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Spyro: Shadow Legacy Cheats

Spyro: Shadow Legacy cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for DS.

Spyro: Shadow Legacy Tips

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Be careful
Here are two things that can happen, making you restart the game.

At the versy begining when you are rescuing Sensei, after he teaches you the horn jab, the creatures will appear. Do NOT save the game and turn it off if you have not beaten them and rescued sensei. I did this without thinking and when I started the game, I had horn jab, but the monsters where not there anymore, and I could not talk to sensei. I also couldnt leave the house. So, dont save and quit the game after the monsters appear, but you dont beat them, or yu will need to start a new file.

This one wont cause you to restart the whole game, but will still force you to restart your ds. Once you rescue the cavemen, do not go into the shadow realm and walk up to that top platform that takes you to the professor if Lumpy did not show it to you in the real world. You will get stuck and you will need to restart your ds.
Submitted by: DarkSpyro_Dragon on June 21, 2007
Get Out Of Jail (Avalar)
Using the move spell to move the boulder exposing a passageway is one way to escape jail, but when I first played Shadow Legacy I didn't think of that. Instead I used the teleport spell which brought me to the portal not too far from Neema. Just an alternative I wanted to add <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Submitted by: Crystal on April 16, 2009
Infinite Gems!
In the forgotten Worlds there is a barrel that has gems. if you go away from the forgotten worlds or into a hole and then come back, the barrel will be there refilled.
Submitted by: fire_entity0 on June 25, 2006
Last Kerfuffle leaf
The last Kerfuffle leaf is in a shop for 1000g.
Submitted by: starwarsmaster on November 18, 2005
Learn more moves
I dont know if it works on other ds\'s but oh well. when you level up, only learn one move and wait till u level up next. So now you think you have got 3 more new moves left to learn, but hopefully you should learn 4 moves instead of 3. I dont know how it worked but I use that method all the time now. Good luck!!!
Submitted by: J . E on February 20, 2007
Listening to talk
In the begging of the game, the guy will talk. If you press A it won't work. All you have to do is prees X. I got real frustrated when A didn't work.
Submitted by: Em on May 01, 2006
Renew Crystals
Along your journey, you'll find various crystals that will enhance certain abilities. The crystals will, however, soon fade, crack, break, and finally crumble. When the crystals break completely, they will be removed from stock, and their powers will be gone. Keep an eye on your crystals. If it looks like it will break soon, highlight the certain crystal, select "DROP", and pick it back up. It will be renewed as if you never picked it up.
Submitted by: xxcassyxx on April 09, 2007
Renewing your crystals.
Be careful wen u renew ur crystals. If you start out with a good shimmering crystal and drop it u will find that when u pick it up it is a dingy crystal. Try not to drop them until the last minute. Shimmering crystals, pure crystals and dingy crystals are all different.Each one may work the same way for example the crystal of duck Feathers reduces the amount of damage taken by falling into water. But a shimmering crystal wil work the best, pure crystals may have side effects, luminescent crystals and dingy crystals dont work so well. SO DONT DROP YOUR CRYSTAL UNTIL YOU REALLY NEED TO OR YOU WILL BE LOSING HEALTH QUICKER AND ABILITIES WILL BE REDUCED.
Submitted by: xCaytlynx on November 20, 2007
See Spyro Move
To make Spyro move around without moving his legs, get 30 eggs, go to Kaitlin to learn the Egg Roll spell.After you learn it, do this: Do the move then when your in the egg,turn off the Nintendo DS.Then turn it back on to the game. Now listen carefuly:When your back on,the egg is still there.Now if you did it correct,the inventory will be on the bottom screen.Now do this.Go touch the top circle then do the egg spell.If done correctly,you'll see Spyro.Move the stylus (or toucher pen) on the bottom screen and Spyro will move without his legs moving!
Submitted by: nick on January 16, 2006

Spyro: Shadow Legacy Easter eggs

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In-game Typo
If you are in the dojo area go to elder Cho Lei's house and if you read the sign it says "Edler Cho Lei's House" like that.
Submitted by: twilightfox on September 07, 2013

Spyro: Shadow Legacy Cheats

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Egg Glitch
Ok on the spell screan make the O and become an egg then imeledety hit a button on the + pad
If done right you'll be on the invontory screen and it will be black!
Submitted by: mjs96 on September 07, 2006
Long lasting cystals
When your crystal is about to fade and vanish simply drop it on the ground then pick it back up again it will be as good as new!
Submitted by: Mowcat on May 17, 2006
Lots of Eggs
Hers a glitch that I found. I'm not sure if this works for everyone or is just a glitch in my game, but try anyway

After you put out all the fires for the fairies, go and talk to the green fairy. She will give you an egg.
Now, either leave the fairy area, go into a hole, or teleport. Now, go back to the fairies and talk to the green one again, she will give you another egg. Keep doing this for lots of eggs.
Note: You dont have to have just completed this quest, it will work no matter what point your at, as long as you put out the fires at one point.
Submitted by: DarkSpyro_Dragon on November 05, 2006