi it won't work, cuz it doesn't kick, just licks with it's tounge.
Big Boo
When your looking for the Big Boo while trying to get Luigi, it is very annoying when you keep getting sent back to the first room. So with the sound on, enter a room and go into the door where his laughing is coming from. This saves a lot of time
big boo battle doors
When you get to the Luigi painting,you will see 4 doors in the first 4 rooms.there's actually a pattern.its:right door,left door,right door again,and left door again.
Board Bowser's Sub
As soon as you defeat Bowser in the Fire sea the ship in the Dire, Dire Docks level, the sub will disappear making the ghost-star nearly impossible to get. An exit that was previously boarded up will be open as well, this will lead you outside the castle.
Bob-omb Squad Tip
Can't get a good score on Wario's first mini-game (Bob-omb Squad)? Here are some tips. When shotting the ball with the stylus on the Touch Screen, try to hit the Lakitu on the top screen. If you hit it, all Bob-ombs will instantly explode and clear the screen of Bob-ombs. Be aware that the Lakitu is not always on the screen. Also, when there are many Bob-ombs on the bottom screen, pull back the slingshot right under the the Bob-omb and it will most always plow right threw the Bob-omb for 100+ points.
Here is a list of all the bunnys and their locations.

* Lucky Stars mini-game: Near entrance to Bob-omb Battlefield with Luigi.
* Mario Slot mini-game: In the secret room with the Mario painting with Luigi
* Memory Master mini-game: Near entrance to Wet Dry World with Luigi.
* Mushroom Roulette mini-game: In area near the columns that drain the moat with Luigi.
* Pair-a-Gone mini-game: In the hedge maze with Luigi.
* Picture Poker mini-game: In the courtyard over the entrance with Luigi.
* Super Mario Slot mini-game: On top of the Castle with Luigi. Must have 150 stars.
* Bounce and trounce mini-game: Near the entrance to Lethal Lava Land with Mario.
* Connect the characters mini-game: Near the entrance to Lethal Lava Land with Mario.
* Shell Smash mini-game: In the moat after it is drained with Mario
* Shuffle Shell mini-game: Near the entrance to Snowman's Land with Mario.
* Sort or 'Splode mini-game: Near the ledge over the waterfall with Mario.
* Trampoline Terror mini-game: Near the entrance to Wet Dry World with Mario.
* Trampoline Time mini-game: Near the entrance to Jolly Roger Bay with Mario.
* Giant Snowball Slalom mini-game: In the alcove across from Rainbow Ride with Wario.
* Bingo Ball mini-game: On the right side of the castle when facing it with Wario. (Near the trees)
* Coincentration mini-game: Near the entrance to Whomp's Fortress with Wario.
* Intense Coincentration mini-game: Near the entrance to Tick-Tock Clock with Wario.
* Lakitu Launch mini-game: Near the entrance to Tiny-Huge Island with Wario.
* Psyche Out mini-game: In a corridor near Lethal Lava Land with Wario.
* Slots Shot mini-game: In the courtyard behind the fountain with Wario.
* Boom Box mini-game: Near the main bridge with Yoshi
* Hide and Boo Seek mini-game: Outside near the main bridge with Yoshi.
* Mix-a-Mug mini-game: Near entrance to Lethal Lava Land with Yoshi.
* Puzzle panel mini-game: Outside of the main bridge with Yoshi.
* Puzzle Panic mini-game: In the moat after it is drained with Yoshi.
* Tox Box Shuffle mini-game: Outside in a flower patch near the wooden bridge with Yoshi.
* Which Wiggler mini-game: Outside in the hedge maze with Yoshi.
Catch the red coins you missed.
To do this, you need to do the following things:
Beat the first two Bowsers.
Get Wario.
Drain the moat.
Hit the ? button in the flying cap hidden level.

Use Wario to break the black boxes where the water used to be, get inside the opening, you will be in a hidden level. Slide down catching all the red coins you can (there are only 4 in that part) if you miss one, don't worry! keep going ahead until you find the Mario Cap, once you're Mario, go back to where the first 4 red coins are, hit the ? block, and inflate yourself to the red coins. If you want the first 2 at the top, you will have to stop at a ledge where there is another ? block, hit it, and float up to the first 2 coins.
Destroy Tox Boxes
You can destroy those annoying Tox Boxes in Shifting Sand Land by Being/Turning into Wario, then wait for the tox box to come to you and right when you get in the part that is hollow, punch in any direction and you will send it flying and you will have a clear walkway.
Different speeds in Tick Tock Clock
Jump in the clock on 3 and it will be slow. Jump in the clock on 6 and it will be medium speed. Jump in on 9, and it will be fast.
Don't decrease record when losing at card games
When the hands are revealed in any of the card games that has a record that increases when you win and decreases when you lose, look at the opponent's hand before it displays who wins or loses and pause. If you lost the hand hit quit and reenter the game. You'll have lost however many coins you bet but your record will remain intact.
Draw Characters face
When on the title screen press 'B' when Mario or Yoshi are doing a pose you like. Then Mario or Yoshi will come up as a sillouhete and you can trace them!

When you are drawing, if you press up or down the thickness of the pen will change. Also when you have finished drawing press 'L' or 'R' or up or down to have some fun!
Drawing Characters Easier
If you want to draw Yoshi or Mario easier press L or R and you can trace them.
Drawing Luigi
First, go to the title screen where they show mario's head. Touch his head with the stylus. It will trace Mario's face. Then go back to the screen by touching Yoshi's face on the bottem left. Touch Yoshi's face after that. Same thing, it will trace Yoshi's face. Then go back and touch Mario's face. Mario should face the side when you touch him. Then go back to Yoshi's face and touch it. It should do the same thing except that there will be a heart near him. Then go back to Mario for the third time and touch his head. Your DS should then draw a Luigi face for you. Try it! You can show others that you're a good drawer.
Easier final bowser
This is a great tip if u suck at the final bowser.Run over to a mine and face it,then crouch.w8 for bowser to run over to u,then do a backflip.If done correctly,bowser will lose his balance and all u have to do is grab him and throw him into the mine.This makes the final bowser easy.
Easy Boo Defeats
If you ever go up against an annoying Boo, the best and easiest way to finish one off to jump over it, turn around, and punch it. For a group of Boos very close to each other, jump over them and ground pound.
Easy Health Replenish
If you are low on health, just find a body of water and jump in. Stay at the surface and your health meter will refill.
Easy shortcut for Big Boo's Haunt
First, go in Big Boo's haunt(obviously) then, go and do a triple jump on the stairs and voila! you got to the 2nd floor of big boo's haunt.
Easy Star
In the first level, there is a chain-chomp and behind it there is a star. My game was glitchy so when i got the first star it froze so i went crazy. I eventually groud-pounded the peg that holds the chain-chomp and the chain-chomp broke the cage! If you are Mario or Yoshi it takes more ground-pounds.With Wario it takes one and with Luigi you can just get invisibility and go through the cage.
Easy Star in Thwomp's Fortress
In Thwomp's Fortress you can get a star easily without doing anything complicated. When you stard in the level go in the tree on your left. Climb it, and an owl will come out. Jump onto him and hold B to hold on when he flies around. You can control what direction he goes by using the D-Pad or stylus. Since you're up in the air, you should see some green platforms. One has a cage with a star on it. Land on that platform. There's an opening inside the cage. Walk through it and get the star.
Easy Stars!!
Sometimes if you talk to the toads outside of some pictures, thay'll give you free stars with no work required!! Hope this helped!! ~*SaRa*~
Extra Coins with Yoshi Trick
This trick allows you to make new coins appear using Yoshi. You can use the extra coins to get to one hundred coins faster, or to increase your coin record on a particular level. This trick is fairly simple to do. Start off by choosing Yoshi and entering any level. Go up to an enemy, and swallow it. When you swallow the enemy, press R to turn it into an egg. Then, find another enemy, preferably one that is near several other enemies. Aim so that your egg will not directly hit the enemy, but will ricochet off of the enemy. Shoot the egg. The egg will hit the enemy and then bounce of. Since the game thinks that the egg exploded, it will place the enemy coins at the place where the egg hit the enemy. It will also give you the coins for the enemy if you defeated it. Since the egg was not destroyed, however, it will continue to go and hit another enemy. When it hits the other enemy you will receive coins for defeating the enemy, and you will receive the enemy coins from the egg again! If the egg bounces off several enemies before it breaks, you will receive coins multiple times for the enemy that was in the egg. The more times the egg bounces off enemies, the more coins you get. This is especially useful when you swallow enemies that give you blue coins, since you can get many blue coins by using this trick. This trick is difficult to pull off on regular enemies, but it is worth it. This trick is easiest to use if you shoot the egg at a Bob-omb since they are small and usually do not break the egg.
Extra lives fast
This tip will get you extra lives fast. At the title screen of the hazy maze stage, choose the toxic gas level with Mario. Go down to the toxic maze in the basement and find the red brick, this is under the toxic stuff but dont worry about that. Stump on the brick to make Mario extra large then run around the corner to the mole holes. While your still large and invisible run around the 2 holes to keep knocking out the moles. After a while, the no's will change to extra men. I have managed to get 38 extra lives in one go! How about that? Give it a try, you will never have to start from outside the castle again
Extra Star
In the room where you could change characters. When you enter the room, go to the right and jump into the portrait of Peach. You could get 2 stars there by finishing the slide and finishing the slide less than 20 seconds. To get the star before 20s, slide on your stomach and keep pressing forward all the time. You might die but you don't lose any lives. Note: it might take a while to finish this.
Extra Star
You MUST be Luigi!!! or else it won't work!!! .Go into the room right up the main staircase in the castle, go up the spiral staircase, and open the door with a star on it and red carpet around it, look on the tiny pillar/table things. There will be a Power Flower, get it, and run through the mirror. There will be some paintings and a door. Go through the door, and there will be a star.
Extra Star!
In the snow level where you race the penguin, after you beat him, he will no longer be there. Try to finish the race in 20 seconds or less to attain an extra star!

Flood... in tall tall mountain
This is more of a glitch than a cheat.

Go to tall tall mountain as Yoshi and run around, after a little while eat the cloud that can blow you away.
When you finish that hop on the warp that takes you to the cannon the level should be flooded by invisible water

It worked for me but it might not work for you.

While you are in tall tall mountain go to the place where the monkey takes your hat and swim to the edge of the waterfall. Your character will be sup ended in mid air if you did it right.

These work in the mystery of the monkey cage and breathtaking view from the waterfall.
Fly With An Owl
There are 3 owls you can fly with:

1: Go to "Whomp's Fortress" and when you start there will be a tree behind you climb up and an
owl will fly out (jump under the shadow and hold B to fly)

2: Go to "Cool,Cool Mountain" and go to where the big penguin is (the one who lost it's baby) and go to the tree with the red coin above it climb up and an owl will fly out

3:Go to "Tall,Tall Mountain" and when you start
there will be a tree behind you climb up and an owl will fly out

The owls will only appear on ceartain missions
Freeze Snowmans Land
Enter Snowman's Land, under the star "Snowman's silver star". Gather all five silver stars, but do not pick up the main star itself. Enter the Igloo, turn right around, and leave again. You will now see that all of the silver stars have reappeared, however you still have all five listed as gathered. All you need to do now, is pick up a sixth star. At this point the entire level will freeze, and you can run around with a silver star hovering above your head. You'll find that most objects let you pass right through.
Funny Freeze
On the mode selection screen,press B to freeze your chracters image.This is good if you want to pause it on funny bits,or if you want to trace that character.
Get all glowing rabbits
Get Yoshi and there will be three rabbits in the front of the castle. Check if they are glowing. If they are not go back inside and go back outside there will be one or more (maybe) and keep doing this until you have all eight!
Note:This only works unless you have the cannon outside the castle.
Go outside the castle and jump in the cannon aim yourself on the castle roof but do it higher fire and press upward so you dont slip off the roof keep on going ahead and you will see a ? box and 3 lives collect them then go back inside then go outside and repeat what you just did takes awhile but is useful when you want to do bowser or a level
Get coins without running into them!
Note - This only works if you are Yoshi

Anyway, I found this out when I was in the whomp level with yoshi. Run near to the coins, and press A to flick his tongue out. He then grabs one of the coins. This is slower, but it is fun!
Get down safely as Luigi !
when you fall off something, as Luigi, you hold down B and he will kick his feet hard and will decrease the chance from getting hurt when you fall off an object
get luigi.(easy.)
how you get luigi is you go to the courtyard.(on eather side of main hallway.)and you might see a boo go into the yard.follow it and the look at all the boos and ground pound/punch the big boo.And a little cage will fall on the ground.Jump into it and win the first level.How to do the lvl is punch all the boos and the do a big boo and then you win.Then go in on the world "the boo mery go round." now go upstairs (2nd floor.)and go to the room with the bookshalves.Then go on the platform with a ? box.(go in as mario.)get the box,float up ,and go in the door.go in the farris wheel and keep going in doors till you see a room and see one of those eyes.(and 1 boo.)keep going till you get into a smaller room.go in the doors till you get to a room with platforms.use them until you get to a room with luigis picture.Then you come to a giant mirror.keep walking aginst the mirror.then you turn to luigi.defeat king boo by punching him.(not groundpound!)3 times and you win!have fun
Getting Mario, Wario and Luigi
Get Mario
After you have 8 stars go in the door in the room that you can play rec room mini games and jump in the Mario picture. The level is easy! To beat Gomboss, (since you are yoshi.) run in front or behind him and put a goompa in your mouth and shoot it at him. Repet this 3 times.

Get Luigi
Go to Big Boos Haunt level as Mario and go to where big boo's balcany would be(In the house up the stairs far door on the right use Mario to float with the flower up.) Jump in the Luigi picture.

Ok after a few tries you see why you hate this level. So go right,left,right,left and up to face the big boo.
I found the way out of this level by following the boo's laugh. to beat the boo just punch him 3 times. when he is in the mirror just punch his shadow.

Get Wario
Use Luigi and go to the mirror room(beat 2nd bowser go in the next door up and go right in the closest door.)go through the flower in the mirror and into the Wario picture. You should beat the level after a few trys. To beat the ice Bully just knock him in the water. punch him a few times to get a coin.
Ghost Rabbit
As Wario, go outside to the Boo-infested courtyard. Position yourself so that a Boo is between you and the rabbit. Run and dive for the rabbit. As you do, the Boo will solidify and knock you away while you catch the rabbit. Then walk back to the rabbit. It will not move, but it is now untouchable, like a Boo when it transparent. This can also get funny screenshots if Wario stands inside the rabbit, which makes it look like Wario has rabbit ears.
Go into the Light
If you ever enter the castle and see light shining in on you, walk under the light, zoom in the camera on Mario, and look up. You will be transported to a level where uou have to fly and land on the middle platform. On htat middle platform, hit the button.
How To Defeat The ice Bully With Luigi Easy
First, what you need to do is enter the level with the Ice Bully as Luigi. Next, get a Power Flower and go to The Ice Bully (You Must Get there Fast In order for this to work). Next, go over to him and beat him. You won't get hurt or get pushed around since you are Invisible Luigi.
How to find an owl on Tiny Huge Island
Enter Tiny Huge Island small (by jumping through the painting on the right side) and go left at the start. Jump up into the tree. Climb to the top. An owl will appear. Note: this only works on certain missions.
How to find the level shifting sand land.
After you get 12 stars you can enter the room on the second floor with a star on it. Enter the room and walk towards the peach picture keep on walking and you will fall through a trap to enter bowsers level. Finish the level by beating bowser and obtaining a key. ONce you are at the entrance of the castle again go through one of the brown doors, go down the few steps then immediatly turn to go down a longer flight of stairs, open the door with your newly obtained key. Walk through the tunnel. and open the door. Turn right and you should see a picture of a flaming head, stand in front of it and turn left, there should be a empty hallway with an empty wall, it's not really empty! Jump through the wall to get to the Shifting Sand Land course!

How to get 150 stars when you have 135 stars!
When you have 135 stars and you don't know how to get the other stars. I know how! You need to get 100 coins in every course and voila! You have 150 stars!
How to get an owl in Snowman's Land
In Snowman’s Land go to the tree near the ?-mark block. Jump onto the tree, climb to the top and voila you have an owl. Note: This only works on certain missions.
Firstly too doo this level you need mario.Go utside the castle into the courtyard.Then go over too the ghost that is bigger than all the others and but stomp it.Once you have done this a cage should appear.Walk up too it and it will suck you inside it.after being sucked up inside it you will enter a level called big boos haunt.Enter the mansion and you will appear in a room with lots of doors.Try to do a tripple jump too get onto the second floor and enter the door on the far right.You willl end up in a room with a single bookcase and a platform jump onto the platform and you will see a red ? box break it and float up onto another platform.Go through the door and you will see a painting of Luigi.Jump into it and you will appear in some sort of merry-go round.Enter the door that is too the right side of the sighn.Then quickly run across the falling platform then run across the platform that is too the left of you and enter the door.then jump into the platform in the middle of the room but be carefull you dont fall through the floor.jump onto the platform that is too the right of you and go through the very quickly and jump onto the platform that is too the left of you and go through the door.For this next bit you must be very quick.RUN across the falling platform right too the end.Next jump onto the platform that is too the left of you and it will take you up too another one which you jump onto then you will move too the right then jump onto the final platform and it will take you up then jump of it onto the top floor and jump into the hole in the will appear in a room with a big mirror.Walk along side of it for a while and king boo will appear.Too defeat him just keep on but stomping him until you defeat him.He will eventually dissapear for good and will give you the Luigi key grab it and you will have completed the level you will be zapped back too the castle.Now you have the key to Luigi's room and you can go and save him.THANK-YOU FOR READING MY TIP ON HOW TOO GET LUIGI.
I'm-a cold!
Go to any snow stage. Then get a Mario cap or just start out with him. Don't touch the game for a while. Check on the game until you see Mario crouching. He should then be freezing. Rotate the camera and Mario will be folding his arms.
Instant Water Rise in Wet Dry World
To vary the water level in Wet Dry World, jump in the painting for the level at a certain height on the picture to make the water start on a low, medium, or high height equal to how high you jumped in.
Items at mysterious slide (Tall, tall mountain)
At the mysterious slide at tall, tall mountain at the begging go right and you'll find a 1-up mushroom on the left you'll find a freaking coin!
Jump the Wall- Tiny Huge Island
As soon as you go onto Tiny Huge Island, you should notice a Large Wall, and a Small Hole in it. Normally you'd have to go Tiny to get to the other side, but a Triple Jump can allow you to scale it. It also makes it easier so you don't get swallowed by the large fish.
Kill That Annoying BOO! ={
If You Have An Annoying Boo Trying to MURDER U,
Here Is Something VERY COOL!

1. Get in front of the boo, facing away
2. Crouch
3. Backflip, BUT halfway do a ground pound!

Hope it Helped! =D =p =) =o (=p
koopa\'s shell
when you enter the bomb-omb battlefeild,(you must pass courses 1-5)you go to the place to the right of chain-chomp and you will find koopa the quick. when you find him, make sure you are mario ,(or any punching character)and hit koopa and you can take his shell and ride away!!I SURE HOPE THIS HELPS!!!
Lava Surfing with Koopa Shell
You can surf on lava@LETHAL LAVA LAND with a Koopa Shell!
Lethal Lava Land warp
In Lethal Lava Land, at the beginning of the level, turn left and walk across the platform, jump across to the island in the lava. On a certain place on the island, if you just stand there, you will be transported underneath the giant eyeball near the center of the level. (do not try with luigi while invisible because you will keep bouncing on the lava and probably die, since you go through the platform)
Lots O' Lives
In Bomb omb battlefield near the spot that there is some flower patches, go to the one that has coins going all around the patch. Take every coin and a 1-up mushroom will apear. Do it over and over exiting the level at the end of each time so you can do it again, and you will get a lot of lives.
Lots of extra men
go to whomp's fortress. look at the pirahhana plant and then go left of him. keep going and jump over the fence where the goomba is. Then go past him and by the other pihrannha plant. Break the box and get the Mega-Mushroom. walk over stuff and red numbers will appear. after 8 of those you'll start getting 1ups. (doesn't work with Yoshi)
Make all the "?" blocks solid!
When you get 14 stars in the the bit where you arrive when you enter the castle a light will be shining down on the carpet.Press X and look up and you will be transported into a secret world fly down to the middle tower and jump on the "?" button.You have now made the "?" blocks solid!
Save and jump off the edge you will return to the castle and all of the "?" blocks in every level will be solid!
Make Charaters do the moonwalk
First go to a steep hill then you side down it. Try to walk up while sliding and then your character will do the moonwalk.
Make Yoshi Punch!!!
This can be hard. Go to Bob-Omb Battlefield as Yoshi and put on a cap (any one will do). Go up the mountain a bit until you see a block of bricks and a Goomba. Punch the block and QUICKLY run into the Goomba to lose your hat. As Yoshi, get the red mushroom to turn giant. Press the A button to make him punch!
Make Your Own Drawing
This is to have fun when you are bored. Touch The Character Picture then touch the bottom right corner button. You can also move it around and make it silly. Have fun drawing!
Mario Talking
When playing the game, pause and then close the DS. When you close it, Mario will say 'Bye-Bye!'. Then wher you re-open it , you will he him say 'It's-a me, Mario!'
Mario Turns Into Luigi
At the title page, when Mario's head is looking around, when his head turns all the way to the right, click on his head. In black-and-white, Luigi's face with Mario's cap on will appear.
(doesn't work on Yoshi.)
Mario's Flight Cap Tips
-After you do the triple jump and airborne, dive down a little and then pull up and repeat, eventually, you'll be at a higher altitude.
But be careful! If you dive down too much, you'll hit the floor and will have to start over. Which is not fun =S
Mess With Character's Faces!
Okay, go to the title screen, and tap on Mario. It will automaticly draw his face on a white board. To move his face, grab him with your stylus and pull him all over the screen! But thats not all!! Use the L OR R buttons to make his face kind of drift appart. Use X OR D-pad UP to squish him together long ways. To squish him flat ways, use B or D-Pad DOWN. Use Y OR D-Pad LEFT to make him spin left(Hold to make his face smush together).To spin right, use A OR D-Pad RIGHT (SAME THING, hole to make his face smush together)
Mini-game Mystery card trick
While playing Psyche out, Warios mini-game where you must guess the card, look at the card in question hard enough and you can see the outline of the correct card.
Mountains Mysterious Slide
When you get to the point where there is a cloud that tries to blow off your hat move a little further down and there should be a ring of coins. Jump in the middle of this ring of coins and you should enter a new "level" complete this slide for another star!
Never run out of lives!!
When your doing bowser in the sky, go into the little pipe thing and lose, then when you fall outta the pipe, behind this pillar thing there is a 1-up, this is really handy when you cant defeat bowser and you dont want to run out oif lives.
Never Take Any Damage
When you jump from a high place, you get hurt, right? Follow these steps to keep full health.

1. Ground-pound when you are low. If you are low enough, you won't receive any damage.

2.Land in a pool of water. If you miss, (and you're still living) jump in then come out. It refills your health.

3. Push against a wall the whole entire time. White smoke should be coming out.
Play with Character Faces
On the screen that lets you choose either rec room or Adventure touch the stylus on the characters faces and it will become black and white. You can pull on their faces to move it around.
Psyche Out! Tip
To get better at Wario's mini-game, Psyche Out!, when you can't see the picture through the back of the card (on the top screen), then try to look at the dark and light parts of the card. The dark parts will make up the shape, while the lighter parts signify blank parts of the card. If that doesn't work, stare at the card and you may see a faint pixelated shape.
Punch Butterflies for 1-Ups
In levels where there are a lot of grass, such as Bomb-Omb Battlefield, Whomp's Fortress, or Tiny-Huge Island, you can punch the butterflies that you come across. They'll disappear after you punch them and turn into 1-Up mushrooms. Beware, sometimes the butterflies can also turn into black balls that follow you around and will deal 2 damage to you on contact.
pyrimid puzzle
Go to Shifting Sand Land and stand on top of the four pillars {it dosent matter about the coins}. Now go ontop the pyrimid and you'll notice the top of the pyrimid has been cut off. NOTE: You cannot be Yoshi.
When you get off the elevator, punch the big block. Next fall down the hole. You'll be attacked by two hands. Attack their eyes. After you beat him the star will appear. Get the star.
Quick eggs
To make eggs quicker instead of waiting just press R and he will lay it instantly!
quick way across sandland
first,be any character,go to the level,and get the luigi cap.Get the fire flower on the top of the stone platform.Run over to the left of the pyramid(with the chain wall)jump,and the tornado should pick you up(yes im telling you to jump over a quick sand pit).As you twirl around,aim yourself toward the wall,because you are invisible,you will go through the wall and land.this hint helps when you have little health so you dont want to risk the box way,or if you just suck at the boxes and die every time you go that way.
Quick way to top of Whomps fortress
Enter the level as Yoshi. Jump onto the ramp and then onto the ramp next to it and look for the pirahna plant. Once you see it, dash towards the fence and do a flutter kick across and you should land right in front of the elevator to the top of the fortress.
Quicksand Bouncing
If Mario gets a Power Flower in SHIFTING SAND LAND, he can bounce on quicksand!!!!!!!!!!!
Run faster
Instead of holding Y and pushing in the direction you want to go, just hold the Y button. After about 1 second you should see a lot of smoke coming out of the person's feet. Now push in any direction while still holding the Y button and you'll run faster than normal.
Secret Slide
If you are having problems getting the star for going down in 21 seconds, and can't jump to skip a big section, take a few steps back at the beginning, dash (move and hold Y) and press attack. Unless you are Yoshi, you will slide on your belly. This makes you go faster.
See Yoshi Punch
This is an awesome cheat. What you do is go to Whomp's Fortress as Yoshi. Pick up a hat (either Mario, Luigi, or Wario). Go over to the piranha plant next to the red brick containing a mega-mushroom. Punch open the brick, then get damaged by the piranha plant (you will turn back into Yoshi). Then have Yoshi pick up the mega-mushroom. He will be able to punch and kick just like the other characters.
Shifting Sand Land Warp
In Shifting Sand Land, head over to the tree that is next to the oasis. Stand under the tree, and the game will warp you to a metal platform in the quicksand area. The cannon is there, as well as a black brick block. You can also warp from the metal platform to the tree.
Shining Rabbits Appear
Collect 80 Power Stars, then shining rabbits will take the place of normal ones (Randomly, not often).

[Mod Edit] Some people recall only having to collect 50 power stars.
Shiny bunnies
Start as Yoshi, and go to the main doors of the castle. Outside there are three bunnies, if you keep going in and out the door while checking on the bunnies, eventually 1 will be a glowing bunny. Do this 8 times. then go to the room with the doors that hold Mario, Luigi, and Wario. Open the door with white around it and you will get a star.
Shortcuts in the slide in Cool, cool Mountain!
Well it's kinda easy:
S1. During the begging of the slide you will upon a path that will make you jump hurry right before you jump head left and you'll fall next to the end which is the cave!
S2. Follow the same inscutions for S1 but instead head right (This one is smaller) You'll land on part of the slide you should do a belly slide.
S3. Right on the middle part of the slide you'll come across a coin line it should have 5 coins you'll come across a secret tunnel inside there will be 2 1-up mushrooms!
S4. (THIS IS REALLY SHORT!) Make sure that you started with a leg slide (L+Z+B) Now on the on the first mini U-turn jump! and you go over a gap.
That is most likely all the short cuts!
slide on your back
while running press the r button and the attack button at about the same time and you will slide faster and with your feat in front
slide tackle
while running press r then a to slide tackle. you can take out goombas and such
Once you've got the key to go into the main door at the top of the stair case and go into the mirror room. Now go left and then look at the mirror, you should see a picture of a snow man. Jump into the wall and you should be in snowmans land
Snowman’s Land Warp
For this warp, head over to fenced in area where three Goombas are huddled around a campfire. Stay outside of the fenced in area, and stand under the tree closest to the fence. Your character will warp to another tree, right next to the freezing pond. You can also warp from the tree in the freezing pond to the tree next to the campfire.
Special Things with 150 Stars
• The cannon outside the castle opens.

• In Cool Cool Mountain, the penguin you race is fatter and says he hasn't gotten any exercise.
Square Eggs
There Are Ovalular Eggs, But There Are Also Square Eggs! To Get 'em, Eat A Small Box With Yoshi, Swallow It, And Voila! A Square Egg Comes Out!
Sure-Fire Way To Beat All Boos!!!
Yoshi can never defeat a Boo, because he cannot punch, but all the other characters can. Take your pick of character(besides Yoshi) and go to the place to wish to beat the Boo. When the Boo is approaching you, turn slightly away, so that he is visible. As he approaches(as long as you haven't turned too far), You should be able to hit him without getting hit at all!
Tall, Tall Mountain Warp
In Tall, Tall, Mountain, there is a warp that makes it easy to get to the cannon. In the area with all of the mushrooms, you will see two tiny mushrooms that are next to each other. Jump to the second tiny mushroom, and you will warp to a hidden area below the mountain. From there you can head to the cannon. You can also warp from the hidden area to the mushroom if you decide not to use the cannon.
The Easy Way to do Mission 5 in Course 6
Enter the level as Luigi, then go left and cross over the pit to the black hole area (where the falling rocks are). Now stand on the black brick, center the camera on the star, turn away, crouch, jump, then hold the button that pushes you toward the star. The exact timings will be difficult.
The guy on the cloud.
When mario is going to defeat the big boo, go up to the mirror and press /x/, you will see a guy on a cloud following you with a video-camera even when fighting.
tip for trampoline game
this is a tip for the trampoline game, "trampoline time!". when you need to get to the TOP saftey door use tiny daigonle tramples and they'll fly to te top! for the bottom saftey door use bigger straight trampolines.

always make the trampoline RIGHT below mario's feet. Becuase you can only use 3 trampolines at a time. Therefore if you do this it'll dissapear alowing you do make other trampolines when you need to. PLUS you get Mario to saftey.
To kill a boo!
A lot of people were wondering why they couldn't kill a boo without getting hit!

What you do is turn around so you are NOT looking at the boo! When it gets close enough jump up (you're still not looking at the boo) now ground pound, and the boo is gone ^^!

Tons of Hats
Go to Snowman's Land and get your hat blown off. Punch the snowman and take the hat, get it blown off again and punch the snowman for 2 hats then again for 4 then 8 etc... The game will glitch after a while so don't do it too much.
Top of Whomp's Fortress Fast
Go up the ramp at the start with yellow arrows. Then, do a triple jump toward the right edge of the wall up the little black stairs. It might take a while, but you can grab the edge of the platform where the Whomp boss is.
Unlimited Lives
go to tall tall mountain and go to the first block that slams down and punch one of the blocks.and get the mushroom that comes out and hit enemys and objects.after you hit seven of them you will start getting 1ups if you keep running into them.
Unlock Mario Mini-Games
In order to unlock each of these mini-games, you would have to catch a certain amount of rabbits.

Sort or 'Splode- Catch 1 Rabbit
Trampoline Time- Catch 2 Rabbits
Shuffle Shell- Catch 3 Rabbits
Bounce and Trounce- Catch 4 Rabbits
Connect the Characters- Catch 5 Rabbits
Shell Smash- Catch 6 Rabbits
Trampoline Terror- Catch 7 Rabbits
Up Up and Away!
Any tree with a yellow coin on top of it has a owl in it that will let you hold on to him by jumping under him and holding "B" and release to let go... This will take you to the top of any course and makes many stars that were once very difficult extremely easy
wario steals sighns
very simple just go near one or dive bomb it its good for attacking long range enemies

hope just help :>
Wario super ground pound
If you have Wario then this is a great cheat to try. You know that Mario,Luigiand yoshi take three ground pounds to get a wooden pillar in bob-omb battle feild into the ground or any other area that has those pillars. But with Wario it only takes one ground pound.
Warps, Owls, Cannons, Shortcuts, and Other Ways to Get Around Faster
Bom-Omb Battlefield:
Warp: When running up the mountain go into the small indent in the mountain where the large black balls come out.
Cannon: Cannons are scattered everywhere in this level.
Shortcut: When you begin to climb the mountain, run up the hill with the red coin instead.
Another Way: With mario, many feathers pop out of ? Boxes, flying is one of the fastest ways of transportation.
Whomp's Fortress:
Owl: When beginning the level, turn around and climb the tree for the owl.
Cannon: Near the three goombas that are standing near a path that is at an angle going up. Also near the blue box.
Shortcut: When beginning the level, climb the tree behind you, press up, then jump onto the higher platform.
Jolly Roger Bay:
Cannon: When beginning the level, the cannon is stright ahead in the water.
Cool, Cool Mountain:
Warp: When beginning the level, turn around and walk to the bridge, walk to the end.
Owl: Use shortcut 1, go near the cannon, now climb the tree nearest the cannon.
Cannon 1: Use shortcut 1, near the owl tree.
Cannon 2: Shoot across the large gap from cannon 1, another one is there.
Shortcut 1: When beginning the level, go near the warp bridge, press up the entire time while you fall, this is so fun!
Shortcut 2: While going down the slide, you come across a row of coins, follow them, you will not hit the wall, but you will go throught the wall.
I would post the other levels, but I don't have the time.
Water Boucing
As Mario, go get a Power Flower and when he becomes a fat ballon, you can bounce on water!!!
Water Height
Go into the world with the spider picture on it. The higher you jump, the more the water raises. The lower jump the lower the water will be.
Wet-Dry World Warp
For this warp, the water level needs to be as low as it can get. Walk around the base of the level until you find the brick structure that is made of several steps. Stand at the base of the structure, in the corner between the highest and lowest steps. The game will warp you to the top of the structure that holds the entrance to the cannon. You can also warp from the cannon to the other structure.
Where are the portraits for Mario,Luigi, and Wario?!
Here are where the portraits are located for mario,Luigi, and Wario.

Mario's Portrait:

BEhind the 8 star door in the mini-game room

Luigi's Portrait:

In the level of Big Boo's Mansion on the top floor (not the roof)

Wario's Portrait:

In the room where Snowman's Land is located. You must get a power flower on one of the small pillars then run through the mirror.THEN you will be able to access Wario's Portrait.

NOTE: you need to be Luigi to get Wario.

Yellow Coins in a Red Coin Puzzle
This only happens once. Go to Lethal Lava Land and go to the red coin puzzle.
go on the solid tile where the star appears, wait for the puzzle to finish and BINGO! Yellow coins appear on the puzzle! Don't be afraid to collect them because the puzzle will stop until they are gone.

Please note that this happens once every time you go to that course and that it doesn't work anywhere else.

Yoshi's Egg Attack
To use yoshi's egg attack you must swallow an enemy
and wait a couple of seconds then yoshi will turn the enemy into an egg
NOTE:This will not work with Bomb-Ohms


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Access Basement Area Without The Key
To make this glitch possible, the moat must not be drained and you must not have finished Bowser in the Dark World. To do it, you need to do the Underground Pool glitch and swim deep, but not too deep, under the ground and swim to the surface where you will be technically inside the castle. Now turn the camera so you can see the basement door and swim into it. The screen will go white and you will be in the basement, where you will be able to walk. You cannot pound the pillars, and going to the door that leads to the ground floor will just say that you need the key. The only way out is to enter one of the three accessible courses and choose Exit Course, which will take you to the castle lobby.
Big Bob-omb walking off the summit
As it implies, you have to go to Bob-omb Battlefield and choose mission 1 or 4 to execute this minor glitch. Now go to the top of the mountain and enter the battle with the Big Bob-omb. Now have Big Bob-omb follow you to the edge of the mountain, and then hang off the edge of it. The boss will walk around you, and step off the mountain. However, he'll jump back up and accuse you of throwing him off the mountain.
Camera No Stop
I found a glitch where you can make the camera keep moving even though you have let go of the button. Here is how to do this glitch:

1. Go to the level Lethal Lava Land.
2. Go on the level called Flaming Silver Stars.
3. Go forward and go by the black Wario Block and you should see a floating yellow box.
4. Open the box and get on the shell.
5. Go around edges of the level ( but don't crash) and move your camera.
6. Take your finger of the camera button.
7. If you did it correctly, your camera should keep moving even though you have let go of the button.
Cap Transformation Glitch
To do this glitch, you need to have rescued at least Mario. Now as Yoshi, you need to go to either Whomp's Fortress, Cool Cool Mountain or Lethal Lava Land for the first time and enter Yoshi into the course with a cap on. When you enter the level, the message box will appear, and the cap will be spinning as if Yoshi was putting it on, but he is not moving. After the message box is closed, he will act as if he was putting the cap on, but he has already put it on. The only way to fix this glitch is to get a Power Star in the level.
Complete Eye to Eye in the Secret Room without Luigi
You need to be either Mario or Wario with Mario's cap on for this glitch to work. Obviously, you have to go to Big Boo's Haunt and go to the attic. Position yourself so that you are right next to the Boo painting (where you fight Big Mr. I) and wait for a Boo to come out. Simply defeat it and it will release a Power Star. Oddly enough, this is the same Power Star held by Big Mr. I inside the room, and the glitch might not work, so the requirements are unknown.
Door Glitch
Jump on the top of the door to the room that allows you to change players(door Labeled 1*) If you did this right, part of your head should glitch thourgh the wall, Go on first person, And Look around...Look Thourgh the wall you will see the room but no doors! look around some more, and you will see the swirly staircase!
Empty talking box!
If you have the Mega Mushroom and moonjump action replay cheat and you use yoshi go to the boo courtyard and use the mega mushroom. Since the ground pound doesn't affect boos use the mega mushroom. Then once your inside use moonjump to land on the balcony and go to the luigi picture. Since the game only uses mustache'd characters to talk to king boo it won't say anything just a gray empty box.
Enter Bowser in the Sky with less than 80 stars
Do you want to try this cool glitch? I can't do it, and I'm still trying to. I do it so I can use Luigi in that stage. Ready? Follow these steps.

N.B: I wouldn't try this if I were you. The bottom sidenote shows why.

Go to the room with the Tick Tock Clock. Turn right, and clamber onto the second step. Position yourself so that you are in between the corner of the step and the corner to slide in to, and charge up a run. Then slide with R and A into that corner. It will take time, but you will be shot into the sky, and from there can navigate their way to the top of the Endless Stairway and enter Bowser in the Sky with less than 80 stars.

N.B 2: However, if this happens, the player will be sent back out of the castle and the game will lose some sound effects.
Fall Through the Cannon
This glitch can be performed by any character. You need to go to Bob-omb Battlefield and choose the Silver Stars mission. Collect all the stars, then hurt yourself on various enemies so that you lose all your Silver Stars. Now you need to get the stars to follow you, then cause all the stars to fall into a cannon. After they are all inside, jump into the cannon. You'll end up collecting all the Silver Stars, preventing the game from displaying the cannon's launch animation. As the bottom of the cannon is not solid, you'll fall through, and lose a life.
faster stairs
to do this glitch, you must go to the room with the spiral stairs. now, wall jump with Mario untill he hangs on to the wall. then, press A/B. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
you can't do this glitch anywhere else.
Fence Flying
This glitch (also known as the NASA glitch) can be done by anyone. Go to Bob-omb Battlefield and select mission 5. Now go to the tall cannon near the Koopa, and enter it. Aim just below the bottom of the floating island, and fire! If you keep holding Up, you should be pushed through the fence and get shot into the sky.
Flying Really High From A Canon
There are a couple of places to do this at Bob-Omb Battlefield.

1. Go to the cannon near the mountain. Then aim it so its in the middle of the sun and the smallest cloud. Then shoot and will you skyrocket.

2. Go north to the first cannon. Take the aim so the highest arrow is standing on the tip of the floating island. Then shoot.
Get to the mountain.... QUICK!
If your in the bomb-omb level, then go to the 2nd cannon (located near the little koopa), and go inside the cannon, once inside the cannon, face to the floating hill and then face down, you should see a green hill. Face at the bottom of the hill and then press, 'A', and you should be transported on the highest mountain in the Bom-omb lvl! (The highest montain is where 'King Bomb-omb' stands).

Hoped this helped
Glitched Camera
As anyone, you need to go to Tall, Tall Mountain and enter its secret slide. Do not slide down, but make sure that the camera is on moderate range, and perform a dashing sweep kick (dash, crouch, and then attack) onto the slide. If done correctly, the camera will start moving in odd directions, and correct itself after a short period of time. Alternatively, you can just press the L button to centre the camera and fix the glitch.
Glitchy Sprite
As Wario, you need to go to Hazy Maze Cave, choose any mission, and then enter Behind the Waterfall. Now defeat the two Snufits (red enemies that look like Snifits) and then read the sign ahead, but do not press A. Now if you look left, you will see a red glitchy sprite. Pressing A will cause it to disappear.
When you face a goomba,sometimes it turns into a coin,it happened to me,problably 10 times.
Infinite stars in multiplayer mode
In multiplayer mode,get the wario hat and grab the two player by standing next to them and trying to punch them if they have a star. throw them and grab the star that falls out of them. pick the player up again and ground pound them and a star will fall out even if there's none in there count so you can do over and over again!
Inside the Brick
This is a very minor glitch. If you manage to get the monkey on Tall Tall Mountain to follow you to the black bricks, and then jump over them, he'll walk through them! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Invisible walls
Enter the castle through the main entrance then go back outside, press X, press the up arrow button then press B you will only see the door and a little of the wall as the camera backs away from your character.

There may be other places where you can force the camera to back up through the door or wall.
Long Jump of Death
This glitch is quite hard to perform. As any character, you need to go to the room that contains the doors for character changing and the entrance to the Princess' Secret Slide. Immediately turn left and you will find a corner where the wall with the door meets another wall. Position yourself so that you are directly facing the corner, and start long jumping into the corner. If you keep doing it for about a minute or two, you'll slide up the corner and into the wall, see a messed-up graphic, and fall for a long distance before being shot outside the castle, losing a life.
Luigi Legs
This cheat is funny! Here's What you need to do:

1. Get Luigi
2. Beat first Bowser.
3. Go near the entrance to Shifting Sand Land and wait there. If done correctly, Luigi should be asleep with his head in the painting! If he sits and sleeps, jump then wait again.
Monkey freeze
You should enter Tall Tall Mountain as Yoshi and find a cap, then put it on. Now you need to grab the monkey so that he takes your cap. Now try and get your cap back. If you succeed, hurt yourself on an enemy so that you drop your cap and turn back into Yoshi. Now charge at the monkey again, and grab him. He will try to steal Yoshi's cap despite the fact that he is not wearing one. When this happens, the game will crash.
Nearly invisble-transparent character
You need the Mega Mushroom AR code for this. Ok go to Bom-Omb Battlefield and go to the teleporter in the mountain. (The one where the part is caved in) Now whenever you choose to activate the mushroom depends on how transparent your character can be depends on when you activate it. It will not work after you teleported.

P.S. Talking to someone will remove the white around the screen.
P.S.S. Shooting out of a cannon will remove the effect completely.
Odd spawns in Tiny-Huge Island
When running on the very beginning of the tiny island, you will occasionally see particles as if in a patch of flowers. Continue to run in that area. A 1-up mushroom will occasionally appear, or a glitch enemy which the player can't kill. Upon contact with the player, it will disappear, dealing 1 damage.
Render Star 2 of Tall Tall Mountain Impossible
You need to go to Tall Tall Mountain as Yoshi and choose mission 2, then get Hoot to fly you to the top of the mountain. Then you have to eat the monkey at the top of the mountain, and when he asks for freedom, select 'hold him'. Now walk down the mountain and spit the monkey into the water. Then fly back up to the top, and eat the monkey again. Again, choose to 'hold him', then go to the fence in front of the waterfall and face it. When the monkey asks for freedom again, say yes, and spit the monkey into the waterfall. Now fly back up to the top of the mountain again, and once again eat the monkey. This time, he will not ask for freedom. If you try to spit it out, Yoshi will swallow the monkey, and he will reappear where he last was. Now it is impossible to complete the mission.
Render Star 5 of Snowman's Land impossible
This glitch only works in North American versions of the game. Enter Snowman's Land and choose mission 5 (Silver Stars). Collect all the stars, then go into the igloo. Now lose 1,2,3,4 or all of your Silver Stars by hitting enemies, then leave the igloo. The Silver Stars will have disappeared. If you return to the igloo, the stars also won't be there. Now it is impossible to complete the mission.
SM64DS Version Detecting
To do this glitch, you need to go to Shifting Sand Land and choose mission 2, 3, 4, 6 or 7. It doesn't matter what character you are using, but when you enter the course, you must find any cap and put it on (otherwise the glitch fails). Then run over to the other side of the pyramid that dominates the course. If you see Klepto (the bird that patrols the skies), a Pokey, and a lake, you are on the right side. Now hunt around for a crate and grab it. Do not throw it, but instead climb up onto one of the pillars, and wait for Klepto to strike (the glitch fails if you throw the box or move while waiting for the strike). When he hits, the game will either freeze or not. If the game freezes and makes a very loud screeching sound, you have SM64DS version 1. And if the game does not freeze, you have SM64DS version 2.
Stuck in Tall Tall Mountain
As any character other than Mario, go into Tall Tall Mountain. Grab Mario's cap and take damage until the cap ends up at the bottom of the waterfall, in the pool near the starting point. now grab Wario's cap (if you're playing as Wario, you will already have the cap) and grab the Power Flower at the top of the mountain. Jump down to where the Ukiki is that steals your hat and grab him. You still should be Metal Wario. Jump into the pool mentioned earlier with Ukiki and grab Mario's cap. You will collect the cap, but you will be unable to move or go into the pause menu. The only way to fix the glitch is to turn the power off and restart the game.

Another version of this glitch is when you grab Mario's cap after the Power Flower wears off. Swim to the cap and put it on. The game will react in the same way as before, but you will have what resembles a pile of goo stuck to your character's feet.
Under The Castle
Here's a neat glitch that gets you under the castle. You will need to be someone besides Yoshi, as this glitch involves diving. First, you must go to the tree just to the left of the cannon. Run over to the shore of the little pool, and run towards the tree, and dive/jump dive into it (either one works). NOTE: This will probably take several attempts, as it is very precise. You'll know you've succeeded when your character is on the tree, and his body is part submerged into the ground. Slide down, and you'll go under the ground and into water. Congrats! You are now under the castle! You can swim around wherever you want, but there are a few other glitches you can do:

NOTE: If there is a * next to the glitch, that means you cannot do the glitch if you've already drained the moat.

-If you swim out of bounds, then you can just keep swimming (LOL CUE THE FINDING NEMO SCENE!) for ever. There will be no water, but you'll just be able to keep swimming forever. Unless, of course, you jump, because then you'll just fall... Oh well...

*-You can actually get into the cannon without getting 150 stars through this glitch! Just head over under the cannon, and jump. The animation will then play, and you'll be in the cannon. Yeah, now you can get to the top of the castle without working your butt off to get a bunch of stars!

-If you go over to the black box under the moat, and go under it, you'll just get stuck.

*-Go "inside" the castle, and go to the door in the moat. Go behind it, and swim right behind it. If you swim in the right spot, the camera should zoom in on the door, and you'll hear the sound that plays when you enter a painting. You'll then be in the moat draining room, and (if you didn't already drain the moat) be standing underwater! Now, go back out into the courtyard. You'll be walking under the moat. If you head over to the lake, you'll have plenty of space to jump around and screw around. Also, the pointy rock has weird walking physics, so you can have fun with that.
Underground Pool
To do this glitch, you need to be anyone apart from Yoshi (because you need to slide). First, you need to go to the area by the cannon and then look at the tree to your left. Now run and slide into it. This may take several attempts, but if you've done it correctly you should see half of your playable character poking out. If that's the case, slide down. You'll hit water, and you can swim freely around. Sometimes, if you jump, you'll keep falling until you lose a life. Using this glitch, many other glitches are made possible.
Whomp's Fortress Infinite 1ups Glitch
Go to the right part of the fortress where you will see to boxes. 1 has 3 coins in them. The other has a mega mushroom in it. Get the mega mushroom. Then Transport And then hold on to near the top of the fortress and knock down the thing that leads to two red coins in the sky the wrong way. It will start to have a big pile of words saying "1UP"
Yoshi carrying an invisible object
As Yoshi, go to somewhere with at least two Goombas (better if they are close together). First, swallow the first Goomba and turn it into a Yoshi Egg. Then find the second Goomba, and at the exact instant you stomp it, press A. If done correctly, the egg will explode and Yoshi will be holding an invisible object in his hands. If you stay in the level for too long the game will crash, and when you try to exit the course, the game might crash. If none of those happen, the chances are the game will crash when you enter another course.
Zombie Wario Underwater
Switch to Wario and take damage until you only have two segments of health left. Head to the castle roof and grab the metal power. Now you need to jump from a high spot into water, which should technically cause you to die but you can still control Wario underwater. When the metal power wears off you'll lose a life properly.

Easter eggs

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A funny way for Wario to die
Go to snowman's land with Wario and turn into metal. Go to the frozen pond under the ice bulley when you are metal. Don/t sink into the frozen pond. Keep jumping and the metal will wear off. Wario keeps jumping in the ice and dies.
Altered Ending Dialogue
If you complete the game with all 150 stars then Bowser's dialogue when you defeat him in the final world will be slightly different.
Canon To The Castle Roof
To access the cannon outside the castle, get 150 stars. You can use this to shoot to the castle roof. There are three 1-ups, a cap and Luigi's rabbit.
Fat Penguin Race
After getting all 150 stars, return to Cool, Cool Mountain and you can race a fatter version of the penguin.
Hear a sound from your playable character
You can perform this nifty thing with anyone. All you have to do is enter a course and get your HP into the red zone, then just stand there. Your character will be making a pant-like sound!
Hidden Character Dialogue
You can get the Little Penguin and Boo to talk to you.

Little Penguin: Start the first snow level as Yoshi. Then press A to eat the little penguin. It will talk to you.

Boo: Go to where all of the boos are as Yoshi and try to eat one. It will say "Ha! Ha! You can't eat a ghost!"
hidden place?
When you start in the cort yard and you are lugie go to the fence next to her waterfall and there should be a place where you can land when doing a backflip holding R and pressing b
How to get your cap back if an enemy takes it
If you lose your cap, don't try taking it back. No, don't. You will risk losing HP. Just complete the mission, go to the castle lobby, and the Toad there will be wearing your cap! He will say he found it in the castle grounds.
Pointless but fun "pets"
Well,this is pretty boring after a while or if your not into making stories in your head like my sis does(it was her who discovered it).

Pet Monkey.
First,be Yoshi and go to Tall,Tall Mountain on Mystery of the Monkey Cage and go to the top,where you'll find an Ukiki.Lick it up and refuse to spit him out,and then run away from the place where you caught him and he should stop pleading for you to let him go.Now enjoy your pet and make sure he dosen't go out of sight or he'll apear at the top again

Pet Penguin.
First be someone with a hat and aposable thumbs(in other words,don't be Yoshi) and go in the Cold Course(sorry,can't remember what it's called,but it's the one that isn't Snowman's Land) and go down the slide(go the shortcut if you wish)and grab the Penguin that's on the roof.If you slide along on the ground,the penguin will do the same and the Penguin will also follow you.
Secret one-up in the pyramid.
During Shifting sand land, as soon as you enter the pyramid head to the far right wall. Than continue to the back of the pyramid, after you are here you will see platforms in the sand. Jump across these till they end and a life will appear.
Wario boss says what?
If you go into to wario's painting and us different hats Ice Boss will say different things.
No Hat (Luigi): He'll say that your mustache isn't worth beating up
Mario: He'll say he likes you mustache
Wario: He'll be superised because he locked you up.

Has no meaning but funny anyway.


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To get 1-ups Go to a pole. Climb the pole and hit the up button at the top. Some times you will get a 1-up.

Hope this helps.
In Hazy Maze Cave, go to the area where there is poison gas. There is a box with a mushroom in it. Hit it and grab the mushroom and run over to where the ground hogs are in the ground. Step on the fast enough and you will get 1-ups for doing so. You can get up to 30 1-ups in about 30 seconds from this.
2 Tall, Tall Mountain Glitches
1. Go on the slide there with anyone and go down as slow as you can. (Try groundpounding alot) Get down to where you would go into the first tunnel. Jump and groundpound on either side rail. DON'T MOVE. You will go down on the rail and hit the tunnel side. You will "moonslide" up the rail backwards. I found this when i was bored.

2. Go to the monkey with Yoshi and have a cap on. Attack him to make him take it. Now lead him over to where the small pool is. Make sure he runs against the edge, but does not jump over you. Stand behind him and wait for the shyguy to shoot a flame at you. Right before it hits you, attack the monkey. You will eat it and be on fire. Run into the water while you are on fire. When you get out you will have it in your mouth and you can walk around. If you spit it out its invisible! If you find the monkey again up on the ledge, eat it and you can carry it around!
Bob-Omb Battle... I don't think so
To make work this cheat work, you MUST have Wario & the ? boxes unlocked. Go to the Cannon near chain-Chomp (as Wario)then blast onto the floting island then get the power flower, then got to the post that chain chomp is attatched to, (the red coin on it dosen't matter) when chain chomp comes near u, he will go straght up in the air, before he comes down go in to 1st person view you will see him in mid air then ground pound the post and he should come down straght away and break the cage.
Bob-omb Battlefield Warp 1
There is a warp in Bob-omb Battlefield that lets you get from one side of the level to another quickly. After going up the first slanted bridge, go right and stand in the flower bed. The game will warp you to another flower bed, near the mountain. You can also warp from the flower bed next to the mountain to the flower bed next to the slanted bridge.
Bob-omb Battlefield Warp 2
There is a warp in Bob-omb Battlefield that allows you to go up the mountain quickly. Begin by heading up the mountain until you come to the first indentation in the mountain that metal balls come out of. Go into the indentation, and stand there. The game will warp you to another indentation higher up in the mountain.
Bowser in the Dark World
This level can be fairly challenging to reach the end and face Bowser, but here is another way to do so:

Note- Must have " ! " Boxes Activated.
Note 2- Only works as Mario.

Enter the level. You should notice a Red Box. Hit it. This will allow you to turn into a Balloon, and scale about 2/4th's of the level.
Catching rabbits easy!! (please rate)
Ehem! this is a nice cheat to catch those pesky little bunnys. OK when you chase a bunny you always seem to just in circles. Well with this cheat you'll catch them very quick. When you find the bunny stand still and slowly approach it. When it starts to panic and run in circles wait for it to get further away from you. Then hold down "X" and then hit "A" to dive at it.

Note: This cheat is best used when up againstt a wall.
Cool, Cool Mountain Transporter
In Cool, Cool Mountain, there's a transport from the 2 broken bridges, 1 near the starting point, and 1 near the big penguin outside(next to a sign and red coin). Walk to the edge of the broken bridge, stop for a second, and you will be teleported to the other bridge.
Course 6 Maze
This maze always gets the better of me no matter how many times I try it. To get the star without having to navigate the maze is simple. Enter this level as Luigi and head down towards the sea monster section. You will have to take a lift to get down to him. Before you step on the lift have a look around and you will see the star through a mesh fence. Now you can see the star hop on the lift and head downwards. At the bottom you will see a power flower box. Burst it open and quickly hop back on the lift. At the top you will have plenty of time to get off it and walk through the fence and grab the power star, simple!
Crawling Luigi
First go in Whomp's Fortress (course 2). Then go by the shallow water right on the side of the mountain. Next STAND by the cannon with coins leading to it. Now press the R button to crouch. Now you crawl up to the steep ledge facing the cannon with brown blocks. Keep on going so you can crawl up the ledge.
Disappearing Water in Wet-Dry World
Glitch: Enter Wet-Dry world with Mario, or Collect the red cap. Drain the water in the main world area (not the town). Now use the power flower on Mario (near the purple enemy), and float into the cage that leads to the town. Swim to the town, now drain the water there. Once again, use a power flower and get back into the pipe that leads to the main world area. Once you are in the back of the pipe, look up, there is still water in the main world area, but that isn't all!
Now, use double jump and jump against not the wall you are facing but one on the left or right walls in the pipe, and the use wall jump and go back and forth until your character begins to float. Note: I have done this many times, and It is VERY hard. It takes about 30 tries, and is frustrating, but it works. Once your floating, dive back down, it seems the water has been restored in the town, but while swimming half-way through the pipe, the water disappears! Have fun!
Don't Decrease Card Game Record
When the hands are revealed in any of the card games that has a record that increases when you win and decreases when you lose, look at the opponent's hand before it displays who wins or loses and pause. If you lost the hand hit quit and reenter the game. You'll have lost however many coins you bet but your record will remain intact.
Easy Coins
In any level where there is a small wooden post sticking out of the ground, pound it three times to have 5 coins revealed. This can be very helpful when trying to get extra lives or a 100-coin star.
Easy Defeat for Bowser
When fighting any bowser, go to the edge of the areana near a spike ball and crouch down. When he comes close to you jump. This will make you do a backflip. Bowser wil run past you onto the edge. Go behind him and grab his tail and then throw him for an easy defeat.
Fun thing to do
Use Wario, or the cap of him, and enter the SHIFTING SAND LAND level. You know those rolling box-toy-thwomp things? Tired of them running you over because you cant get the the safe side of them in time? Want revenge? Use Wario and when you are in the safe side(the side they dont squash you), immidiatly punch. This will send them flying, and they will slowly sink in quicksand or land on the Non-quicksand side and you can walk into the safe side like a cave! Note, this only works with Wario!
Funny Faces
Go the room where that water level is. It is in the first part of the castle. Then just when you go into the room there will be two black little room things up at the back of the wall. One will contain a mushroom/ 1-up, the other will be a place where it brings you in a kind of a fish tank world. Go into the one with the mushroom/ 1-up. Jump into it, get the mushroom if you want. Then go to the very back of it. Go into first person view. Turn the first person view so it faces the back of where the place you are looking and it should make the characters face be on the whole screen.
The one way to have more fun with your Mairo DS.
Get half way through first bower level
To get about half way through the Bowser level, make Mario a ballon, then turn right the second you do, keep going up and you'll land on a platform, you have just cleared about a half of the level
Get Shining Rabbits even when you have less than 80 stars - 30 stars
Read all of this first. First clear out the water outside. Then beat the secret level with wario where there is a Black Block blocking the square shaped hole. Either red coins or secret switch. Beat the 2th bowser if not already with mario. Then switch to luigi ang go outside. Go to the metal door and sometimes you see a glowing rabbit. Keeping going out and in to the metal door. Then you will get all glowing rabbits. Don't rush through it or it will mest up. Take your time. That will affect your games when you have less than 80 stars.
Get stuck under black box under moat
Just like the cannon glitch you have to dive (run the press A) at the roots left of the cannon. If done correctly you would of slide under ground into water. Swim over to the black box and get under it. If done corectly yo uwill not be able to move around ver far.
Get under Peach's castle
When your outside peach's castle. Go to the locked cannon that you can only unlock when you got 120 stars. Anyways near you see a sign that says "swimming lessons!" well go back (( I suggest you have Mario or Lugi selected )) then run > jump > and press A you should grab the nearest tree and now climb down and you fall into some water and your under peach's castle!!!!
glitchound fun
Wen you are in the courtyard ground-pound a bord that you can read,ten read it and your character read it wil doe it again and the bord is in the ground.Go away and do not looking it.Wen you cam back you see it normal[not in the ground].
Green Rabbit
To find a green rabbit go to the top of the castle (Easiest way is use the moon jump cheat on the Action replay) If your luigi and you dont have alot of stars there will be a rabbit sort of by the hill at the back of the castle (on the roof of the castle at the back)
Have Toad Wear Your Cap
While Mario, Luigi, or Wario, lose a cap in any of the stages that you can lose a cap, then leave the level. While you have no cap, go to any other level, get any star and when you return to the castle, go back to the main hall and Toad is there wearing your cap. He will say that he found it outside the castle front. This is also good in case you lost your cap somewhere but you don't know where you left it.
I believe I can fly!!!!!!
You can get wings for everyone!!! you have to go to VS. mode and choose practice alone.(you can do it in vs. too but his is just an example) choose battle fort then go to the opposite corner from the one ur standing on.(the one with the ! block) hit the block with anyone including yoshi and a feather will appear. yoshi dosent wear a cap so he gets wings on his back. wario, mario and luigi get wing capsand it works the same way as the fly cap in adventure but it only works in vs. its still really cool though
Infnite lives
Go to Whomp's Fortress and follow these steps:
1. Go to the twomps and hit the block where the 1-up mushroom was.
2. Instead you'll get a mega mushroom.
3. Hurry and go to the plank.
4. Hit it at a certain angle
5. Tons of 1-up sings will show up!
It'll Blow Your Head Off
Lose your cap as Mario, then hit a "?" Block containing a feather. Because you have no cap, a short-fused Bob-Omb drops out instead. Run away!
Koopa the Loser
When you are racing Koopa in Bomb-Omb Battle Field, a sure way to win is to not go through the dirt patch but to rather go up the slope of grass where the red coin is. You will get to the top a lot faster.
Look Up
In order to look up, you must press the X button and handle the direction pad, the way you want it to be.
Luigi has Super Long Arms
When you go to beat King Boo as Wario for the first time Luigi's reflection will have really long arms.
Missing Characters in Ending Sequence
It is possible to have certain characters gone in the final ending sequence of the game. In order to eliminate characters from the final ending sequence, you must complete a simple task. You must not unlock them in the game. If you do not unlock a character in the game, he will be missing from the final ending sequence. The entire sequence will go by and you will never see the character. Also, on the cake at the end, the locked character will be missing and the other characters will be in different positions.
Monkey talks
In the level that has those mushroom things there is a monkey he will steal your hat but if you eat him as yoshi he will talk to you
Never lose all of your lives against the third Bowser
If you lose to the third Bowser, you will be thrown out of the warp-pipe that you came in. If you back down the blue stairs about where the heart is, you will notice four pillars. Go in front of the top left pillar and you will recieve a free life. If you do this every time you lose, you will never run out of lives while fighting him.
You need a action replay that knows Super Mario 64
DS(because I don't know if every AR knows SM64DS)
and it needs to know moom jump. This may take a few times but keep trying til' you do it, when you enter the cstle front door, hold down B button. You will start going a black place but
but keep on holding til' you're standing where
the used to be. THERE YOU GO!!!! NO TOP!!!!
But if you go out of the range of the top of the castle. The top of the castle will be back.
(it still shows the on the map):I
Punch With A Penguin
To Punch With a Penguin, you must first be in The Cool Cool Mountain, get a penguin, (not the large ones, the baby ones) Then Jump, exactly after you jump, punch, you should move the penguin forward, you can damage enemys while doing this.
Quick Way To Enter Pyramid
Use Maro, Wario or Luigi. In "Shifting Sand" land, at the start, there is a box with a face on it. Face the fence near the pyramid and grab hold of it. You should bounce over the fence and onto the other side.
quicksand water
Go to snowman's land as wario and get the power flower.Go to the water under the ice bully platform.if you don't move,you will sink in the water like it was quicksand.
Having trouble finding the bunnies for the rec room? Their locations are as follows, but be sure to talk to the rec room toad with the characters before looking for the bunnies.

Yoshi's bunnies
-outside of the castle right at the end of the bridge.
-outside of the castle left of the bridge
-outside of the castle right of the bridge
-outside the castle in the patch of flowers to the right
-outside the castle at the bottom of the drained moat
-outside of the castle around the maze of hedges
-in the hall to lethal lava land

Mario's rabbits
-outside of the castle left of the bridge
-bottom of the drained moat
-room of Jolly Roger bay
-hall to lethal lava land
-hall to lethal lava land (there's 2)
-top of the stairs on the 2'nd floor
-large mirror room on 2nd floor

Luigi's rabbits
-outside the castle near the maze of hedges
-entrance to bob-omb battle field
-courtyard of castle. Jump on the brown ledge then double jump again
-where you drain water from the moat
-out of the doorway on 2nd floor
-room with the Mario painting
-Outside of castle with cannon. You need 150 stars and shoot to the top of the castle holding the final bunny)

Wario rabbits
-outside the castle to the far right
-room to whomp's fortress
-in the basement near toad
-in the courtyard with boos
-Second floor of castle in the entrance to tiny-huge island
-third floor of castle near tick-tock clock
-third floor of the castle in the opposite alcove of rainbow ride

Finding these bunnies will unlock mini games. Once they are all found, search for the glowing rabbits which will lead you to the white room.
Secret Branch
With any character beat Goomboss and on the map you will see a big spike with leaves. Jump on it and you will be standing on a branch (there is nothing special). If you want to get off it without dying backflip onto the stump (where you beat Goomboss).

It's pretty cool!
short float
press b then press b while in mid air and viola!
you float for a SHORT time

(note:this only works for yoshi)
Sliding Tackle
First go any where and run then press R really quick then press A.I found it out while I was doing a long jump.

NOTE:Use Mario!
Some Yoshi Stuff
Yoshi Plays Catch with himself:
Go to shifting sand lands with Yoshi. go under the shelter place with the goombas. Eat the Goombas then eat the little box. spit it out really quick and then eat it again! it will be like Yoshi's playing cath with himself! reapeat until your heart's content! (No one else can do this)

Burning Stuff up!:
Go to Hazy Maze Cave with Yoshi. get the powe flower that allows you do breathe fire. NOW GO ON A RAMPAGE!!! burn signs up, kill some enemies, then when time runs out or your out of stuff to burn go past the goomba with the Wario hat on. then get the power flower and start all over!!!

Bouncing Eggs:
as Yoshi. when you find a big group of enemies eat one of them and swallow him. (by pressing R) throw the egg at one enemy. the egg will bounce back and fourth between enemies! this works best at Snowman's land. when you first start iout go left. Find a little box near some ice and. Eat the box and then Swallow it. the egg will be square. (the only differnce will be it bouces longer and hits more enemies) then throw the egg a the guys with the spinning peddle heads. TADA!
thanks everyone! (: (: (:

Square Eggs
Start as Yoshi, then go somewhere with the small square crates (like in the start of Hazy Maze Cave), lick it up, then swallow, you egg should be a square egg now, talk about easter egg.
Teleporter in Rainbow Ride
In level 15 Rainbow Ride, ride the carpet all the way up to the Floating Mansion. Walk out of it and stand in the grey area in between the Mansion Entance and the Wooden Platform. you will be teleported to the top of the Red Coin Maze or vice versa. Be careful, on top of the Red Coin Maze, there is a 1-Up Mushroom but you can also be blown off by the wind.
the real way to flood ttm
To flood ttm take the to the top of the moutain then find the post that u can ground pound (the post is near the spinning log) get it then rush over to the teleporting mushroom when u do rapidly press b this will cause your top screen to be white. pause the game and unpause it then while you are teleporting back to the mushroom rapidly press b ill let you experiment with the effects but if u lose the water and you havent exited the lvl just teleport and rapidly hit b again and u will be under water again
Under water walker!
Go to Wet, Dry world and go to the town and the water level could be any level. Drain the water at the town. At last get the flower power it shold be there! And go through the small gap as how you got in and go to where you swam down and use the 3 veiw. There shold be water above you and wala! Your Underwater!
Unlimated Lives
First go to the place where all the fish are.Then Backflip in the hole to your left.Get your life then go in a level and then pause and exit.Keep on doing that until you have lots of lives.
Unlimited 1 ups
To get unlimited 1 ups, go to Cool,Cool, Mountain. It's the one on the bottom floor. Set it to the 1st star. Go into the cottage and slide down the slide. As you go, you will see this row of 5 coins that go right into the wall, slide and get the coins. Keep sliding though because the wall is magic. You will go straight through the wall and you will slide straight through a small tunnel. In the tunnel there are 2 1 ups, you will then be shot out of the tunnel and onto a ledge. Go across the ledge and you will come to a yellow box. Hit the box for another 1 up. Next jump down and go out the door to get the star. Get the star. Next, go back into the painting and do it all over again until you have what you want.
Unlimited Lives!
You will need 150 Stars for this. When you load your game, hop into the cannon outside the castle. Blast to the top of the castle and you will see 3 lives. Get the 3 lives and enter the castle. Then go into the 3-Star door with the ship picture inside it. Jump into the secret spot that will give you an extra live. Then go outside the castle and hop into the cannon again. Then blast to the top again and you will see the 3 lives again. Get the 3 lives and go back in the castle. Then go through that 3-Star door again and get that secret live again. Now you can keep repeating this until you get 100 Lives!
Unlock Luigi Mini-Games
To unlock Luigi's Mini-Games, catch rabbits at the following locations with Luigi:
Memory Master-Near the entrance to Wet Dry World.
Lucky Stars-Near the entrance to Bob-omb Battlefield.
Mario Slot-In the secret room with the Mario painting.
Mushroom Roulette-In the area with the columns used to drain the moat.
Pair-a-Gone And On-Outside in the hedge maze.
Picture Poker-In the courtyard above the entrance.
Super Mario Slot-On top of the Castle. (You need 150 stars)
Unlock Wario Mini-Games
To unlock these mini-games, catch rabbits at the following locations as Wario:
Giant Snowball Slalom-In the alcove opposite Rainbow Ride.
Bingo Ball-On the right side of the castle when facing it. (Near the trees)
Coincentration-Near the entrance to Whomp\'s Fortress.
Intense Coincentration-Near the entrance to Tick-Tock Clock.
Lakitu Launch-Near the entrances to Tiny-Huge Island.
Psyche Out-In a corridor near Lethal Lava Land.
Slots Shot-In the courtyard behind the fountain.
Unlock Yoshi Mini-Games
To unlock the following mini-games, catch rabbits in the following locations as Yoshi:
Boom Box-Outside near the main bridge.
Hide and Boo Seek-Outside near the main bridge.
Mix-a-Mug-Near the entrance to Lethal Lava Land.
Puzzle panel-Outside near the main bridge.
Puzzle Panic-Outside in the moat. (After you drain it)
Tox Box Shuffle-Outside in a flower patch near the wooden bridge.
Which Wiggler?-Outside in the hedge maze.
Up Up and Away!
Any tree with a yellow coin on top of it has a owl in it that will let you hold on to him by jumping under him and holding "B" and release to let go... This will take you to the top of any course and makes many stars that were once very difficult extremely easy
Walk like normal underwater.
Enter Wet-Dry world, and set the water level so just the tip of the large gray spiral ramp is in the water. Swim around to the underside of the ramp, and swim up towards the ramp while jumping. If done correctly, you should fall down to the bottom of the level, and be able to move like normal under water.
Whomp's Fortress Warp
There is a warp in Whomp's Fortress that makes going up the fortress a lot easier. Go until you reach the area where a Thwomp is pounding the ground. There are several boxes and a ? box there as well. Stand in the corner between the wire wall and the fortress wall. The game will warp you to a ledge coming out of the fortress, next to a large pole. You can also warp from the ledge to the area where the Whomp is.
Yoshi Is Special Too!
You know how Yoshi can't do a jumpkick? well he can do a mid-air suck-up first use Yoshi and jump then at the same time press A button and Yoshi will do a mid-air suck-up.

Thank You!
Yoshi's weird thingy
when you first enter a level and see yoshi's head with the hats of other characters click on one of them. Then When you first see yoshi putted there hat on wait for him to change. the first time you see your hat person come hit A and they'll bend over like there sticking there tounge out. Example: you pick Mario's hat. when yoshi puts it on and you see Mario flashing for the first time hit A. they'll bend over and you'll here Yoshi's vioce. but you gotta time it right!