Sonic Rush Cheats

Sonic Rush cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Sonic Rush cheat codes.


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Chaos Emeralds
To get a Chaos Emerald in each of the 7 zones, find a gimmick with a star in in it and 2 bars coming out of the sides. Have a good amount of boost energy, and grab onto a handle. Once done, hold down Y or X to do a super boost, and eventually it should lob you into the portal.

Now, touch the touch screen to move on on the SPECIAL STAGE INTRO SCREEN. Now, use the stylus to move Sonic and collect the target amount of rings. After the first part, you must collect double the rings you collected on the first bit(e.g: If you had to get 50 rings on the first one, the second ones target would be 100 rings).
Don't lose rings by gysers!
To not lose rings by the gysers when you touch them, simply use the speical boost.
Easyish Chaos Emeralds
There is a way to make getting the chaos emeraalds alot easier.
have you noticed when your hand gets sore and 'PAUSE' well the game screen is still viewable and during the time you have paused the game position the stylus where you want to start then un-pause at and VOILA you very quickly move to where the stylus is. Hope this helps =)
How do defeat ACT 1 Boss
For some of you Sonic players, this may sound silly. But some people have trouble defeating ACT 1 Boss, so I'm gonna help them.
You can do it in 3 steps.

1: When you first enter the level, run back and forth on the platform, and collect all the rings. Then keep running back and forth. Doing this will make it harder for Egghead to slam you.

2: When Egghead slams the robot's head down on the platform, jump on it and then, jump back down onto the platform. His head will start flashing to show that damage has been taken.

3: When he sets the head of the robot down to roll over you, run to the middle of the platform. DO NOT WAIT FOR IT TO COME TO YOU! If you do this, when the robot head decides to try to roll over you again, you will be knocked of the platform.

Just keep doing these three steps until the robot is destroyed.

secret zone
to unlock zone X act 1 you must successfully complete the extra story mode.

Smashing those Bosses!
Here is a boss guide to beat all of Eggman nega's robots. Here we go....

Boss 1:Leaf Storm boss
Eggman will be in a snake-like robot with a large cockpit. Wait till he says: "Take this!" or "Get ready to be Schooled!" and will wham his head on the ledge you are on. Avoid this head and hit the cockpit to damage him. Oh, and when he rollshimslef down the ledge, jump over it otherwise he will push you off the edge.

Boss 2:Water Palace boss
Now Eggman will be in a Aqua lizard like robot. When he says: "Take this!" he will whack his head on the ledge you are on, so smash the cockpit area. When the water level drops, Eggman will make the cockpit try to eat you avoid this, and when the cockpit is on its way back to the main body, whack it to damge him.

Boss 3:Mirage Road boss
This is like a dung beetle, only the dung is a massive metal ball with spikes able to come out of it. When Eggamn says: "Heh-heh!" he will roll the ball around the 0 shaped platform you are on. When his beetle bot turns around, whack the ball when it has no spikes to make it go the other way, and hit Eggmans backside. When Eggamn says: "Get ready to be Schooled!" he will fly into the center of the platform and lob bombs at you. Avoid these.

Boss 4:Night Carnival boss
Eggamn will be in a 2 ended robot with a ball on one end and the cockpit on the other(man that sounds rude!),so hit the ball when it is not using electricity to hit down the cockpit, then you can go over and wham the cockpit. Also you can use the little robots to bounce you high up and hit the cockpit.

Boss 5:Huge Crisis boss
Just do what you did on the Leaf Storm boss, just avoid the missiles he launches. Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

Boss 6:Altitude Limit boss
This will be a dragon robot boss, so wait until he comes to the platform, jumps into the air and says: "Take this!". He will drop on you, so move foward to avoid it then hit the cockpit. Also, when he speeds over to you make sure you are not in front of him, jump up to avoid the bang, the smash the cockpit. Quite hard though.

Boss 7ead Line boss
You will fight Sonic or Blaze depending on which character you are. First, just wait for them to freeze then hit them, and avoid their attacks.
When on 1 health, the 2 characters will collide with each other with speed, trying to push each other off the edge. Tap A and B very fast to win. Visit a doctor afterwards as this will make your fingers in a world of pain!(dont visit a doctor, its a joke!).

Boss 8:Unknown boss
You will battle a massive robot. Wait until he smashes his fists on the platform the hit one. He will go to the side of the platform and hit it. Wiat till the "GO!>" sign appears, then run up his arm. When he shakes, he will knock you off so hold down the control pad downwards to stay on, then go and smack the cockpit. When he is down to 1 health, he will smash the platform(or try to). When he stops, just jump on the cockpit to kill him.

All of the bosses gone!
some stuff
to unlock blaze beat the 1st boss

to unlock the extra zone get all chaos emeralds

time attack
to unlock time attack mode you must successfully complete the game on any setting
Twirl on a water ride!
With Blaze, go to zone 4, Water Palace, and once you reach a certian spring underwater, use it and then use the forward trick and Blaze will be spinning really fast on the underwater handle.
ultimate speed
In any boss stage you can go faster by spin dashing or burst dashing (hold down on control pad + A/B button, release control pad) depending on what character you have. Once moving by dashing, jump and immediately run, you will go super fast. Careful not to hit the robot!


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Cool Gitch
Ok did you that the V.S. Boss in Zone 3 there's this
glitch but you need to Hyper sonic speed,Infinite Lives,Low Time For Level,And Max/Infinite Rings.When
Eggman's Robot throws the balls at you his robot will go on the side and it's flat like a disk and
there's a ball in the middle it's really cool!
Extra music
Once you complete the game as Sonic OR Blaze, you unlock sound test, and a few music. If you then get all the emeralds and beat the last boss, you will unlock all music in the game.
Extra Zone
Complete Sonic's and Blaze's story line with all seven Chaos Emeralds to unlock Extra Zone at the character selection screen, where you play as Super Sonic and Super Blaze.
Going Off Slides
If You Want to slip off slides, press B to slip off slides. If you're going down, use SUPER JUMP to save your life and if you go on another slide do the same thing again. If you don't know what it looks like, try doing it and you'll see.

Unlock Blaze the cat(clearer version)
Clear all 3 acts of zone 1 with Sonic, go to the main menu, select gameplay and Blaze will be playable.
the tip 'secret zone' is missing inf, by beating extra zone, in time attack, your records will be wipped, but you shall have unlocked zone x acts 1-4 with both sonic & blaze, act 1 is a zone 1 syle level, act 2 is a zone 2 style level, act 3 is a zone 3 type level & act 4 is a zone 4 type level.