Spectrobes Cheats

Spectrobes cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Spectrobes cheat codes.

Command codes

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Emerald mineral
Go to the card port (unlocked by the Upsilon cube) and type in this code -2134 BGJ- then you will get the Emerald mineral. It gives you 36 minergy to everything. YOU CAN ONLY INPUT THIS CODE 4 TIMES SO DONT WASTE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Game codes for spectrobes

2134 DAL = Aobasar Apex
1243 AHE = Danaphant Tuska
4123 CHK = Danilob
2134 BGJ = Emerald Mineral
1243 BED = Grilden Biblad
3412 IDG = Grildragos Drafly
2134 AFJ = Gristar
1243 AHD = Hammer Geo (Must beat the game)
3412 DAG = Ice Geo (Must beat the game)
1243 ECD = Inataflare Auger
1243 CHL = Inkalade
1243 KDA = Iota Cube
3412 DIF = Komainu
1243 AFI = Naglub
2134 LJE = Rho Cube
3412 BGK = Ruby Mineral
1243 KHE = Samukabu (It might just work)
2134 HDI = Samurite Voltar
1243 BFK = Sapphire Mineral
3412 CGL = Seguslice
4123 IHG = Shakor Bristle
3412 LIH = Sigma Cube
2143 DEI = Spiko
4123 HEB = Tau Cube
4123 IAH = Thunder Geo (Must beat the gmae)
4123 AEJ = Vilagrisp
3412 HFE = Vilakroma
2134 JHI = Vilakroma (Red)
4123 ACL = Vilakroma (Gold)
1243 ICL = Windora
3412 FLI = Windora (Green)
1243 ILD = Windora Ortex
4123 ICD = Windora Ortex (Dark Green)
2134 IKD = Windora Sordina
1243 HAJ = Windora Sordina (Green)
3412 LAK = Windora Sordina (Red)
4123 IJL = Wind Geo (Must beat game)

Happy useing the codes. (If you dont understand this just send me a pm and i will tell you how it works and ect.)


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Attack hint
this is a tip so dont think its a cheat;

when you fight the first krawl boss, only fight it if atleest one of your spectrobes is over lvl 30 and the other over lvl 25. If you find it difficult (if you have not already found out) use your special attack, which, if you do not how much damage it does, it will not do very much damage but it will damage it more than a normal attack will so keep using it. If you do not know how to use the special attack just hold down "A" until it is full, then press "Y" and hold down "L" and "R" together and it will use your special attack. Later on in the game you will unlock a more powerful special attack which is called "geo".

NOTE: when you are charging up for the specail attack you will not be able to use attacks unless you stop reacharging, if you stop reacharging your charge will not go down to zero.
Battle Tip
You've probably either figured this out or heard it, but, this is an effective way to win if you are weak (or strong). First, get as many support spectrobes that have Charge bonuses (the up arrow i think). As soon as the battle starts, begin charging. Then, as soon as possible use the L+R combo. Keep doing this until you win. It works!
beat the the third boss
all you got to is charge up your CH attack and run around the area (but not close to the enemy) so all you got to dois attack them with your CH attack the enmy will recover but if you keep tryin you can beat him it only took me about 7-13 CH attacks to beat him.
Beatin the last boss
If you alredy deafeated the healing mushroom and the boss before that,you will have to fight the last boss which has 999 hp.1st,all you need to do is try attacking him with your spectrobes(I used spikanor and zozanero) until he sheilds himself.Once hes done that,your not gonna be able to hit him unless you break it, and you break it with a geo.Then he will try to recover.If you dont make it before he recovers its alright he only recovers about 50-100 hp.And then just finish him off
E-Z stuff
a couple of these hints/cheats (1 and 4) are kind of lame but they work. don't bug me about this.

1) Battle: keep running around the edge of the vortex holding down A, then use the special L+R technique. This is how I beat the first and second bosses.

2)excavation: use quick, flowing strokes instead of holding down the stylus. That, and choose your drills wisely.

3)excavation: use the L drill to remove all of the rock from near the fossil/mineral/other while pressing down L or R (or both, for that matter) to scan, so that you don't damadge the fossil/mineral/other. then finish using the S drill. Variation: you don't have to do the above tip; it's just a fun and easy way to do it. another way to do it is to leave out the part with the L drill altogether, replace the S drill with solution (if you bought it), and just dissolve the area around te item. just be careful, and Voila! a perfectly excavated item!

4)excavating (again): for minerals, buy the giga tool! I mean it! the only downside is that it only perfectly excavates minerals that you have to have excavated another before. It doesen't work on any fossils, no matter how many times you excavated one. I learned that the hard way.

5)random fact: the back of the Spectrobes instruction manual has a picture of Grildrgagos (grill-drag-os), the evolved form of Grilden.
Grilda-Grilden-Grildragos. Thanks for reading!
easy fossil excavation!!!
Use the scan get the weakest drill then drill around the sides i would say this is a tip. Then use 2nd strongest and swipe through the fossil till its clean if you get 100% you would lvl up a bit quicker at excavation. But you have to use scan on it. The strongest drill breaks it get 100% with the fossil not broke at all you might lvl up from lvl 1 to lvl 2 quick i haven't tried it yet cause i just got it off my friend
Easy leviling up!!!
The most easy way to level up your monsters is to fly to Nessa and go to area 2. When you exit your ship there should be a Tornado very close to your ship. Keep win against this then go back into your ship and heal/save. Then when you leave it should be back again. I find this the best way and got 2 of my spectrobes from level 16 to 72 in about an hour and a half.
Easy Minerals
If you can go to the fifth planet, go there. Search near those circular-cylinder like things (the orange and white things)and youll find either one fossil and three minerals or one fossil two minerals and one cube, trust me on this one, i beat the game =/.
Easy way to dig up fossils
If you want to always dig up fossils and get an 80% out of them just use your large driver and scan it swipe the drill as fast as you can across the fossil and its like youu never touched it continue this and you can have your fossil in under 5sec!!!!
evolving mineral
go to planet nessa go to area 2 follow the track until there is a dead end follow the bottom wall and look for a giant crawl cyclone go in it and beat 30 crawl sqwads in under 10 minutes and get a evoving mineral>color change mineral or a ruby;saphire or emerald <evolving mineral evolves a specrobe instantly>
Gejio is fake!
Gejio is a fake Spectrobe. Those how are looking for it stop wasting your time! The real Spectrobe like Gejio, with a scan of 7 and can only search for minerals, is Harumi or Harupod a Flash Spectrobe. There is also a Spectrobe with a range of 6 that can only find fossils. It is Nagu or Nagupod.
giant krawl on nolin and ch combos
This krawl is easy to beat you need a spectrobe that has the option to attack a certain enemy like if you press R(if that is what you set the spectrobe's button to) and a menu comes up saying press X to attack and the other buttons to do something else.this is called 2 strokes I think but more to the point hit X to attack and if you are attacvcking with the right type of spectrobe you will see another menu hit x again if you reapeat that and if you like add a couple of ch moves you will deafeat the giant krawl and if that is destroyed and the other krawl are in battle they will be destroyed too

Ch combos I know of

2 corona-a giant metiorite will crush all foes
corona and arora-a tornado will come
IMPORTANT!!!! How to revive Spectrobes
to revive a unconcious Spectrobe, go into you ship and look on the left side where a green portal should be. you can walk into it so push A and it will ask you to heal. accept and that is all you do.
Here is a list of rare minerals and where you find them
evolve mineral:battle challenge, nessa area 3 (excavate), wi-fi (need twelve points)

chroma minerals:battle challenge,nessa area 3 (excavate)

sapphire:battle challenge, genshi lava flows,himuro,wi-fi, (excavate)

ruby:battle challenge,genshi lava flows, wi-fi

Quick leveling up
Go to one of the swirling vortexes with 2/3 weak Spectrobes and the rest strong. Do as many battles as you can until your weak spectrobes are low on health then switch to your strong ones and finish off the rest. As an added bonus, if you complete it under 10 mins, you get a Evolve mineral. Now go back to your ship and heal. (you can use the Evolve mineral on a spectrobe if you want) Do this over and over again about 3 times and your weak spectrobes should be strong! (i got my spikenor up 25 levels just by doing this)
ruby and safire mineral
once you have gotten the flame geo on the first planet in area two, go to the alter in the dried up lava lake and search for minerals. you will eventualy find a ruby mineral and a safire mineral. once all mierals have gone go back to the entrance of the lava lake and then go back. the ruby and safire minerals will both be back in the lake but may be in a differant place.
Samukabu Code Fixed
people seem to think the Samukabu code is 1243 KHE and say it might work, but that is wrong. The actual code is 1243 KEH. I found this out on accident when i was imputing the code i dropped my pen (i lost my stylus) and it hit the E instead of the H, and i decided to see if it would be right. i finished and to my surprise, it worked. shortened version below.

1243 KHE=Wrong
1243 KEH=Right
sonic tool
this is not really a cheat its a tip .
anyway to use this tool you have to use the mic by talking into it or blowing into it blowing into it is easier though
sonic tool auto run
if you have a fan blowing on the mic while you use the sonic tool it will automatically keep running even if you are not there.
unlimited try's to get an cube!!
search for a cube play the cube quest when you lose go to an other plase when the screen flashes white go back and it flashes white again then go to the plase where you find the rainbow then its back again


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a second gem
on the planet were you go fight the big mad leader of all Krawl... there is a second gem go to the ship and it will tell you how to get the other geos without the card codes...
black vortexs tonamment locations
after you beat the game you unlock bvt (black vortex tonamments)these are the locations-
daichi tabletop mountains where you find the diamond.

ziba 1st moon

ziba 2nd moon



nessa 2

Card Imput List

----[ I ]--[J]--[K]--[L]----

1.) 2134 DAL = Aobasar Apex
2.) 1243 AHE = Danaphant Tuska (X4)
3.) 4123 CHK = Danilob
4.) 2134 BGJ = Emerald Mineral (X4)
5.) 1243 BED = Grilden Biblad
6.) 3412 IDG = Grildragos Drafly (X4)
7.) 2134 AFJ = Gristar
8.) 1243 AHD = Hammer Geo (!)
9.) 3412 DAG = Ice Geo (!)
10.) 1243 ECD = Inataflare Auger (X4)
11.) 1243 CHL = Inkalade
12.) 1243 KDA = Iota Cube (X4)
13.) 3412 DIF = Komainu
14.) 1243 AFI = Naglub
15.) 2134 LJE = Rho Cube (X4)
16.) 3412 BGK = Ruby Mineral (X4)
17.) 1243 KHE = Samukabu (?)
18.) 2134 HDI = Samurite Voltar
19.) 1243 BFK = Sapphire Mineral (X4)
20.) 3412 CGL = Seguslice
21.) 4123 IHG = Shakor Bristle
22.) 3412 LIH = Sigma Cube (X4)
23.) 2143 DEI = Spiko
24.) 4123 HEB = Tau Cube (X4)
25.) 4123 IAH = Thunder Geo (!)
26.) 4123 AEJ = Vilagrisp
27.) 3412 HFE = Vilakroma
28.) 2134 JHI = Vilakroma (Red)
29.) 4123 ACL = Vilakroma (Gold)
30.) 1243 ICL = Windora(X4)
31.) 3412 FLI = Windora (Green) (X4)
32.) 1243 ILD = Windora Ortex (X4)
33.) 4123 ICD = Windora Ortex (Dark Green) (X4)
34.) 2134 IKD = Windora Sordina (X4)
35.) 1243 HAJ = Windora Sordina (Green) (X4)
36.) 3412 LAK = Windora Sordina (Red) (X4)
37.) 4123 IJL = Wind Geo (!)

(!) = You have to beat the game
(?) Maybe it will work
(X4) = You should get
Codes and Results
2134 DAL Aobasat Apex
3412 HCI Cyclone Geo (must beat game)
1243 AHE Danaphant Tuska
4123 CHK Danilob
2134 BGJ Emerald Mineral
1243 BED Grilden Biblad
3412 IDG Grildragos Drafly
2134 AFJ Gristar
1243 AHD Hammer Geo (must beat game)
4123 EHI Harumitey Lazos
3412 DAG Ice Geo (must beat game)
1243 ECD Inataflare Auger
1243 CHL Inkalade
1243 KDA Iota Cube
3412 DIF Komainu
4123 HKA Kugaster Sonara
2134 FIH Mossax Jetspa (Custom Color 1)
1243 AFI Naglub
2134 GHA Plasma Geo (must beat game)
2134 LJE Rho Cube
3412 BGK Ruby Mineral
1243 KEH Samukabu
2134 HDI Samurite Voltar
1243 BFK Sapphire Mineral
3412 GED Segulos Propos
3412 CGL Seguslice
4123 IHG Shakor Bristle
3412 LIH Sigma Cube
2143 DEI Spiko
4123 HEB Tau Cube
4123 IAH Thunder Geo (must beat game)
4123 AEJ Vilagrisp (Custom Part)
2134 JHI Vilakroma
3412 HFE Vilakroma (Custom Color 1)
4123 ACL Vilakroma (Custom Color 2)
1243 ICL Windora
4123 ADC Windora (Custom Color 1)
3412 FLI Windora (Custom Color 2)
2134 ELC Windora Ortex
1243 ILD Windora Ortex (Custom Color 1)
4123 ICD Windora Ortex (Custom Color 2)
3412 LAK Windora Sordina
2134 IKD Windora Sordina (Custom Color 1)
1243 HAJ Windora Sordina (Custom Color 2)
4123 IJL Wing Geo (must beat game)