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Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (DS) Cheats

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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In hoth,pick a small ship(genosian) go to the at-at's.You'll be able to fly between ones legs
Hole in hoth
In hoth, go to the rock beside the cliff.in the middle,there is a hole.go in.
How to unlock master difficulty
Master difficulty: Beat the game on any difficulty.
Unlocking Queen Armadae
Once in the first stage of the game to unlock Queen Armadae you must do the following: set your ds to 5 minutes later and then start the game up then when you have completed the first two missions it will come up in a little icon box that Queen Armadae has been unlocked and bobs your uncle!


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Darth Tyranus
beat him on his level to unlock him.but use great skill
General Grievious
beat General Grievious himself to unlock him
jango fett
beat the Droid ship in space ship hangar with anikin
mace windu
beat General Grievious with obi-wan kenobi to unlock mace
padme amilda
beat General Grievious as both characters(anikin,obi wan)
palpatine/Darth sidious
beat general grievious as anikin
Unlocking Starfighters
There are two methods to unlocking the Starfighters in the multiplayer mode, though which ships you get depend on the method:

1) Clearing Story Mode
- By beating the Anakin and/or Obi-Wan story modes on any difficulty, you unlock the cooresponding fighter for the mode you beat; for instance, beating Anakin's story mode wins you his Jedi Starfighter II in Multiplayer.

2) Beating Special Bots in Multiplayer

- Beating certain Bots in the Multiplayer mode can win you locked fighters, though there are a few rules to success:
1. Do NOT change the settings, such as arena, frags, or time.
2. Select a Bot for Player 2 only.
- The Bots are as follows:
[Bot] - [Ship Unlocked if beaten]
1. Luke - X-Wing
2. Solo - Millenium Falcon
3. Grievous - Grievous's ship
4. Fett - Slave I
5. Anakin Skywalker - Ani Starfighter
6. Darth Vader - TIE Advanced
beat the Droid ship in space ship hangar with obi wan