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PasswordWhat it does
X-X!Hol Hare of Inaba unlocked that is 15 levels higher than normal
ISHTAR FIGHTS (line 1) TAMMUZ ANGELS (line 2) Megami Ishtar, a level 51 Light-Law demon
Left hand freeze Right hand shock Koppa Tengu (Password is 2 lines)
Prophecy of wind Mothman
Thick red skin Oni
Soothing ice Silky
summon smt.queen Queen of the Faeries, Titania
ALCARMOR Black Sun, Alciel
TRUSTIN SCALY ----------(second line is all dashes) Cabracan
Special Password+Law Demonica-L
Special Password+Neutral Demonica-N
Special Password+Chaos Demonica-C
You can't laugh OR cry now! Jack Frost
A toasty frog Heqet
Madoka Ueno Pixie L01
Yu Namba Promethius L57
HELP ME Yatagarasu L59
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Eridor on May 14, 2010