Children of Mana Cheats

Children of Mana cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Children of Mana cheat codes.


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Free items
To get a free item have a friend come to your world and then complete a dungeon with your friend. Then talk to Moti and he gives you an item.

PS: only works in your world so your friend can't get an item in your world.
how to get into the haunted house
there is a shining light in moti's room. one is small and the other is a blinking light that only blibks about every 5 to 10 seconds. click on the blinking one, then talk to moti, TAADAA!!!!!!
now u can go into the haunted house.
how to kill the big scary dude in Jadd
1.get past all the other things in Jadd before the boss thingy.
2.equip your bow.
3. run as far down as possible.
4.start shooting your arrows toward the boss.
5.kill the boss by repeativly doing step 4.
6.get the stone of gaia. to tess in haunted house.
8. now u can go to the new place in loimar
(tess's birth place)
Secret Bonus Dungeon
When you've nearly beaten the game, equip an elemental spirit and speak to that same spirit in the Mana Village. The spirit should send you on a quest to meet the Benevodon of the corresponding element in another dungeon, and you'll obtain a special 'lex' item for completing the quest. Repeat this process for the other 7 elemental spirits and once you've gotten all 8 'lex' items, proceed through the game as normal until you beat it. When the game returns you to the Mana Village after the ending, the Mana Tree mural should be glowing. Approach it and you'll be transported to a secret bonus portion of the final dungeon, complete with new enemies. All in all just complete all 8 Benevodon quests and beat the game.
Tons of Exp.
I don't exactly know from which point in the game this becomes available, i found it out when i did the benevodoner sidequest in the Star Lake, but it might be available sooner in the game.

However, get a subquest from the Dudbears in the Star Lake. Whenever you find those plants, that grab you or the opponent, you will find a black crayfishlike monster. It does heavy damage (about 150 HP, if you have the strongest armor!), but it gives you about 800 EXP.!!!! And it doesn't decrease when you level up!!!

I equipped 3 Heart of Progress, and my strongest Sword gems (i think they are called Light on a boy, Sword Expertice, and Fural Soul), with this i raised the EXP. to 2000!!!! You can reach level 99 in no time with these!

NOTE: I played the game in german, therefore i might have mistranslated some terms.